Thursday, June 30, 2005

Harry Potter ..bleh..

me not a big Harry Potter fan, nor am i a fan of any other novels or books also... guys are sooooooooooooooo unlike girls..haha
managed to finish the whole Initial D 4th Stage in just 4 days..not bad eh..?? 14 eps..quite interesting anime la.. but too bad its kinda short,now i got nuttin to watch whilist im bored..ish..
doin my moral project now.. time really isnt in my hands rite now..its flyin wayyyyyyyy to fast for me to even take a rest at the moment... gotta TRY to cut down on my sleepin time , tho i know thats gon be an impossible task..ish ish
so yea. life's been pretty much the same old same old kinda stuff every single day..not much change to my scheduele rite now.. life's just gon get even more borin as SPM's approachin eh..?
atleast i know this blog wont die.. i actually enjoy bloggin durin my free time.. i enjoy writing , even tho i now oni a few ppl will be readin my stuff..but heck, i still have a feelin of satisfaction n 'kepuasan' after bloggin ... weird..?? nah.. i just have nuttin else to do .. =)
okiez..i'll be headin off to watch Joey now.. funniest sitcom ive watched ever since Friends ended.. much better than our local stuff (Scenario, Buddies etc..) lol...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

legs have been asked me how come.. i said i studied too hard.. haha.. as i tot of writing bt my leg..i sudenli remembered y its hurtin so badly.. this morning..we had.. LINE DANCING! by our dear jayne.. it wasnt tt bad lar.. juz that we had to tap tap tap our feet... left left right right left left switch! hahaa.. yea..tts wen i felt my knee caps paining old.. im seventeen.. =) heehee...

Been reali panicky bt, dear call..

Oh yea. bt spm.. haha.. i dun wanna leave sch.. =( 6 more months.. less than tt actuali.. hmphz.... till now, secondary life has been perfect.. thx god i went to convent..its a reali reali gr8 sch.. if i cud write down al te memories i had in sch here, i dunoe wen oni will it end.. love sch! hehe..convent rawkz, and im sure any convent gurl wud agree to tt.. =))

i bot a book last sunday, where rainbows end..and its a reali reali sweet story, tho fangi spoilt the "surprise" by tellin me the ending.. frenz from 5 loving eachother till for a loooong time..and oni gettin together wen they were 50 plus or so.. its anice book, borrowed it to benasir..hui ting wants to borrow it too.. haha.. hope my book dosent go all kiam chai after all the borrowin...

nxt thing im lookin forward to is...harrry potter! and the half blood prince or smth lidat..mum ade pre-ordered for me..aiyar..but how to read..nxt month got examz ade.....

sch sux

School's borin... oh wait..who doesnt know that already eh..?
But school's really a waste of time la, i go to sch everyday and dun learn anytin.. i sit in class, and when the teacher teaches, my ears will fall to sleep whilist my eyes try to stay awake.. stayin at home and studyin on my own is better la,seriously... but heck, all the complainin in the world wont change anytin..
past few days ive been dling alot of Intial D animes... its much better than the movie la, since the movie only covers a lil bit of the anime .. i cant get Stage 1 n 2 tho..any1 hu got it pls do contact me aite..?
This week's english week, bleh.. shud've join the scrabble competition, atleast it'll give me a reason to skip classes nah mean..? even if i go there and get trashed n stuff, i dun mind.. its better than sittin in class n doin nutz..
july's approachin soon..the month where there's gon be an IU durin every week. SAB's IU is this saturday..not sure bout the time tho.. aint sure wedar i can go also onot,got some moral project to do.. ish.. and ya..moral sch's rushin the thing..we haven even done a thing yet..and must hantar by the end of july..shit ..gotta work fast now... off to do my add m3 and bump to Teh Tarik Crew...pzzzz

Sunday, June 26, 2005

like andrew said, we only have 6 more months..after tt hu noes wut will happen, altho its not likely me and andrew go to diffrent countries afta i mentioned..daddy asked me bt goin to aussie again.. i said i dont want to.. but i din reali give him the reason..wut im tryin to sae is tt if we dun go to a same palce to study nxt year..or rather in a half a year.. i dunoe wu wud happen...sigh~ juz hope everythin will b as i planned..

tuition wasnt ttt bad.. im getin lazy at writing notes, so frmo now on i'll gez listen to him..hahaa..wic is not that bad either.. yawnz. i bought a book..wer rainbows end... its quite a nice book.. haha.. saw fangi readin i decided to read it too..tryin to finish it quickly so i can go on studyin.. i wanna study i can plan my future myself..without ppl tellin me wut im spose to do.. tokin crap.. argh..

foa last week. me in white..banlee in yellow.. Posted by Hello


close to 7am now.. crazy me wakin up so early.. slept at 12 ++ last nite i think.. aihz.. ive got tuiton later on smore..sunday morningz really suck... u'll wake up in the mornin , and then realise ur weekends are gon be over very very soon.. bad huh..??
i gotta get back my studyin mood asap rite now.. spm's so damn close ade, heck..trials even closer.. i really gotta cut down on outside activities too or not i'm doomed for sure.. ish.. i hate exam year... cant enjoy much wan , and parents will always bising wen i go out.. aihz..
June's endin soon , and yea, its been one of the best months this year .. we had hollidays, test results werent that bad ,and a bunch of niceeeeee movies came out.. i still haven catch A Lot Like Love and Batman tho... guess i gotta go get the DVD then..
i just realised that in 6 months time, i'll be away from jb.. i'll be studyin somewhere else ade.. only problem is, WHERE??!!??? seriously, i have no idea on what to study.. nothing actually interest me right now.. and i dont even noe wat are the courses available n stuff.. ive gotta make up my mind soon since i realised that i cant make this a last min decision... 6 months.aihz..thats gon pass by very very fast, esp with spm just around the corner....
I hate form 5............

Saturday, June 25, 2005

long long long

hey.. havent been bloggin at all for many many daez.. hehe.. ystd was open day.. wasnt v worried becoz im quite sure i havent offended any teachers.. YET.. haha.. suprisingly, my mum ..after 11 years of takin report cards talked and gossiped with my class teacher!! haha.. she wud neva takem ore then 2 minutes.. normally.. haha.. the talk bt me, being ex convent gurls, ANDREW?!?, my sisters.. ahaha.. ran back to class wid mummy to finish my PEKA, then after tt, we went down.. showed mummy jasveens baby brother.. and then she spoke to mrs emilda.. she was tellin me tt no one had more fun in high sch then we gurls in convent.. and we're gonna ave such wonderful for this 3months..we shud reali study hard..gosh.. 3 MONTHS!!! tts wut is left u noe!! for SPM!!!! ahhh......... eh.. 4months rite? so i'll make me entry short to study a lil bout chemistry..examz nxt month.. exactly nxt month i think..then holiz, then trials..wic i seriously need to do well in .. coz i'll be using tt results to get into college.. prents have been thinkin of puttin me stratight to austrailia, trinity college, with my cousin.. but i dun think i wanna go there.. =( main reason, coz of andrew.. ahaa.. i noe tts wrong, but heck care la...

Friday, June 24, 2005

been bz

heyz... i havent bloggin much these days... its cuz ive been caught up wid alotta stuff and its hard to find time to even blog bout my daily affairs..had my Open Day today, which meant no school..!!!!!! suprisingly, my class teacher did not complain much about me ... i thought she was gonna blabber to my dad for 10 mins or so.. thank god it lasted oni for a minute or two..
i went to cs to watch Initial D with the guys after that... and yea, IT IS THE SHIT .. the driftin scenes look awesome ,and you'll leave the cinema feelin puas and not thinkin twice on wedar ur Rm10 went to waste onot, unlike certain movies...
been feelin hella tired the past few days..i myself dunno why.. ive been gettin enuff rest n alotta sleep ,but my body macam too tired to do anytin oso.. aihz..
dunno wat else to blog about right now.. guess i'll update this some other time aite..

Saturday, June 18, 2005

FOA came n went

FOA came n went.. time really does fly fast eh..?
k..did not win the grand prize..HOWEVER, after watchin the vids, it wasnt bad afterall..prolly one of my better performances actually..
i woke up at 5+ todae.. crazy..?? noo..its cuz i got no other way to me n fadzir stopped by at banlee's house to practice.. our first official practice actually.. every1's always busy n stuff.. and then we headed to the spastic hall after tryin out the songs 1nce or twice..
If i cud describe FOA, I'd say its the same as last year..haha.. the crowd is always as lively as usual, esp durin the first few performances.. and its always hot as hell in there.. was sweatin like a mad fella inside man.. and outside too!!!
i didnt stay till the end tho, made a move early.. me n darling went n catch Mr & Mrs Smith at god..u shud've seen how long the que was... guess every1 wants to watch Batman eh..?
ohyea, saw the trailers for Initial D.. movie's lookin good..drifting looks neat as hell no doubt..
Mr & Mrs Smith.. 2 hotties in 1 movie... how can it go wrong..?? movie was really funny.. jolie n pitt both got good chemistry togetha .. really njoyed the 1 hr 45 mins inside the was worth it la.. better than stayin at the spastic hall sweatin like a ...................

next movie im plannin to catch : Batman..
not really a fan of Batman..i prefer Spiderman. batman just doesnt look cool in the previous movies,and the villians in Batman cant compare to the likes of Carnage n Venom. those 2 are dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but from wat ive heard, Batman mite just be the best among all of em.. so yea, i doubt i'll be dissapointed..
kinda sleepy rite i'll just stop other stuff to do anywayz..
nitez yall

Friday, June 17, 2005


weekends around the corner..uve gotz to love can u not eh..?? for the first time, i dun really have THAT much homework to do.. teachers are still busy with the test papers n stuff..thank god..
2 days ago, my frens were all tellin me that the list for those who kena nasional service has already been out... so as expected, loggin onto the site itself took me ages since i guess, lots of ppl were tryina go in at the same time ..
rite now i still dun know if the site can be trusted or not.. i mean, the papers have not really said much about it (News Straight Times that is, i dunno bout other papers) , so i guess u just gotta wait til the name list coems out n check la.. rite now everything's still uncertain ..
FOA's tmr.. i have no idea wat time im gon reach suppose to reach the spastic hall at 7 am ( WTF!!!!!!!!!!) , but i doubt i'll be wakin up so early ,unless ive got no other transportation ...
shit man..prolly gon spend alotta money there tmr..they tend to sell stuff for a hefty price as they need to make profits ...aihz.. gotta sedia some extra cash already la.. proly gon be out whole day also, so mite need to get some early rest todae..
tts all for now..dun feel like bloggin.duno y..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Woohoo!!! can consider tmr as half a hollie lar..since we only need to study till 11.. and before that we're just gettin back our marks n stuff.. plan on cabutin sch at 11 since the malays will be havin sum kinda prayers,and all the non malays will prolly have to listen to some stupid ceramah or smth.. ish ish..
ohyea.. u know when i told my mum my add m3 mark (which i got 67) , she terus scold me dunno wats wrong with em also.. i get 67 for a subject which ppl normally fail in.. a subject wer ppl dun plan to get an A2...but to pass.... aihz.. 67 aint good nuff i guess.. dunno la.. i was quite satisfied with that actually..was expectin lower... much lower...
hmm,nuttin much to blog nowadays.. days are flyin by kinda fast.. FOA is this saturday.. dayummn.. belum practice.. lol.. but i doubt any1's been practicin also la..not even my friend's band n stuff.. atleast i wont go there on saturday all confident n stuff.. we got low expectation of ourselves for that day..
discovered a new on9 game recently..
this game is freakin awesome.. 3rd person shooter .. and u'll look soooooo damn cool when ure killin ur opponents with matrix kinda action ( a lil bit of resemblance la.. not alot tho ) yea..atleast ive got smth to do when im need to depend on yahoo pool already..been gettin bored of that.. haha.. eye for a guy todae..last ep.. gotta check tt..

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


2nd day of school life..damn im not used to it..haha.. dunno y, just cant seem to adapt to waking up early again.. 5.50 am everyday..gosh.. i deserve at least 8 hrs of sleep errnite man.. nvm..5 more months.. gotta keep tellin myself tt..
so hows my results..?? i dunno..they're pretty sucky to me.. but i was shocked that i passed mod i'd be failing.. gotta thank my luck stars..hehe
aihzz.. now i dun feel sleepy at all..reached home around 4.30..slept at 6..woke up at 9.. atleast school life has yet to turn xtremely hectic, cause teachers are stil busy with handin out the papers n stuff..guess all this gon change tmr.. ish ish..
tts a site wic gives u a chance to dl songs for Rm3..local wonderin wheter its worth it or not.. cause its like ,most albums got 10 songs..pricin is about Rm30.. so mite as well just pick the songs i want since its not like the whole album is gon rawk or anytin..rite...? but rm 3..hmm..boleh beli nasi ayam, char kuay teow, ribena and all sorts of stuff.. hmm, zit a bit pricy..? dunno la.. and its just for one song..dunno how long i'll be playin tt song on heavy rotation in the first place.. mebbe a week or two..?? hmm..dunno la..

k, dun wanna waste any more time other stuff to do now.. time's precious..

Monday, June 13, 2005


yawnz.. i slept the whole afternoon! hehe.. mostly coz of my ulser..coz wen i sleep, i dun feel la thing.. muahahaz.. feelin a lil childish ler.. i look on me bed..and everything is powerpuff.. *blushes* their soo cute! i cant help it! haha.. my comforter in powerpuf for one thing..and the bed sheet..and my pilow..and m bolster..and ystd i bought a nother pillow.. wic is also powerpuff.. help.. im 17!!

Sch was fine..wasnt tt tiring lar.. coz din study or nething..juz got back papers bm,mathz,bio, and chem.. bio and chem not complete in teacher havent mark one of the papers i dunoe wut i pretty glad wid me bm marks~! haha..not veri high tho..juz nice..tomoro gettin est.. then after tt gt add mathz tuition smore... hmph.. stupid ulser..go awae!

hmmz..wut else ar.. duoe nth to write liao..yawnz.. sleepy.. wanted to do some studyin..budden got usler..meanz no mood lor... oh yea..i was so lookin forward for the bittergourd soup my mum tapao-ed from senai.. was good..altho it wud be bettter if we drank it straight awae from the shop.. hmmz.. got sch mar..sienz..

Okie. i gez tts about it.....
oh yea.. i cant stand somebodi.. he is such a show off.. not nid to tell everyone ur *great* results wut.... ish....

ulsers.. sobz

Sunday, June 12, 2005

archery..  Posted by Hello

baby ostrich..  Posted by Hello

dear complainin!

HAHA.. dear complain sae i din blog.. like its his blog ade.. not ourz.. =) newae..came back from desaru ystd... rite? yea.. haha.. had a gr8 time tho i had muscle ache on the 1st dae..after din.. argh.. see how unfit i am! its prolly coz of the waves and the jumps i did on sand.. u noe those kind tt becomes like a mini cliff..and wen u stand on it, it sorts of collapse.. haha.. like small kid oni. wut i reali enjoyes during the trip was the FOOD. omigawd.. i neva tasted such nice crabs and lobsters in my life! haha.. ate aloooot during the hollies.. slept alooot during the hollies.. haha.. lifes good..

B4 this we had examz mar.. so slept v v little..and had huge eyebags. headaches.. haha.. so had to replenish all my energy by sleeeping ALOT!! had a good hollie.. but i cant wait for sch tomoro.. haha.. i miss sch!! oh yea.. back to my holidae in desaru.. the sea was reali nice.. waves were huge.. muscle ache was horible!!

1st dae of the hollie..
Reached the villa.. checked in.. put our bag..and we went swimming..straight awae.. and as i was juz sittin near the baby pool.. my sis suddenly screamed at me..sayin smth like get out get out!! then i saw smth in the pool..smth swimmin..and it wasnt human! haha.. at 1st i tot it was a snake.. budden was too big lar.. then it came out of the water.. a moniter lizard!! haha..oh yea..we went to the ostrich farm too... baby ones were reali cute.. i ate baqua too..ostrich meat d.. horible..!!

2nd dae..
We went to the petting zooo.. PATHETIC.... HAHA.. njoyes archery tho.. =) swam again..leg was aching LIKE HELL... hmph... din go down to the beach.. juz chilled by the burnt! im all red! haha.. oh yea..ulser started growing big big!!! argh... pain.. =( oh yea! we played some tracktor fun!!! its like riding a motor or smth... v v v kewl..!

3rd dae..
u can see tt im lazy
haha..want to chat wid dear now mar.... =P
i was too much in pain to njoy go kart.. wich we were spose to go for.. leg was hurint like knees esp..couldnt sleep properly tt nite too.. had sunburn mar.. so shoulder v pain..sigh.... so we din do much tt dae..juz went to the fruit farm to get some fruits and drinks..

Kay..tts all.. haha..we went for jap food todae.. yummy!! will ask dear to post pictures for me.. he lar.. lost the password!!! =(

wat has accompanied me durin this hollies wen im bored n got nuttin to do.. Posted by Hello

bye bye hollies

few more hours then im gon be forced to bid farewell to my hollidays.. aihz...
2 weeks... fast eh..?
i was thinkin jz now.. i was like " damnn..ive wasted my hollies ".. this is wat im always thinkin at the end of each break...
but then again.. when i think deeper, my hollies really arent tt bad afterall... this is cause :

1) ive been able to catch up wid my sleep.. the feelin of lying on ur bed every mornin and knowin that u dun gotta go to sch
2) i was able to catch a few movies (tho i only caught 1 in the cinemas ..) .. some of em were really classics in my opinion
3)i got the chance to spend more time with dear ... talked on the fon for hours,went to her place n chill... niceness.... thats life. :)
4) atleast i managed to do a quarter of my hwk finish.. so when teacher ask tmr... i can just show her that i did a few,and the rest i dunno how to do..
5) did a few of my moral kerja kursus stuff.. A FEW of em's stil in draft stages tho..

what else cud i have done durin the hollies besides those..?? nuttin else really, except lepakin more..but oh wellz..i'll save that once form 5 is over..
this hollies was a chance for me to get some rest, get away from the books, go out n have fun... and i definately did not abuse the power given to me.. lolz..
i dont think im gon be sleepin early tonite.. im gon cling on to every second of this holliday.. pathetic eh.?? haha..

ohyea, to any1 who enjoys good music.. go download this song , Trapped In A Closet by R Kelly.. there's 5 parts to this track..mite be abit long but seriously,it is story tellin at its not kiddin.. ive heard a bunch of story tellin tracks, and this one is up there on my list.. i consider him to be the king of rnb todae..if not,then mebbe close to it la..
right now im thinkin wat i shud be doin tonite... got no idea man.. aihz..i wished i stayed near town.. easier to travel around..there's nuttin much to do here in molek.. its really hard to get around when u're stayin atleast 30 mins from town.. sux eh..??

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Just woke up from my sleep 10 mins ago.. just ate lunch 5 mins ago..
Damn, i feel i shud be out lepakin or smth.. i shudnt be stayin at home with only 2 days of hollies left...ish ish..
so yesterday( or should i say today early mornin) , i watched 2 movies.. Dead Racer n Ray..

you've never heard of Dead Racer b4 rite..?? well, neighter have I.. and my advice is .......... DUN EVA BUY A MOVIE THAT YOU'VE NEVER HEARD ABOUT B4. omg, i cant describe how sucky this movie i thought it was spose to be somethin like the Fast n Furious franchise or smth.. ended bein a frech movie dubbed in english n the racin really wasnt tt impressive... so i ended up pressin the stop button n takin the cd out...Damnnn, guess ive got another drink coaster again..

and then I watched Ray, an autobiography movie bout Ray Charles himself.. honestly, ive never heard much about him before this movie was even released.. but wat i can tell u, he really does make good music.. and i really enjoyed this movie.. my 2 hours n 10 mins didnt go to waste here.. i guess autobiography movies are the type that never fails to please me... 8 Mile ( not really an autobiography, but its abit based on his life la) , Aviator, Ali, Ray... gr8 movies.. definately..

dear has already came back from Desaru.. so yea, time to cut down on the dvd's and spend time with her.. :D haha jpjp.. ive got tuiton tmr smore.. so gots to wake up early..rite now considerin wedar wan go out wid dear after tuiton onot..cuz im uncertain wedar my parents will allow n stuff..gotta think of another lie..haha

Friday, June 10, 2005

i didnt even finish 1 song this hollie.. lol.. wanted to complete 3..haha.. but atleast this one's close to completion..  Posted by Hello

Friday!! shit..

Friday already..shit..sch's gon start soon.. definately wat im not lookin forward to..
K, first off..lets all clap hands n cheer..
for those of yall who dont watch football, u wont know wat tt
K, so while dear is in Desaru njoyin herself, im here in jb tryina find stuff to do..
so ystd i went to Holiday Plaza and bought bout 10 DVDs.. lol.. gon do a movie marathon of my own at home tonite.. any1 wan come..?? gimme a kal.. lol..
ystd i watched Unleashed.. and i started askin myself , " how come all the movies i watch nowadays suck ..?? "
i dunno seems like there were VERY LITTLE fighting scenes in the movie..and alot of talkin n stuff.. c'mon.. he's JET LI .. JET LI... the only reason we buy his movies is to see him beatin the hack out of other people.. who actually buys his movies to see his actin skills..?? lol
Cant wait to watch Ray later on.. im sure that movie definately wont dissapoint.. but must finish my add m3 hwk first..ish..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Finally, I watched Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith already!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!! lol.but too bad its on dvd,not in cinemas .. :( pathetic me..
so yea..i went over to dear's place at bout 12. we were able to watch 2 movies, Eye 10 and also Revenge Of The Sith..both are fairly old releases i guess..

Eye 10 - My gosh.. i thought this was suppose to be a horror movie..? ended up laufin alot thruout the movie.. asian horror movies are startin to suck now.. aihz..mebbe cuz its like, after uve seen one, uve seen all ..dunno la..

Revenge Of The Sith - finally.. waited so long to catch this movie.. i was actually hoping there wud be more fighting scenes..more light saber action.. but still, since im a Star Wars fan, i'll never think it sux..haha..

So yea..reached home around 7.. close to 9.30 now.. cant find anytin to do rite now.. Eye For A Guy at 10 ..not really a fan of the show, didnt really follow much of it except for 3 or 4 episodes.. gonna catch it just cause its gonna end..
aite, i'll leave here..nuttin to blog about rite now..
hm..woke up this mornin for piano lessonz..! then dear came over..watched eye 10.. i know... kinda slow.. hahaa..but i wasnt able to catch it in the cinemas.. so had to wait for dvd.. hehe..and we watched star wars again..aihz.. din noe he wouldnt njoy it.. din read his entry b4 this. :P we shud have gone earlier rite deaR? =) aniwae..dae was good..ordered dominoes..they gave ur beef peperoni again!! so we called up..and they said they wud replace the pizza... =) happen twice ade ler..sigh~ mum sae pizza hut is better now..

Oh yea..~ im goin to desaru tomoro! quite exited.. haha..we're celebrating my youngest sisters bdae..she requested on goin to desaru to celebrate her eh.. haha.i neva tot of tt.. =) so we're goin for 3 daez..will b back on saturdae. then on sundae..will have to do HOMEWORK~! lyn came to me place to take her notebook... then she reminded me to do my chem homework..tho i seriously dun rmber bt it.. dun blame me..its been a month!

Schs starting soon.. yay! haha.. will be able to get back all our cheated results.. haha.. cant wait to see how many ppl get A for sejarah.prolly everyone haha.. sick of being at home ade. have to go sch!! i miss packin my bags..wearin my uniform..wakin up earli to bi's voice.. start on studyin! yay~ hahaa...tts sounds weird....

*i love juz lookin at u dear... wana b wid u foreva.. mwarkz.. *

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A smile...

Your eyes start-to-leak, your hearts-been-ripped
Tears fall... start to reach ur cheeks
I see flood in ur eyes ....
and tho im a part of ur life..
I cant prevent the tears
Helping hand aint here
She yearns for laughter while in pain
lips would love to smile again

-This piece does not have any relation to whats goin on with my life rite now..just thought of writin a topic like this
Im officialy crazy.. 6.26 am.. 2nd time during this hollies that im bloggin in the early morningz.. i myself dont know what im doing at this moment. prolly cuz i slept at 11++ last nite, and when i woke up at 4.30 am to off my alarm ( alarm is set at that time. dont ask why) , i couldnt go back to sleep.. aihz.. so wats my plans for today...???? dont have one actually... just plan to finish my moral hwk and mebbe do 1 of my moral tugasan (some kerja kursus stuff ) ...and then what am i spose to do when i've finished all those..?? feel like goin out to catch a movie or smth..but ive been goin out too often ade.. if im not mistaken, ive been goin out of the hse for 7 days ade durin this hollies.. dont know if thats considered alot to you ppl, but it is to my must start cuttin down day go out..nxt day dont..nxt nxt day go out again.. good plan eh...? ive not watched Star Wars yet... argghhhhhh... now just wait for the dvd ade la..but prolly wont enjoy it ade la..My 'gila star wars' mood has disapeared and watchin at home wont be the same as watchin in the cinema, with the huge *** screen and dope sound sytems in the cinema. aihz..what to do ..shud've watched it earlier, shudnt have kept delayin and delayin till the only available time slots rite now are at nite..
so wat other movies do they got in the cinema rite now..??

That Ashton Kutcher Movie.. forgot wats the title love or smth
Ghost Train
House Of Wax (IF im not mistaken la..mebbe not showin ade)
Madagascar (watched liao)
and some other movies that im not interested in..

prolly only lookin forward to the ashton kutcher one and ghost train.. american horror movies (house of wax) dont really appeal to me for some akward reason.. its like, their horror movies all macam about some psycho or smth ,whilist asian horror movies are about ghosts n stuff.. But mebbe i'll give house of wax a try la, since some ppl said its really scarry n gross. got paris hilton in the movie oso (yuckoz )..

Been downloadin alot of albums the past few days , especially all the old ones which ive lost or misplaced.. One of the albums that i downloaded was Slim Shady LP .. I still think this was one of his better albums compared to all the latest releases .. Mebbe its cuz he was still new at that time and was still hungry for success.. Who knows.. but yea , this album is like , a less serious eminem and the lyrics are really witty n funny.. so yea,do check it out if yalls a rap fan ..

K, rite now you shud be thankin me..ive just helped you spend bout 3 to 5 mins of ur time.. :) chowz...

Monday, June 06, 2005


spent approx 3 or 4 hours on homework ystd and still couldnt finish it up.. mebbe cuz im studyin in the same room as my pc , and Yahoo Pool keeps distractin me.. now its 9.53 am.. ive been awake for some time already, since i slept kinda early ystd due to the tiredness of doin homework.
half a year has already passed.. fast eh..? i myself cant believe it.. another half a year and im gone from jb.. where im headin to ? i aint sure yet, but i do not intend to stay here .. i dont even know what i plan to study tho.. actually,I dun really know wat courses are available n stuff, have yet to do research on that.. Wonder wheter i'll still be able to keep in touch wid every1, or will all of us just lose contact wid each other n stuff .. or mebbe we'll all be studyin in the same college .. aihz.who knows...who knows..
Tho i wanna move away from jb, i know life after form 5 is gon be tuff.. actually,life has always been tuff..
k, i'll go get sometin to eat now.. there's nuttin much to update on at this early time of the day..

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fomad ... how fast time flies eh..? was like 11 months ago..  Posted by Hello

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Sunday, June 05, 2005


omg..i just only started doing my holiday homework, and rite now im regrettin not doin it earlier.u wouldnt believe how much hwk i got.. its like, so many pages n stuff.. damn.. gon spend alotta time on that from now on, i guess..
FOMAD's 2 weeks away (im helpin Shawn do some promo here) ..its gon be on the 18th group , Razzle Craze ( me, yabe, banlee) will be havin a slot on that day.. tho im not nervous bout performin, i seriously dont know what songs to do n stuff..its like, performin infront of students is much harder than performin at public places.. i dunno how 2 explain, but i guess u get the idea..

NOTICE : Im bout to go on blabberin..for any1 not interested, then pls do leave.. its gon take up a few mins of ur precious or not so precious life..
the rap scene actually has got alotta conflicts n stuff..ya see, ppl like us (the underground rappers..the unsigned ones) , we dont really do those party , bouncy type of tracks.. cuz those are not the ones that appeal to the underground ears.. the listeners want something new,not the chingy,nelly,jarule type of stuff u hear from the radio.. They do not want those party tracks, instead, they rather opt for those tracks tt focus more on the lyrical point of view..but when ure bout to perform for a crowd who mostly dont listen to rap music, you've gotz to be very careful with ur selection of beats n songs.. so tts the prob rite too used to not doin those clubbish stuff, till rite now i dun even know wat to do for FOMAD.. aihz.. just pray everything goes well la..and ohyea, do come n show your support on the 18th of June..if yall hate us (Razzle Craze) ,yall mite as well come n boo us also... We dont mind, as long as there's a lively audience on tt day..

"Yall claim to be better,but only a few can tell
Cuz i do what i do and I do it well "

Friday, June 03, 2005

hmmz.. wut a two sisters had a fight..and one of em got banned from the computer... yay.. haha...not that i dun like her goin online or anything..but she alwiz uses the pc till late late at nite.. wid the lites on.. and i cant sleep!! so yea.. one week of nice nice earli sleeps without pillows on me head so i can sleep in the dark.. hahaz..

Oh yea.. my godbrother.. yih seong..he got dengue a few daes ago.. my mummy went up to take care of her sister.. my godma.. hes condition was pretty bad.. untill todae..! yay! smth smth blood count or smth went up yea..thx God.. been prayin alot lately.. =) mummy will be comin back on poorthin ler..she sleep in hotel alone.. i wanted to accompany her.. budden..dunoe lar..aihz.. felt so bad the nite b4 she went up to kl..alone... hmmz..

Went to watch a movie ystd.. madagascar..or however its spelled like.. TWICE!!!! its quite short huh..the movie.. watch it wid andrew..and then later at 10.05 pm..watched it wid daddie, and my sisters.. i tot we could have the whole place for ourselves.. but then rite..juz b4 the movie started..a few bengs sat behind our row.. reali childish bengs.. one even tried to finish one of the characters lines.. old ade still so...aihz.. daddy slept half wae.. haha.. oh yea.. i bought mummy this mahjong thingy handphone thingy.. haha.. v cute! bought i for 4.90..but andrew said it ws 2 bucks in another shop.. hmph.. nv tell me earlier lar... had a very enjoyable dae wid dear..coz we seldom go out mar.. oni can go out durin the holiez.. had nice nice banana split..tho i oni ate the chocolate ice cream..hate strawberry flavoured one..eeee.. like medicine...

Had physics tuition todae.. dear sat near me.. haha.. mr chua did this eksperimen bt the voltmeter thingy.. but if i go next tuesdae..they will be doin the eksperimen again duno wether wanna go or not... coz i wont be goin for nxt fridaes class.. goin desaru! been enjoyin holies allot tho..sleepin earli..wakin up reali late... hahaa.. watching all the tv i wan.... oops.. have to go now..din din !!! blog later then... =)

Thursday, June 02, 2005



Policeman stops the taxi driver...

Polis : Kau bawa orang apa..?
Taxi driver (who was already pissed at the polis ) : Orang malaysia la..
Polis : Mana ic..??
Me : Tak bawa ..
Polis : Keluar dari kereta...
Me : So saya bayar tambang taxi skarang..?
Polis : yaya..

so, i paid the taxi of the cab..then went to the highest rank fella there..

High rank officer : Asal..?
Me : Tak bawa ic ..terlupa..
High rank officer : Kau ni orang apa..orang jepun..??
Me (at this point,i was man..) : Tak la..orang malaysia..
High rank officer : Mana ic..?
Me : Tak bawa la..terlupa..

So he ask for my age..i said was 17..and then..he ask me go home...
WTF!!????!!! u tahan my cab..ask me get out.the cab goes away..and ive gots to walk home..15 mins walk.. bravo..job well done..
So thats how my day a f*cked up way..
But everything else before that was nice..
Me n dear went to cs todae..wanted to watch star wars..but aihz.time slot not suitable..there's no longer any mornin or afternoon shows ended so we watched Madegascar,or however u spell it..
The movie was alrite la..I didnt find most parts of the show funny,but the audience kept laufin n stuff,so mebbe got smth wrong wid me la..and i was like "huh..over liao ar???" when the credits started rollin.. so after the show ended, which was around 2.15 or smth, me n darling ended up walkin around cs tryina think of stuff to square has become a very borin place already la.. really nuttin to do there anymore cept watch movies n we then had a banana split,and after that we went home lor.. its been awhile since ive watched a movie in the cinemas, so yea..i really did enjoy my time wid my dearest.. =)
k,ive got to make a move todae is really killin me..cant blif its soooooo hot..ish