Sunday, July 30, 2006

the feedbacks

I decided to like, kumpul them reviews regarding the EP..haha.. need a break from studies, so decided to do this..lolz..yes,it might not have been done by some famous magazine or journalist, but all this still means alot to me.. and since they do help promote my EP on their blog, might as well promote them too.. hehe.. thanks yall..

1. Damien The Overdresser Review
The First Verse EP is independently produced album by Yin Yang who is a friend cum senior of mine. Always knew this guy had talent and would one day go far. The day is slowly arriving.
Picture a rapper with a phD la wei. Wicked.

This is one damned well locally produced album. Sound quality is of good standards. Yin Yang's un-local-sounding voice hides the fact that he is actually a local rapper. The songs too were well written, all containing well constructed lyrics.

I dont know much about Rap music and I dont really have any interest in it, but I was listening attentively to The First Verse EP from the momment I pressed the play button. Maybe because the beats that Yin Yang uses varies from song to song. For one example, in the track, "Say Goodbye", Yin Yang uses acoustic-like beats to present his emotions along with the lyrics. I like creativity.

I think the only problem with The First Verse EP is that it's not long enough. Once u start enjoying the music, the outro plays and it's not much of a song.

Tracklist :
1. Southside feat Big Ben
2. Rain feat Schizzow
3. Say Goodbye feat Jay' & Vixxstarr
4. Move It
5. Asian Beauty
6. Outro

Playing time : 21 minutes 71 seconds

I give this album two thumbs up. Yin Yang tells me that Fly FM might play his songs soon. So that gives you an idea on the standard of this album.

2. Emceedavid's (Dude is the next big thing in local music.. trust me) Review

Artist: Ying Yang
Title: The First Verse EP
Release Date: June 2006

1. Southside ft. big Ben
2. Rain ft. Schizzow
3. Say Goodbye ft. Jay’ & Vixxstarr
4. Move it
5. Asian Beauty
6. Outro

This young rapper from JB City has been recording for the longest time now. As far as I remember, he was one of the earlier ones back at to start home recording. He has been featured on both the Malaysian Fusion X compilations.

The First Verse EP marks Yin’s debut solo appearance on a release. My personal favourites on this EP is Rain and Asian Beauty. Notably also is the beat from Say Goodbye. I am not sure who made it, but it has a good vibe to it. The catchy hook on Move It also makes you certain this rapper will be recognized by the masses soon enough.

Ying Yang’s flow and lyrics have improved by leaps and bounds and it will be interesting to see how he goes forward from here. To me, the mere fact that an effort was made to put something out is enough to get my respect and admiration. Mainstream success may be still some way to go, but The First Verse is a good step forward.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

the crazy ass week

last week is just pure just felt like one of the most hectic times this year, and i feel like just takin a break from all this right now.. crazyness i tell u.. seriously, no jokes..

ive got tests during the next 2 weeks.. shits just bad timing ...2 of my schoolmates came up from jb during the week.. i really had no time for em, as I had to do a bunch of revision and catch up on my studies, and also fell sick during the week.. bad timing, sighzzz..

i also had spent most of the week thinkin bout the experiment that i was spose to design for my Physics project.. everything i could come up with was off , but Ive got a ruff idea now.. coolies..

and i had an interview with the University Of Newcastle yesterday.. it was carried out in my college, so atleast I did not nid to travel here n there for the interview..had to skip some of my studyin time to get them formal clothes cuz i left mine in JB..lolz.. overall, i guess the interview went pretty smoothly.. there were a few pauses here n there, but to sit down there for 40 minutes itself was a great achievement i guess.. HOWEVER, what i heard was that they only allocate 5 places to students from my college for medicine.. lolz lolz lolz.. obviously i wont be one of those 5.. ishness..

and ive also been tryin to push that track titled Asian Beauty of my EP to them radio stations..hopefully if everything goes well, then it can be heard on Xfresh FM next week, Saturday, somewhere between 12-2 at mightnite.. a snippet of the EP can also be heard from .. its for those who are thinkin twice bout bein the hopefully that convinces yall.. =)

alrite, off to hit the books again.. life's bad...

"You aint even impressed no more, you used to it"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Say Goodbye

Track 3 from The First Verse EP.. might have some typos here n there..

(Verse 1 - Yin Yang)
see its like so many years, I never thought that I would say
That one day we both gotta go our seperate ways
So many times cause of me your heart's in pain
So I only got one question, why should we start again
We were both so sure we would last forever
We did cry, we smiled, we also laugh together
I did try, I tried to mend it back apart
I gotta let you go cause other men deserve your heart
An angel like you, that is too good to be true
You're too good for me, and that's why I gotta leave you
I don't deserve you, tho I know I love you
I swear to God that I wish I had never hurt you
You were always saying that love I never showed you
Everytime u cried on the phone I wished to hold you
Love just, wasn't really meant for us
See I gotta break the news, this is the end of us

(Chorus X2)
Sometimes in life you gotta give up what chu love
And even tho I love you so
Gonna have to let you go
No I dont wanna hurt you no more

(Verse 2 - Vixstarr)
Its been a long time
i should not have let you
not know the reason
now here's the rhyme
beybee i'm sorry
i know this sounds corny
i don't love you, nah that's not it
how do i, where do i start
as time comes to part
don't take matters at heart
playin you, i swear that i'm not
beybee u know i can;t lie, you know i'd get caught
this more harder than i thought
but no one could ever take your spot
you're the one i love alot
even till the day my body rott
i can't bring myself to tell you
i'm all sweaty as if the day was hot
but god damn you know it's not
the situation is complicated
as if i'm falling from a ridge
into an abysmal ditch
this whole thing is a glitch
we can't patch things up
there is nothing you can stich
i've spoken enough let me take you to the bridge.

(Chorus repeated till finish)

Monday, July 17, 2006


pardon me for the sound phone's bad.. first song is a remix to Kanye's Touch The Sky.. and 2nd song is Asian Beauty of the EP..peep peep

Taking a look back

College has started all over again, and it'll be another 5 more days b4 i can get another lengthly rest.. damn!! weather has been kinda bad the past few days too, cuz its like, scorching hot in the afternoons.. sighz..
k, time to recap on the weekends and stuff..


Went for soundcheck kinda late, at around 5+ actually..was spose to be there at 2.30..lolz.. mic was kinda screwed up.. we were first promised cordless mics, but tak dapat.. and the quality of them mics were also not that impressive.. but heyz, im still grateful to have the opportunity to rock the same stage with some of the local acts..

We were done soundchecking at round 6, so we went to get a bite.. jay came over to chill with us.. haha.. went back there at round 8, and to our suprise, the crowd was really very lil.. most of them prolly came to support their frens who were performin and stuff i guess.. round 50 people or so turn up for the event if im not mistaken.. sighz, another repeat of 2004's IU and 2004's Prom Night.. lolz..

our slot was right after Dragon Red's, which was pretty cool.. I had fun on stage wid Eu Jin, dude's just crazy and funny at the same time.. ive got a vid of our performance, and imma try to upload it asap yeapz.. the sound might not be that good tho, its taken on a camera fon, but do peep if yalls interested..


Coco went missing.. sighs... for those who dont know, Coco's this kitten that i found bout 3 months ago, and dear's been keepin him in her house ever since.. he decided to run away yesterday tho, and that feeling of not seeing him anymore still kills me deep inside.. its funny tho, i was tellin myself that I would take pics of him later on during Saturday, and a day later.. he's no longer here..We search all over the apartments, and also walked around part of SS15 in search of him, but he's nowhere to be found.. it just feels weird that he's no longer there to run out of the house everytime dear opens the door, or there's no little fella running up and down the house hyperactively when every else is down.. i hope he's doing fine tho, and hopefully he's found a girlfren or smth.. mebbe one day I might have a chance to spot him around subang with his family and all.. how nice that would be..


Saturday, July 15, 2006


Saturday mornings always feels good..its like, so peaceful and sunny everytime.. no classes, no waking up early in the morning.. how nice eh..
but since dear is not here, i got bored quick, and i then went online to watch the Miri girl fight video..lolz.. the bully so gangster wan.. and the boys less gangster wan.. 6 minutes or so of slapping, hair pulling, and trying to kick ur enemy down.. i wonder why she nv fight back tho.. i hate seeing one sided matches... btw, what happened to them anywayz? the papers dont seem to be talkin bout it no more ( i think so la.. i have not really been readin much news lately)..

ohyea, quick update for those who stay round subang..
I will be performin @ Taylors College today (16 July), for a 'Stop Piracy and Support Local Acts' event.. cools right? wont be doin much tho, just a 5 mins performance i think.. hopefully i will be able to pull it off ar.. got abit of stage rust tho.. heres a lil more details:

Date: 15th July 2006
Time: 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Place: Multi Purpose Hall, Main Campus, Taylor's College Subang Jaya

Other groups performing on that day:

* Dragon Red
* K-Town Clan
* Poseidon
* Tempered Mental

just to name a few..imma try to get a bunch of snapshots if possible..
alriteyz, thats all for now..byez

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Yesterday was my 18th birthday.. 080706.. can buy 6D if it ever existed..lolzi received less wishes and greetings tho, which prolly means that Im being forgotten.. ishness!! nvmz, its still the best brithday in my 18 years tho... crazy crazy crazy!!! heres like, a brief summary of all the crazy moments..

The lovely G1 people

first, they sang a happy birthday song in class..haha.. niceness!! next, the 10verystressedpeople had some sort of a suprise celebration.. coolies.. even got t-shirt, head band and wrist band from em... i guess they wanted to give me that hip hop image.. haha.. thanks so much guys!!

then it was my dearest darling...

we counted down to my birthday together.. best best.. she made this card that really means alot to me.. bunch of memories and all that inside it.. then it was the present.. this is definitely the best gift!! seriously!! im not exaggerating when i say this is the best gift ive ever received in ma life.. a pair of adicolor!! crazyness.. ive been wantin to get my hands on this pair ever since i saw it, and being a shoe freak, this tops anythin and everything ive ever received.. muakzzzzz!! thanks dear!!

and then my parents came up, and my bro too

fam came up, and had dinner with my relatives.. whats even nicer was that dear was also invited!! first time she met my grandma and aunts.. hehe.. received a couple of ang paos , but didnt get any pressie from my parents tho.. i was findin for a good hp, but couldnt find wan in time.. so i'll be lookin around subang for a new hp as my bdae prezzie from them.. finally!!

k,that sums up most of the things that happened.. ohyea, me and dear watched Superman returns too... not bad ar, quite draggy and some scenes should have been left out.. nvm, a pretty decent movie i guess..

ohyea, tonite is the World Cup Final.. i guess it'll be pretty packed there.. dunno what time i must go there to book place.. crazyness!! onyea, football pundit Andrew Choo predicts France to win 2-0.. lolz.. jpjp

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup

The World Cup just got better

all the while everyone's been talkin bout Brazil, Germany, England, Spain .. no one gave 2 sh*ts bout teams such as France and Italy.. lolz.. im glad Italy went through.. they play beautiful football, and could def topple england anytime and deserve to be in it.. and no, they should not be labeled underdogs..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

tuff luck

England lost, AGAIN!! arggghhh... just wasnt meant to be i guess.. tunggu another 4 years ar..lolz