Wednesday, August 31, 2005


this is the 179 post?? tts fast.. haha.. most of the bloggings are dears anywae..
its 11.52 now.. wanna blog fast fast and go to sleep soon.. yawz.. reali sleeepy..newae, todae we went swimmin at austin hills..the water was reali icky.. so dirty and the floor was like slimy..ew.. so we al decided to stop swimmin and ran up to the so called "spa" place.. the toilets there.. so clean and nice.. got jacuzzi and everythin oso.. spent a long time blow dryin my hair, the air isnt hot, but cold was reali fun..then wen for steamboat at molek.. then back..

yay! i like the channel 8 7pm show!! its so cuutee..i like dragons.. haha.. i like the guy called libin.. he sooo cute. :P:P

yawnz..tired ade..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Merdeka!!Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!
yup, its our country's birthday tommorow.. and what do ppl like me norm. do..? i enjoy the holiday rewarded to us for being a damn good citizen.. =D
remember the itch i was talkin bout..?? yea,its gettin better right now..cant really feel much itchyness, so i guess im recovering.. at one point i thought i was gon get the measels, and that was freakin me out,with the trials so near n stuff..
everynite im tryina stay up late to cover the syllabus. shit's really hard to do tho.. shud ikat one tali on my hair,like they did in the olden days.. but my hair too short la.. if do that method,confirm i jadi botak,then will look like ppl from saint john marching competition.. hehe jpjp..
ohyea..BAD BAD NEWS!!! Owen's signing for newcastle.. NEWCASTLE HAVE NOT EVEN SCORED A GOAL THIS SEASON!!! and he still wants to go there.. lol.. hope ur career gets worse.. aihz... guess i gotta be content wid liverpool havin cisse la..ish..
okiez,ive gotta go now.. wan study smore.byebyez ppl

Monday, August 29, 2005


argh~ itchy! hahaz.. dear so proud of his injection!

newae, sch was ok. i reali dun see the point in goin to sch now adaeyz..most teachers have already finish teaching, and most of em dun even come in at all.. trials! in 2 weeks!! oh gawd.. have to reali readli jia you ade.. if oso no need go lar.. wish me luck !!

got smth reali sweet from me junior-partner in prefect.. she sho sweet la. =) this fridae is the farewell party for us.. AT LAST. muahahx. no more duty for us!! been waitin for this party since like form 3? form 2 oso we had, but end up being prefects again the next year.. must admit that i reali slacked as a prefect this year.. haha.. my worse years, now i understand how our seniors felt wen they were in form 5! and we were complain bout em alwiz makin noise and stuff..

i fell asleep while studyin chem todae, keep tellin meself not to sleep till i finish the chapter but.. hehe.tak jadi. so i woke up an hour later sweating!! in me air con room.. and of coz.. haha..drool.. i hate drooling.. ugh.

hmm..wut else... dear came for lunchie todae , then we played darts! haha.. i beat usual.. lalalalx..

kklar, i dunoe wut else to write ade.. am typing an entry coz i feel bad, haha. dear is alwiz the one blogging..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

wah cibai

damn it man..body's been itchin for the past 2 days.. i oso have no idea... stress.?? allergy..?? germs..?? i went to see the doc like half an hour ago..and guess wat i got..?? a needle up my feels hella weird man, a man touchin ur butt..thats why i always prefer to have a jab on my arm.. but heck la, as long as i get better,not gon complain..
the itch is damn iritating tho.. macam mosquitoes bitin u...but theres no mark or anytin man....tahan-ing it is worse..its like,ive got to take it off my mind,and thats no easy task..wan study oso susah..and thats why i spent my whole afternoon
goin out for dinner soon..destination : Pulai Spring... hate goin far then evitime got jam wan.. nvm la,its for my bro's birthday anywayz..dah tua..21 liao..
ohyea,i watched The Maid last fri.. that shit rocked..better than most horror movies ive watched.. im suprised that its singaporean made and THIS diff from malaysian made la.back still itchy..
kla..i go out now.. dah lapar..hehe..byez

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


gon be 8pm..waitin for dinner.. so decided to take a lil of my time to blog here la, for all u miserable readers..hehe jpjp..
today was hella borin.. i cant find much stuff to do..i dont even have any dvds to watch..damnnn... so i ended up studyin/on9ing/bump to music at the same time..massive right..?all 3 at joke..haha..
my bro's comin back on sat/sun.. ish..the one part i def dislike is the fact that he hogs the internet u know how much i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the internet.. =D hopefully he got buy sometin for me from india.. last year he buy just pray la.. lolz
my room's gettin kinda messy right now.. books everywhere.. bottles n junkfood oso...its always liddat when its near exam time.. papers all on the floor n stuff.. i wonder wats gon happen to this room once i go kl to study.. i guess mum's gonna take away the closet, the extra mini study table n also change the bed.. that leaves me hope in converting this room to a studio.. yes,i know , iknow.. dream on right..?? thats wat dear's prolly thinkin wen she's readin this..haha..
ohyea,liverpool lost to cska sofia yesterday.. WTF!!!??!! haha.. lose at home smore..nasib they still go thru the next round..right now they're style of play is complete bullshit..just think bout it,pass 3 games..they oni score 1 goal..all against crappy team smore.. i hate to say it,but they've gotta buy Owen
k,imma go bath now. byebyez.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


its official, hollidays are madddddddddd borin!!!lolz.. aihz..just woke up from my supposedly 'short' nap 1 hour ago... wanted to sleep for an hour,ende up slepin for 2 and a half hrs.. good rite..?? the rain didnt help much,as it felt hella comfy been rainin alot these days huh?? feelin hella cold everytime ,as my air-con is always switched on..the fan's also spinnin at 1 right now.. pure madness..
was browsin thru friendster.. and then i realise that ppl like to do those long as hell pointless testys..such as :

blabla bla..look down

blabla bla...scroll down..

and then bla bla

i really think this is meaningless as hell (dun mean to offend any1)... if u wanna write,then write proper one la..dont go copy n paste oni.. n smore after seein like 100s of this, u alreay know wat the bottom is gon say.. so dah tak 'xciting'.. get my drift..?
dunno wat to do tonite,dear's gon be watchin Bewitched wid her fam,which leaves me with nuttin to fast tues ade hor.atleast got Shootin i hope the show gets better tho, cuz i dun really like the storyline..hella borin..but heck,it wont get cancel tho,since confirm got ppl watch wan (all wan tengok sly n taufik oni)... i remember back then one jamie yeo show got cancelled after just a few runs.. quite long ago, bout 3 or 4 years..some series bout her as a flight stewardess n stuff.. was hella pathetic.. they prolly thought all the guys wud just watch it cuz jamie yeo was in it..haha..

anywayz,heres wer i'll stop..back to fz i guess.. aihzzzz

Sunday, August 21, 2005


day was as usual.. this year, my sundays are no good..coz gotta go tuition at 9 mar..v sien! Argh.. but nvm, get to see dear! haha.. notice he never mention me in his post everydae.. sigh.. ahaha.. :P

anywae, am xcited bt tomoro! yay! haha.. ystd had wonderful korean dinner and todae we had wonderful jap diiner! haha..i think my whole familiy has this ting bt food.. passion perhaps.. hah!

back to tuition, poor mr eng..everydae scoldin guys lar! aherm.. bising betul.argh.. oh yea! i din study much todae, because i went for a movie at cs wid me fam.. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCO FACTORY! it was good, but i dunoe y i felt bored and sleepy..mebbe it was too long lar.. prefer harry potter anytime, tho the chocolates were reali tempthing.. oh mi gawd.. ghow do u spell the word? aniwae.. there was this part wer they were shaving sheeps wool..wic was pink. i spose it was cotton candy, abit gross lar tt part.! haha..

newae, i took care of me sisters at 1st, parents had to go for some funeral of my late 3rd aunties, mother.. so they drop us 1st since the tix wer already bought.. they came in juz in time to see charlie get his golden ticket.. =)

nothin much happen these few feelin like im not studyin enuff.. have to study hard from now ons.. tts wad i ALWIZ sae.. sigh..~ but im glad i dun procrastinate anymore..esp on wether i shud finish this bab todae or tomoro morning, or LATER.. haha.. i dun wanna stop till i finish tt bab.. k..tokin crap here..

i think smth weird is happening to me.. coz 1st i'll get and ulser at the exact same place wic is my upper left lip, and then i;ll get a sorethroat, after tt, i'll get ulsers on my tongue..happen a few times ade ler.. a,ll after the other... sigh~ pathetic me..

ring ring

*handphone starts bising-ing*... daymnnnn..time to wake up from my afternoon nap...ish.. would love to sleep a lil longer tho, but i guess add maths needs me... or do i need add m3..?? weather now so nice smore... how i wish i was form 4.honeymoon year man....haha
went for tuiton in the mornin... i really pity Mr.Eng..every week oso his face macam damn stress..wrinkle semua dah nak wujud,veins all wan pop ..the class is really hella the ppl who sit in the front seem to be concentratin.. even i dont pay much attention ,cept for mebbe the first 30
ohyea,b4 i forget.... KANYE WEST ALBUM IS SERIOUSLY NICCEEEEE!!!! its close to perfection, might even be a classic.. ive listened to the album a couple of times already, and its really a smooth,laid back kinda album..there's no nid to get up from ur bed to press the skip button and stuff, cuz it is that mebbe im bein a lil bias la. but ya, do give it a listen if u need fresh music..
ohya, Mike Shinoda's album is also due out soon... cant wait for this one.. he's the only reason why ive ever bump to Linkin Park so's a leak track circling around the net forawhile,titled 'Remember The Name'... any1 hu wants it can ask me on msn for the file or smth..i'll be more than glad to share..haha..
aite,thats all for now.. time to study.. ish ...

ohyea,and one more thing..

Thursday, September 1st
10pm - close

Teh Tarik Crew LIVE at
New York Hotel
22 Jalan Dato Abdulllah Tahir, 80300
Johor Bahru
Club Infoline: 07-3333636

Lady Margarita Party Launch
Specials: Margaritas for ladies only RM2.99nett

u know i gotta be there.... dayummmnnn

Saturday, August 20, 2005

tts why i dun like harry potter.. Posted by Picasa

wow.....  Posted by Picasa

dirrrtyyy.. Posted by Picasa


merdeka merdeka!! haha.. nah...but close to it eh..? its the hollidays..finally!!! the 1 week break that ive been waitin for.. gotta make full use of this break that god has sent us.. hehe ..
Kanye West's new album,Late Registration is out..downloadin that now.. cant wait for it.. prolly the only rap album that ive been anticipatin for the whole 2005.. hopefully its gon be hot..only prob wid having such high hopes is that the album tends to disappoint, just like Encore last year... IM IN NEED OF GOOD MUSIC!!! argh..
i seem to still sleep alot tho.. aint sure wheter thats a good or bad thing...lets seeeeee... its good cuz that means my body is gettin the sufficient amount of rest needed..HOWEVER, its bad cuz that means ive not been studyin alot these days..aikz... how ar..?
btw,The Maid has already started showin here I THINK.. can some1 confirm this..? cant wait to catch this movie..looks scary from the trailers ive seen. a chance to scare the shit outta myself again..haha..
k,i guess i'll stop my entry here.. nuttin else to write bout..
pz yall

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

half a week

yay..we've reached the half mark of the week..hollidays are so damn near... nice nice..
so how was the match yesterday..? we won by a point i guess.. i managed to get bout 15 points or smth, around there la.. hated the fact that it started at 3.30 (suppose to start an hour earlier) , which meant i reached hom at its like i wasted 6 hours la.. but nvm, there's a time to rest also right.. ?? :)
school was pointless today,as usual..
we barely laid our hands on the sch books, and i didnt know it ended at 1pm as all the roads were closed early..
shit man,we still have add m3 project to do smore.. ive got bout 2 weeks to do it.. hmmm... wonderin wen i shud start tho.. madddd lazy to do that damn thing.. its bad nuff that we have to push so hard for trials, and they STILL wanna give us kerja kursus to do...
k,im guess i'll stop here.. nuttin much to blog bout..nuttin excitin has happened recently.. take care every1z...

Monday, August 15, 2005


just woke up from my short nap..couldnt really take a smooth nap, prolly cuz i realised that i could only nappy for 1 hour,which really isnt my thang..i need a 3 hour nap.. hehe..
feelin the pressure of trials already..hehe.. been studyin abit for the past few days as trials are approachin.. worried as shit liao. hehe..thank god the hollis are next week..i seriously cant wait to ATLEAST wake up at 8 am everyday for a week.. woohooooooooo :D
kinda bored rite nuttin to do while waitin for dinner so i decided to blog abit..
wat am i listenin to...?? an mp3 of chris rock's special on HBO... im tellin yall, this dude is straight up friggin hillarious.. every single word from his mouth will get me lmfao... no bs!!!
ohyea,ive decided to skip skool apparent reason actually..just feel that i wont be learnin much in sch , so stayin at home to study is a better choice.. ohyea, got a friendly match against larkin in the afternoon.hehe.. dont really know wat their standard is like,but surely better than us wan..aihz..
k,i guess i'll stop rite here.. ohyea, any1 prefer the old blogskin..??? hehe.. white n pink is sooooooooooooooooooo not my color,but i'll get used to it... prefer black tho, more macho..haha.. =) muax muax.i lurb u dear..

love u

nothin much happen in school todae.. hm..cept for lyn and her ..face hahaa..v cute lar..wont sae here, she will kill me..newae, brought cheezels to school! but i end up eating a lil bit of michelles porridge.. lyn went home early, her mummy came to fetch her..during recess.. had like 4 periods of bio lessons wid cheng.. oh yea, i fetched saga to sch again todae, and since pn khoo is not around becoz of the ASEAN thingy, netball.. i mite have to fetch her back and forth for a week.. dunoe wether dad will sae OK, have to ask him later..

Todae is the last episode of tong xin yuan show, lucky! am sick of all the quarels and back iritating.. budden i rather watch this then some stupid fighting show.. i think next is bt chris lee, if im not wrong...i have ter start studyin! trials.! dear is studyin real hard.. cheers to him! jiayou!!! have to learn from him ade.. haha..

hmmz.. oh yea, i changed my blog skin again..! and its white! for the 1st time.. hehe.. it was alwiz black, coz dear didnt like it bright and girly and all.. am wonderin wut shud i get from my bdae presentz.. frmo me daddy and mummy.. prolly buy shoes or bags or stuff like tt.. dunoe wut else i reali need..a 3g fone? haha.. not at the moment.dun like the designs now..waiting for cuter wans.. am quite attached to my current fone tho.. altho its not reali cute or anything, but functions are ok to me.. lalalaz..

cant wait for dinner! ystd's dinner was torture, i felt like i din eat anything at all! mum decided we shud all have a diet and she prepared ceaser salad..and ham sandwiches.. i wasnt even full! sigh... haha..

Guess that all for now... tata!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

its been a while since i last wrote and entry.. haha, that is because my monitor dieded on me.. so dad got us a new monitor! and a new keyboard, and a new mouse! haha.. yay! love my daddy.. i promised dear that once i got my new monitor, i would start blogging here am i.. hehe..

one more month to trials, i have to get started on me books like now..! straight after my entry here, i will start my studyin marathon ade.. gambatte! been watchin a drama,, Full House for the past few days... its a good ending.. hehe.. alot of things have happen over the past weeks like installation dae, which can be considered as a success, decorations were superb!

gee, i hope teachers in school can finish our syllabus soon.. if not how to study ler.. in one month? dun think they can do it. rite now i juz finished my modern mathz , thanks to pn lee lorx.. she's good.. hehe

dear is out wid his frenz, to celebrate gary, desmond and engjiuns bdae.. i think.. hope they like their presents..HAHA. oh yea! in school rite now, all of us have MAN names.. its reali lame lar.. but farnie sometimes..then we try to act like guys and we even have our secret handshake! yay! all started wid benasir..- benjamin.. hhaa..
klar, i wanna go ade.. byebye!

Friday, August 12, 2005


exactly 1 more month.. aikzzzz..... trials approachin so bloody soon liao... seriously, its like the past few weeks have come n gone in just a split second... gotta start my burnin midnight oil sessions liao... dah takleh main main... hehe..
HOWEVER,im still goin out prolly for half a day.. there's sjam agm in the morning, an altho ive been inactive for YEARSSSSSSS, i'll go just so i can talk shit with the guys there.. and later on we'll be headin to cs.. it's desmond's birthday... gr8 eh..? another excuse to lepak... but its been a long time since ive went out to cs or smth anywayz la..gotta breathe some fresh shoppin complex air tommorow.. =)
im bumpin to some usher now... a change from rap music for a lil bit.. his album Confessions, is really REALLY good music.. i admit i hardly listen to anytin else cept for rapmusic,but this album is an exception.. nice to bump to it while studyin n stuff... yeap,thats right..its a must for me to study and sleep wid the music on..all thanks to my bro la.. cuz last time when i was in primary 5 or 6,and he's in sec school,he always stay up till early mornin with the radio on..and i was forced to sleep in that condition.. was pure torture back ,but now i guess my jirans are the ones bein tortured.. i do play music hella loud.. hehe..
k,i guess i'll stop now and continue with sej..still got one thick ass book to cover.hmmmm...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

dah lama

its been awhile since ive last blogged eh..? been pretty busy lately..hmmm..
tommorow's a holliday, and tho i dun know wats it for..its still good news.. :) proly gon spend half my day outside tho, will be hangin out wid the guys in the mornin... weird eh..? as spm gets closer, im feelin more relaxed.. sumtins really wrong wid
tryina stay awake tonite and read a lil bit of bio... nah man, im not stayin up cuz liverpool's playin at 2.30 am.. :D been awhile since ive seen them play.. damnnnnnnnnnnnn.. the memory of the final still lingers in my mind... seems like it was just yesterday to me... one of the few times where ive seen miracles happen, and in no way am I exaggerating... any football fan wud realise and admitt that.. =)
thinkin of pontengin school more often, i feel im not doin that enuff... studyin at home is so much better ... any kaki ponteng wud understand ....
aihz.. i guess i go hit the books smore la.nuttin elseto do on9..

Sunday, August 07, 2005


weathers kinda hot these days ..damnn... prob is my room is facin the sun , and thats why my aircon is switched on most of the time (yes,i know...exucsesssss lol).. been tryin to study the past few days, and ive made quite abit of progress i admitt.. lol.. but i still feel tired most of the time,which leads to me sleepin at early hours... damnnn...
watched Fantastic 4 @ darling's place ystd... wat i think bout it..?? movie sux BIG TIME!!!! c'mon man, Dr. Doom was gayer than MJ, he got beaten too easily... jessica alba couldnt save the but Torch was cool, no doubt.. effects when he lights up looks mad niceeee,but thats bout it..The Thing is funny... Mr Fantastic sucked...
just realised i have yet to watch Batman Begins.. damnnn.. every1's sayin the movie is dope, and it seems like im the only 1 that havnt watch it..ishh...
schools startin again tmr..gonna tire the hell out of me i guess..HOWEVER, word is that there's a holliday this thurs, for hari hol or smth..not too sure tho..tts wat mytuiton teacher said la.. any1 can confirm this..??
k,i'll stop here..back to the books eh...peace

Friday, August 05, 2005


got back from convent install bout 3 hours ago if im not mistaken...
the event was ok lor.. most of my frens didnt go , so i was kinda bored the whole time la, with not many guys to chill wid n stuff..
thought the performances was ok ... but felt like there was a lack of performers or was it just me..?? duno la..
ohyea...din go school in the mornin, was too tired..hehe jpjp..but seriously, i feel its a waste of time goin to school everyday n doin nth. i mean, i can fill up my time much better wen im at home, as the suroundings at home def is much better than in sch wen u wanna study rite..? its just so quiet n u can lie down on ur bed to study at home,whilist at school , even the bloody wooden chair feels so damn hella choosy eh..? :D
trials approachin MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD soon.. lol.. startin to panick abit la.. its only normal i guess.. exam fever bout to take over every1 soon.. but most ppl in my sch have yet to be infected wid it,we're still chillin n hangin out cam
cant really think of wat to blog bout nw,so i guess i'll stop here...chowzzzz

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


yayness... today passed better than yesterday.. atleast im not down wid the headache tired as hell yesterday, cuz of no particular reason... i guess school life is finally taking its toll on me eh..? after 5 bloody years in secondary
just 10 mins ago, i came into my room after having finished bathing..and then i noticed this sound.. a sound thats iritating as hell.. guess wat it is yet..? farking crickets in my ceilin.. wat the hell man, how da heck they even got up there... i have yet to see these crickets, but yea, it sure sounds like em... my house actually has alot of these noises, even in the pasu bungas my puts inside the house..i can actually hear those damn insects either making noises or making love inside the comfortable is it making love inside there in the first
contemplatin on weter i shud sleep in the guest room nxt door..the bed there is very very uncomfy tho..too high for me...
how ar..? it'll prolly iritate the shit outta me when im studyin... call the pest fella ar..? dunno how long these insects are gon stay up there smore...
kla..i'll go take a stick and hit th ceilin..warn them

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


came home today, and had a really bad headache.took a nap at 3,woke up at 5,and im still havin the damn bloody headache now..aihz..really takes away my mood to blog.. anywayz, my fren into me to this site :
and any1 who loves magic shud check that out,cuz thats magic on a whole different level.. there's some vids on the site under the media section,and u shud see when he makes this gal levitate in the streets... damnnn... never seen that done b4...
i remember back than wen every1 was amazed by david blaine's tricks, and some even said he wasnt human n got an explanation rite..? and 1 year later this program came out on tv where they exposed every1 of his tricks...damnnn.. bad for