Monday, October 27, 2008

27th October 2003

Dearest Mr A.C

(intended to put small hearts on my hands, and I did! but cleared it out to re write "dear andrew" and forgotten bout the hearts. =( )
oh anyway. Dearest Baby.. today is a special day for us.
Yes! 5 years since we were at City Square, where u finally decided to ask me (the floor =p) to be your girlfriend.
No celebrations though, because of our exams (pout) But we are making a nice lamb chop dinner! =)

HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY sweetheart. =)

lol, I wanted to take a nice shot of myself, and then i got shy, so I dragged care bear. =p

May we have many many more wonderful years ahead. Big hug! =)

I couldnt resist the crown. hahahahahaha

and wht a way to start our anniversary with a liverpool victory over chelsea!! =p =p =p

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anatomy Blunders.

So I braved the heavy rain, walked through the strong wind, just for anatomy!

And the first organ I proudly indentifed was wrong. har har

My friend and I were even trying to find the renal arteries and renal pelvis on a SPLEEN.

HAHAHAHAHA. fail lor. But I did wonder why the kidneys were so funny loooking!

But the rest of the day was good, managed to remember here and there..


And I was the last to leave okay!

*proud of the nerd in me*

The start of my STUVAC is here, meaning two whole weeks of hard work. One week for baby!

Nothing to exciting lar.

But we are comtemplating wether or not to go for a short holiday somewhere in Aussie after our exams, because both of us officially finish on the 17th, meaning we're going to have a week to spend before going back home.

We'll see how it goes!
I've missed 2 or 3 episodes of gossip girl already =(
Its okay, means I will be able to watch all 6 episodes straight after exams!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I still smile when I think of you
I still get excited when I hear your keys when you come home
I still miss you even when you are at class..

I guess Im still hopelessly in love with you. =)
Exams are soon. Freaking out!
Having a practice anatomy exam session later.
Am soo lazy to walk because its sooo cold here! =(

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stress period

1 cup of coffee and another cup of tea. Thats how I do it every nite to keep myself awakes. Exams in 2 weeks time, stresseeeeedddd.. Dunno why we med students are so privileged, until exams oso start 1 week earlier b4 the actual exam period begins..

ishhhhh... On a lighter note...

Ive finnally found my dance routine!!! Yes, no more sitting at the side of the club, pretending to be 'cool and chilling' just cuz Ive got 2 left feet.. THIS IS THE DANCE THAT IS GON MAKE ME LOOK GOOD!

Uhha, we gettin that arab money!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Exactly one more month and I will be free!
Exactly one more month + a week and we will be home!

Spent the whole day studying about renal calculi. I have no idea why I needed a whole day!

Should hurry up so I can start with urinary tract infections..

Oh gawd, my life is interesting.

Cooked prawns today! For the first time! And it was really nice! got the recipe from this cooking blog I often visit.

oh well. faster bi, come home! ade 11.20pm leh!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shoes, Food and Nature (??)

Been wanting to get high wedge-y shoes for ages! When mum bought these a few months back, I wasnt too impressed! But I saw this, another design, similar to mums, and I couldnt help myself!
The 1st photo is really ugly tho, took it from the mirror, and I see alot of orbs! ahh!

The shoes are surprisingly quite comfy for their height, wore It once to Jesmond for grocery shopping, I carried 4 huge bags of grocery back from the bus stop to home in this shoes okay!! bus stop is like 5 minutes away lar, but still! It was super heavy, stupid andrew bought a whole carton of pepsi lah! 24 cans i think, plus a laundry plastic basket. So he had no hands as well.
My second pair of shoes! I like this one alot. Loooks realy nice, and its super comfy! Havent wore it out, just around my room though =p Going to wear it to lectures tomorow!


Raya 2008 - went to two houses and had very yummy lunch for 2 days! =) This is the house two doors away from me. They made nasi bryani, ayam masak merah, achar, ketupat, rendang.. The made really awesome cookies as well! =)

This was at the other girls house, the 2nd years. They made nasi kerabu, and I accidentally ate beef. OOps. it looked like coconut! and they didnt tell me.. soo... sorry kuan yin!
Roti Jala, curry,ketupat.. murtabak.. and some kuih! hehe

This was during the holidays, we decided to take the train to Hamilton for some chinese food! Wasnt really really that nice though, not enough taste! Love the whole "box" idea thing though..

Our last mooncake! We bought 8 pieces.. and the last one tasted reallly nice, ate it with some tea.. nice. =)

My university! What else! =p I think this was on the way to te train station at Uni,but we use the same pathway to go the gym as well. Pretty flowers. =p

oh! I was in my toilet the other day, and I thought I saw the prettiest - cotton candy look alike clouds, and I took this! Turn out pretty artistic I would say! =p Those ugly, finger-like projections are from a tree outside my toilet, I wondery why there arent any flowers yet though.

Last but not least. hahaha

I used my camera's paint settings to make this photo, copied YM's style by putting the hearts on the flowers tho. =p what too do, she was so artistic, I might put up th pictures she editted when I have time!

Vernesse says I must blog about her.

Hm.. Nessy is my little sister. She is very tall. Dont like her.

kidding.. love you so much, u 11 year old giant.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wyong- Tuggerah

Yueen Mun and her friends were going to Tuggerah Westfield and I tagged along! =)
She made all of us wear dresses! You can imagine how many stares we got from strangers. 6 asian girls in dresses walking together.. lol.
I had alot of fun. Highlight of the trip wasnt the shopping, but the laughter and jokes we had on the way, and the yummy food! *droools.
Oh! not to mentioned the movie we watched! Mummy 3! I cant believe they were still showing the movie here. When I told mum we watched Mummy, she was like " har? why? still showing meh?" because I remember she watched the movie long long long long time ago.

on the way, in the bus with bimbo yueen mun
shu lin& Jen
this is yummy... tom kar or smth? cant rmb..

tomyam- shared..
my spicy noodles- yummm
s&me&bimbo ym =p
our shopping for the day!

then we went to Hamilton for dinner at 8.30 pm. I decided on this msian chinese restaurant! I like their laksa!! =)

I had a great day! Was feeling really relaxed and happy and just carefree =) But from the pictures right, you can see that i need

a) a hair cut

b) eyebrow trimming... mum says i look like crayon shinchan d. =(

c) some make up!!!


*throw away bad news*

I bougt 3 pair of shoes in one week!! =D a really,really high wedge-y white shoe, a really nice pair of "egyption goddess* quote YM shoe, and i bought another one yesterday, for lab sessions. I dont wanna wear sport shoes in side again! haha. look like idiot oni. =p Will post pictures soon!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive..
Dear forced me to blog today, so I guess I'll just drop a short note.

Sialans, holiday gonna over dy, and my routine throughout the past 2 weeks has been so repetetive, but heck.. no choice kan.. It goes a lil like this, wake up at 9, or 10, or maybe 11 somedays ---> study till evening ---> go gym run (I can do 6 km dy wei.. thats 2 km improvement from the start of hollies.. not bad I must say..) or play basketball --> cook, mandi ---> study till 2 or 3am..

Quite boring la liddat, especially when you see people from other courses so relaxed.. My frens over at biomed only have placements now, as their major exams were over and done with 5 weeks ago i think.. So they confirm pass dy la, and they're enjoying life now.. Initially dear and I had intentions to travel abit, but when you think bout it.. my exams are less than a month away.. damnnnnn medic school..

Aites thats all la, i'll blog again soon. like i said, just a quick update.. took me less than 5 mins to write this.. lolz..

love you dear, glad you likes your bag!!!! 5th year anivessary coming up this month.. but im brokes.. -_-