Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The worse thing bout Aussie.. this is a picture taken on a Wednesday, before 6 pm.. no jokes

The first meal I had after I touched down on Aussie.. MCDs.. lmao

That is dear, and yes..this is in Uni of Newcastle.. macam taman negara je...

A jungle walk.. yeap... this is inside the joke... gyeaa, nice and romantic,thats wat yalls thinkin rite.. but u gotta remember the mosquitoes here are huge and shit...huge, fat, and they leave a big ass mark once they done sucking..

Night flights.. not good.. the air stewardess constantly wakes u up...
INTERNET AT HOME!! muahahaha.. nothing better than this.. been waiting ages for it, and gyeaa..its finally here.. so many things to talk about, and I doubt that I'll be able to cover everything that I wanted to say during my past 3 weeks here in this post.. Okay, so Australia isnt that bad afterall, once u get a hang of it.. it be much better if I had a car here tho.. stupid P.. now I realise why I should not have postponed getting my lesen.. Ive gotta wait till im no longer a noob, then only can I drive here.. 2 more years.. ishs...

Food here, so far we've been eating home cooked food for dinner.. i guess its better than relying on Mcd's and kfc's .. more healthy (gyea.. since when did Andrew become health conscious).yes, I do help out in the kitchen ok.. I can already cook scrambled eggs+mushrooms+cheese, fry vege, make spaghetti and a few more :D .. not bad eh ? and Ive only been here for 3 weeks.. mebe I'll be able to cook hotel stuff in a years time.. hu knows..

Ohyea, just like what dear mentioned in her previous post, we've joined the gym!! first time.. haha.. been going pretty often the past week tho, and Im hoping I can be just as rajin during my stay here.. will prolly sign up for a year long membership once my monthly thing expires... and besides the gym facilities, being a member also allows me to use the sports facilities.. and that means... basketball!! been awhile since I last played seriously, so hopefully I'll be playing more often during my stay here..

Our computer lab session for our media production classes started today too.. the computer lab area is so much more modernized then the medic building wei.. huge difference.. so yea, was pretty excited cuz we was gon start to get familiarize with Mac and protools and all, till the electricity got wiped out. sighz, so classes ended 1 and a half hour earlier then expected, which isnt that bad afterall eh..

My tutorial group so far is so-so i guess.. cant blame em for the fact that Australians tend to stick with one another, but atleast there's abit of conversation going on here and there.. its better than what I expected tho, as I already knew socializing might be abit of a problem here afterall..but yea, its lookin good..

oh gyeaa, First Incision last week was fun .. i dont really know wats the point of it tho, its not like we socialized alot, as a few of us rather sit down and drink.. its free flow for the first few hours, so might as well take advantage of it... Wei Yang got abit tipsy tho..ahaha.. couldnt stand up straight near the end. .lol.. thank got the next day was an off-day tho, so we could stay up till pretty late.. nicessss...aite, thats all for now.. i will def update more often.. so gyea, can start bookmarking this site again

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lectures have been no good to me. I cant help but not concentrate and start dozing off!
It has been raining recently..and its really chilly.. i mean, it feels like Genting Highlands to me.. lol
Been doing alot of cooking with dearie, and we are enjoying it! haha.. We made spaghetti carbonara, CURRY CHICKEN, fried vegetables.. loving it!
I realise that my appetite has been increasingly good! haha.. been eating alot.. U guys should try cereal with milk and a little yogurt.. its really yummy!!
We'll be having our Mantoux test in a while, heard they are going to poke u with a needle or something. HAR HAR.
Then i would have a 3 hour break before my practical and tutorial in some far away place.
Getting a lift from my 2nd Ang Moh Aussie fren, Allison~
She is really nice and all....

About my PBL group, nothin much to say. Im the only international student, so u ppl can imagine how akward and isolated i felt! haha.. nvm.. im over it, and will try my best to talk to them, i mean, im the orang asing, they are probably thinking i can speak english and that i live in caves or smth.... me is over reacting!

Its already the 27th!! Meaning i have been here for exactly 3 weeks! =)
Washing machine has not arrive yet, so 2 weeks load of laundry is still sitting impatiently in my laundry bag. EW.

Daddy called yesterday, and he was kinda mad because i didnt install the printer program and stuff.. and that was the first time i felt lucky to be away from home for such a long period of time! haha.. he can merajuk with me, but lalalala.. i just have to listen on the other side of the phone! *grins*

I joined the GYM! haha.. it was fun!! 56 dollars a month, for full acsess of the FORUM.
but they keep postpone-ing it.. i guess it shud be today or tomoro. Stupid TELSTRA or smth.. haha

oh yea, bout the party i attended..
its called The First Incision, where all the years met each other and drink and drink and drink
Was actually the first time i really saw people drunk. One girl just fell down like a tree trunk, i mean.. u knoe, when we cut trees.. and they go.. WEEEEEEEEE BOM

Yah, that was how she fell, and there was a girl who was lying on the toilet floor, and making weird sounds... hahaa

Okie dokie..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am so sorry for the lack of posts for the last week~

Spend our time moving in and everything. O week was fine. Nothing really interesting accept we had a little excursion to the Reptile Park and stuff.

This is the first time I actually celebrated Chinese New Year on my own. And its sad
Andrew, I and Carter made dinner for ourselves. Pathetic dishes. But yummy!
Managed to cook everyday. And none of us are sick or anything.

My house is NICE. =)
Eveerything is new and stuff, so yea, loving it!
However, my internet is not up yet, supposedly today, but thats what they keep saying anyway.
Just got my wardrobe yesterday, and its really nice, brown , tall.. haha...
Kitchen is new too, so is the fridge, tv, dvd player. washing machine...

Valentines Day...
Had fun? I spent my day shopping and moving in. Totally BORING.
But yea, we made it up, buy buying each other gifts and cooking spaghetti together!
I got and egg from Andrew. It glows in the dark, and changes colour every 3 seconds!
Hahaa.. i love it!! I sleep with it on, coz Its kinda scary, sleeping alone and stuff.

Reptile Park..
Whee!! Had so much fun! pet koalas., fed kangas and emus, and watch many animal shows.
Overall, i had a pretty gooooood time! =)

Been making quite a few friends lately, but most of them are not Aussies.
Mostly, malaysians, or chinese and indians that moved to Aussie and stuff.
I dont know why. Haha..
But yea, everytings still good.....
Hope i do make more friends and stuff..

I chose Media Production!
haha.. will be playing with Videos and editing them and stuff. lol
I guess it would be fun... wanted to do photo editing, but the timetable clashes.
Unfortunately, i didnt get into the same class with Andrew, we were late for the booking tutorial thingy. Sigh
And i dont know a thing bout all this stupid editing stuff! Plus, we're not using Windows, which is even more suckier...

House Mates!
Carter - American, doin Year 2 Medic.
Loves his girlfren alot, talks alot bout her, and has survived on Frozen Pizza and Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Gunjan- Indian, who was born in India, moved to NZ, and then now to Sydney.
Year One , Medical Student, really funny girl.... =)

Emma- Austrailian. Doin nutrition and dietetics....
Dont know much about her, but she is nice, and very helpful!! =)
Oh yea, she owns a farm, and everything she eats come from there! hehe

Alone right now.... We have somE Student ID thingy later.... am waiting for my turn and stuff...

Oh yea.. Im proud of myself. Havent been crying alot. Except when i dreamt about my family, and then i started crying when i woke up. So SAD!!!

Anyway, am counting down to the next time i step into Malaysia. Which will be in like.... erm...
5 more months or so???????????????????

Whats so funny bout Newcastle Students esther!!!!! hahaa...

Tell me!!!
PS: We're the founder of Problem Based Learning!!! boooooo!! =p
Kidding. Say hie to JUBEE for me!!!

Till then..

Missing Malaysia..

Desiree Tee

oh yea, this is the first time i go to "school" and for once, ppl have heard my name, and pronounce it correctly..


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year peoples..there's not really any CNY mood here, no little kids singing awfully high pitch songs and stuff, which is good.. no firecrackers, which is pretty sads.. but atleast dear brought along some cookies (PINEAPPLE TARTS!! GYEAAA)... classes still have yet to start, and rite now we're still getting introed to the course.. pretty okla, made a few friends here and there.. but i guess i have to wait and see who's in my tutorial group, as those are the ppl I will be mixing with often during this semester..

ohyea, this blog has been pretty slow on updates as we've still got no internet at home yet..We was suppose to get it last friday, but I guess they was pretty weak on their words.. so now theys telling me that it would be coming tommorow, so see how la.. with the internet , I could definitely catch up with friends, music, and of course.. football results!! Liverpool should be playing Barcelona today or tommorow I think, if only im in Malaysia watching that match.. arghhhh..

Ohyea, me and dear have already chose our electives!!! lol lol lolz.. for those that dont know, elective is something like, an extra subject as we oni have 3 Medic subjects or smth this semester, so we can fill up that extra subject space with anything we want, as long as it does not clashes with our tutorial times and such.. So gyeaaa, we chose Foundation Of Media Production.. lol lolxxxxx... see, dear wanted to choose a bunch of stuff, like photography and stuff, but all tak jadi cuz of the time.. poor thing.. I had initially wanted to take Sound Production or smth, where I would be playing with those studio gadgets.. but then only did I find out that we needed Foundation Of Media Production first.. fruuuucks!! so yea, FOMP it is.. pretty cool la i think, its more of a Mass Comm subject, where we would be chopping up video and audio thingys.. hopefully my background with Cool Edit Pro can help me out abit.. haha

Alrite, Im going off now.. wanna walk home already.. another 20 minutes... lolz.. see ya peoples.. and take care!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today was good.
I thought it was going to be boring and stuff, but yea, today WAS fine.. =)
Had some cute interviewing sessions with one another, and it was definately fun.
Laughed alot today. haha.

Was the first time i actually talked to all them, and they are really nice and sweet people.
Learnt some stuff like "non hallal" dosent mean there is pork present, but also other stuff as well.
Like a chicken is not halal if it is not slaughtered properly and other unhygienic stuff.
Cool. haha.

So today ended quite late, from 9 to 5
Had free lunch as usual. Kebabs. Yummy, but very difficult to eat.
We are moving tomorow! yay! am very excited about it. Hopefully everything turns out fine and i'll get a nice sweet place to live in. Then i would be able to go for some "social events" Like the international student party at the " Bar on the hill" in the uni... and O Ball. But i wonder wether people do actually go to this kinda "Ball" Hmm...

I sign up for a trip to go to the Reptile Park this weekend! yay! Was acutally htinking of goin g to the dolphin curise, but some guy i met said that u can actually see the "fins" of the dolphins. So yea, Reptiles, kangas, crocs, koalas, here i COME!

I get homesick occasionally.. especially when my parents call..and they tell me what their doing.
I really miss the food in Malaysia too. Omg, i kept thinking of kuey teow soup, chee kueh, spaghetti in Vivos, lol, kimchi, i noe its not Msian food, but i DID eat it in Msia.

Yessterdays breakfast was bread and cheese spread. Lunch was.. hot dogs, and dinner was fried rice and vegetables at a Thai restaurant. Which cost Andrew and I 17.90 dollars..

Oh yea, did i mention the shopping i did with Andrew at Woolworths? We bought 4 choco fudge, an instant macaroni, a packet of cheese twist, a choco egg, bread, Some sweet thing, instant popcorn, and i cant rmber, only for 11 DOLLARS! if u dont convert, its kinda cheap huh. Oh yea! i bought potato salad too.

Okay, thats all for today. Dear wanna go back already. B4 that, we'll get some sweets at Pinkies!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Living in Aussie now is definately NOT healthy.
At least in Kayelle, we had Asia Cafe.. and there was still soupy stuff. But here!!
It western all the way. 5 more years, and I'll be obese. lol

Take for example. Yesterday.
Had Mcd's for breakfast. For lunch, i ate the leftover Hashbrowns and a bar of Uncle Tobys
Dinner, Andrew and I walked like 20 minutes to get KFC.
They have boneless chicken over here! and their fries RAWKS.
Its quite pricey tho, 8 dollars for a set. Thats like rm20++

I ate instant chicken noodle soup, and the leftover fries. Ahh..the horror
I feel like puking.
And then i ate a pack of salt and vinegar potato chips
And our plan for dinner is Dominoes pizza..
This diet reminds me of *Super Size Me*

Cant wait to move in!! Then at least we'll have some fun with cooking, and mebbe a nice bowl of rice with nice veggies.. Ugh
Went to sign the lease ystd. House might only be ready on Tues or Weds.
Just finished doin the stupid assignment. Most of it by Andrew. I just cant stand reading from the computer lar.. makes me really lethargic and bored..
Cant wait for my Medical Books to arrive..
Then it would be much easier.. =)

Am blogging because Vernesse asked me to wait for her and dont go offline yet. lol
I miss my family already!! I miss home cooked food lar!!! I really do!!
I miss R-I-C-E! lol
I havent seen any rice yet. Oh yes I did. lol. I went to eat fried rice at a Thai Shop. lol
But i havent seen like uncook rice yet. When im all settled in , in the new house. Im gonna get a TEEVEE! its damn cheap. Lik 80 dollars. Haha, but damn tiny lar..

OH yeea. I saw a bike on sale ystd, and its like.. 300 dollars?? Wer got so ex wan! Mebbe its a better brand or wut. Haih. Wanna ask my dad to buy one bike and ship it over for mE. haha..
Oh yea, i met my soon to be housemates.
A guy named carter = doin post graduate medic! (whoosh)
And a guy named Andrew. lol
Both ang moh guys. Wishing the other room gets taken by a girl. If not.!
I'll be like the only girl. So weird. ARGH.
Then wer will i hang my laundry!!

Orientation will start tomoro.. if i feel like it, i'll come in the morning, but Jadd ( some coordinator) said that we can go at 11.30 only. To sign up for clubs and stuff. Wonder wut club should i join. Lol. We get to choose electives as well! Was thinking of introduction to drama, and media or smth liddat. Much funner than takin chemistry, or math, or literature rite? Lol

Okie dokie, i think i blogged enough. Will blog when i have the free time!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hello matesssssss... tu cara they all greet in aussie.. lolz..Still pretty much trying to get used to the way of living here tho, and the first day here was definitely the worse.. Everything here is just too different for my liking, especially the fact that if u get bored at nite, theres no place to just mamak or yumcha @.. the whole city just sleeps after 8pm i guess..

Wait till yall see the uni tho.. its out of this world.. lolz.. yall gonn be in shock once the pics are posted.. cuz its just so different from what u would usually expect.. lolz..

And yea, orientation has already begun.. ish... i have no idea why they need to give us malaysians a head start to orientation tho.. not like we're stupid or anyting..haha..early orientation = homework/assignments .. lolz.. thats why im in uni today using the pc tho.. suppose to find some info bout certain topics.. havent started yet ..lolz..

hopefully once ive moved in to my new place on monday(not confirmed yet tho), internet would already have been set up there.. cuz i guess i really need internet in order to survive here.. lolz..

Alrite, i guess thats bout it for now. not much to say.. i'll def post more pics once ive settled in, no worries.. laters~
Finally, i got time to sit down and blog. =)
My mummy just abandoned me in jungle like-Newcastle to go to Big Modern Sydney.
I cried.. yeap, in the airport, when daddy abandoned me and now, when mum did the same. sigh~
She even left me in the jungle. lol
U shud see my uni. Its like a jungle. U walk thru lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa trees i tell u.
And u'll see huge spiders, and many huge ass mozzies.
But u noe wut. Its beautiful. The air smells different here. Fresh and all. I'll be healthier here. =)

I have gotten assignments already!
First week, all the malaysian students (medical) will start off learning how Problem Based Learning is done. And now, i got 2 closing tutorials to prepare for. However, I've got no medical books, and the darn library is closed. Sucky, huh? so we'll just have to use the internet to find all the information... and i've got no time on Monday as well.

Coz monday is the day we move in! haha. Yeaps.. we found a nice , medium sized house. I get the huge room , with my own private ensuite ( in msian = TOYLERT LAR) hahaa..
I have lotsa things to move, so hopefully it wont be a problem.

Should i put my Aussie number here? Andrew says cannot! hmph

Nvm, care to drop me and email? or when i see u online ya!

Alrighty mates, gotta go start my stewpid assignments!

Im loving Aussie, they are much more polite compared to Malaysians.
Oh yea, traveling here by bus is dang expensive!!
2.90 dollars wereva u go.
which means is nearly, rm 8 plus lehhhh

Have to learn to save.
Might want to buy a bicycle tho. Looks fun to ride one while jungle trekking, and reaching the medical science building

oH YEA...
The Uni is old... very old... i guess we'll just learn to love it.
Pictures when i have my own internet k!

Desiree Tee

Monday, February 05, 2007

This is the post 501
My last post before I head to Aussie..
Me = :) + :(
=) ~ Because my wish came true. My wish to go to aussie and study medicine...
=(~ Because I will be away from home... boohoo.. ='(
Today was spent in Tebrau City.. (yeap again)
Didnt buy anything because I really have NO more space in my luggages...
so Mum bought her stuff from Espirit.. and i went off with Vernesse and Daddy to Harris
Tried to find a diary for myself, but i still cant find something i like! Argh
I said goodbye to my Grandmum, God parents, and godbro today. This feeling is weird.
I dont wanna cry tomoro.. wut my aunt said was true
Its a happy occasion why cry??
Miss family mahh..
I finished my SMILE PASTA!!
First drama that didnt make me cry at al leh, sweet lah
Make me fall in love with zhang dong liang
I guess i shall end my post here..
will be missing Malaysia...
and like andrew said.. we WILL GET INTERNET!!!!!!
Till thenn..
love lots,

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Imma be on a plane in 24 hours time.. hmmm.. its crazy.. no kidding.. Dunno what Im feeling right now la, I am quite excited (cept that I wish we would have a place to live at la..) , but Im also feeling a lil unprepared for whatever culture shock I might experience.. Hopefully all goes well over there.. Im still thinkin what to do with my hp leh.. who's gonna top up for me..lolz

So yeap, went out with the guys today.. Chilled awhile, had a few more tokkok sessions while enjoying a simple meal.. time just passes at an instance whenever we're just lazing around and chattings..ahha.. And the form 6 people gots school tmr, haha.. so couldnt lepak for longs la..So here I am back home ,blogging at night.. My legs are still itchy rite now Just feel like going out to a mamak and enjoy a roti kosong or smth, cuz aussie most prolly takda thats.. But no kaki la.. stupid taman molek so far from everywhere else.. ishness!!

hopefully I do get internet soon la.. ohwait, hopefully, I do get a house to stay soon! then I'll immediately apply for broadband there yeaps... I guess Aussie service to pasang internet cannot be like malaysia wan ar, which takes like months?? U can expect me to be online pretty often over there, cuz I'd definitely want to catch up with everything local.. Dun wanna be katak bawah tempurung.. numsayins
Alriteys, guess I'll end my post here.. its definitely pretty saddening to leave home, and I guess its a feeling u can only experience if yalls in my shoes.. Do leave whatever msgs or comments in the tagboard yeap.. its nice seeing it so active.. haha.. And any1 who wants to contact me can definitely do so thru email.. I'll be glad to reply back, no worries... Wish me all the best yeap !! I'll leave yall with a couple of pics to go view..

My indian taiko!!only without the gold chains and tatoo and angry look..haha.. dude just shaved bald cuz of thaipusam.. funny funny!

The house on the left is the place I stayed at when I was kid.. This is in Melaka btw.. went there on Saturday.. tho I dont remember much bout this place as I was merely a little kid running around naked when I was there, it was still pretty cool visiting my hometown..

This is how the shelf looks like in my bro's apartment kat Melaka.. cool rite.. with all the colectibles and stuffs..

Yeap, im all packed and ready..lolz..

A gift I got from Gary.. Astro boy!! here to whip ur ass!

Oh shit.. if its not Astro Boys galfren.., i dun really know who is this wan ar, nv watch the cartoon b4.. nice nice, thanks gary! haha.. u nv fail to give me such presents. last time dahla give me hello kitty diary! lmaoz

A gift I got from Desmond.. lolz.. yes, its a lighter and nope, I do not smoke.. haha..its a prank lighter wei, u tekan the gas button and u'll get this stinging sensation..lolz.. i dropped the lighter immediately after pressing it.. haha..good way to discourage me from picking up a cigarrete i guess.. lolz

Im so gonna farking miss playing basketball .. i doubt i can play as often there, as i would prolly get dunked ... hopefully there can play pg lar.. haha.. but yea, im gonna miss the sport that has helped me make frens, provided a bunch of heartbreaks and also happy times.. ohyea, the shoes have different style of laces for fun.. not cuz i stupid..

Ahhh, music.. what else can I say bout rap music.. I definitely gotta put a halt to whatever Im working on right now...sighz..and I thought 2 double 07 was gonna be my year to take over the airwaves.. haha.. Dreams eh.. But gyeaa, im not putting down the mic for good.. no waysss
If only every step forward was 2 steps back
I prolly have the past breathing right down my neck
But all I got is just memories , nothing more
I guess Decembers not gon be the way it was before
-Yin Yang, 2007..

Friday, February 02, 2007

I know this is long overdue.. See, even the poster said it was out during halloween last year.. I just managed to catch this movie, and for those that dont know, I am a really huge fan of the Saw franchise. Its just a really smart movie that moves in a nice direction. This time however, I was lucky enough to buy the uncut version. That means gore, gore, and guess what.. more gore throughout the whole 1 hour and 50 mins... gila rite.. Dont really wanna spoil it for those who plan to watch the movie, but do expect to see limbs twisting, and skull drilling... Yes ladies and gents, this is the most gory installment in the franchise.. gilalah

Can someone say, ouch???

Yesterday was family day!!
We went out from 3pm till 10pm!
Went shopping at tebrau city at first, i bought tons of things!!
Bought a perfume, for formal use, forgotten the name but it smells like fresh oranges! =)
Then, i got a coat, from espirit.. really pretty, there are butterflies in side!
What else.. hm.. i got a purple nail polish.. a pair of sunnies, and 4 new ear rings! all hoops wan.. hehe..
Then we went to play at the arcade for a while... played the drum game with vernesse.. omg. so pain k! my right arm hurt sooo much, even while i was sleeping! sigh~
Dinner time!!
Was one of the bestest funnest dinner i ever had! Kind of like steamboat plus bbq kinda thing.
And the best thing was they served live prawns!!! Fresh okay!
We had so much fun picking the jumping prawns and frying them
*evil right*and everytime we fry them, they start jumping all over the place.
Mum said that was the first time our family ate sooo many prawns..
Kay and I even peeled our own prawns k!!
=) it was fun....=)
Came home, took a bath, and pack my stuff for aussie... sigh~ i think i surpass the limit given d. =p
managed to squeeze a few soft toys! hehe
Actually, im quite excited bout starting University!! Just that, im gonna miss fam n frenz,
i still dont have a place to stay!!!!! Discrimination i tell u!
so, i will be bringing two large luggges, and two small bags, one is mums, and will be carrying my pink bag pack!
Bad News. : Am addicted to this drama : Pasta smth.. feat Cyndi Wang and Zhang Dong Liang
Mum says she will buy the cd's for me, so we'll have a movie marathon!! again.... =p
See wether i can finish or not!
I stated wearing a little make up now a days... Mum says im a big girl already, and i shud put a little. Considering how "small" i look without make up. My godma even encourange me to put a little when i go to university. She said. Look older mah. They are so worried bout my appearance. Esp during interviews. Wear your specs ah! make u look older!! Tie your hair! blablabla...
Their more concern bout my height, and says that i should try to stand out more, since im so short! lol, literally........also!
Ok lah, enough writing,. wanna bath, and get my cd's!!!!
Lovey lots,
Dear esther and wei yang, have a safe flight tomoro!!
Esther : Hope to see you soon! We will drop by to Sydney and find u and PANGPENGPINGPANGPONG
Wei Yang: Tho u dont read this, but see u at newcastle!! haha
Maynnneee, its friday.. I really wanna spend my next few days here to the fullest, but options are few and far between in this place we call home.. I wish a day could be much longer, as Ive so many things to do right now.. sighzz.. actually, Im hoping I can make it back during the 2 weeks break, which is actually pretty soon la.. either in June, July or August.. not too sure when is it exactly.. i keep getting confused..lolz.. but yea, it would be nice to come back and see everybody once again...

Yesterday was nice, managed to spend a good couple of hours with the guys.. ended up doing the usual stuff, meeting up at City Square, take a bite there, and ended up talkin cock in a mamak.. lolz.. one conversation striked me tho, and I thought that it was definitely a brilliant idea.. Logan suggested that we'd go backpacking when all of us got a common break.. sounds pretty impossible, I know.. but I guess my Summer break could be well spent on a lil bit of travelling, plus form 6 dudes would just be bumming at home after their STPM.. hopefully such ideas arent just all talk with no walks la.. lets just wait and see... hmmmmmz

Im almost done packing em luggages, and hopefully its not overweight ar..Nasib I didnt buy a bunch of new clothes and stuff when I was back in JB... It does get pretty crazy when you realise that this wont be home anymore. You're only gonna come back here for short periods of time, a few months at most , and once you're done with your course, its on to working life. Life of our own...

Alright ,ive got more things to do right now.. so see ya peoples