Tuesday, February 28, 2006


arghhh..i screwed up my math common test..!!!!
ok byez

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Wah seh , Andrew so smart wan.. still can online at this time altho got test nxt week

im hella bored, so dont mind me..finally found some free period in this busy life of mine.. aihz aihz.. suppose to be doing some research on my physics project..wanna guess wat its bout.. ? Photonics..lol.. i dont even know wat the heck that is.. so weird wan the name..

ive got like, 3 common test papers nxt week..

Monday - LAN (no, not lan ciau. its something like sejarah la.. form 1 sejarah..lmao)
and on dunno wat 2 days, ive got physics and math.. not really prepared yet la, so i guess im gon spend the next 2 days here in subang studying .. aihz.. no fun wan college.. not like what they show in those american movies..

march hollidays coming liao.. so fast feb18 ade.. cant wait to have another 1 week break.. tho its not really long ,i'd still appreciate it la.. dunno why oni give 1 week break tho, seems too short to do much..

nasib baik here got illegal msn wan.. www.e-messenger.net ..lol.. altho its kinda slow n stuff, but can chat then cukup ade la..that has always been the only purpose why i go online back then..

k, im off to do more research .. imma try to blog again asap.. pz pz

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


wow, dah lama gua tak update blog ni.. aihz, seriously, its been hella hard to find time to even update during weekdays.. shits almost impossible .. lol.. its 8.41pm now, and im at the web, reading up on some english articles..thats how busy i am la.. ish..actually, its not that hectic la, but gotta plan my time properly n stuff..

Daily Tiring Routine

6.45 am : wake up, put hp on snooze..sleep again
7.10 am : wake up (fo real this time) , and then wait for calculator boy to finish bathing.. i calls him that cuz during the first hollie we had, dude actually stayed at home and read the calculator manual.. for the whole dae!! lol.. so nerdy wan he..
7.50 am : leave for school..
8 am till 3 pm : have classes..lol.. gets boring at times, cuz ive got to study the same subjects every day..ish..
3pm :lunch
4pm : back home.. will be hella tired, then surely take nap wan..
5 pm : stupid hp alarm wake me up, then must do work ade..

lol..stupid taylors pc warn me that its gon shut down in 15 minutes time.. i wish they keep this open 24/7 la.. then i can come here early mornin and do work.. ish..

kla, gotta go now.. how was every1's valentines ar..? i hadd fun with mine..hehe.. thats the good thing bout stayin here.. i can go out anytime i want.. =D
aite, pz yaw

Saturday, February 04, 2006

my last post here in jb, till i come back in march. =(

todae was fine, mum and i went to pray at the temple.. =) i like goin there.. haha..tho the smoke reali burns my eyes!

nothin much to sae, packing bag now.. tomoro having lunch wid my godparents..then i will be off to subang.the oni thing im worried about is quizzes! argh! i regret! lol.. havent been doin alot of research and stuff.. argh...! but u cant blame me rite. its the chinese new year! we are supose to RELAX! HEHE..

im lazy to post ade lar.. heee.. gez im gonna continue my packing.. = )

take care everyone!
love love

esok balik

esok gonna balik already... damnnnn.. i dont really have a problem with that, cept for the fact that im gon be sittin the bus alone, and theres prolly gon be a long ass jam.. thinkin bout that itself really sucks.. aihz..
hollies habis so fast la..i only went out like twice with the guys.. haha... its jb man.. theres nuttin much to do here... subang lagi sedap.. =D hehe i also hardly studied..lol.. dunno how im gonna fare in the stupid class quizzes.. pray hard for me yo... ish .
hopefully me dad will drive me to holiday plaza later .. i wanna stack up a bunch of dvds b4 goin up to subang tmr... shit there is way too expensive.. rm10 for one... bloody ripoff .. i wanna get that thai black magic movie ,long khong or wateva u kal it...my fren told me that its freaky..lol. should be niceness ar..
aite, imma stop here la.just a quick update.. was hella bored, and now im hella scared..cuz neva study..wan go hit the books now... byebyez

Friday, February 03, 2006

yay! todae was ALRIGHT! =) hehee.. wasnt that scary after all.. phew~!

oh yea, did i mention i wan goin back to convent todae? well, i did! haha, althought i din see many juniors and frenz, saw a few, including the twins.. but i didnt get to see sze hui tho, wonder wer that notty woman go ade lar.. din even contact me once.. aihz.. anyway, had talk talk with the teachers, they were all nice and stuff..tokin to us and wishing us luck, and how they were happy that we actually come back to visit them and stuff.. =) sweet lar.. hahaa. miss the school lar..miss wearing uniforms and stuff! hahaa.. but colege is much better lar.. mebbe cz we have air con there! hahahaa.. coz its like, in school, u get all sweaty and smelly..but in college. u freeze in classes.. =)

Whoopsie, no work done todae! juz printing work oni lar.. haha.thanks baby! = ) dunoe wuts wrong lar.like cannot study oni..scared betul lar... ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! tomoro eating.. jap food! wheee! hehehee.. so long didnt eat ade! oh yea.. ate at kong inn yesterdae.. hahaa.. all good food! cause mummy and daddy misses me! HAR HAR. so i get to eat nice food this whole hollies! am loving life! goin back on sundae.quite sad huh. gona miss my family alot.. but i cant CRY this time lar.. must have a happy partin this time. keke..

i actuali posted some picture here, but they didnt turn out, dunoe why lar.. lazy to send ade.. will be leaving on sundae, at 3.3o it hink, if im not wrong.. hhrrmm.. i miss my family! ='( I PROMISE I WILL STUDY HARD. haha.. got good news from lyn, she said that melbourne u, the percentile to get in got decreased ade.. to 97, i still have HOPE. but im not sure lor..cant keep hopes to high oso lar, wait i too disapointed, but mebbe i will juz go to adelaide lar.. cost of living there is much cheaper anywae, and studyin there will be less pressurizing, of its like one of the best there in aussie.. aihz.. life.. MAFAN LER!

am bloggin alot coz i duoe hen i will be gettin internet connection at home lar.am suppose to get it SOON.. but dunoe lar..argh!!! house mate la.. sae uncle is still tryin to get line or smth liddat.. but we still have to get line soon ar.. if nt we shall go do ourself ade.. very iritatin ler, no internet.. but then wont be so distracted lar. if not sure go online everydae and chat d.. HAHA.

klar, i gez thats all ba.. m lazy to blog, probably juz gamble with my family later, haha, and get some studyin done! am thinkin of juz studyin physics to nite lar.. =))

love love,
desiree tee =)



2 days back

so i stepped into the barber shop, waited for 10 minutes...some huge ass dude then asked me to sit on the chair... i dont usually come here to cut hair la, but then most of the salons were closed n shit.. and in 5 minutes time, he shave my sides off..lmao..i looked half bald already... didnt say anytin tho, thought mebbe thats his style or sumtin.. and now i look like a jarhead ( if yall watch the movie jarhead,then u'll know)...nvm la, now i know i wont look good if i cut bald.. but its cooling tho, especially when the cold breeze blows... which is very rare in malaysia la.... since bald is already out of my Should I Try This Hairstyle list, so how bout skinhead now..? lol..


went to tebrau city in the afternoon wid dears fam..tebrau city really doesnt look like much tho, the shops there all too classy for me wan..lol...they shud just build a petaling street here la. surely profit paling banyak wan.... i need new kicks smore!! and then in the evening me went to city plaza to play futsal...yes yes, yall are like OMG!! andrew can kick a ball???!!? rite?? lol.. first time ive actually kicked a ball in a year and a half or so..lol..was okla, had fun n shit chilling with the guys whom ive not seen for like a month or so... no1's changed ,cept for me and my jarhead haircut..i think i can balance an egg on my head wei, seriously..later i go try..lol..

k, i wan go study now.. neva study much oso this hollies... take care yall..chowz
tomoro is gonna be scary! ahhhh.......... i hope it wouldnt be scary.. nvm.. wont plubicise it aniwae.... mauahhahhahahaaa...... ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

i dunoe wuts wrong with me, i have stomach aches now every v v earli in the morning, as in, 12 am, 3 am... argh.. oops.. too much info ::D

aniwae, as for my gathering, it was nice.. =) tho there were very few of us lar, namely, archie, wei yi, sarah and michelle. :P but we had fun.. =) kays frenz were here too.. she got more tho, but i think i oni saw them wen i was opening the door to sae bye, and hie .

CHELLE stayed over!! kekekke.. was fun, tokin to her till 3 am in the mornning... thanks for comin ya chelle! but sad thing was, she had to throw away her contact lenses.. because we had no solutions for it, and she put them in water, and she said it was dirty ade, so we went home blind. :D :P

life these few days is goood... i dun wanna go back lar, juz pretend that i dident even wen to college in the 1st place.. but haha, as if that cud hapen.. but i have grown up k!! i become more braver liaoz..=) i can wash clothes, operate a washing machine... hehehhe.. boil water.. haha.. serious! i didnt noe how to boil water k!

and sad thing is..... i havent done ANY WORK. lucky i jus read some chemistry juz now..tomoro, will continue on my english assignment.. then read either one of my 3 sciences!! arghh!! physics!! chem!! bio!!!!!! crazy i tell u!!!!!! ahh!!!! ate korean fod juz now.. was GOOD! wheee! so long since i drank kimchi soup.. nice nice
tomoro and tomoro gona eat hao liao AGAIN. coz deedee is back so mummy and daddy will do anything for me.. mauahahahahahah!!!

tot of buying new fone, cheap wan, so i can use digi ma.. but daddy decided to let me use his samsung wan, and then we'll buy him a new fone for his birthdae. smart ar my father. haha. but i dun mind lar, i like his fone.. but the oni bad thing is that the camera smth wrog ade.. but y am i complaining lar, my other fone can take pictures and i got a digi cam! tho its a caplang wan
haha! =) love my daddy, mummy.. love my life!! =)

bought a new bag too! the bag is korea brand d.. but i found the tag in it, made in vietnam. v funny lar.. haha.. but i love it! wanted to buy it in kl d.. but found it too ex.. but daddy let me buy ler! so i bought lor.. hehehehe will post pics yar!!

k then , its late, let me study, i have too. they will be sending my results to mum and dad, in march!!!!

love lots,

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i am suppose to be studyin, i am spose to be studyin.. =( i have belardy quizes nxt week! and i havent been studyin, i juz eel so tired everydae after all the bai nian-ing here.~! and todae, my frenz and kays frenz will be coming over to makan! =) just a few of my frenz tho, the others are missing , either over seas, or busy visiting.. hrmm.. waiting for their arrival now.. i said 4-5 come! but its 4.18 and oni ..oh, kays fren is here. hahaa.. so aniway.. hows bai nian-ing this year? not bad lar.. hahaa.nothin special, its the same thing every year anyway. just collecting ang paos and everything. then sit for a long long time before lunch and dinner is served.. =)

i wasnt reali excited bout new year aniway, was jus glad that im back home, after nearly one month in subang.. which was reali something lar... hrrmm..

yay! archie come ade..
will blog bout our small gatherin soon~