Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This video is NOT for the faint hearted ar.. If u're scared of violence and blood..then dont peep.. happened in Singapore if im not mistaken..

Another incident in Singapore I think.. this one can watch wan ar...quite funny

Its the 31st of December
Exactly 5 more days before i leave.

And im not coming back till like, July?? ahhhh!!! the horror.....

I guess the two things that make this journey of life hard is..

a) My family

b) My darling friends....

(alot are missing )

especially this girl, the longest friendship i've had..

my dearest Michelle, i really hope that our frenship will still last no matter where we go..

And that nobody can ever take ur place as the bestest best friend ever!

Memories of us having so much fun, in primary, secondary, and even in our last years of teenage will always be in my hart.

Will miss u!!


the only person i get to bring in Aussie, is.. baby! haha

I dont know why, but i love this picture...
I believe that love is when u fall in love with him all over again every single time u see him
ps: my credit card is HERE!!! WOOHOO!
love lots,

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dear changed to a google account without telling me!! thought what was wrong with my old blogger account, scared me awhile.. lolz..
So yea, days seem to be passing by pretty quick eh.. If im not mistaken, its gon b a week more before I leave for Aussie.. saddenings.... Thank god Thaipusam's this Thursday, so atleast a few of my friends gon be back + bebudak form6 have no school.. so should be able to hangout a lil bit more before Im gone..
Yesterday was cool, with my fam having dinner with dear's fam.. No, this is not the 'family visits other family for wedding' gathering, its just to meet, chat and stuffs..Atleast everyone knows everyone now, so there's no more quiet moments whenever our family meets in the near future.. =D been awhile since I seen dear anywayz, so it was nice... hehe.. She doesnt allow me to kacau her these days as she wants to spend time with her fam, and Im cool with that.. isnt gua good?

On a saddening note, we both do not have a place to stay in Oz yet!!!!! dayummmmn.. I seriously hope something can be worked out soon.. We had initially found a pretty nice place to stay at, but I guess alot of people were trying to get the rooms there too.. sighz.. So now, its either: a) my aunt in Sydney manages to find a place in Newcastle , OR b) we fly to Newcastle nxt week, check into a motel, and quickly find a place to stay..

I really hope that we can avoid the latter, as its gon be pretty time consuming.. Travelling here and there, finding a suitable price, etc....Susah lar macam ni....
Ohyea, if u havent been tuning in to over the past few days, Nike had its Air Force Ones 25th Annivesary in Malaysia!!!!! From what Ive heard from a few friends, the event, which was held for 3 days ,was pretty cool .. Bunch of hip hop and sneakerheads attended the function, and they held an auction for this limited edition Air Force One shoes, where the starting price was Rm7k.. banyak banyak gila ar.. One of a kind in Malaysia, so thats why so exp ar..

Some of the shoes that were on display during one of the days... Imagine if I had gone in my adidas
Guess Im going to be spending my next few days at home, finishing up the DVD's I bought.. I realise that buying from those hypermarkets are much cheaper than from Holiday Plaza, as the rent for the space is cheaper.. So yea, bought a stack of movies to watch, cause I takut cant download as freely in Aussie anymore.. i tannak pegi jail.. lol..

Been waiting for this movie for some time, and yea.. it seriously is worth the Rm5 u would pay to the pouch carrying DVD+VCD salesman.. Movie is bout 2 hours plus, and it doesnt feel draggy at all. The twist and turns in the movie is definitely nice, and catches u off ur seat.. yea, I know its an overused phrase, but this movie definitely deserves its props.. nice nice..

Daddy just came back from work... Mummy just went out to go shopping with her sisters!
Tonight, my sisters and I + Daddy will be heading to Tebrau City to watch Death-Note!
Whee~! Anyway, i just finished the drama i was talking about, and the ending is quite saddening lah, but i didnt cry! =)
Michelle just msged me and ask what kind of flour we used that day, haha! i guess she and her sisters are trying to bake a cake! i wished I had an oven ask well.. then i can bake cookies as well! Its a nice feeling u noe, to actually bake some edible stuff =) I wanna bake cookies!!! Sick of cupcakes! lol
Just heard from my little sister that she got chosen for long jump! lol.. she said, dont pandang rendah me hoh! haha, hopefully, she'll be like kay and me , lol =P represent 100m too leh!! not bad at all!
Just also recieved an email saying that there are no more rooms in the bungalow we wanted to rent! Sigh, and i was actually looking forward to it. Tot it was nice, as i can have may own toilet and stuff, guess luck isnt on my side this time, nvm.. hopefully we get another house which has all the facilities as well... *crosses fingers*
My heart aches while im writing this... one more week ppl, and i'll be in the airport now, being all upset and nervous. My new chapter in Aussie will start soon! and i definately hope and pray for the best..
love lots,

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Continued from just now...
I just had dinner at Pekin.. in Molek with..... dearies.. parents!! lol.. Parent meet parent thingy.. I thought it went well.. though the food wasnt really satisfying..
I just had the urge to blog and blog, but i realise that i dont have anything to say!
oh right, lets talk bout how im feeling about goin to Aussie now..
hur hur...
Im feel so upset and my heart gets all heavy when i think about being away from my family and friends for such a long period of time.. i really want to have fun an all.. but thinking bt the absence of my loved ones just makes it all..........sad...
but i guess, this is what everyone will go through, and i dooo have to grow up huh,
be independant for once.. and yea, grow up!
at least i'll be goin with dearie... =)) yay!
Wonder how i will be celebrating CNY there.. mebbe go to Chinatown and see some lion and dragon dancing.. *crosses finger* i must see a lion/dragon dance.. !!!
recently, mummy and I are addicted to this show, The Kid From Heaven...
its a realy nice ..taiwan movie i think...
the little boy is a terrific actor!! and he's soooo cute too!
haha.. k, i'll end this post with a few pictures of last night k!
May Ling =))
eeks!!! blogger is stupid!!! i cant upload my photos...
hello isnt working for me either... nvm.. will find a way!!!

27th was my farewell party! + our dear Archana's birthday..

I had loadsa loadsa fun!! =)

Michelle came kinda early, because she came here right after her school ended =)

Then we started our mission.. to bake a CAKE!

First timers okayyy! It was quite horrible actually.. lol AT FIRST

Horrible right? lucky we didnt let archie see the 1st product!!

Chelle then brilliantly decided that we should just take out the outer layer, and re baked it!!

Hahaa... so after another 30 minutes.. and decorations by moi, my sister and chelle....


Half a biG cadbury bar melted and spread on the cake. Yums!

Everyone said it was GOOOOD!! =)

We ordered pizza, and just talk away then everyone reached..archie had a good surprise huh! And i guess she loved the cake!! hahaa..

Pictures up after this post..

I have everything i could ever wished for, and have only God to thank.

Thank you, for always listening to my prayers and answering them!

My last week here in Jaybee... ppl.. miss me! haha


love lots..


Thursday, January 25, 2007

I hate having nothing to do.. And when I come online, I have nothing to do, especially when dear goes off to watch TV.. Ive been going back and forth between the same sites for ages, friendster, myspace, football365, nba, and just blog hopping here and there.. Shit cant last me 24 hours.. ishhh..Here's another reason why ar..

Every1's away on msn... lolz.. and yes, dear was too.. i just left the conversation box open.. lol.. There wasnt even a random person to talk to, with everyone being away like that.. ish..

Thus, having a bunch of hours to myself really gave me alot of time to rethink about my goals in life.. I know alot of people have a bunch of high end goals, they wanna be millionaires, wanna marry a supermodel, wanna have a huge ass bunglow to live in etc..See, I want mine to be abit different la, and alot of time on my hands = deep, deep thinking!!

So, heres a list of my goals that I want to achieve in life , in no particular order...

Firstly, I so friggingggg wanna go to this place..

Where's that, you may ask??

Ok, how bout this..

Liverpool babeh.. I would kiss the ground once I land there, no doubt about that..seriously,no joke.. Ive been supporting this team ever since I was a kid, and would definitely love to be part of the Kop end, chanting along the songs.. and scolding the opposition team with a bunch of cuss and curses.


Sides that........

WWE maynneeeee... Yes, I do realise its fake... and no, Im not one of those who wants to go there just for...

Who gives an ish bout scantily cladded wimmin in the ring on parade for men...??? lolz..

I wanna go cause I wanna be a part of the joke..

If I ever make it there, you'd be seeing me holding a sign that says "I friggin made it from JB".. seriously...

Ok,im getting bored of putting up photos.. will continue if i feel like it

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Woke up at 6.40 a.m. today... macam, so Oh My GAWD rights.. i know..maid came knock knock knockin on heavens door early morning, telling me that i had a call from my aunt in aussie.. what was she thinkin? she must have known that its 3 hours difference!!! thank god i woke up tho.. apparently, my aunt managed to get dear's COE(confirmation of enrolment) number from the uni itself, which means that dear can finally start applying for her visa.. I then bath, took the car, and drove out at 7 plus or so.. I could have sworn that my eyes were heavy as hell, and I might have knocked down a school kid or two without knowing it.. Just kiddin bout the last part lars.. =D So yea, spent some time lepaking in her house, helping her out with her visa application.. Pretty good, aint I?? hehe..

Went out with my friends> ( if only 2 guys, still can put 's' rite?) after that, as dear had to go for her medical checkup.. I have no idea how I managed to lepak around City Square so often during my previous years, cuz I cant find things to do there anymore.. Sat down for a while, watched Fly Boys, and chilled abit more before heading back home.. I wish I could go get a couple of tshirts right now, but I guess my luggage to Aussie is already pretty full la.. Dayummmmnnnsss...


Home Of The Brave.. a movie I just caught on DVD yesterday, starring Samuel L Jackson (Snakes On A Plane) , some random dudes, and Fiddy Cent ( yessir, THAT 50 Cent!!lol).. Movie is suppose to be some 'knockin cents into ur skull' type I guess, as it shows the true lifes of soldiers who return from Iraq..It does a pretty good job of doing that anyways.. One should realise that these soldiers, who may come back home armless, paralyzed etc, arent gon be millionaires for serving their countries.. Their gonna go back to leading normal lives, carrying out 9 to 5 shifts, and what nots.. No one's gonna know what they did for the country, cept for them themselves... Crazy right..

On a lighter note,

Borat is a movie with a crazy ass idea.. See, the thing is, movie's about this British comedian who disguises himself as a Kazakh( how to spells) who travells to America in order to 'learn more bout their culture'.. so, what we have in this 1 and a half hour movie is unsuspected victims, thanks to the beauty of hidden cameras i guess.. This is a classic in my opinion, just because of its rawness.. dopesss...

Farks, my wisdom tooth hurts like shieeeeetzzz.. Sakits wei..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Yesterday was studio session time, after a long hiatus from the mic.. Ive actually been writing down alot during this few months or so, but its just that, JB is really deprived of good recording studios.. So I did the next best thing, go to a rock-catered studio instead..I guess its pretty decent la, tho the way they handle things is quite different from what Im usually used to.. Spent quite some time there infact, and I came away pretty happy with the finished product.. tho the songs pretty much untitled la.. Hopefully I can go back there pretty soon to complete another track or two..
Anyways, ive got no snippets or so to upload yet, so I guess I'll just leave yall with the last 2 lines of the whole track, which I think really reflects the way I feel right now, especially with leaving to Aussie and stuff..

'You never know but anytime that flame could die down
So i give my all, every single time i rhyme now'

Sunday, January 21, 2007

decided to post some vids up, for the sake of entertainment.. since i dont feel like blogging right now.. hehe

I have no idea how the woman can drive till lidat ar, but its pretty crazy... im not posting this up to say shit like females cant drive and stuff ar (im no sexist), im just posting it up cause its funny as hell..

A football match in South Africa ends up with strong winds blowing signboards across the pitch.. gila la, the way the players dodge to avoid it..thank god no1 dieded..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

im so bored i resort to blogging.. which means im really bored..
i feel like im wasting my last few days here in Malaysia..
everyday i wake up late, and my mum is still sleeping.. then i wudnt have anyone to talk to til my sis comes home.. i hate it!! its sooo boring!! boohoo!!!!!!!

was planning for a farewell party, but if some ppl cant come, i dun feel like having it d.. so i gez we will just go out once more.. haihz.. im so bored. I seriously dunoe wether i can take it.. 5 months without my family??

i dunoe wether i shud be happy, or wether i can survive one night without crying.. =(

but i guess everyone wud have to go thru this rite? its part of life..

sheessshh.. im DAMN BORED.. ppl, help me by bloggin, then i wudnt be so bored while surfing the net..!!!

wasting my days away.. sigh

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Late December 2006

After our SAM results was out, i can right now swear that our future was pretty much uncertain...I was constantly saying that 'everything was gon be alrite', even tho it meant having a long distance relationship.. I mean, i knew things could still turn out fine, be it wheter she was 2 hours away, or in a different country.. But it still wouldnt be the same.. I knew that..And as I looked at my calendar, it was pretty clear that all I had was just bout a month or so with her.. If we were stil in the same position that we were in, I guess I would be in a wreck right now, no kidding.. Ive been with HER for three years plus already, and such a sudden change would prolly be a big blow to me.. She's always been the one pushing me to study and stuff, and I am aware that I do owe her alot.. Hopefully, the powers to be have given me a lifetime with her to pay everything back, in full =) I am really glad that everything seems to have worked out, altho I didnt expect it work out to this extent when I said 'everything was gon be alrite'.. Who knew eh.. who knew.. so i guess 2007 is gon be great afterall.. same uni, same course.. im loving it
Ssuppsss.. been awhile since I last dropped by here...kinda busy the past few days, buying essential items and stuffs.. right now im like, 50/50 bout going to Aussie.. kinda happy cause its gon be a whole new experience, but at the same time, Im really gon miss everything bout JayBee... all them late nights hanging out with friends, all them dirty jokes and what nots.. i definitely enjoyed my teenage years, as Ive lived it to the fullest I suppose.. so theres no regrets ... =)
Just like dear, Im thinkin bout doing a farewell gathering too.. but right now, duno la.. oni can do on Saturday i guess.. cause ive got a few friends who are doing form6, and takkan ask them come out on weekdays, and Sunday would also be impossible as they gots classes the next day.. hopefully I can work something out fast..
Ohyea, as dear had earlier mentioned, we went to pasar malam yesterday.. haha.. niceness.. its definitely been awhile since Ive been to a night market.. One thing i hate bout pasar malams is definitely the crowd, where everyone seems to be in a hurry.. Must be all the aunties and uncles la.. Push here push there wans...gilalah..

Btw, weather these few days have been pretty good .. its all sunny again, and I hope this continues for the remaining weeks I'll be here.. Rain is cool and all, but not when it causes huge ass traffic jams and damages the roads.. Yeap yeap, Im one of those who termasuk into a stupid huge ass pothole.. Really didnt see it coming, and thank god the tyre didnt burst or anyting wei.. Cause i have no idea how to change one..lolz..

Aite aite, dont really got a mood to write alot right now.. some other day i suppose.. im outs..
I finally recieved the email i have been waiting for.... !!!
and i did everything i was supposed to do in a day! lol
fill in the acceptance form, make a photocopy of it, my passport, and a bank draft, faxed it over to taylors, and courier the rest back to taylors!
The mail shud be reaching them in a few hours. =)

Hopefully, newcastle would be a lil more EFFICIENT and send me my COE sooon! i need to do my visa! and im so worried it wont be in time! read from pang pings blog, that unsw sent her coe in 20 hours! lets see how FAST newcastle does it this time! lol

yesterday was kay's bdae, and we went to hawker centre for dinner!! nope, my parents arent "pien xing". That silly litle gurl wanted something DIFFERENT. LOL.. anyway, hawker food is simply the best lah! I stuffed nearly everything into my mouth. Poor tummy. Before that, we went to pasar malam! Bought corn, roti jagung, CHICKEN SKIN -- those are yummy..deep fried! hehe, but very unhealthy!

ystd, Joyce came over too.. and we chatted, and i showed her all my college pictures.. then, we lazed on my bed, and we chatted as usual! hahaa..

oh yea, daddys gona bring me out later to get my sub credit card. then mummy and i wil be heading to do some stationary shopping! oh man! i havent planned my farewell party!!!!

neways, i guess i blogged enuff, am waiting for dearie to blog!! argh.

lovey lots!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i realise that i get annoyeed when im reading blogs, and the blogger dosent blog.
lol.. little did i realised that i myself dont blog often at all.. lol =p

well.. stepig newcastle has yet to send the acceptance letter to me!! actually, 4 of us.. but i dont know who those lucky ppl ar.. hopefully, someone from my class! hehe.. but no worrys ppl, placement centre assured me that the place is confirmed, so for me to be bengang-ed is like mebbe 5% only.. haha

I have been shopping so much! lol... luggages, long sleeve shirts.. formal wear... and everything.. maybe i'll get myself another laptop as a present for myself from my grandma! teehee~ i love my grandpa 2 actually.! lol

oh yea, today is my sisters birthday, so a BIG SHOUT OUT TO KAY KAY!!!

i was thinking of having a farewell party... so its either goin to be next weeek on the 27th! esther is having her farewell party on that day too! haha.. hopefully, i wont clash with other ppl.. omg, 27th is archie's birthday hoh! then mebbe i'll make it on the 28th! haha..

okie, i gez i blogged enuff.. im goin to pasar malam todae! with mum and andrew! yay!

haihz.. wan to end this post, by asking this question.

how can we be so sure, that they guy we love so much, loves us and only us just as much?

Friday, January 12, 2007

I have no idea wtf i clicked when I was on msn, but all of a sudden, it started installing this package and guess what, I got this as a background!! and i bet none of yall know who that is rite.. its some singaporean footballer i think..lolz.. why la wan do this to my msn weiii.. if an asian footballer is not enuff, whats worse is he's in some tight fitting shirt.. lol.. i think there's a malaysian footballer background too in that package, but I cant be bothered exploring with it ...
Right now it seems like I might just be heading to Aussie afterall..yeap, I know its a fact that the education system there is better than it is here, and am aware how much better it is to be there.. But damn, I cant seem to go thru everyday without lookin back at the times here in JB, and how all of us might just never meet up as a whole again..Im not even gon be around for Chinese New Year celebrations, and its a pity cause a few of us had initially made plans and stuffs..I guess everyone has to go through this phase of life, but I was hoping that I need not had to go thru it during the best years of my life, which is when im 18, approaching to 19.. Ive not told any of my friends yet tho, they're prolly gon kills me..dahla I was the first to go college, and now im heading off so early.. and Im just only beginning to enjoy the freedom of going anywhere I want as Ive got a lesen memandu.. sialllllllls...

Ohyea, it seems like Jay Bee's going to be swallowed by floods once again... its been raining everyday if im not mistaken, and the rains like non stop right now.. I really hope it stops soon, as big ass heavy rain = floods = jam = me not being able to go out = boredom = blogging... I dun wanna spend my last 20 days or so in JB stucked at home, I need to get out there....

On another note thos...

Will Smith's new movie, Pursuit Of Happiness (if im not mistaken) , is seriously a great movie.. Its just a really nice, feel good type of flick , and I was suprised when I found out that was his actual son acting with him... dopeness..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

ur life turned from hell to sky heaven in a week.. (Fong, 2007)

at the begining of the week. i did not have any offers.. was very depressed.. coz all the rejection made me lose all my confidence in studying smth i really wanted to.. it surprises me hw rejection could make me hate medicine.. and althought i manage to set my mind on smth else.. i always wondered.. what if i regreted?

was sad, and very unsure bout my future.. and then just last week, i recieved a call from IMU. I got and offer!!!! was still very undecided...... then the next day.. baby got IMU too!!!! was reallly happy that everything worked out for us.... =)

but dears daddy wanted him to go to newcastle.. it wud seriously be better for him..
but i somehow hoped that andrew wud still come with me....

and just yesterday! i got an offer from newcastle!!! ahhhh!!! ammm sooooo glad.... =)

sad thing is, im leaving on the 3rd Of Feb..... thats..




This is why my parents ask me to stop

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wtf man.. its been so hard to log on to blogspot or access anyone's blog at all.. is it only me??

Only slept at 6am today, after having stayed up till 4am just to catch Liverpool's match against Arsenal.. Then only did I realise how life is so much similar to football..I mean, there's no sport that is just as unpredictable as football.. Other sports such as basketball dont even come close , as losing is pretty much common there i guess..And why am i sayin all this , you may ask.. Its cause liverpool got farkin hammered 6-3 at home against Arsenal.. no, the match did not go into extra time, all those 9 goals were in the space of 90 minutes.. thats like, a goal every 10 minutes? lol.. thought i was friggin dreamin.. Whats funny is that I am pretty sure Liverpool had the same amount of shots as Arsenal, but it seemed like everytime Arsenal attacked, the ball ended up in the back of the net.. It was either because Arsenal were very talented, or the defense was just a huge letdown.. I'd like to believe that the latter was the reason, as it was a horrible performance yesterday.. The only positive thing i could take from yesterday's match was the crowd itself... The fans at Anfield was awesome, and even during the dying seconds, the chant of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' was still evident.. I guess its moments like these that makes being a Kop fan worth it.. tho I hate getting trash..

Friday, January 05, 2007

Currently listening to Corrine Bailey Rae - Like A Star

Corrine Bailey Rae, what a long ass name right ... Girl has talent tho, dont act like you dont know.. Her voice is amazing no doubt, and it just goes with the song well.. I'mma get her album fo sure, hopefully its as good as this single..

On another noteeeeee..Internet connection is still a biatch tho.. Its UNBELIEVABLY slow wei, until i cant even download music and movies.. Hopefully it gets fixed soon ar, cuz there's alot of albums i want to check out right now.. And i just came across a site that host such music files and stuff, and i guess its better than torrents cause i dont need to depend on any parties hosting the file..

Being online nowadays also isnt much really.. I just cant find things to do at the moment when Im staring at my laptop.. kinda think of it, theres really only a few sites that I would frequently visit, namely friendster, 1 or 2 rap forums, and thats bout it.. Rest of my time online is on MSN, which is pretty quiet nowadays due internet connection and cuz most of my friends are not free yets.. gilaaaaa lah..

One good thing bout hollidays tho, is the fact that cinemas are not packed in the mornings, and there's discounts too!!! im a cheapskate, i know.. but it doesnt hurt when u save a few ringgit here and there right?? savings a good habit, everyone knows that.. =D Watched Night At The Museum with dear in cs yesterday morning, and it was at the new cinema level.. niceness!! movie was good too, and Im a Ben Stiller addict.. his movies never fail to disappoint in my opinion, pretty much in the same class as Adam Sandler.. i still have yet to watch Cicak Man tho!!! dear duwan watch.. hmphs.. seriously, ive always wanted to watch local movies, but there's always no kaki.. take sepet for example, ive yet to watch that altho it has received great reviews.. And the thing is, they dun even pirate local movies.. sial ar

K, since ive got nutting much to do right now, mebe I'll write a lil longer la.. been wanting to type this out for some time already..

Over the past few weeks, Ive been able to chill with a bunch of friends that ive not hang out for some time already..Time does change people tho, and its pretty crazy how quick things change.. For instance, a number of my friends have picked up the art of smoking..Now now, Ive got nothing against smokers man.. I know a bunch of smokers, and I definitely dont anti them or anything..The thing that I cant stand is the smoke tho.. Thats why i tend to sit beside smokers, and not facing directly against them. cause u dun expect them to blow the smoke out behind or anything, to people they dont know and shits..Sides that, its crazy how dudes are addicted to it..A sosial smoker?k , mebe that wan i let it slide abit la.. but how bout dudes who just need a puff or two everytime they're away from the sight of a certain girl etc.. Addiction and what not, its something that I know can be stopped la.. and how in the world does smoking help drown ur sorrows and take ur mind off things...
but at the end of the day, i do not hate smokers...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The first entry for the new year.. Its already 2007 yaw, time really has a way for sprinting..I still remembered back then, when I was waitin for 2000 to approach, I was like pretty scared as shiiieettzz. Mass media was hyping all that Y2K bug thingy, and it seemed like the outcome was gon be severe.. electronical devices malfunctioning, causing public transports like lrt all to break down, blackouts everywhere etc.. Nothing ever happened tho, and it just goes to show how the mass media can blow things out of proportion at times..

Ohyea, school has started already for most. Lmaos.. 1 year ago I headed to college as a rebel.. have yet to change tho.. =D its bout time i get to laugh at those studying while Im on hollie tho, I was on the receiving end last year..ahha

"Eh, u siao ar.. study so fast"
"Why u go college so early wan? SPM just one month ago weiz"

Thank god i started early tho, that also meant that I ended early.. so yea, goodiesss..

Alrite, heres a few pics .. Ive just installed the program that came along with my Nokia HP to this laptop... so expect more pics or so...

Wei Yang: Gimme ur money, or I'll sock u in ur face

Radom Picture... I am a hip hop head..

The brownish color kitten very manja ones.. everytime wait outside my apartment, then when i open the door he/she starts meowing and try to curi masuk Here he is cuddling up to another kitten, during a rainy day.

Hotlink book.. yes, it might not seem like a biggy, but I won this from playing Winning Eleven on the PS2 @ carefour.. kick ass I did.. :D haha...