Friday, October 27, 2006

k, ive decided to take down the vid of the puppies first, gotta resize it whenever ive got the time I guess, since it looks awfully large on the site..
sighz, will be leavin for kay elle tommorow..really wish I could extend my stay here, but oh wellzzzz... exams are callin me, and the next few weeks should be passing pretty fast la..I think its like 1 more month and I'll be back in JB again, unless ma classmates have any further plans to thing that I dont really like bout December comin so soon is that I gotta take my driving lessons!! ish-ness...Ive only clocked in like 5 or 6 hours I think, and have prolly forgotten all the parking and 3 point turning..die la.. surely kena screw by the ah pek wan..
other than that, I cant wait for the long ass break.. Guess its like a pay back kinda thing, since I only managed to enjoy a few weeks of freedom after SPM.. College started way early, at the beggining of January while the rest of the guys started around March or June.. where's the fairness in this world??

okayz, off to get some breakfast now.. and then back to studies again..peace

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Hang Out

Morning peoplez.. Decided to put my books aside for a quick second, and here I be once again.. in front of my keyboard and pc monitor..ever since i got here, Ive been busy downloadin a bunch of albums.. needed to update my nano playlist as Ive been listenining to the same stuff over and over again.. yeapz, Im the type of person who needs music to study i guess.. not too sure if thats a good or bad thing, maybe thats the reason for my poor grades most of the time eh..
was on9 yesterday evening when Shawn J suddenly told me there was gon be a guys night out kinda thing.. lolz.. see, thing is, no one knew I was back in JB as it had been a realy really last minute kinda thing.. so, i oni got ajak-ed to the gathering very last minute oso... and after contemplating for ages, and weighing out my options, I decided to put all guilt aside of not studyin for a few hours and decided to go out..
was definitely fun catching up on current issues, and its easy to tell that we're all leading different lives now.. Logan is takin form 6(lol lol), Shawn is takin some practical kinda course, Chia Khuan is dunno doing what in MMU but he's the top there, and Nesh is in this isolated place called Nilai.. seems like SAM is the worse of all, as Im the only one who makes the library my second home.. rest seem to still be able to enjoy life and such.... nvm, 3 more weeks and my exams finish already rite.. i think so la.. prom's less than a month away smore.. yayness..
ohyea, we also managed to play a quick game of futsal pay for that..and also played basketball in this extremely small court they got... all this sports thingy was an on-the-spot kinda decision, which meant that we did not bring any extra clothes along.....hence, we ended up dreanched in sweat..
sheetz , wished i didnt have exams, then could go chill with them again..ohwells, gotta wait ...

Monday, October 23, 2006

yesssurrr..back in JB.. lolz.. to cut a long story short, I got bored of Subang, and it happens that my aunt was headin to Singapore, so might as well tumpang a ride back. :D
so here I am, using this old PC. there's a couple of pics here tho, thought I'd post em up..

birthday this year..

was born to be a rockstar, but I took the other path...

Houseman in the making...


K,ive gotten lazy to search for photos..pzzz

Friday, October 20, 2006


Here I start my one week of isolation from society.. sighz.. Every1's headin back home, but here I am in Subang.. Crazy??nah, just cause there's alotta distractions back home, so I decided to like, concentrate on ma studies for once..Realising that I really do need to score for the finals, hence here I begin my 1 week away from everyone.. lolz.. Shud be okay la, atleast Ive got ma black music with me, all stored in my nano... hehe..
I really wish my laptop didnt die tho, atleast I could watch movies whenever im bored of studying.. ohwells, no point complainin la.. wat good can it do..
Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay and Indian folks.. peace

Thursday, October 19, 2006

its 2.22 am right now.. no, its not cuz Im on Raya break. its cuz i just got a call from my fren to go watch only managed 1 hr of sleep, prolly gon get a couple more after the match.. hehe..and since the match was gon start in like an hour time, i decided to head to the nearest CC..which is still pack right now..
tommorow marks last day of SAM for some of us.. niceness..? prolly.. doubt imma be all teary n stuff, yall noe thats not me.. and 1 year prolly did not allow us to get to know each other MAD well.. still, my classmates have been pretty cools... i'd say we all only started to get a lil loose after the first half of the year.. every1 would stick to their own clique at first, and even tho its still evident now, we all wud mixed around much more often today.. thats harmony right there..

so yea, its wasnt that bad afterall.. comin to a totally diff place, without having any Johorian schoolmate wit me.. having to make new frens, having to cut down on my language and jokes, and of course, having to cut down on my noisy self cuz dear said im iritating..

crazy tho, next year im off to a whole new diff place and its back to square one.. Life's like that wan la.. betta get used to it... Hopefully tommorow would be picture taking day, so i can atleast post a few memorable pics up..
Till then..adios..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

its almost over


been ages since i logged onto blogger...ive got good reason tho, cuz its been awhile since i used the internet and stuff.. so much has happened over the past few weeks, and there's been alotta things that ive wanted to type out...
trial resutls.. 5B's.. lol lol lol. crazee rite? kinda pleased with my marks tho, as there were improvements here n there.. so im a happy man nonetheless.. :D been relaxing hella alot ever since trials tho, and managed to catch quite a number of movies.. have yet to find my study mood, which is def bad news.. but oh wells, there's still time for that.. not gon be stressed out so early ar. exams are still 3 weeks or so away..

4 more days of schooling, and it will signal the end of my SAM days.. might not even be seeing some of my classmates as we're mostly takin d exams at diff places ( i think so la) its crazy when i think about how fast time has passed during this whole year.. i managed to survive stayin in a shithole, i managed to wash my clothes AT TIMES, and ive also been able to concentrate on studies without letting the 'Kay Elle' life affect me.. not too bad eh? doubt we'll be doing anytin like what me and the guys did last year, where we literrally tore down our schools toilet.. it was crazy, how we did not fear anytin at that point of time, as EST paper had just ended.. have i matured since then?? errrmmm, how bout no?? :D

dear's going back to jb during the deeparaya+study leave break, while imma be headin to my aunts place..too much distractions at jb la..esp with the internet , where i'll prolly be busy downloadin movies and stuff.. so its best i keep away from all that first.. imma have a bunch of time to do that after SAM i guess..

corroboree's coming soon too... should be a fun nite out.. did get an offer to perform, but nah..i wanna enjoy the night rather than worrying bout forgetting my lyrics and stuff.

oh kays, thats all imma say for today ar.. im having bloggers block right now... off to study a bit more i guess..cyalls...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

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finally.. =)

well, andrew thinks its a need for me to blog about my birthdae! hehe.. soo alright..
my birthdae this year was good, except for the fact that i had chemistry trial exams, and i had to study for my maths trial exam the next dae!! it wasnt reali nice at first, because andrew lost his wallet on my birthday eve, but i got a pleasant surprise from my housemates and jaybee frenz.. =) thankies!! hehee...

wen to sch, some ppl forgot abt my birthdae! hehe, but its alright, because i understand that we had to take chem exam.. so i forgave them. LOL. hehee..
on my birthdae itself, i had reali reali reali nice presents from my baby! =) a pretty necklace, a couple pillow case, a shirt, a nice DIY picture, a sweet card, a PIG! hehee.. i gez thats all.. hehee.. so yea, i love u dear dear!! hehee..

i got nice key chains from my house mates, and xinyu and zhiven.. i got a nice flower and bottles from esther, a pretty bracelet from yueen mun.. plus a nice nice card from her! hehe... i got angpao's from my mum and godma, and auntie, and grandma, i got a cute giraffe pencil case from kay, and a very swweeet present from vernesse! espirit skirt, and espirit skirt! and a whole box of folded... AEROPLANES AND GRASS! LOL... got a nice camera from daddy too! overall, this was a great birthdae plus great birthdae presents!!! ooo! yar! a pretty necklace from tasha too!!!

thank u all for remembering and wishing me a happy birhtdae..
big thanks to chelle for sending me a very sweet message, and surprising me by droping by with a very nice card!! it was really sweet of u! and even though i noe u dont read my blog, but i love u so much! hehe.. and u will alwzys b my bestie! miss u sooo much!! *hugs*

another nice bdae present was my trial results, nothing outstanding...but i am happy! 3a's and 2b's.. b's for english ( i noe! crazy! but its realy hard to score for eng!) but teacher praised me.. HEHE, and a b for chemistry... im trying!!! hehe..

oh yea, andrew even found his wallet on my birthdae! my birthdae wasnt that bad afterall.. =)

we celebrated lantern festival was sooo fun! will leave u some pictures after im done bloggin!

i think ystd ystd, we went for steamboat.. it was GOOOOOD!!! hehe, renee, me, andrew, jojo and xinyu wen for a buffet steambboat, each one rm20..sooo nice..! =)

yar, i guess that is all, 4 more days of sam, and this year will end soon..sad... but true... *sigh* gonna miss all of em....

love lots...
dee dee.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

3rd time unlucky

Liverpool lost for the third time this season.. shits really getting on my nerves, especially when the first goal shouldnt have been a free kick in the first place. the ball was clearly in the penalty box when it was released.. mr linesman, u just commited a huge sin in football..!! arghhh!!
today was an alright day.. ive been feelin hella tired the past few days, and as usual.. i feel asleep in the afternoon.. all the after effects of exams i guess.. see, im still feelin tired now, even tho its just midnight.. still remember back then during sec school, where everyone would be online on friday and saturday nights.. heck, i oppened so many conversations that my toolbar couldnt even fit that many... those days were great, but i still wouldnt exchange my current life for that ...there are advantage of bein old too.. lolz..

eh wait, just checked out football scores.. chelsea only managed a draw.. muahahahaha.. justice has been served.. :D why do i not like chelsea?? see,its because i feel that anyone who supports them and has not been a lifelong chelsea supporter is one who just wants to experience success..seriously, its like.. errm, supporting BN during the elections.. its a sure win...makes sense right?success would only feel sweet if uve been supporting the team for years, trust me.. i'd know..

ohyea, heres something bout myself that ive just recently realised.. i am awfully competetive, and i would die trying to get the upper hand even in something as small as a conversation..i have never been the type to back down in quarrels, and i guess that will forever be my nature.. its hard to change when ive gone this far, and its not cuz i wanna win and see u crash and burn, but at times its because i just love trash talkin.. talkin is something i feel comfortable with, and maybe its because ive told countless of lies my whole life .. so is it a good thing or bad? i have no does come in handy at times, especially when i can come back at ppl with stuff they prolly gotta think twice to catch..catch my drift??

k, off to bed now.. body's killin me.. im outie