Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Independant

thats right.
From now on. Im Little Miss IndependanT

as you know, Andrew has been on placement and I havent seen him since Sunday night.. So Im like the only one at home, apart from Min, my new korean housemate! He looks like hiro nakamura.

So, naturally, I had to do a few things that Ive never done before. Like today, I

a) actually lugged the huge dustbin to the front of my house because its rubbish collecting day.
=( Ive never done that before in my 1 and a half year stay here. My reason : Im too small! no strength, or when Im in a bimbo mood : Coz im the princess!
So today, I did it. sigh. so proud of myself.
And even Andrew was proud of me okay! he keep saying good girl, so proud of u =D
lol. ok. now i sound retarded.
b) took the BUS ALONE?!? lol.
ok, this sounds silly, but I have never sat on a bus on my own before. Actually, there was once, but my friends were taking the bus from the next bus stop which was like, 2 minutes away.
So today I took the bus, alone, in the morning to the Hospital. I was so scared that I would miss the stop, then I remembered that the bus stops like directly infront of the hospital. hee
Funny thing happened though..
I was waiting at the bus stop, right in front of my house, when I look through my wallet to get some money, then I realised that the bus was coming d. So I took out the money, and walked into the bus. Then I handed the driver the money. He kept smiling without taking it though. Then i looked down and i realised that it was a piece of receipt. =(
Why like that. My first day of being super independant. And i have to screw up. =(
Do know that the only other time I took the bus alone was with my dad, So i planned our bus trips and all, and we didnt reach our destination,.
I took the wrong bus, i was suppose to take the bus goin the opposite direction. sigh.
why like this?
oh yeah.
I even did my own laundry and hung them all up by myself. And then I took them all down myself. =) so heavy. But I did it. =)) plus the sun was freaking hot that day. so must add stars for me.
another thing!
Last night.. When i was about to get to sleep, I was thinking wether or not should call Bi to say goodnite, because he said I didnt cal him the previous nite.
So as I was thinking, i turned to the left.
SOMETHING BIT ME! i felt this sharp pain on my thigh. so i looked down at my leg and I saw something black . ( i sleep with the table lamp on- scared mah)
So the first thing I did was erm.. take off my shorts then I ran to the lights.
I saw this spider, as big as erm.. ur thumb nail on my bed. with one leg gone. ( i crushed it, u see)
Then i ran to the toilet, washed off the bitten area and put savlon. -.- im like this antiseptic cream freak.
Then I took a tissue, smashed it and true it in the dustbin.
* another star for me because I NEVER KILLED A SPIDER BEFORE. *
but I just did it without cringing or whinging and whining. see how revenge changes a person?
so i got so scared. and andrew wasnt picking up the phone (kanasai), and I couldnt go to bed because of the adrenaline rush. so I started crying like a baby.
To myself. =( how sad.
Anyhoo. Baby and Me got ourselves.. couples phones! lol
Both of us got the iphone 3g with the Optus Plan.
Mine is white, his is black!
Im loving it so much!
Photos up there are taken with the phone, not too bad hor!
What i wore to the hospital today =)

a photo of my friends. haha. dosent matter, jasveen dosent read my blog.

I like this picture of chelle very much. She said I never blog about our outings. But Ive been so busy recently, sorry bestie. =) So I put pretty picture of u k? Miss u!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off to GP placements in a few more hours... Will be gone for 4 weeks, which is a long ass time, considering that i'll be missing 4 weeks of lectures. And its not like I'll be going to some town like Sydney or anything.. infact, im going to a rural place, Scone. who knew it could get more rural than Newcastle.

so yea, it seems like Im going back to malaysia if you look at the amount of luggages i brought along. Gotta bring all my med books as well cause i doubt that theres internet there ( which is usually where i get all my knowledge from).

Atleast I'll be driving there, in my 3 weeks old car. XD

Suzuki Swift. I wanted something small to get around with, and have def been interested in the Swift for awhile now. First car, no nid so fancy wan arrrr..

Aiteees, i'll let dear do more blogging about our adventures in the Swift. lol. Ive got no time to waste ady.. need to packkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Care Bear

Mummy Care Bear and Baby Care Bear
I bought 3 little care bears (RM20 EACH?!?) for a present for Dears new "Baby"
Been spending quite some time with friends these days. =)
Went to school today to visit, but I wasnt feeling too well.. Was super hungry in the morning, but when I went to the canteen, I lost my appetite!
Then I went to Chelle's house to see Lil Skippy, her doggie.
Cutest doggy Ive seen lor!
Im going back to Aussie next week on Thursday =(
Sad. But i had a well deserved long break d.. So shouldnt complain.
And I get to see Andrew too! *smile*

Na na na na na na na na torres, torres

- Torres must have visited this blog, saw my pose in the previous post, and decided to improvise abit-

Finally, a win for Lierpool, and nothing sweeter than for it to be against Chelsea.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back In Oz

Been back in Oz for close to a week now, saddenings rite. Had to leave on the first day on Chinese New Year, left home at 4am, flight was at 7am. crazy. Whats more crazy is the fact that sicne Tuesday, ive basically had classes fro 9 to 5, and this weekend is like the only time for me to catch up on lost sleep.

Dont really understand why we have to start so early tho. Past week was pretty much introductory stuff, teaching us how to do examinations and all snce we'll be spending alot of time in hospitals and GPs this year. Takkan they cannot just provide us with a CD with all the videos in it, and ask us to watch ourselves. Talking about GP placement, since most of us are gonna be away on rural placements (which is equivalent to ulu i think), with some staying in Newcastle, the University has decided to implement teleconferencing into our tutorials, which means 8 of us all on the phone line at once, for 2 hours, doing tutorial. I reckon that its gonna be akward, especially for quiet ppl like me.. lolz

Despite the fact that I had to leave super early, we all managed to have a pre-CNY session ah. I find it funny, last time when we all hung out, we all usually watch movies wan, then after that, rather play futsal/basketball/badminton, then now.. all we do is play Texas Hold Em Poker. a sign of growing up, I guess???

See, this was in Penang. and we pretty much played poker thruout the 3 nites in KL and Png.

and this was from the gathering last Sat. Manage to win upto Rm100+ weh, not bad riteeee.. enuff to fund all my petrol costs of travelling back and forth.

Alrites, 11.07am dy. i think my clothes in the washing machine are almost done. Dear is sleeping now, must have had a late nite with all the partying with frens hor. Dont realy like Malaysias internet connecton tho, we can never have a smooth webcam call thruout the nite wans. Everytime i wake up the next morning, the call dah kena cancelled. She's coming home soon tho, and Im excited bout that. I really have no problems with newcastle already, as long as she's here. Love you lots bi!

Okayyyys, im out..

Fact of the day: Liverpool did not win in January. KNNCCBPKMPBK