Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am finally done with my assignment! Ok, maybe 85% done, but Ive got till Friday to make little changes here and there =)

I got Sarah's card!! and its stuck on the wall rite now. =) Thanks SJ...

The walk to Uni

Where I walk every day

We went to Uni to grab their burgers for lunch yesterday. The cafeteria is still open till 2.30 everyday! =)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 20th Birthday

Mum and dad, and sisters were on the webcame with me at 12.am on the 27.09. They sang happy birthday to me! =) and then my lights were off, and my friends here were all over to give me a surprise. =D
To Andrew, Melanie, Harold, Zarina, Weiyang,Justine, Azri.
Thank you for staying up to sing me happy birthday!
Thank you baby for the yummy pavlova cake. I had long pretty sparkly candles which I always wanted, and although I wasnt able to make a good wish (was too shy, and too SHY!), I was very surprised that they came over, and I was really happy that night lo!
No photos for that night because I think I am the only "photo crazy" person in this group. Kept scolding andrew for not taking my camera so I have no photos to rmb off that night.
Mummy was worried I didnt have a cake, so she was prety glad when she saw my friends come in. Dad was as usual, shirtless, and melanie shouted. "why got naked man on ur laptop wan!" haha. Dad quickly took a pillow to cover himself! lol

Andrew got me another care bear! Lol. He keeps complaining that I need to grow up, but see what he gets me? FunShine Bear =)

So dear organised a little dinner with a few friends of ours, so I was really happy! =) We went and had buffet for dinner, yummy food! I had duck, oysters, prawns, mussels, char siew, fish, bacon, alot of chinese food, fried noodles.. and dimsum! The deserts were yummo as well. I wanted to eat more, but was abit shy because everyone stopped eating already. Dear said he will bring me there again, just both of us so I dnt have to be shy and eat all i want! hahaha

Azri, Zarina, Me, and Mel

My oysters, and baked mussles in cheese. Very yum! I want more!

Group photo! But Harold wasnt in because he was taking the photo lah, duh. =p

Zarina and I

Mel and I

The best boyfriend in the world, and I, also the best girlfriend in the world. HAHAHAHA

Us, at Silver Dolphin

And then we went home. Harold (mels bf) and Mel came over to watch football with Bi, all 3of them were liverpool supporters. The amusing thing was when liverpool scored, their laptop hanged- and they had to restart it? And when they were able to watch it again, Torres scored the 2nd goal already. hahahaha.

ooh. b4 that, i was playing with my camera, and I made dear take pictures with me. But clearly, he wasnt interested! lol

he was in the middle of watching the liverpool match, so cannot blame him.. hee..

oklah. he played along in a few...so must say thank u bibi.

Thanks to everyone that remembered, and wished me yesterday. Thanks to Facebook hor! lol

I had a memorable 20th birthday. It feeeels GOOOOOOOOOOD to be a TWENTIES


the only thing missing was family. But i know that they are right here, in my little heart. =)


sarah said she sent me a card. I hope I recieve it soon!!! *excited*

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have a NEW favourite bag. . . .

Few months ago, I was looking around Ebay for Juicy Couture's handbags, just because I think they look really really gorgeous.

But it was too expensive la, after converting the US dollars.

And I rather spend the money on many other cheapo bags.

But look what i got now! =D

My very own handbag!!!

THANK YOU baby =)

I love it , i love it, i love it.

Thanks for the surprise at 12am, thanks for the cake, thanks for organising dinner..

*stupid andrew peeping at my post. I hate it when ppl do that!"

Friday, September 26, 2008


Yes yes, hollidays are here. I consider it more of a study break tho, since Im prolly gon be spending my nxt 2 weeks in my room, trying to catch up on everything. So heres the lowdown, this sem's focused is on 3 blocks, which are endocrine, neuro, and psych. Im already in week 10, and theres just 2 weeks of studying to do after this break, and that its exams.. Diededs.. And everyone from previous years have stated that the neuro questions are really REALLY very the hard wans, and add the fact that my memorising skills is not as good as it used to be, you can tell that Im at a real disadvantge.. huhu lolz

Ohyea, dear's birthday is coming soon!! 2 more hours!! Hope you like the present I got you yeap!!!! In case you did not know, her birthday's on the 27th sep, so all of you must wish her yea!! She get very sads wan if she get less wishes than last year. She keep track wan u knows!

Something like that la.. duwan so long wans like Bob Marley or smth.. this wan is hiphops.. Ok, couple more random shots.

Oh and this is how i look like now. Ok maybe my hair isnt that long yet.. This was just few days ago, had somekinda gathering since it was 2 of my coursemates birthday celebrations. And that guys like, the kwai lo that I took to the most. Unlike the rest who are just hi byes frens or toilet frens. Yeap, toilet friends. All guys shud know what Im talking about, its when you're in the loo standing infront of the urinal, and u have someone beside you doing the same thing. Thats when they start talking to you cuz the silence is too akward. And thtats Shriya and the guy is Shiv, someone who doesnt come for lectures AT ALL, but still passes the exam and does better than me (he nv even get bottom 25% last sem!).

This is me during Aaron's ( the guy sitting down, looking directly at me) birthday, showing him the real way to shoot a basketball. lol. Had fun talkin crap during that nite, was good to actually catch up with the guys since we all only meet once a week and thats in the basketball court, where everything becomes serious.

No, Im not in the picture. Just wanna say that Liverpool kicked Man Yoo's ass around Anfield!! Yes, im 2 weeks late i think, but that doesnt mean I cant brag about it. Played extremely well in that match, and the victory was without Torres and Gerrrard in the starting 11. HOWEVER, the next week, we drew against Stoke. WTF. Had 20 corner kicks ( im quite sure about this!), and although we had a disallowed goal, that doesnt give us any excuses on why we're unable to pick up the 3 points playing at ANFIELD. ishhhh... Its gon be Everton tmr i thinks, and hopefully we up our game.
Ok thats all ar, provided a long post after having been absent for awhile. If you dont see any updates here, you can always go to http://chenjiakuang.blogspot.com for your daily amusement. the next Kenny Sia, i reckon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playing Around With The New Toy

Another picture of Gee Gee just because he is adorable, and super photogenic!

After a long day of tutorial, or lectures, all I think about is my double bed waiting for me at home.Especially if I was good enough to make the bed in the morning. You dont know how warm and comfy I get under my "duck feather" blanket!! =D

I finally found out how to make my pictures black and white on my Sony, but then it was just all luck, because I couldnt seem to find it gain. hmph. have to go and read the stupid manual again!

Anyway, nice nostalgic picture of the photoframe I gave baby for Vday this year. =) both of us a little kids on our "car" and "bicycle"

ooh la la.

Roast chicken!! =) But it didnt taste as good as it looks. Tamak me decided to pour a little too much olive oil, and it became pretty oily! blek.

More things to talk about, but I should be reading my case study for my assignment.

Cant believe its due on the 3rd. And i just started! *shakes head*

Meet the New Babies!
Simba & GeeGee

My friend and I were at the Post Office cashing out sm money when we spotted these very cute soft toys! We couldnt decide which one to get because they were all adorable, so we bought two each!
I have a lion, and a girrafe (love the colour!!) and she bought a hippo and rhino.
Only 9.99 AUD each leh! =))

Simba is for andrew, Gee Gee is mine.

I like to hug gee gee. =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A BIG (anticipated already) surprise

Dee Dee recieved a packaged yesterday morning!! I was very sleepy and tired after tutorial yesterday because my tutemates were speaking really really loudy, and I felt like my head was going to burst. =(
But when I reached home, I was greeted with a huge 25kg box in my room!
Oklar, I suggested tht my parents do that and when they suggested that I used the postage money to go out and get some good dinner and drinks with my friends, I actually teared and said I WANT SOMETHING FROM HOME!!! =(
Im still a baby, I know =p
So guess who came out of he parcel first!

my 5 year old baby, ANGEL! missss huging this baby lor

Cards and presents from my parents, sisters , grandma, godma, and aunties! Andrew's mummy and daddy too!

The lovely, lovely cards which are stuck on my wall now. =) Special mention to ah kay, for making a scrapbook about us for my birthday! It was soo cute, she did it as if it was a project, with the introduction, index, acknowledgements.. so cute. I love it so much!!=) I cried lor when i saw this. serious! =) Nessy, i like ur naggy card too! Nagging me in my birthday card pulak!

#1 : A la gourmet non stick pan!! =)))) clever mummy

#2 : The art of Happiness , from my godparents =) so cute lah the book

#3: Home sweet home thing to hang on my door from my Granny! She bought this probably because she heard that I cried. she so sweeet =)

#4: Clothes from P&CO, and they fit me perfectly! Thank u!!

#5: A doggy keychain from my 6th auntie and family. I love this so much! I was laughing when I saw this. =)

But right, rmb I mentioned that my camera was a little cranky, and then I lost my camera charger, so I couldnt use it? Wondering how I managed to take such pretty clear pictures?? =)








Give u a clue

Presenting my NEW SONY DSC - T300 Cyber Shot! Sliver in colour, and I immediately Blinged it with my faithful pearl coloured heart stickers I got frm Korea. =) Its sooo pretty, and I love it so much! =)) 10.1 mega pix baby! Just what I really really really needed =)

I was really really really happy yesterday. =)

Thank you so much, dearest Daddy, Mummy, Kay, Nessy, Mama, Papa, Ani, La yee for taking the time to write a card, and for just thinking of me. =) Thanks to kay for the scrap book! Did u realise we were wearing the same clothes in most of the pictures? haha

I love you all so much! Being away from home for the 1st time on my birthday is really sad. And its my 20th, means its really really time to grow up.

Thanks for the wonderful presents, cards, and Angel!!

The best present wasnt all the above, but it is having you all with me, loving me, and constantly thinking of me. Happy Giving Birthday to mummy tooo. =)

Happy Me, with a UFO on my head. hee

Its time to work my ass of for the coming exams!!!

I love my family. So so very much! =)

Monday, September 15, 2008



Ok, maybe not that famous la.. Just name appear in magazine only.lol.. See the deal is, that Juice Magazine decided to do a write up on the hip hop state in Malaysia. And if you look under the JBC article, my name is mentioned there as Yin Yang!!! too bad la my face not there, wasnt there for the group photo shoot, so no one knows who Yin Yang is. got name, but no picture oso. lolz. but atleast I'm famous.. is yous?

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I was over at my friends place studying together one day, and we had to rush of to the hospital for a lecture, so she made my fry this squarish thingy from the fridge while she did her prayers.
OMG. yummy murtabak! one of my friends recipe, its definitely different from the real one, because she used pohpiah skin instead.
I liked it so much! I went to the asian shop to get pohpiah skin, and I dident know how to make the murtabak filling, with the minced chicken and all, so I used my normal curry chicken way of cooking it.

Yummy chicken curry filling wrapped up in pohpiah skin.. mm...

Fry it. Btw, i HATE this pan lor, its not a non stick pan, so things like chicken get stuck on the base.. rice get stuck.. ish.

There you have it. Piping hot curry chicken in side, and a crispy crispy pohpiah skin! =D

Bi said. " APPROVED!=)"

Love it!
Bt its kinda tiring chopping, and slicing everything at the begining.. onions, garlic, tomatoes, chicken.. but its super worth it because it was really really good. =)
Bi told me to add egg into it next time. Okay, I will! If you help me wth the chopping nxt time! =p

Saturday, September 06, 2008

BIG HELLO (i was going to insert a picture of me saying a big hello from the webcam, but my webcam dosent take pictures? and the (fn) button and (print screen) is too far away. Means that my hands wont be up and saying hello, and in the end I looked like Im trying to win the Big Mouth contest or something)

sheesh. Dee and her nonsence!

So yeah.

Ive been really busy with studying and every day of the week passes to fast for me to accomplish anything!

Plus assignments are all due soon, so I spend my nights and early morning learning about the Aboriginal people in Aussie, their health, and the injustice they have suffered for a long long time.
So Merdeka Night 2008. Something that kept me busy for 3 weeks. Practicing at least an hour a day, in the wee morings. 7AM practise in the cold cold weather lor!

There was once I wore a snow cap, boots, gloves, and a huge wooly jacket just to go for practise lor. Super cold.

Merdeka Night 2008 - Uni Of Newcastle

Some of my closest friends in Newcastle. I have grown close to this few people. I have other, many many friends okay! Just not super close mah. hahaha. Stupid antisocial-ness in me. Daddy lah, I got this gene defect from him (oops!)

Zarina, she failed with me last semester too! So we are pretty close, she is like my big sister, and she cooks really well! =)

So many malays lor! Nearly all are medical students! Im good friends with all of them, but we arent really really close yet. There are only 3 chinese girls in my year. Me, Mel on top, and Suzie on top. Sad right, taylors! Send more cina mui!

This is mel and I. We only gotten quite close this semester. She is from KL. AHH. my selendeng senget in front d. why nobody tell me.

and presenting my all time BOY best friend. Chelle, u are my girl best friend k?

MR CHOO. who hates camwhoring with me. I realise I have no camwhore friends. so sad.

why sooo sleepy dear?


erm, I miss... your food i guess.