Sunday, November 26, 2006


Feeling hella bored and restless right now.. So I ended up finding for a bunch of movie trailers.. Actually manage to find a couple of interesting movies coming out next year or so..

First of, the Spiderman 3 trailer looks awesome.. I think I see Venom in there...or atleast thats Peter Parker in a black suit..oh wait, there's both i think..dunno la.. looks sick tho..Sandman's also inside.. so yea, theres gon be tons of CG effects..

Ohyea, I didnt even know they were making another Rocky movie!! shit ,Stallone's gotta be mad old already.. from the trailer, the movie's gon be pretty much the same la.. I mean, wat difference could u have made to the storyline after filming like, 5 Rocky Balboa movies.. I like the feel of the movie tho, it looks very modern, with all the ESPN coverage and stuff..

The Simpsons are also having a movie!! Finally..its bout time the yellow people get their shine on the big screen.. Cant wait.. should provide a bunch of laughter with them intelligent jokes..

Thats my homeboy Naqib right there.. and there's also another familiar face.. the dude from Urban Groove

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i apologize for my dissapearance for a long long time... due to my laziness, and of course, my exams..=) which were over quite a long time ago!!!
in between, my parents came up to get some of my stuff down.. most of my classmates decided to go to times square and i managed to brave myself to try all the rides there!! was quite scary.. but i managed to come out alive!!! will post the pictures when im using my lappy..

oh yea.. did i mention i got myself a new phone?!? weee! its a Z610i, i got the blue wan... i guess thats the prettiest colour! loving it alot.. heehee

well.. a year has passed.. so very quick huh?
this year, has been totally diffrent. as i managed to stay alone in kayelle without my parents.. ate unhealthy food for many days.. and i even made the library my new home! i met nice people, iritating people, and insensitive people.. but SAM is just a year.. sad that i will not be able to see some, but a big hurrah, as i wont be able to meet some anymore.. (haha, im evil, but hey, im sure everyone is evli too, they juz dun say it =) )

Newae, prom... i night that everyone ws waiting for.. turn out to be quite boring actually.. hahaa.. minus the taking picture part, and the dancing!! whee!! was the 1st time i dance.. not including performances lar.. lol and the first time i danced with dearie!! heehe.. he was sooo cute. :P sad thing was, there were no SLOW songs! i mean.. its PROM! i alwiz see couples dancing during prom on TV~! SO unfair!! was waiting and waiting. hmph!
will post the pictures later tooo..

*oh man, medicine making me drowsy ade*

todae was fun.. woke up at 10.45, dad made breakfast for us! hehe
then we had high tea at hyatt! i ordered peach+apple and apple+banana nice! =) food there was OKAY lar... then we went to tebrau to watch death note.. after that, we went for korean food.. =) niceness!!!

and now, im gonna disturb bibi.. jiayou liverpoooool!!! i'll make sure u'll never walk alone! haha *omg, that was so lame* weeee!

Justin Timberlake- Futuresex/Lovesounds.. I never did like N'Sync, and I never bothered to listen to his solo tracks..however, I downloaded this album due to one of my frens recommendation and guess wat.. I actually find it pretty decent.. It has this nice retro feel to it, and the mixing of the songs are good... Some of the songs are unique due to its production, hence making it stand out from an average pop or RNB album.. See, Im not only a rap fanatic right.. =D

Actually was thinkin bout getting some shit off my chest.. but i thought twice..and then realise that you would be actually reading this blog.. so I decided not to..hmmmmmm

last minute..

See, we were only suppose to come back to jb on the 1st of Dec.. but since my house got robbed , meaning that I can no longer stay there, and the amount of luggages Ive got is ALOT, we both decided to get a bus ticket back home to jb for these few days.. hehe..was pretty much a last minute decision, but Im def glad to be back in JB again..spent the whole of yesterday on my PS2, so damn addictive wei... BUT, 2 of the 3 games I bought from Sunway cant work.. 1 of it hang halfway, the other wan cant load at all.. sial! so im stuck with playin NBA Live 2007 till I stack up on games..

ohyea, decided to just put some pics up ar.. malas nak type.. ppl prefer to look at pics right.. so here's some stuff that really gets on my nerves..

My London London London.. lolz. shit just gets on my nerves.. hate the song, hate the video..hate Fergie...

would some1 please give the Black Eye Peas a black eye please..see i know alotta ppl who prolly bump and dance to this song.. but seriously, wats this song all about? u know they're prolly just exploiting the mainstream audience, the ones who go for a catch chorus and tune, without bothering bout the content..

This is way too funny.. K-Fed.. Popozao.. his attempt at a brazilian ass shaker track..

Song that im reffering to : Teriyaki Boyz- Tokyo Drift..the beat is simple but catchy no doubt.. what i cant stand is the gal's voice on the chorus.. Fast and furiousssssss...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dear!! Posted by Picasa

Thats Luke.. a guy i got to knew from playin ball kat taylors.. Posted by Picasa

Sneaker Pimps yaw.. dudes that arrived in sneakers for prom..lolz Posted by Picasa

With jefferey.. Posted by Picasa

Owhhhh.. Posted by Picasa

Zhi Ven.. Andrew.. Wei Yang.. ohyea, wei yang left thout saying goodbye wan.. Posted by Picasa

Ameen..Andrew..  Posted by Picasa

Thats Esther and Adeline widdus Posted by Picasa
So yeap.. prom has ended.. parted ways with everyone, and guess I wont be seeing those faces for some time.never know, some day, someone might just organize a reunion eh..hopefully everyone gets to become whatever they wanna become, cuz the bunch of classmates that I know definitely deserve it.. props to yall..
so how was prom?? food was average la, the waiter was a complete pun inteded la, but he provided a bunch of laughs.. lolz..the performances were so-so la, tho there were only a handful.. and sound system wasnt the best..but yea, prom night was all about every1 dressing nicely, where no one really bothered bout wats going on infront as it was always picture taking time..

so prom ended, and like at 1 am, my hsemate called me. and guess whats the great news house got farking in, someone broke into our house, and prolly karate chop bits and pieces of our door, and stole our stuff.. lost my IPOD and pendrive..fuck ar!!suay until lidat wan.. all my music gone.. dahla steal ipod, then wan steal my pendrive, where all the backup music files are at... still dont know how they manage to get inside the house tho, cuz its near impossible that they climb up to the 3rd floor and shit.. cant do shit bout it now la, just gotta move on and live on without music for a while.. ish..

k,i'll post up them pics now..and i'll let dear post up the ones with her and her atleast she'll blog.. :D

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prom Day

Today is Prom Night!! coolies.. The day where everyone is dressed up nice nice and stuff.. kinda sad tho, this gon be the last time im seeing most of the classmates,and after this everyone would be going their separate ways.. dont worry, im not gon cry wanz.. lolz..
hollies so far have been good, tho Im def missing jb right now.. have gotten kinda bored of kay elle already.. over the past few days, Ive managed to catch a whole lotta movies, travelled here and there, and also been able to catch up on sleep..hell, its been awhile since Ive slept past 8am this whole year.. that just sums up SAM itself..
alrite, cant blog for to go home now.. need to go pack some stuffs..chowz

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Whale explodes in Japan..dunno wheter real not la..but still cool

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meow meow sleepin Posted by Picasa

Meow meow..the kitten at my apartment!!v cute wan Posted by Picasa

This is my study table in my apartment.. see,cant really study wan.. Posted by Picasa

Shisha smoke.. not from me wan la Posted by Picasa

the other puppy outside my house Posted by Picasa

last day of classes... every1 was snappin pics Posted by Picasa

the puppy outside my hse in JB Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

my feet when it was bengkak.. Posted by Picasa

its over

lets let out 3 huge cheers due to the fact that college life is finally over!! yeapz, today was the last paper, and it def felt hella good to get it all over and done with... Hollies are finally here, but as usual.. Im left askin "Is this all??", the same question Ive been askin myself after SPM was over..but this is kay elle afterall, so I'll be spoilt for choices of places to hang out at (my grammar might be wrong..but hu cares.. ESL dah habis kan??)..
haven made much plans yet for the next few days, but surely got stuff to do wan la..once again, this is not JB, where there's only City Square and City Plaza to chill out at, the latter being the favoured hangout place for us guys now..
cant wait to touch down to JB tho, and no matter how much I sound like I hate that place.. there's still nothing like ma hometown.. Its gon be a good December too as all of us guys are on our respective breaks.. so yea, there's gon be more late nights,futsal, and basketball to come..

this whole year has passed by very fast, and college life wasnt what I thought it would be.. it wasnt more relaxed than sec school, and it surely wasnt as fun..I appreaciate the freedom I got, but I def also appreaciate the comforts of home...Surviving here in My Place Apartment wasnt an easy task, especially with it being in such a terrible condition.. The water source to the main bathroom is DIRTY, thus everyone has to share the same common bathroom.. just imagine how the bathroom looks like la, 6 ppl sharing..not that nice right..??k, no more bad points...lolz..on the other hand, my classmates this year were def different ,as its the first time in 5 years Ive been in a guy girl class.. atmostphere this time around was also different as everyone took studies seriously, but Im not gon kal em nerds tho.. realised that this ppl were all studyin hard as they needed the grades to ensure that they've got a place to study.. So to anyone who thinks that going to the libry daily be a nerdy thing to do.. maybe its just cuz those ppl are the ones who really need a place in university.. yeap, just something to ponder..
k, off I go now.. gon blog some other time yeapz.. pz

Monday, November 13, 2006

How many more??

1 more paper..its just too good to be true.. SAM is finally comin to an end.. the exams however, have been hard and the mornings have been hectic and tiring... I cant wait to catch up on sleep hours, cuz my eyes are really too tired to do much.. the grand finale is Wednesday, which coincidentally is the hardest subject of all, Chem.. hopefully Im able to pull up my scores a lil bit.. I really need that extra push right now..
Ohyea, check this out!! Dude actually used my name.. lol.. got a shock when one of my juniors messaged me saying wheter I did set up a website sellin tips onot.. shit just blew me off.. anywayz, website seemed pretty useful in spotting questions tho.. could've used that for Biology last year, where I totally flunked that paper..
cant believe how fast this year has passed tho.. managed to put on a whole diff image, where I was forced to keep silent and cut down on all the dirty jokes and mad antics..pretty much suprised myself that I managed to stay away from the so called kay elle life, and instead studied much more than I did for tats one of the good things i learnt thruout the whole year la, actually puttin effort in studying... atmosphere here is way different from when it was in MSAB, i guess thats why we din have any straight A1's last year .. :P
and BTW, Next week is also Prom Nite..dear's gon be my date.. :D : the nite where for once, I wont be lookin THAT cincai afterall.. Still have yet to find my attire tho.. hopefully can find one soon la.. need to present myself abit formal, so lets see what i can find.. will try to keep the pics posted.. I swear i gotta find a bluetooth yaw, need to transfer all these pics that I got on my phone..

alrite, gotta go now.. Im ghosttttt..

"They say yall like animals, makin out infront of others"

Sunday, November 05, 2006


exams nxt week... but the bright side of it is, in less than 2 weeks SAM is over.. so thats cool...