Friday, December 31, 2004

happy new year

12 more hrs, 35 more mins....
tts how long more it is before we rejoice and celebrate .......... YEA RITE...
dayummn...goin kl in a few hrs time.. so nice hor..?? when i wanna celebrate wid me frens n stuff, wen i wanna go lepak whole day to greet the new year..i gotta go to kl..
and now some of u are prolly like "whats wrong with kl..?? nice wat..can go shoppin n stuff"
kl's not nice..especially when i gotta go to my aunts place n stuff, wer i practically have no1 whom i can communicate cuzins are way toooooooooooooooo young, aunts and uncs are way toooooooooooooo old.. so wat can am i gonna do..?? and at times like these, u thank and worship whoever who invented a Handphone.. a simple creation, tt lets me send smses to me darling and stay in contact with her.. but that still doesnt replace the fact i was really dyin to spend this new year with her.. takin her out n stuff.. aihz.. i guess thats just life la..
i wonder how this year was for every1.. this year actually turned out pretty good for me..everything...well,almost everything,went well..and i had so much fun this year.. 2004 prolly feels like a year that has passed so fast.. i still can remember how dreadful it was for me to even wake up so early, and to attend mornin sessions for the first time in my secondary school life..and now, ive actually gotten kinda used to it.. year SPM year year is prolly gonna be my last hurrah wid the guys..i mean, who knows wer every1 be headin to after spm.. some mite go overseas n stff.. I WANNA BE A RAPPER!!! lol... jpjp ... :P
k,so since i proly wont be on9 later on.thats another bad thing bout internet here i am wishin every1 a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!
hope yall have a nice new year ahead of yall...
take care ..

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

im hella lazy

~Andrew~ hey ya... dayummm..din blog for so long liao..and its all due to my lazyness,and also cuz ive been goin out in the early morning's, den when i come back, im close to dead tired to even go to this site and blog.. its 2am now.. suprising that im not sleepin huh..?? darling's at her grandma's place now..stayin over there for a day ,so todae was really really borin without her.. had to go out in the afternoon cuz had some interact meeting ..wasnt really long.. around 2 hrs + la.. and when i came back, then only did i start writing sum lyrics n stuff..cuz i'll be headin to my fren's place to record for a song for one of his mixtapes.. and i just only wrote n hafal the lyrics n stuff todae.. how last minute is that..?? lol..

aite, so the movies that i really really wanna watch rite now are :
i) KungFu Hustle
ii) Ocean's 12
iii) Bunshisaba
iv) Meet the Fockers ( this movie has to be nice man..first one was off the hook)

i watched Phantom Of The Opera wid darling a few days back..honestly, i din know it was a musical..din really read up on the movie first before i went to watch it..and during the whole movie , i was like "when are they gonna talk NORMALLY ..?? "..cuz all their conversations are thru singin n stuff..but yea..the lyrics to some of their songs are really meaningful n nice.. but the movie' s hella long...2 hours++ i think.. the phantom doesnt really look that bad tho...expected him to look worse..

hmm, im still not feelin sleepy..wonder why..
holidays are gonna end soon huh..?? just a few more days more, (approx 5 more) and ive gotta wake up at 6 am every weekday.. i actually prefer afternoon sessions... mornin sessions feels much more tiring...especially when u rather stay in bed then enter ur classrooms and face your strict teachers, some who dont even give a smile n stuff...beter pray that i get those nice teachers.. dun care if they're shitty actually,as long as they're nice..then atleast i'll have the semangat to go to sch ... this year i actually thought my bm teacher was gonna suck when i first saw her and also after the first 2 or 3 lessons.. i had to practically stand up durin the first few classes cuz i couldnt answer her questions n stuff.. Really dreaded (is the spellin correct??) goin to sch durin bm periods...and dayummmn.. there were 4 schling days that had bm, which mean i only enjoyed 1 of the weekdays.. thankgod after the first week she calm down abit la... then only she started to smile n stuff.. i still wonder wat if she was strict thruout the whole year... i prolly wud skip her classes n ish..

k,i'll end my typin here.. this took me 20 minutes to type out.. kinda long huh..?? nitez yall..

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Okay.. its been a WHILE since the both of uz has blogged.. haha.. so lets tok bout..

Friday. 24th December

Went to watch "The Phanthom of The Opera" wid dear..and sisters.. haha.. it was not bad.. alot of singing singing.. =) Saw shawn.. and ngam..last time watch movie in lm oso saw both of em..saw same movie..seats so near smore.. the last time was actuali last year! haha.. after gettin our PMR results.. sigh~ still rmber tt faithful dae..wen i was sobbing and sobbin because i got 6a's.. aihz. and now in a fe wmore months.. i'll be takin SPM~ haha.. time passes reali reali fast..

After that..we came home.. then watch "The Terminal" wid dear.... quite a farnie movie.. quite touchin too..accordin to dear.. =) after tt.. we went to cs fer a while.. at 8 smth..coz there was some performance thingy.. walk walk around.. then we went home.. at 10 .. dear took a cab back lor.. the latest he stayed at me place.. ooo! he's online now! haha

Saturday, Christmas!

Me and me joyce and valerie and her mum..went to the circus! haha.. not much changed sinced last year.. but there were less lions..and the elephant was bigger..and there wer no big big baloons~ argh.. bought 4 cotton candies... i juz love em! saved one fer darling... haha.. Actuali joyce asked us to sleep over her hse.. buden she was still at her frenz house at decided to go another dae...

Had bbq wid my famili..and my god-family.. dinner was good.. if it wasnt becoz of my ulsers.. =(
Tok to dear on the fone quite alot after dinner..coz tot i was goin to stae ova at joyce.. sekali diden.. haha... oh well.. =)

26th December

Hm.. wut did i do ystd ar.. well.. i remembered mummy askin me to put salt on me ulser.. and it hurt so bad!!! i cried ler... and she made me do it 3 times!!

Well..yesterdae was considered Family Day for me..coz i spent nearly the whole dae wid my family.. we went for high tea..then went to holiade plaza.. me and vernesse trimmed our pony tail is back to a miserable short one.. waited so long ler.. then after that.. bought clothes! haha.. two shirts and two pants! so hapi.. =) dunoe y this year, new year clothes all pink d...

After tt.. we rushed to lm to watch kung fu hustle.. v v farnie.. the whole cinema was pack ler..then smore all cina ppl d.. mummy bought a big big tin of popcorn.. haha.coz it oni came in tt size tt dae.. weird.. after tt. had yummy~ haha.. heard tt sulyn!! =P

27th December~!
Todae..mummy woke me up..ask me weter i wan to pei them go get books for my sister.. but i diden..was too lazy to get up at tt both my sis went lor.. nesse go for wut oso i dunoe. hehe..kay seems to like gud luck fer nxt year gurl..

Dear came to me place..we watched ANOTHER movie..alien vs predator.. was okay lar.. haha..altho the beginin veri boring. =P nearly slept during the movie smore.. dear went back earli todae... around 3 smth..then i played... SPYRO! haha.. play till..5 smth..then i got stuck in a place decided to stop..

after tt.. called baby.. then tok online lor.. so angry.. i managed to call my chemistry tuition..and gez wut? she told me i had to cancel my class... and y? coz some EC fella..told his dear mummy..that the class was too the mum called and ask to let her dear son have another class.. plz lar.. those ec ppl neva even listen to lim every week.and they blame it on the and kim..siao~!! so now dunoe wic teacher to take again.. aihz... =( sch startin ade o!!!

klar.tts about it blogged earli coz scared wait i lazy later.. klar.. bye bye.. =)


Friday, December 24, 2004


Gez i shud be bloggin again.. hehe.. i wriote an entry juz now.. budden dunoe wut happen.. stupid conection lar..
Well.. nothin much happen todae... as usual.. woke up pretty 12 smth.. had lunch..and played spyro spyro spyro.. =) ulser still hurtin alot.... havent spoke properly for like.. 3 daes already.. aihs...

Juz watch the bachelor.. hate the first show.. so boring wan.. hehe.. the twins suggested we go out afta our prefect meeting.. me and chelle.. cant wait! hehe.. then can take foto.. muahahx.. tomoro mite be watching phantom of the opera.. wid darling and me sisters.. hehe. mummy suggested kung fu hustle..coz scared nesse dun understand.. but dun care. haha.. i wanna watch phantom..wanna c hows the movie...

Shittie! until now havent call my chemistry teacher.. hehe... muz cal tomoro!!!

Haihz.. well.. gez there aint much for me to ceritakan animore. life is boring.. =) im alone in the house now!! whole family went for supper.. i din go coz of the bachelor.. and it turn out to be quite a boring episode.. hehe..


Thursday, December 23, 2004

When was the last time i blogged..??

~Andrew~ i'm becomin hella lazy to blog this past few days ..maybe cuz i lost A LITTLE interest in it liao.. actually..its also cause most of the time ive got nuttin to say n stuff.. i mean..wat can i say about my day that hasnt been said before..rite.? :) I guess i'll just briefly type out wat happened the past few days n stuff ...
Last monday i went to my darling's house in the mornin..VERY early i think i reached there at around 7.45 am or sumtin.. prolly gave her a shock i guess.. then i followed her family out to buy school books n stuff.. so had to go to SKST n also convent..and after all of that, we went back and the both of us watched Resident Evil : Nemesis.. Actually,its quite a good movie..not too bad of a storyline.. but seemed a lil too short.. And then later on at nite, banlee and I both went to New York Club.. There was a charity show or sumtin there, for i dunno which spastic home or sumtin.. So there were some rap acts, magic,models, dancin n stuff.. and guess who was rappin that day..?? :D haha.. yeap, Razzle Craze (banlee n i ).. got a few other JBC rappers also.. i'll post the pictures up when i get em aite..? Had quite alotta fun on that nite.. joking with a bunch of guys n stuff.. then meetin so many new peeps... ( dun girls.. :) )
went back bout 1 am or sumtin..didnt wait for the whole thing to be finished since the rap acts all dah habis..stayed over at my fren's place cuz din really wanted to bother my parents by waking them up at such an hour..
And the next day..woke up kinda late.. had a nice time sleepin actually..was hella tired , so sleeping felt really really comfortable..haha..and then i found out my darling had to go over to her grandma's or sumtin, not too sure and she'd only be back at i had to wait at my fren's place till her dad came i could go to her place ... din really spend much time with her,cuz i had to be back by around 3 to 4 pm..but i still had fun wid her.. :)

thats what happened during the last 2 days or so ^^^

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Diden blog again.. hehe..
coz yesterdae wasnt in the mood.. havin ulsers now..
owh~!! newae..todae is tang yuan festival..if im not woke up early this mornin.. headed straight to my grandma's.. then me and my cousins rolled the dough into small ball ball's.. haha.. had to make so many! hands so tired.. played wid my niece...she's reali a cutie lar.. hahaz..

Then came back..andrew at me place..tok to him lil while.. then he went back liao.. after tt i watched a movie wid kay. bridget jones...or smth lidat... quite farnie lar.. hehe.. nxt year my sis will be goin to sigs..for those hu din noe.. aihz~ hope she will b fine there lar...after sarah-mei to take care of her mar.. =) haha.. nxt will oni b seein my sis for a few tiny hours oni.. coz diffrent session..muahahahx.. =P

Afta the movie.. i took a nap..coz slept so lil last nite.. woke up..had dinner..couldnt ulser! =( watch double happines.. hehe.. "xiao hu lu" veri cute ler.. then watch pck..then watch xtreme gourmet.. jeanette so fake d.. haha..

Aniwae... was just thinkin bout my frenz.. hm.. during the holidaes..we reali dun contact eachotha liao hoh.. dunoe wuts up wid chelle.. tasha..mel.. wei yi esp..neva even spoke to her since the hollies..! haha.. ouch..ulsers hurtin alot... the twins too! hehe.. sarah and szehui mei.. sze hui in china now.. dunoe wen oni comin back.. kim ler..? go sabah..not sure wen oso.. hehe..useless me..

Few more weeks and schs gona b open again.. lazy to wrap nesse books.. hehe.. my alst yaer at convent..wonder how its gon b.. gon miss all the great tiems i had in that sch.. i stil rmbe back in p6, i nearly went to SETA.. damn glad i followed me frenz to convent.. its reali one heck of a sch! hehe .. nice nice nice.. had SO many wonderful memories in sch.. from pontengin toilet duties.. to actin all prefect-ky and stuff..haha.. i LOVE SCH! made many new frens every year.. but drifted apart frmo many tho.. =( but i gez tts part and parcel of life.. rite? hehe.. the person i drifted apart most..was jolyn.. and i reli regreted it.. knew her since primary v close to her in f2.. like..everydae oso call her and chat d.. then after form 3..we drifted... =( wanna thx her ..coz shes the one i ALWIZ go too..weneva i have my problems... thx for bein there for me jo.. reali reali appreciated everythin =)

Newae.. 4 mroe daes to christmas!!! haha..tho i dun reali celebrate it.. gez i shud juz get some prezzies for a few special ones... =) ahermz..


Monday, December 20, 2004

after a few days of not blogging

~Andrew~I've finally decided to blog again , after not doing so for a few days.. been kinda lazy the past few days and was caught up wid sum stuff.. Ive just finished watchin the match between Liverpool and Newcastle..pretty glad with the result..3-1.. not too bad huh..?? i'll be staying over at my fren's place tmr ,since i'll be out till pretty late and dun really wan bother my parents to pick me up at such a late hour.. christmas's coming pretty soon huh..? 6 more days... wonder what i'll be doing on christmas eve.. i definately got no idea.. maybe it'll just be like last year where i treated it like any other normal day..cuz the thing is, i dont really celebrate christmas on such a major scale or anytin , unlike most of my frens.. hollidays are so close to endin rite now.. kinda fast eh..?? i din really get to do what i wanted to do or accomplished this hollies..but hey, its been one hell of an enjoyable hollidays if you think bout it..bunch of things happen, both for the good and the worse.. i guess i'll elaborate more some other gettin very very very sleepy right now..mebbe cuz woke up so early this kalled me up cuz wanted to take me fam go out eat breakfast.. actually,i rather eat lunch outside ..cuz if its in the morning, then its like,im half awake cuz my dad at times wakes me up at really crazy hours, especially when i slept kinda late the previous nite.. i think a few of my frens went to danga bay a few hrs ago. i had to miss taht event cuz of certain other events that ive to attend to la.. wonder what was the ocasion anywayz..no1 actually gave me much info bout it in the first place cept shawn..

"You can never bullshit a bullshitter "
learnt that from duno wat movie on 8 TV jus now...

Im sori for being so petty.. =) hehe..

Todae..woke up around..10 ar.? cant rmber..dear woke me up.. then woke up..wen to the temple! hehe.. wen to thank God fer blessin our family.. =) Met my "amah" there too! she spends most of her time in the temple.. hehe..after that..we went to eat mee hoon kueh at..erm..forgoten the shops name..and i saw xinnie and lynnette there! haha.. ate liao..wen walk walk at kerrys lor.. bought 5 new ps2 games.. 2 of em sooo boring! wan go change! hmph..

Later on..spent my dae playin game.. then went for buffet dinner at mutiara..the food there not nice d..coz sundae mar..wan go then muz go on saturdae..bbq nite! hehe. wen home.. then din do much tv lor.. life sucks! nothin happens.. hehe.. cant wait for tomoro..dear comni me housE! hehe..goin to sch buy me sch stuff.. !! yay..miss sch...

Hm..i havent call mr chemistry tuition teacher.. dunoe wen oni can call..everytime call then nobodi pick up wan..try my luck tomoro ba... klar.. todaes boring..nth to rite.. hehe

ohyea.. i saw yaofang todae! hehe..altho she diden see me lor..

*DeeDee* small....! hehe

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Me tois! hehe.. nth better to do.. Posted by Hello
Hey..i diden blog coz i slept earl last nite..and there was reali nothin to tok bout..coz i slept nearly the whole dae! hehe.. woke up todae.. dear msg ask wether he can come me hse..then yay~ he came! hehe..but for a lil while oni..coz i had to go to my cousins house for an early christmas lunch..after that, came home.. had a lil qureal wid my dad... *sniff* i acted like a baby.. hehe

After that, we went to store.. mummy wanted to buy school socks.! hehe..then we bought kay a new bag.. and i saw a bag wic i liked.. hmph.. body glove wan.. want it want it.. !!! but diden dare to ask daddy wether i could buy it.since we juz fought.. after that went to the pet shop.. ahh!! doggies are sooo cute! i like puppies... =( but too bad there an evil curse in our family...we cant have pets! anything we rare sure die d...saddenin ..aihz. but lucky i still have ah gurl and ah 2 tortoises.. hehe.. tranin them to be like dogggiez...

Later, we went to my godmothers house.. to celebrate my grandmothers 73rd bdae! we gave her 3 pigies.. one big wan one medium wan and one baby one.. wis represents me, kay and nesse! hehe.. had lotsa fun wid me lil niece shu shuen..she's soooo adorable! hehee plae so much.. 10 smth ade she stil screamin and laufin! then my godma realised theres no water in their house..dunoe wut they had to come to our place to bath.. they juz left an hour ago..

Well, i gez thats all.. =)
Take care kay!!!


Friday, December 17, 2004

Some minor changes


Incase yall have yet to notice it, this blog has actually gone through some minor changes ,or should i say upgrades for the better..thanks to my co-partner.. =) Today was just like any other day , not much happened except for the fact that i fell sick.... got a flu , and constantly blowing your nose every few mins can become extremely irritating .. Besides that, i did the same usual stuff that i'd normally do during the hollies la..

Just a few minutes ago, while i was reading through a bunch of blogs and stuff when my dear had went out for supper, i came across a question.. " Why are people so interested in blogging anywayz" ... i mean, i never knew that writing bout my daily issues and activities could actually prove THAT satisfying, even if nobody reads it.. but wat or who actually started all this blogging craze ar..?? i mean, who came up with the idea in the first place..?? cuz if u wanted to write down what you did during a time or sumtin, u could simply use a diary,and save yourself the trouble of learnin all the html codes n stuff.. (thank god i got a co-partner in this.. I wud definately have died tryina learn the html codes ) .. and if u wanted to like,communicate or sumtin through a blog , u could just use chat programs...rite..?so why do we blog..??? to look hi tech and keep in touch with technology..?? actually, i myself do not know why i blog.. I guess its kinda like a trend thing or sumtin.. like when we were kids,every1 was crazy over digimon,pokemon n stuff.. and now as we get older, we find more mature 'toys' , which = blogging.. i wonder how long blogging will last tho. i know some people who have been blogging for more than half a year,close to a year,and some who blog for few days and then lost interest in it. (coughs *engjiun * coughs.. but you started blogging again eh..? ? )
k,ive gotta go now..
take carez and nitez/morning


Yay! haha. i made the blog a lil more livelier.. i hope.. hehe. =) had the song changed too.. like it alot! hehe.. well..todaes not any diffrent from yesterdae.. its still as borin.. wen to my godmothers house for tea.. ate rojak , erm.. keropok.. brownies..haha.. alot lar! i juz came back from supper smore!! my aunties all said tt i lost weight liao..look so old! i muz eat more..bcome chubbier! then can look "younger" hehe..

My cousins here for the night.. . my..shes oni 11 and shes taller than me! arrghh.. )= but i gez.. im kinda use to it.. hehe.. oh well.. short oso good mar.. hoh! hehe.. haih. if melisa, or michelle, or tasha or stef and DEBBIE! ARE reading this.. im sori i cant make it tomoro k! i hope u all have lotsa lotsa fun! hehe.. =) I just realise tt sch's in 2 plus weeks time!! ahh! haha.. cant wait actuali~ then can c all my frenz already! smore all my mei mei's are in mornin session nxt year.. hope to be a good jie jie to em lor... this year like me not v close to em.. not a good jie jie.. haihz..reminds me about the past.. charlene jie.. wer are u!! hmmz... ='(

Cheers to me! coz i studied a few pages og bio todae.. haihz.. the terms al damn hard ler.. dunoe how to remberr..
eh.. wonderin y my 2nd sis havent got her letter for wic sch she;s goin too.. wonder wuts takin it so long..mebbe they lost her letter..and she's not goina niwer nxt year!! muahahaz.. =) hopes she b goin convent tho..hehe.. its gon b nice havin a sis in the same sch.. yayness~!

hm.. i got nothin to sae already.. nite nite..
*i love u*

Thursday, December 16, 2004

1 day of no blogging

Didnt blog yesterday cuz well,i was out for around half the day, and for the other half of the day, i was hella tired.. went to tiara yesterday... played badminton awhile.. and then later on went to my dear's house.. we din do much actually..just played ps2 awhile and chill at her place.. didnt really stay there long la..had to go back home kinda a tiny curfew.. =(
That was yesterday, and is definately much much much more boring than ystd.. I played ps2 for quite a number of hours, and the rest of my time was spent communicating with me dear.. actually, lemme change the word 'boring' to 'fun' for the previous statement.. cuz how can talkin to your love ones actually be boring.... =)
im sorta in a hurry this time around so i dont think i'll be typing my entry any longer.. ohyea, if any1's lookin for a nice game to keep you company for your holidays, try out Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within.. Shit's really addictive as hell.. k,i promise my next entry to be much longer ya..?? thanks for your 1 min that you just wasted on readin this..

Hey.. =) juz played SPYR0! kinda angry coz imstuck at the same place..fer like 2 daes already..sigh~ aniwae.. todae.. i drew the powerpuf gurls..and me dad said im like a 6 year old kid.. heryer.. he lagi bad la.. duoe how to draw anythin oso.. nwaw. i read a lil bio afta i woke up this morning.. around 11+ still got alot of pages to read until im done wid form 4! after examz this year, i din boter listenin to teacher at all.. so im so lost now.. haihz.. neva finish syllabus.. =(

After this than can or or ade.. i wan sleep on the fone todae.. can mar! hehe.. and bad thing..our blog got no more song ade wor!!! duneo wut happen..then try take from another place..sekali dear said got virus or smth..duno lar.. hmph.. so sad! i wanted to put selena' dreaming of u.

My daes are gettin boringer and boringer everydae..with nothin to write about..haihz..had my last piano lesson todae..she teached me how to plae, i believe i can fly..wic is soo boring!!! so slow.then so ez for 5 yera old to plae.. make me feel so stupid! hahaha.. after badminton hand like v pain liao ler.. haha.. like got alot of thing moving in my hand! lousy me lousy me!!

klar.. todaes not much to write...

*muax baby*

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Decided to blog 1st.. if not i'll be to sleepy to blog later on at nite.. =) well, todae was kinda tiring..coz i had to wake up soo early! coz went to plae badminton mar.. haha.. me not like most ppl.. oni plae for one hour d..more than that then i canot walk ade.. lousy me~! haha.. me stamina is as bad as hell!!

Yay~! i got a new bag~! and white d! hm..haven heard fmo michelle for a long time..tried callin her.. but nobodi picked up the tel her bout tuition stuff.. i hate my add mathz teacher! shhh ... hehe..she is so ..argh~! feel like boxin her ade...

Now im waitin for our usual routine of phone talkin.. but his dad is usin the pc.kinda sleepy already...chattin wid huah rong..askin er wether still got place for tuition or not.. i dunoe wut..but somethin i realy pissin me off now adaez.. dunoe y.. haha.. like so "Argh" wid sum stuff.. nvmz.. =) tokin crap now..prolly coz my brains half asleeep already.. hm.. dunoe wutsgon happen to the blog ade.. nobodi bloggin there ade lor..

i SHUD start studyin now.. i SHUD.. its gon be SPM .. i shud!!! ahh!! (ugh)

*deedee* luv u. :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tts our pet hamster.. Donkey-Pig.. shes's 10 monthz old!! Posted by Hello

Just a quick post

~Andrew~Im in a hurry right now. and yall must be thinking ..its 12.03 .. wat da hell could you possibly be in a hurry to do at this time..??? haha... wat else..?? :) today's pretty boring .. i slept for a few hours in the afternoon, and played my ps2 for most of the time..seriously im hella bored..gotta get the new Prince Of Persia game cuz im runnin out of games for now..but atleast i'll be goin out tommorow.. its been awhile since i last went out..maybe 3 or 4 days already..thats pretty long for a person who doesnt really enjoy staying at home... and why do i not like staying at my place altho i got a few games to occupy myself with..?? cause i wanna go out and catch a movie or sumtin.. there's a bunch of new movies ive not watched , but im hella keen on watchin..esp the new horror one.forgot the title already tho..damn,its already mid december.. thats kinda fast aint it..? ive got so many things that ive not done in this hollidays yet.. and next year is gonna be spm year... this sucks..and i have yet to even find any tuiton yet.. so for the next 2 and a half weeks or so, or whatevers left from this hollidays, ive really gotta enjoy every minute of it..
thats all for now.. and every1 out there who post on the tag board..thanks alot for peepin.. ;)

Monday, December 13, 2004


Well.. todae i woke up quite early..around 10 smth.. hehe.. then played ps2 wid me sis.. wut did we play ar.. hamster ball!! hehee.. so cute ler.. but so hard to plae d.. kay alwiz win me d.. aihz.. then we had a horible lunch.. yucky..din eat much.. by dinner i was soooo hungry already! did some painting todae! hehe.. a pic of a butterfly and an angel.. =) so proud of meself.. lol.. hmmz..wut else did i do.. ? hm...

IM BORED! I HATE HOLIDAEZ! yet i dun wan nxt year to come! gon sit for SPM.. argh.. y y y?? budden..nxt year gon b form 5 liao.. tts how fast time passses huh.. it was juz a few daes ago wen i 1st step into convent.. and i was late tt dae.. haha! was so damn embarasiin..and now.. yayness~! gon be big big senior ade.. "big big" hehe..

Well...tomoro goin to plae badminton in tiara wid andrew..~! and me sisters... haha.. they wan go let them lor.. so long nv plae liao.. neeed to exercise mar.. not reali blggoin in the otehr blog.. as michelle's not bloggin..and tasha has another blog wid sean like got no mood ler.. blog here betta lar.. as u can c.. my entries are soooo diff from andrew.. he's one so.. english-y.. mine so.. chinese-sy.. rite?? aiyar.. bother lar.. hehe..

hmmz.. gez i'll stop really tired.. love u dear.. =)


Sunday, December 12, 2004

nice rite! =) Posted by Hello


With that pic.. hahaa.. i got wut i wanted! yay! hehe.. well, was watchin star awards juz now.this time a bit farnie lar.. not like the last few boring.. todae, i wen out for breakfast, wid my dads side of the family, we had dimsum.. wasnt very nice.. hehe.. but oh well.. din have lunch afta tt!! so we had an early dinner.. steamboat! hehe.. nice nice.. had tom yam soup.. nice nice.. hehe..

Oh yea.!! i think my pesterin skill has improved ler.. juz had to ask dad to buy me a ps2 ystd..and i got it todae! yay! hehe.. played wid me sister lor.. aiyar..all childish games d.. got hamster ball, spyro..garfield.. haha.. need to practise my basketball "skills" hoh? then can compete wid andrew dear liao.. :P hehe..

hm.. my stupid conection not workin ler.. so im writin this while waitin for it to be okay.. hmph.. yeap, wut andrew said its true.. u neva noe how much u love a person till u nearly lose them.. tt happen to me qite a few times liao.. =) so.. cherish all ur loved ones!! *muax* hehe..

Did any of u all realise tt wen u move ur mouse ova a blur picture behindour entries..theres actuali a pic of a gurl and a boi? i lurve tt part! hehe.. =)

Klar.. nth to write liao..

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Aihz..some1's watchin Star Awards now ,while im here,infront of my monitor, doing nothing much except to bumpin to some slow songs...haha yea..i do listen to slow songs, when im in the "feel good" mood n stuff.. And while i was going through some of the songs,i came across one of my old favourites (actually,its just a few months old ) ..its a Craig David song..tho i dont really listen to him alot,this song actually caught my ears for certain reasons..

"You dont miss your water till the well runs dry "

That's actually kinda true,huh..? It's never cherish the ones you got,or your love ones, until they've left you.. Im hella sure that at times, we do take our love ones for granted.. Maybe neglecting them at times and such. .. and only when that person leaves you ,then only will you notice how nice it felt when that special some1 was present in your life, how nice it felt when you could just stay up till late at night on the fon and even tho at times both partners run out of topics, a simple,sincere saying of "I love you " can just keep yall up and awake for the next few hours..

yes i know,ive been listenin to too much jiwang songs..
and im gonna be switching back to my rap music rite now..

*bumps to Fabolous's new album *


phew~! afta long long time chosing skins..we finaly found one that both of uz liked rite! then got so many probz.. argh~! but thanks to yingtian! everythings okie rite now.. its kinda late rite now..and im still online! weird. mebbe coz andrew's parents juz came i gez he's openin the gates..and helpin them wid their stuff.. yay~! they came back safely.. hehe.. =) im chattin wid yvonne too.. she's gonna use blogspot too~ jia you o! eyes itchy liao.. hehe.. dear, dun have to wori bout ppl not readin ur entries.. mine lagi worse.. v bo liao d.. hehe..

lets see..todae.. i wen to popular.. bought quite alot of stuff.. dunoe y me like small kid.. bought colour pencil, paint, crayons! haha.. then saw kimby..she wid her frenz..iris and somone lor.. daddy mite buy me and me sis ps2.. but not sure.. like so ex.. hehe poor mar! so wem ite be goin hp to see lor.. went to eat at secret recipe..then got quite angry wid my mum..coz she v noty and bad.. hmph.. so wen we went bac, me and nesse did some painting! hehe..will post the pictures i painted ar! haha.. v childish d ler.. :P

we went for dinner nearby..and yummy! i ate alot..! dunoe y go there.then i'll eat alot alot d.. then eat like non stop wan.. hehe.. esp me younger eat eat.. hehe.. well.. i gez me better stop here.. got nothin to sae liao..


1st time

Andrew here..First time even using a blog, and well, my gurlfren actually did most of it.. so all i gots to do is post entries and stuff.easy rite..? haha..thanx dear.. =) so yea... i guess im spose to make this blog as my diary liddat..posting things that happened thruout my day and stuff.. I will try to update this as frequent as possible aite.. *keeps fingers crossed* Right now im just waiting for my parents to come back.. Im spose to stay up so i can open the gate n stuff since they din bring the keys along..but hella sleepy rite now.... maybe if i got time i'll drop some knowledge here instead of just writing down wat goes on my everyday life.. geez..i dont even know wheter any1 would be interested in reading my entries onot ..but i guess if i please my satisfaction then cukup already la..rite..? thats all for now i guess.. i know this entry is short but oh well..its just an intro la