Friday, February 11, 2011

Dad's 51st Birthday

A year has passed! Just a few minutes before I took this picture, I clicked on a photo album on my sisters facebook page. Coincidentally, it was a picture we took of my dad and us celebrating his 50th birthday in Newcastle.
Only 3 of us were present. Mum was in JB, while Kay was on the webcam.

It makes me sad when I realize that I havent been able to celebrate my mother's and sister's birthday in 4 years.
This year, I have been thinking about why I have to leave my family to study in Australia.
Being able to see your family twice a year isnt the way it should be!
Anyone can see that I am a "family-girl"
I love and need my family to bits, and I miss them everyday. =(

Here's wishing you many many years of good health, happiness and wealth =D

Loving and Missing ALL of YOU!

Friday, February 04, 2011

All about Vera

Vera looking scary and naughty! When she growls and plays with me, I seriously get scared!

Vera asleep. =) I love watching her sleep. So peaceful!

"wipes dust once again"

I think my new year resolution this year would be to blog frequently!
I really love this blog of ours, and I have no idea why I find it so hard to maintain it.

Anyway, CNY is here! Its the 2nd day but I feel like the celebrations have been going on forever.
I have been missing CNY at home ever since I started Uni (except for my first year) and it really feels great to finally celebrate it at home.

Vera has also been very difficult to take care of. Being a baby, she hasnt been toilet trained, so she has poo-ed in many places where she isnt suppose to.
To make things worse, she had diarrhoea 2 days ago. Gahh. the horror!

But she seems to be doing well, except for the kennel's cough she probably caught from the pet shop. We actually brought her to the vet the 2nd day she arrived, and called the vet again on her 3rd day because she had diarrhoea. lol.

Flight back to Newcastle is in 2 days time. Im not looking forward to going back, but am quite excited about starting surgery =)