Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV has so far received overwhelming critical acclaim ahead of its worldwide release. Most publications were not sent copies of the game. Instead, reviewers had to play the game at Rockstar premises or in booked hotel rooms.[93] The May 2008 issue of Official Xbox Magazine (UK) published the first Grand Theft Auto IV review, giving the game the maximum score of 10/10. The magazine also stated that the game has an "amazingly realistic world; stunning action set pieces; genuinely engrossing storyline; hugely entertaining multiplayer;" and that it is "vast in every respect."[94]

The June issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia) gave Grand Theft Auto IV a perfect score of 10/10, explaining in their verdict: "The scope and scale of GTA IV is beyond anything gaming has ever had to offer". Throughout the review they refer to GTA IV as "a living and breathing world where anything is possible".PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) also gave the game 10/10 in their May 2008 issue, describing the game as "A masterpiece that improves on all GTA's best bits."[64]

The British newspaper Daily Star gave it a positive review, praising: "This could be a console defining title, one that in years to come people will remember as the stand-out of the era."[95]

The New York Times wrote a favorable review as well, calling it a "violent, intelligent, profane, endearing, obnoxious, sly, richly textured and thoroughly compelling work of cultural satire disguised as fun.

"[60]The film magazine Empire gave the game a perfect 5 in its game reviews section, calling it "damn-near perfect".[96]Xbox World 360 gave the game a 98% rating,the highest it has ever given to any game, mentioning: "everything we were entitled to expect, and yet somehow impossibly more."[97]IGN gave the game 10.0 out of 10 in every category, awarding it with an "editor's choice" award and praising it as "masterful". The review also mentioned that IGN had not given a console video game a perfect 10.0 in nearly a decade[98]

How sick is this game gonna be?

And right now hundreds of Australians (or maybe thousands) are enjoying it due to its midnight release.. boo-hoooo

Monday, April 28, 2008

Food and Loads of work to be done...

When mum came to visit last week, she made me my all time favourite, Mee Hoon Kueh. It was sooo yummmy, and so goood. =) Thank you so much mother. I absoultely love everything about meehoonkuih lor. the soft dough, the salty ikan bilis, the plump chinese mushroom..

Only thing missing was "mani chai" . lol. dont know how its spelt like. But this vege wasnt that bad either.

Also, in Sydney, we managed to buy this satay thingy. you know. that smelly rounded piece of fish (maybe) . soo nice! I like Sydney lor.

Mum making my mee hoon kuih. The kitchen was squeaky clean when she was around!

She also prepared Steamboat. we called weiyang and yueen mun along only because it wasnt halal.

See. we even manage to find the gluten balls in sydney!
Hm. I keep telling myself I should work harder and harder. But I keep slacking. I think I should stop connecting my laptop to the internet while I study! Hm. Thats a pretty good idea because I get soo distracted everytime the laptop is in front of me.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can you say orgasms one more time??

Yes yes, GTA IV is coming out on the 29th of April on PS3 and Xbox 360? And just how big it is of a game? Lets just say this.. gameshops over here in Australia are opening at 12 midnight to sell it this Tuesday..woots woots..

Unfortunately, I wont be one of the first few customers in the world to play it. Thats because Ive ordered the game online, as I wanna get the american version instead of the Australian wan, because apparently Australia's getting a censored-heavy copy.

woots woots berbulus.. cant waits, know what I'z sayins

Friday, April 25, 2008

Being a Liverpool fan, there has never been such a waddafuck moment like this. An own goal which was practically the last kick of the game, and against the team that most Liverpool fans hate the most (besides Manchester of course). Yes, theres no justice in football and this is the biggest proof. Just two weeks ago we got a penalty right after conceding to Arsenal, so this really is a turn of fortunes. sighsss..

I still have not lost hope tho, next week we'll be heading to Stamford Bridge, and we have to score a goal after this 1-1 draw. For those footballing noobs, a 0-0 draw will see us eliminated due to goal difference.. godammn. But being a Kopite, you have to always keep your head held high up, and always believe..

A 6th Champions League title. its all about possibilities.. best believe.
Btw, dear just made lovely chocolate muffins! yum yum!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Sick

Mum just left for Malaysia this morning, and I actually cried alot. Sigh.
When will I ever grow up?
Saying goodbye was never easy for me, even when I went to KL to study two years ago..
I remember the first few nights alone in KL. I cried myself to sleep, and it was really hard because I didnt want to wake Lyn & Xin up as I was pretty embarassed of myself, not being able to be as independant as them.
I remember reading my Dad's message. He said " I never knew I would miss you this much"
Tears just flowed because my dad was always going on and on about how he cannot wait for me to leave home. =p
I remember my last night at home in JB during new years eve two years ago. Mum, Kay & Nesse and I were crying out eyes out because I was going to KL the next day. And they were even following me up! lol
I cry every single time I say goodbye to my family.
Thats how much they mean to me. People say that I should enjoy myself here in Australia, travel around, dont go home during the holidays.
But I just dont see why I shouldnt go home. Because home is where the heart is. Home is definitely where my heart it.
Thank you mother, for coming all the way here, lugging your heavy luggage, filled with ikan bilis, just so you could make "mee hoon kuih" for me. Thank you for bringing herbs for me to make yummy nutritious soup. Thank you for bringing instant noodles, and my marshmellow socks to keep my feet warm at night.
and most importantly,
Thank you for coming, and bringing home, all the way here for me.
Mummy is the best. Daddy is the best.
I cried like a baby when u left. =(
One more hour before you reach KL mum, hope you had a good flight, and take good care of youself. I love you!! Till I see you again, in 2 months time that is..
oh well. time to hit the books and make my daddy and mummy proud.
Missing the little sisters as well.. *wink wink* Hope you both love the presents we bought you!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My trusty little gadget

Blogging thru my iPod touch because I am bored!! Also, I have not been using the Internet feature for a while now. I am still not very used to the whole concept of this typing using the touch screen. Hmm..
I love my iPod because I get to look at pictures of my family,friends,and boyfriend wherever I am. The pictures are clear and nice lor. And since I have so much memory , I can upload thecwhole album into my iPod!!

Also, I uploaded a few Gossip Girl episodes so I can watch them while working out at the gym! I find this really helpful, BEcause I feel very stupid if I had to run while doing nothing. And songs don't help! Its probably because all the songs I like are very slow so i get bored while exercising to it. Plus, gossip girl is so entertaining rite!

Oklar, enough of pratising typing on the iPod.

Have a good day everyone
I hope mummy comes down to AUstralia!!

Kitchen Nightmares

I love my boyfriend because he kills cockroaches.
Hm.. There were so many things I wanted to blog about, but everytime I decide to sign in to Blogger.com, I forget everything. Been really angry about the whole cooking thingy, because I wanted to cook curry yesterday. Prepared everything, and when I was done, I realised that the curry powder was already fso irresponsible about so many things lately, it just pisses me off. From now on, I wont procastinate. All dishes should be washed everyday, after the meal. Kitchen should be sparkly clean very night. Toilet should be clean!! (its the boyfriends turn lor)
Oh oh..
Mum mite be coming down to Newcastle to visit me on Tuesday! That is if her VISA is corrected and finalised. =D She was suppose to come today, but there was a slight problem in her VISA. So I will just have to wait and pray that everything goes well. It will be soo much fun! =)
Havent been doing alot of fun things for the holidays. Been studying extra hard yesterday because Mum might be coming down, and I doubt I will have alot of time to study, with all the shopping, cooking, and hanging out we will be doing.
OH! Two days ago, Yueen Mun , her friends and I went for this Body Jam class at the gym. Its like a fusion of dance and aerobic for exercising purposes. It was so much fun! Though I probably look really akward, because we were just learning the steps there and then. That was when i realise it has been so damn bloody long since I actually danced and enjoyed myself so much! Was feeling all refreshed and nice after the session.
But. When I woke up the next morning, I couldnt move at all! My body was aching, even my chest muscles, because we had to do this "popping" movement with our chest so many times. Lol. Its all better now! Might follow Yueen Mun for another session tomorow. Hopefully I have the drive to go and exercise lar. Been feeling so lazy now. Was thinking of sumggling mum in for one lesson! That would be fun! Cant wait for all the nice food she is going to cook for me.. *drools*
But we are probably going to Sydney for a few days before coming back to Newie. Mum doesnt seem to happy about spending all her days here in my place. GRR. =P
So I thought of bringing her to the Sydney Fish Market, then some shopping at Chatswood? I dunoe! Im not really sure actually! Will probably start planning if her VISA is approved lah.
Since lunch was just thrown away into the bin, Dear and I agreed on going for some dimsum at Peking later. =) Hurray!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My one Week

One week of holidays came and went, as quickly as that. grr.

The last week was spent..

a) Studying - Trying, trying, trying. Im doing heaps more work for Professional Practice than i did last year, so Im pretty satisfied with myself. =)

b) Went out for dinner with a few friends at Hamilton. Yummy Pide!

c) Spent the rest of the night at Weiyang's place with a bunch of friends playing "Big Buckie?" haha. was really funny larr!

d) Had dinner at Weiyang*hafiz*Azri's place with the same bunch of friends. Weiyang's roast chicken was really not bad!! haha

e) Had a surprise party for Sarah at barahineban, which lasted till 3 am. *Gasp* thats the latest i've ever been out leh. omg. im so not cool wan. =(

f) Went out shopping with darling at Glendale where i spent 160AUD. teeheehee on a pair of boots, a pair ot AND 1 basketball shoes (they were the cheapest!) and a jacket.

g) Webcammed with my family for about 1 and a half hours! hehehe. with nessy dear complaining about her friends non stop. oh. and i din even get to see tt kaytrieese. see lah. I DUN LIKE U KAY!!

we are contemplating wether or not to buy Guitar Heroes on PS3.

Baby is somewehere at Maitland now doing his GP placement for a full day. So here I alone, missing him lots lots!

Shopping again tonight! not looking forward cause I have a feeling we're going to have to spend more than usual. We suspect the stove spoiled because of our non stick pan. Coz maybe it wasnt suitable to be used on the "ceramic" kind of stove. So we probably need to replace it. ( i dunoe!! =( ) dear say wan.
Then we haveta buy soya sauce!
Coz we're out of it.. oh. tts all ..

I guess i kept thinking we have to spend more because of the Guitar Hero set we wanted to buy. =D

oh. i need a new bedroom slipper as well. the old wan is old, with spaghetti sauce stains and God noes what else.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

3 days into the break

Yes, I have survived a full day placement at the GP on Friday and then a half day today. Still have another full day and 2 half day sessions left. Who said medicine was easy in the first place??

Been eating alot of good outside food lately, cuz our stove top sort of exploded on Wednesday. Did dear mentioned that in her previous post? Dun think so.... basically, we were cooking and then suddenli there were two blue sparks/flashes coming from below the pan, and it went like, " boom boom boom", macam war or smth. And then the electricity went off, and we didnt know what to do. And the stove top was still hot even tho the electricity of the whole house went kaputs and kapish, so hots that my housemate managed to cook burgers on it 30 mins later. lolz. Should be fixed by monday tho, thats what the landlord said. Hopefully we get a new one asap cuz our instant noodles and instant pasta will be running out soon. Diededs.

In footballing news, Liverpool will be playing Arsenal for the third time (this wed) in a week. How crazy is that. Talk about fixture fixing. Initially I wasnt too happy when the draw was made, but now that I look at it. it was the best cuz Arsenal had to focus on two competitions at the same time, while Liverpool only had the Cup competition to focus on. That meant that Liverpool were able to rest 8 of their first team players last night, and still managed a 1-1 draw, for the second consecutive game. This Wednesday match up would be a make or break one for Liverpool, as the whole season is pinned on that one final push to Euro glory. And who will be responsible to lead the team to victory????

Time to score.. dont panic..

Wait and see my first touch

The goalie so scared until kangkang dy.

Okay, i know i need a pair of football shoes. Lolz.. okbyez

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Woke up pretty early yesteday because we had to go to the hospital to interview some patients. Ain and I walked to the hospital and reached there the earliest! apart from Steve, who was there earlier to get an x-ray done. I think I did a fairly OK job yesterday, considering how bad I was when I first started last year *shiver*
I even presented coz Ain didnt want to. The disadvantage of having a Malaysian partner lor! haha. push the responsibility to me. =(
However, my tutor said I did a good job althought I forgot some details coz it was pretty hard to remember everything the nice old man said. Plus, his thick accent was hard for me to understand as well, leaving Ain and I different interpretations of what was heard!
Later, Katrina told us not to change because she wanted a picture of us wearing our formal clothes together! Wore my swimsuit inside when I got home coz I was going to the beach later!

The photo turned out quite blurry. haha.
from left : Milad, Zoheb, Steve, Belinda, Neelya, Katrina, Ain and I
Later that afternoon, I headed to the beach with some friends.. without darling.. =( He couldnt go because he was stuck givin flu vaccines to elderly leh! So geng d. *jelez*

This is my favourite picture. LOL. look at my hair man! I had so much fun, just letting the strong waves bring me around. It was actually pretty cold, but suprisingly, the sun came out as we laid back on the beach. niceness. =)

Me, shivering after playing in the sea..

see. another picture of me when i wasnt ready. So uuuglyy.

Later at night, we went over to Weiyang's place for dinner. Weiyang made chicken, Hazel fried vege, Andrew and I helped with the mash potato, and I also made the salad. lol.

Dinner was really good! Especially since the stove at home is not working. =(

Our holidays have started already. Missing home, but this hollie marks that my flight back home is one the way d!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hollidays for me have officially started.. 4th till the 20th April or so! 2 weeks, which is exactly what I need to rest the engines and kick start it again. No point going on overdrive for the whole distance. Both us had initially planned to make a trip to Gold Coast, but then decided to scrap it cuz it was sort of a rush, and we were going back to Malaysia soon enough anyways.

But boo-hoo, tommorow is suppose to be an off day for me, but what do i got? a full day GP placement ( 9 to 5 smore) at a medical centre 30 mins or so away (by train) from where Im stayin. Gon be dead tired.. And then on Sunday ive got another half day visit at a different GP. mati la.. hopefully tommorows doctor is a nice man, onottttt..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Earning Big Money

Just starting this year, Andrew and I decided to use the bank everyone uses in Aussie, which is the Commonwealth Bank. Using the Net Bank Saver, we get 6.75% interest , calculated everyday, and u get the money at the end of the month. =D

I have about 50 aud already. =)

its not alt. but rm150 for not doing anything? yay!!

i wanna get a psp when I get home. teeheehee.