Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This post is gonna be random, but random enough for it to make sense. Make sense?
Ok, here we go...

The Melbourne Shuffle

This has gotta be the most annoying dance routine ever, in the history of dancing. Some might say that its not fair for me to say this cuz I am not one who is into the club and rave scene, but this dance just really does suck. The guy who invented it must've been high or smth, and yes, it really does make you look like you're on ecstasy. Well done and kudos if that was the point of this dance routine. And the pants supposedly cost Rm300+ or so, and according to a friend of mine, its suppose to make you look like you're 'floating on air'??? Besides that, it completely rips off the whole Crib Walkin (go youtube it) dance, just adding a variation to it so that it would suit ahbengs more..

And why am I saying all this now even tho the craze started well over a year ago?? Simply put it, its becoming something similar like that 'finger snapping' thing that came up when i was in primary 6, where everyone would just be snapping their two fingers aimlesly, like they were TFK-ing..Now almost everywhere I go, I see a group of kids in shopping malls just shuffling all of a sudden..lolz.. Thats like, the most WTF moment Ive ever had.. all of a sudden, out of no where..

If you have been living under a rock all this while and have no idea what this dance is, heres a video..

And no, Im not hating on this because its not hip hop or anything. To prove my point, heres another dance that I really really hate but has somehow managed to rock clubs in America, hopefully it doesnt make its way over here. Its a song called Crank Dat, which somehow showed those that dont already know why rap is dying. People are making bubblegum songs, with very very very simple lyrics and bad rapping, with an average chorus and a catchy beat. Whats worse? The rapper even added a dance move to the song! can you say dayummmmmn?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear left out so many funny embarassing moments in SG. =P

Neway, I DID IT.
after so many weeks of deliberating.. i did it.

no, i didnt do anythin naughty, i just gave myself a whole new look. i made myself a few years younger too!

I snip off my long and very DRY curls!!

and I did smth I said i was nv gona do. i did a lil straightening with my hair. "Relaxed" it lor

so fun. =) chelle was with me the whole time, speaking to the hairsylist in chinese for me. he nearly gave me center parting, like eee...

i dont know why,but everytime i blog, its like some alphabets get missing when i type fast. and its so annoying!!

Me and my short hair. ok. not the best pic of me, but m not photogenic. how leh?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Singapore Trip

Heres the post that dear is too lazy to blog about. =D

Singapore Trip 2008

We always had intentions of going to Singapore ever since 2 years back. Dear always wanted to see the new year + christmas decorations and all, but somehow we both just couldnt find the time. Obviously, there wasnt any decorations at this time of the year except CNY ones which no one really cares about, but then we just wanted to get out from JB due to the lack of places to jalan jalan .. Had to rely on dear's past experiences of traveling with her frens to SG as I am very not familiar with the area and its mrts and all ..

So yeap, we managed to cover Vivo City and Bugis Street! Vivo City doesnt look like much tho, hmmm, is there a hidden area or smth besides the shopping mall? I expected it to be bigger, but in the end its only like what , 3 or 4 floors? cant rmbr... we both didnt shop much there, just looked around .. Dear then suggested that we both head to Bugis, cuz according to her, 'there nicer to shop' ...And so she really did shop over, buying like 5 shirts+dress I think. Bugis Street was pretty nice I guess, a lil like Petaling Street, just without the ahbengs and the insecurity you would feel if you were in Malaysia. Me, I got home empty handed. lol. I spent like $28 , while dear spent $100 ++ ? I was lookin for Ps3 games, but Assassins Creed is pretty much sold out everywhere. hmmmm...

Anyways, we spent 1 whole day in Sg .. Reached there 9 am, got home round 7.. feet was dead tired by then..lol.. Singapore isnt that hard to travel round afteral, in fact, I think its much easier than Malaysia with the convenience of MRTs. And its safer too, no wonder ang moh prefer to go Singapore.. once u reach Malaysia u'll see alot of mat rempits and ah bengs and prostitutes.

Okay, I wana watch movie now. Dying of boredom cuz somehow my astro isnt workin, Ive completed Resistance: Fall of Man (in one and a half weeks, record wei!), and dear is busy having lunch..okbyez

Sunday, January 20, 2008


All that came back was my BIG crush, and my BIG erm girl, mummy.
nt that im complaining. =D

I wanna go malacca makan makan...

Happy Sweet Sixteen Kay!


May you grow into a beautiful , kind young lady. =)

Love you!

The picture above shows the people Im living my life for. My beautiful family. Thank u all for being there for me, especially in my saddest, down-est, and even when I became seriously zombie-like.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Today was just another really lethargic day for me.. Yawns. I think the only eventful thing I did today was walk all the way to SKST, to pass my little sister her lunch.
I was complaining last night about how she was acting so bratty that she needs lunch from home, and how hot it was going to get if I had to walk all the way there, and wouldnt it be easier she just bought food from the canteen... yada yada yada

So today when I woke up, I spent the morning with babe thru webcam, and then at 11.20, i took a bath, ready to bring my lil princess her lunch. Then my maid said my mum told her Vernesse didnt want me to bring her lunch, and that she could buy her own food at school. Hm, felt a lil guilty d.. So i called my mum and asked her why nessy didnt want lunch. Mum told me she didnt state a reason, and when she asked her wether it was because jie jie made noise, Nessy said no ar.

Felt so bad. Even though nessy can be a pain sometimes, this lil sister has a heart of gold when it comes to family. Love tt lil girl so muchie.
So I changed into jeans, walked all the way to SKST, and surprised her with a paper bag of lunchie. =)
I even stayed till she finished her food, AND changed into her PeeJay attire. lol

So anyway, the rest of the day was spent bumming around while watching American Idol auditions.

Why I love DONUTS?
because, they are really really really really yummy lar. =p
No other reasons. YAY.
And its particular sweet when u share something so lovely, with tat special someone. =)
Big Apple! pls come this sunday.
Went out with deary yesterday, and off we headed to get tickets for Cloverfield @ tebrau city. Initial plan was to watch Gameplan, but as soon as I realised Cloverfield was showing, I managed to persuade dear to watch it with me, much to her dismay. lol

Yes, Cloverfield. The movie that was so hyped about in the States but not in Malaysia. Funny, I wonder if any Malaysians even knew wat this movie was bout. For those that dont know, the trailer of this movie was first shown when the Transformers movie aired, and even from the trailers.. it was hard to tell what this movie was gon be about. So anyways, to cut a long story short, this movie was really really good. It pretty much sets the bar for future monster movies.. My only complain is that the movie was pretty short, and it leaves the audiences wanting more, but a sequel is highly unlikely I guess.

Im gon be off to Kay Elle today for cousins wedding.. abit malas ar, and I rather be in JB. Ohyea, my PS3 has been resurrected. Not really ar, they actually replaced the whole set for me, which means I have a scratch-free wan but have to play my Resistance FOM from the start again.. goddamn..

Okay, webcaming with dear now... Love u dear! hope u have fun in JB.. hopefully i can tapau donuts back for u! pz

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Crazy Woman Experience. *shivers*

It was already at night, when Andrew and I decided it was time to go back home, as the jam due to "office people" should have been over by then. I had to use the toilet, and I was pretty excited to see how nice and dandy the toilet at The Pavilion will be.

As I walked in, I saw this woman in her fourties. She wasnt really well dressed, and I noticed that one of her legs were shorter than the other, causing her to wear specially made shoes.
I smiled at her, as I "chosed" which toilet I wanted to use. First toilet I went to had tissue papers cloggin the toilet bowl. So I came out, and she was there again. I went to the 2nd toilet, and there was brownish human waste in it! *shudders* So I came out and there she saw me again. I decided to try the other toilet, and when I was satisfied with the hygiene level of that particulat cubicle, the stupid lock was GONE! grr.
So I came out again! and there was tt lady again. Looking at me suspiciously! I smiled. as I was thinking " hmm. we cant even find a decent toilet to use , right"

So i decided to wait for the other toilets because they were all occupied. She went back to the first toilet she chose, and after two seconds, opened the door and asked me.
"ARE U WAITING FOR ME??" to which i replied. "NO?!?"

She closed the door, and came out with a bottle of spray and sprayed at my direction!!
I couldnt read what was written on the label, but i saw a word "FISH" written on the can.
I was so freaked out, I ran out of the toilet LOR. =(
Nearly teared.. ='( and then I saw my prince charming in messy messy hair, and we walked quickly before I told him my scary story.

She probably got robbed before, and thus became paranoid over anyone who came out of toilets so many times.. I guess it was just bad timing ba.

Bi tried to cheer me up by saying maybe the woman was going to shit, and she was thoughtful enough to spray some air freshener before she poooped. lol

So theres my short story about my encounter with the scary lady. =)

I dont want to go to the ladies anymore alonnneeee.. =(

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Mum brought us up to kl about two weeks ago.. Main goal was to meet up with friends, and also to visit at least one of the new malls there.
Reached around 1-ish, and met up with the G1 gang..
Everyone looks a lil different, especially si- ESTHER tan, who has lost soo much weight lorh!!
*smack her*
We had tea together at D'lish.. had the chesse and raspberry cupcake which was really good =)
Was suppose to go for mamak, but the place was so pack, and it didnt make sence if we had to sit at separate tables when we meet up right.. So off we went to Dlish lor..
Oh yea, i forgot to mention we went for a movie as well. The HeartBreak Kid.
Movie was really funny lar, stupid funny...

Newae, after our tea time, everyone went their separate ways. and Dear and I headed for dinner at... hm.. Nandos ar?
Night time was spent watching Gossip Girls! lol..

The next day, mum went off to find her friends, and of bibi and I went to hunt for Kaytriesse's birthday present.. After having lunch at Madam Kwans, We headed to the Pavilion!
Taxi was freaking expensive though.. RM25 LEH! and the first thing we did...
finally lor, after a year of craving for yummy doughnuts.!! Dar and I decided to get half a dozen, then maybe tapao some to bring back home later.
Tiramisu, Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Oreo, Chocolate, and Almonds!
hehe..every single donut was yummos!
The best thing I adore about J.CO, is that their donuts are not too sweet at all!
We waited for about 20 minutes lor.. But i dont think that was pretty long, considering the yummy treasures that were waiting for us. =D

After walking alot alot alot around the huge pavilion, we manage to get back in the rain for RM25 again.grr

Oh yea. I met a crazy woman in the toilet. =( sniff.
Will blog about it later bah.
and yeash bi.. I was still sleeping wor. *hugs*
I think blogging is dying out... No1 updates their blogs anymore (unless your name is kennysia or nicolekiss or dawnyangclapbangkiss), blog hopping doesnt keep me as occupied, and even when I am free, I dont feel like blogging. Blame it on me not having a camera hence being unable to post any pictures up, and also because my life has been pretty much the same. Shud ask dear to blog more, she's the one bringing a camera everywhere. hmmmmm..

Anyways, this is the game that I have been playin on my PS3 until my 2 weeks old system decided to screw itself in the backside. Ended up making a trip to Singapore to repair it, and its prolly gon be a week before its done I think. Harap harap la my save game still intact in the HDD, onot must spend another 6 hrs getting to the point where I stopped. Whats weird is that googling the problem that I had with my Ps3 came up with very few results, which meant that I was one of the few unlucky people to have a defect in their set.

On another note.. my good ol fren Theenesh left for the United States last Sunday. Sitting in an airplane for 7 hrs or so to Aussie is bad enough, and this guy has to prolly spend a day travelling with all the transits and stuff.

Just realised got orb in the picture I thinks. lol. Anyways, had a small bbq gathering at his place.. I remember him as the guy that sat beside me on the first day of sec 1, and then drawing a You'll Never Walk Alone logo on his table. Liverpool for life.. gyeaaaa. Whats funny is that he's one of the first from our group to be studyin overseas.. Most of us are still in JB, which means theres always people to lepak withs.

Dearrrrrrr.. you still sleeping ar? 11.21 am dy leh

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy O8 everyone! =)

Dear's post was basically how my year was, minus the whole studying, and exams part.
My new year eve was spent not partying (harhar) but in my home sweet home with the best family I could wish for. We had our own *frying+steamboat* dinner which was really good, and spent the whole few hours before 12 playing the wii!
Baby was nice enough to come over to my place to spend our first new year together.
We stayed up for supper, and played wii till 2 smth in the morning, and then we decided to watch X-Men 3! I was really really sleepy bt then, so I slept. =(
Dar said we would wake up early to play more wii and finish X-Men, but the next morning, we woke up at 7, 8.30, 10 and finally 11. lol. Was kinda mad coz he had to go home soon, and we wasted the morning sleeping.. =) Bt oh wells, I was being childish lor.

So we managed to watch the rest of XMen before bi went home to have lunch with his family.
Here I am, still in my pjays ( 2.18pm) looking back on such a wonderful year.

Yes, there were many obstacles which I had to go through.. But I guess I have nothing to complain about because I was able to spend 6 beautiful months with my family.

I wanna thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful life.. I could never ask for anything more.
Great family, great friends, and a great boyfriend.
Im definitely excited to seee what the year 2008 will be for me! Hopefully it dosent involve another 7 months at home !! Teehee.

Happy New Year everyone... =)