Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hella dark.. this is the losing aces on stage..b4 i got on Posted by Picasa

3 amigos.. Kee Siong , who looks alot like an ahbeng , me n kishern..  Posted by Picasa

Another junior of mine, Daniel..  Posted by Picasa

From left : Desmond , YouJin, JieRu, Me, and Gary.. Posted by Picasa

Foolin around with Abel.. Guess wat we're doin..?? lol  Posted by Picasa

With Youjin , who looks like he's high off narcotics..  Posted by Picasa

Me n the new president, Desmond..  Posted by Picasa

Me n the guys b4 the event.. lepaking around  Posted by Picasa

Come n past

EC's Installation Day has come and passed, and ive finally relinquished my president post..sobz sobz... its really weird when i looked back , and realise that time has been passing by hella fast.. everyday ive been thinkin bout this, and it seems like every memory is just a day old.. just last year I was installed into this post, and me n the guys crashed at zone for a nite, walkin around in the middle of the nite like idiots, and gambling till we all slept.. im gon miss the wacky stuff we did.. ya prolly shocked ar..? im normally not as emo.. haha.
So yea, todae was preddy good..the new B.O.D. did a pretty good job.. and for those that dont know , I performed for the last time today (school functions oni ar...tak kira outside gigs) .. it was sort of an impromptou appearance la, since I was only made aware of it when I arried at the hall.. but we performed an old song, Fly Away, so I kinda roughly knew the lyrics.. and yeap, it went well, PA system was much better this time..
When the function was bout to end, all of the old B.O.D. were gathering and just reflectin on the past year.. Every1 was feelin weird as this is kinda like our last interact function or smth liddat.. and when I see the new B.O.D. cleaning up, all discussing bout wer to lepak after the function ends, it just seems all so like us last year.. They're gon be havin 1 hell of a time , no doubt fo sure...
After today, I doubt I'll b seein some of the faces anymore.. Gotta move on and start making new frens nxt year in taylors..and after a year i gotta make new ones again.. how emo am i gettin man..?? haha
nvmz, we all have made some plans once SPM is done.. hopefully, every1 is steady and dun pul out like last time..
aite, Imma stop here i guess.. Notting else to write bout.. guess Ive wrote quite a long entry this time.. take care every1.. byez

Sin City..dopeeeee Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sin City

altho ive got exams around the corner, i still have to catch a movie once in awhile.. rite now im just randomly picking a movie to download, cuz its pretty much a good way to kill time when u need to smth to do once your books are put aside for a moment..
I managed to catch Sin City earlier this morning.. I saw the posters around City Square earlier this year, but wasnt really sure if they did show the movie onot.. At first the movie was in black n white, and i was like "damn.. must be low quality download ..waste my time "... then only did i realise that most parts of the movie is in black n white, in order to give it a more stylish comic feel,since the movie's based on the comics anywayz.. The nice thing is that there's a bunch of major stars in the movie ( Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy , and a few who look familiar but i dun remember the name).. The action is out of this world kind, and its as gory as Kill Bill,or maybe even more, with alot of chopping here n there.. Its def worth the 2 hours, and I'd recommend this to any1 who loves action flicks.. ohyea,there's a few nice shots of Brittany Murphy n Jessica Alba too, so thats another reason for ya guys to catch the movie.. lolz..


got back from Open Day bout 3 hours ago.. yup yup, English College damn terrer, got open day 2 days b4 school ends.. wan the parents to grill us kao kao cuz of bad results.. thank god my dad doesnt really bother bout these results too much, prolly doesnt wanna scold me and lower my confidence since SPM is like ,so damn near.. But my mum's a different case.. rare spesies.. Ya hardly see the female being the fiercer one in a fam.. but well, my fam's different..haha. wonder how she's gon scold me later.. nvm la.. used to it liao.
ohyea, turned on the radio on the way to school this morning and guess wat.??!!??? Liverpool lost to Crystal Palace.. lol.. must've played really badly i guess.. aihz.. European Champions smore... memalufying.. ish ish..
okiez,i gotta go back to the books rite now.. dun wanna waste time.. take carez n byez..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

3 more weeks

exactly 3 more weeks. cunness.. cant wait to take my first paper ...seriously, I wanna get it done with asap, and then im back to enjoyin my life.. :) Preparation for my SPM is goin at an ok pace i guess tho I dont really have the mood to study anymore.. Its like, I just covered the same topics a month or so ago during the trials exam, and here I am again, reading the same ol ish.. Keep tellin myself to bersabar and tahan abit more oni. haha..
Ohyea,i watched Sky High last Friday at dear's place. No idea who picked to watch that movie oso since she has watched that b4..I wanted to watch Red Shoes So wat do i think of Sky High..?? Errmm, i think if iwas 10 years younger i might actually enjoy it.. Too bad im not.. Its like, a modern day Power Rangers movie, or sumtin similiar to that la.Nasib no1 forced me to go cinema to watch this movie, def wud've been a waste of my money.. lol...
I'm lookin forward to King Kong tho, movie should be dope from what ive seen in the trailers..King Kong looks more badass than any other of his movies in this one... You know its gon be good.
Actually,there's nuttin much to update on right now.. Life's been kinda dull , very few even come online nowadays. I guess most are stressed out, cept for EC fellas..haha.. all still relaxin, goin cyber cafes, pontengin classess etc.. terrer rite..??
Kla, i guess i'll stop here.. wanna belajar abit of add maths now.. add maths damn shit subject sial, either u master it or u dont.. And if u cant do 1 question , then u'll lose mood and cant do the rest.. Cant hentam smore.. dayumnnnnn

Friday, October 21, 2005

gothic two step.. lmao. click on pic to enlarge Posted by Picasa

lol..found this funny.. gothic dancing tutorials Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


~Andrew~ currently listenin to : My own song.. haha..still untitled.
11.11 pm rite now.. cool eh..? haha.. SPM less than a month away.. cant wait to actually take the damn paper..The wait itself is killin me.. It's not that Im lookin forward to takin it, im just lookin forward to the day when SPM is over.
right now im kinda confused on what course i shud take next year, and I dont really have alotta time to make this decision.. ive got SAM on one hand, and A levels on the other.. think i gotta ask around more b4 makin a decision.. ish.. i hate makin decisions, esp when its as major as this. dayumnnnnn
i stil have yet to tell my parents my trial,4b, and 2c's.. they're gon kil me.. so damn suay that the last test i took in ec is the worse outing ive had.. position in class oso drop like duno wat liddat... but i expected it la, since i screwed up 2 of my science subjects..both paper 3 for kimia and bio eksperiment salah. just my luck ,just my luck..
Right now im so damn envious of those form 3 fellas. PMR dah habis, and they're all enjoyin life right now... too bad they're gon face Add Math next

ohyea,one of my classmates said this yesterday ..
" Its hard to see u havin any enemies "
lol.. thats cuz I talk alotta bs when im with the guys.. I dont know how true it is tho, but its nice hearin stuff like this.. haha..

aitez, im gon kal my darling now .. its gettin late anywayz.. pz

Monday, October 17, 2005

Check the time

4.52 am.. crazy me.. woke up bout 30 mins ago cuz the lights were on... yeap, i can sleep with dem lights open and my pc runnin... then i decided to work on a chorus for one of my songs..and now hre I am, tryina get back to sleep..

currently listenin to : Girl by Frequency Cannon..

aite folks, this song here is seriously nice...Frequency Cannon is a local band btwz...The tune and melody is just infectious, and I have no probs playin this song over n over again..Lyrics are very meaningful in my opinion..this is prolly one of the best local songs ive heard so far,no doubt bout that.Any1 that wants to peep it can pm me on msn..


Every morning when I look around I try
to find the face that I saw inside my dreams
My dreams last night

And every morning I see an empty room
Full of memories I wish would vanish soon
‘cause it hurts me so

And like a dream an Angel came my way
She gave me hope and a smile on my face
and I’d like to tell her that she means a lot
to me

Alley Girl you drive me crazy
Like the wind that blows a soft cool breeze
Alley Girl you are the first star in my sky
I hope to see you ‘til I die

When you came like a wave that swirls and turns
you taught me things that I never thought I’d learn
about me

How can I ever think of hurting you
my angel baby that came out of the blue
skies above

You know its true that me and you
will always stick like paper to glue
That's why I’d like to sing this song to you
sing to you

Alley Girl you drive me crazy
Like the wind the blows a soft cool breeze
Alley Girl you are the first star in my sky
I hope to see you till I die

Alley Girl you drive me crazy
Like the wind the blows a soft cool breeze
Alley Girl you are the first star in my sky
I hope to see you till I die

You drive me crazy, you drive me crazy Alley Girl

Im back to bed yall..byez

Friday, October 14, 2005


I've gotten all my results back already, and I didnt expect to do this badly.. ohwellz, gotta learn to accept it since i cant turn back the hands of time.. damn it.. but as long as i can go to college and study the course that I want, then I have no complaints..
PMR finished earlier this week... I still remember 2 years ago, I was thinkin my BM wud be gettin a C or smth.. but somehow i got an 2 years seem like it was so recent ..back then , I didnt know how difficult add math was gonna be, and I thought all the talk from my seniors bout them failing and stuff was due to the fact that they're dumb and never study wan.. c'mon la.. form 3 math was easy , and I thought add math wasnt gon be much different.. how wrong i was.. I had so much fun after PMR yo, its like.. me n the guys kept goin out ,watch movies , play sports etc.. wonder how hard we gon party once SPM is over..I dont really have much mood to study right now ... SPM fever has died down i guess..I cant wait for it to be over, I wish i could sit em papers next week. no kiddin, I just wanna get it done...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I remember...

I remember when i was a kid, I always wondered what would happen after I died and my mum would scold me for askin such a question.

I remember in kindergarten I once punched a kid in his eyes. Next day, his parents made a complaint to the teachers and I received one hell of a scolding.

I remember that when i was in primary 1, I always hated girls. I was always kutuking them.

I remember that in primary 2, i scored a goal in pj while playin football.. I was always lookin forward to PJ lessons every week and I would get excited . How weird eh..?

I remember that as a kid, I always had a weird feeling when the weekends were over. I never did look forward to mondays.

I remember that when I was in primary 2, I was terrified I would be getting a scolding cuz I forgot to hantar my book. Teachers back then looked like my worse nightmares and I was never one to actually interact with them.

I remember that in primary 3, I was playin chess in class while teacher was teaching. Teacher ended up scolding the both of us. I never did apologise.

And I'm already 17 now. Time has passed so fast.. I know that in 2 months time ,everyone would be goin our seperate ways. The same people I play basketball with, the same people that I joke with in school, they will be a distant memory once spm is over and college life has started.. Once we reach 25, we prolly might not even recognize each other even if we're seated beside each other. I guess memories cant be forgotten, but they cant always be remembered clearly.. Thats why Im takin my time to actually type em down..
School's gon be over.. I cant wait to start a new life, but there's actually nothing wrong with my current life.. I cant wait to see wat every1's gon be doin on the last day of SPM...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

peep this.  Posted by Picasa

no..that's not porn..its actually a mousepad. damn pervert sial this kinda stuff.. sold in singapore if im not mistaken.. prolly for lonely dudes la.. Posted by Picasa

one of the best drink.. pity its so small..they shud make it come in huge ass bottles.. agree.?? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 08, 2005


i decided to visit this site today, and suddenly, BAM!!! its workin again.. weird eh...? i really miss writin rubbish here since its one of the best ways to kill time in my opinion.. i've actually gone on a movie spree recently, constantly downloadin movies while my pc's on.. since u've got broadband ,might as well make full use of it right.. ?? managed to catch The Longest Yard last week.. pity Chris Rock aint the main character cuz he's my fav actor of all time.. lol.. nonetheless, its still a great movie.. u know its funny since adam sandler's innit.. Only prob is courtney cox appeared for the first 5 mins or so only.. damnit.. :D jpjp baby..
and i just watched Guess Who earlier's starring Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher.. another wacko combo..romantic comedy type of movie, so i guess its suitable for all those couples ... I mean, even if this kinda movies suck, couples will still love it as long as there's a crying scene, and then a make up and kissing scene.. it's always the same formula..
hmm, wat else can i say..?? dah lama tak blog, dah tak biasa... ohyea, my add math's 57.. piece of rubbish!!! u shud see the amount of careless mistakes ive got... and to make it all worse, parents are hella mad at me for gettin so low.. ended up wid a bunch of quarrels.. yeap ,i'm hot tempered but thats just who I am.. i just explode at certain moments and everyone around me's gon feel my wrath.. i guess its cuz im too much of a nice guy, so I simpan everything in me till some1 sets this timebomb off.. thats why im tryina learn of ways to put all this anger in..any ideas..? lol..
ohyea, 2 more months or so..and countin!!! HOPEFULLY, if my trial results atleast get 50 la, i'll be headin to taylors.. i cant even find a place to stay tho.. most of my friends pulled out of the idea recently and wont be headin to taylors cuz of certain reasons.. that just leaves me alone , in a huge ass college.. I could stay with my aunt, but i cant even drive yet.. she stays bout 15 mins drive from the college.. Im against the idea of stayin in a hostel.. I just hate makin new frens.. wat if they all tak bertanggungjawab,den no1 clean the toilet.. lol.. aiyar...all guys anywayz, how clean can it get rite.?? dad brought up the idea of me sharin a place with gals,to my he says it'll be ok as long as i dun stay in the same room with gals.You shud see how stunned i was when he said that.. I mean, my parents def have never been supportive towards the fact that I have a gf, which forces me to hide the fact from em..They're still uncivillized in the relationship world i guess,sicne back than mebbe all marriages were they shud step outside the house and look around abit la. so they can realize that almost every teen has a partner or soulmate right now..
aite,imma end ma post here..gotta go study.. damn...looks like ive typed hella alot today..just got the mood to la.. =) take carez every1..