Sunday, July 29, 2007

Its 3 am here..
I could sleep, but all i wanna do is wait a few more hours for u to wake up.
I miss u..

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Australia & New Zealand Tour Dates
Oct 12, Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
Oct 14, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, AustraliaTuesday, Oct 16, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Hindermarsh, Australia
Oct 18, Burswood Dome, Burswood, Australia
Oct 20, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Darling Harbour, Australia
Oct 22, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall, Australia

Linkin Park's tour kat NZ and Aussie.. but damn, its like , 2 weeks before my finals???? hmmmmm

Angel & Doo Doo!! =) haha..

hey yall, been awhile since I last came on ere, and its due to my hectic schedueles wei.. I thought last sem was tiring enough, and this sem is just worse.. fook.. dahla i bring my PS2 here to enjoy, but I only touched it once this whole week I think.. no funs no funs..

Well, what do I write here.. cant possibly put like, a whole week's update here.. hmmm... Weather right now is just nice I think, its finally getting hotter and I def like. Now I can go to the gym or go play football and confirm can sweat wans.. Its been ages since I've REALLY played basketball tho, so quite karat ade ar, thats why trying to play more often and stuff.. Frens are thinking of starting aMalaysian team in Uni too.. coo..

Dear is sleeping right now ar.. thats the bad thing bout LDR, the time difference! its like, I'll get sleepy at midnight, but its just 10 pm over there.. so she's never sleepy when Im sleepy.. hmph.. Glad she's got things to do tho, with all the books and stuff.. If I was in her position confirm I'll just rot wan, cuz I dont read and all.. Another thing bout LDR is that it might be hard at times ar, but whats in my mind is knowing the fact that it is just (hmmm, maybe not just la) 4 months.. I dont know wheter is that a bloody long wait or is it gonna pass short.. so maybe the busy scheduele does come in handy then...

On another note....

WTF man!! WWE is comin to Aussie today, but only at Perth!!! argh, why la dun wan go Sydney or smth.. then I confirm go wan.. and you know what is double WTF, the fact that it'll be at Singapore tommorow!!!! ishhhhh.. good things happen when Im here man.. like, Kanye West in Malaysia and all.. argghhhh.. Okay, yall might think Im stupid to even like wrestling and all rights, cuz afterall, they're just men in tights.. true true, and I admit that WWE todae is a thousand times worse than 10 years ago and all.. but still , I was brought up watchin WWF wei, with my grandpa and grandma (you read it right) renting tapes and all cuz there was nothing on TV back in the day when Astro did not exist... Everytime Im in Jelebu to visit relatives, dad would bring me to a tape shop to rent wrestling tapes so time would pass faster in a kampung-like So gyea, wrestling has been a part of me since I was a kid.. only thing that is missing is that I cant wrestle.. lol..

Last but not least.. its 10 am now.. I woke upat 8 am.. respect.. I thought I would get hangover or smth wei, cuz Wei Yang open bottle yesterday.

Black label.. raw, no coke no nothings wei.. haha.. A few of us were feeling a lil tipsy ar, and we could see that from playing all the card games and all.. One of it was like, a memory game wei.. and your memory gets real bad once you're a lil tipsy .. haha.. Anyways, Im suprised I can hold my liqour pretty well.. came back, webcam with dear a lil, and then I slept.. not not bad...
Alright, im outs..nak study ni..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ps: I love you

Last week, I went to KayElle, and mum treated me with 6 new books to read. =)
I bought 4 Nicholas Sparks's and 2 Cecilia Ahern's.
Just finised A Place Called Here.
Not bad.. was kinda interesting.. but Ps I love You, beats hands down!!
I just read half, and i cried twice. And this is the first time i ever cried while reading,
Not even when Dumbledore died in the 6th book k!
Life has been rather monotonous..
But i like it this way..
Driving tomorow! And definitely NOT looking forward to it, lol! My uncle is fierce! But funny at times. *crosses fingers* hope all will go well tomorow..
Its the 27th again!
Which marks our.... um.. lemme count 45 months together.
which means.. exactly four months before he is back! or even earlier!
*squeals in delight*
Im happy, glad, contented, and definitely not sad, or emo.
With lots of love,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

His Arrival - My Departure

13th of July - Bi arrived in Sydney
I woke up feeling happy for once, excited about his arrival.
For once, i also realised that i was dancing in the toilet while bathing. Smiling coz i know i would be seeing my dear one in a while.
Went off to buy his present.. He told me that his transport was only leaving after like what? 4 HOURS?? okay, was a lil dissapointed, But being able to see him soon was like a blankie, covering all the dissapointments i felt tt week.
After what seemed like forever, dear got onto the van, and surprise surprise. The van broke down. How can any day be more worse than this? For the first time in many months, i heard his voice, sad, dissapointed, and tt broke my heart alot..
I kept calling to see wether he was reaching. Finally he said 15 more minutes.
I wore my coat, walk out and waited for him outside, although it was very cold.
My heart jumped when i saw a van, but it wasnt his..
Then i saw another one, and was so sure it was his, as the van turned in to my place.
He stepped out, and i just felt like running to him. For three days, i was in Aussie, and the only thing i felt like doin was just being in his arms , looking up at him and saying sorry for causing all this trouble, sorry for putting us in so much sadness.
He smiled at me when he saw me, and happiness just flowed ..everywhere! =)
He put his hand on my shoulder..
I gave him his pressie, and we went off to jesmond, for a little time of our own.. Daddy said we could go for dinner ourselves..
We went to Jesmond,, to get some food for baby, and I saw him smile forcefully, I knew he was upset. and i knew why.
Its just like the movies you know. I know I always said " how can they imagine themselves doing this in movies? Like how can they see themselves from another perspective?" But its true!
Wen i went there with my dad, i saw us. I saw us buying bread, fighting over who should go get the chicken from the lady, what juice should we buy, which flavoured chips should we choose..
And i could see him saying " I see how it goes around here" with his face of his, when i get to choose which flavour to buy.. =)
We went for dinner, Pizza Hut buffet..
We ate, while holding on to our free hands..
I didnt wanna let go..
I never experience life without him, not for so long..and i didnt want it at all..
We went home after dinner..
Took a bath.. and i stayed in his room for the rest of the night.
We talked, laughed, snuggled..took pictures, and videos..
I cried a little...
14th of July - My departure..
I dreaded the next morning... I didnt want it to come..
But i knew time would pass very fast..esp with him around..
We went to Jesmond again.. bought our diaries..and he bought me my big bear..
My heart felt heavier and heavier..
The van was going to bring us to Sydney at 3.
Baby wanted to come, that really touched me..
My heart sank, as i sat inside the van. Knowing that i would have at least 6 more hours with him left.
The journey to sydney was nearly 2 hours.I slept on his shoulder, and he held my hand..
When we reached the air port, we pushed the trolley together, our 4 hands on the little bar.
After dinner, dad said he would let us have sm time together..
We sang the song he gave me for my 15th birthday present. I miss u like crazy.
Tears just flowed down.. i knew i was really, goin to miss him like crazy
I sat on the trolley and he pushed me around like a little girl.
Then i stood up again, coz i realise i couldnt see him if he pushed me around again..
So we sat in one of the corners..
And we just talked..
Time passed really fast, and my dad came, telling me that is was time to go to the gates.
I wiped my tears away..and we walked slowly..
I didnt want to let go..
As we reached the doors, andrew gave me a hug, and kissed my head..
I just started crying again... I walk, and looked back, he smiled....
And tt was it. I couldnt cry in front of my dad..So i stopped.. but everytime i thought about it, the reality that i will not be able to see him in 4 months, my face just screwed up, and i cried again..
Worse thing was, i didnt bring my handphone back fom aussie.. So i couldnt msg him after that, to see how he was doin...
His uncle was nearby, so i wasnt really worried...
In the plane, all i wanted to do was sleep.
I took mums "giddy" medicine. and slept thru the plane ride to hong kong.
We had another 3 hour wait in hong kong before going back to msia..
I noe, horrible right..esp when i just wanted to go home after tt
I slept on the chairs provided, hugging Doo Doo..
Slept for the whole 2 hours..
Bought some chocolates..and on the way we were.. to sg, and then jaybee..
I reached home, hugged my family.. and immediately took mums phone to call andrew.
To my surprise, andrew msg-ed my mum to asked wether i reached or not, just as i was about to call him..
I smiled to myself. I knew it wasnt just pure coincidence. This happened so many times before..
His first sentence to me broke my heart so badly. But I also felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Because I knew... he really was the one.. =)
I decided to record this down in this blog of ours..Because this seperation is well.., new, sad, but exciting chapter in our story...
It makes me angry seeing couples quarrel now adays.. ( even in malls) I said to andrew.
Why? He said.
They dont know how to appreciate each other, what If they get seperated one day?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The overdue post

I shall call this post the long overdue post, which will consist of everything thats well, long overdued(got such word ha??) round here. So first off, the survey which I got tagged for by dear..

1. How old will you be in 10 months?
Nineteen.. but 2 months away from twenty..
2. Do you think you will get married?
Of course! But only to she, onot I stay single.
3. What do you look forward the most in 3 months time?
Hmm, I should have a 2 weeks break by then I guess.. but then exams are so close at that But gyea, it'll be a month before Im home for 3 months..
4. Who was the last person to call you?
Hmm, my mum?? She's worried Im going to die of loneliness around here..hehe..
5. Play or Eat?
Both!! but I dont like preparing what Im going to eat, especially now when she's not around. And I dont like playing alone (lol lol lol.. dont think dirty!!) either..
6. What were you doing at 12. am last night?
I was trying to webcam with she, but her internet at Pyramid Towers was pretty bad I guess.. Besides that, I was reading up on my anatomy of the small and large intestines.
7. Are your parents married/separated/divorced?
8. When was the last time u saw your mum
A week and and 2 days back.
9. What happened at 11 a.m?
Nothing much. Was once again studying.. sighz. She woke up around that time tho, cuz its 9am in malaysia..
10. Are you a social person?
Nahhhh, I know people who say I like to talk to the floor .. lol lolz.. but I would like to think im very sociable around those who know me well nuf..
11. What was the last thing you ate
Time to brag bout my cooking! Hmm, I fried eggs, vegetables with shrimp paste or something, nuggets and hainan chicken rice. So dopeees.. U tengah salivating already right?
12. Whats your favourite ice cream?
Hmmm, I like the sesame one she and I had.. Didnt quite like that ferrero or what nots we got from Mid Valley, cuz we all thought its gon be ferrero rochet type of thingy, ended up being just vanilla.. lol.. Ohyea, mcdonalds chocolate sundae ice cream is pretty good too.. I know dear likes it as well.. haha.
13. What is your favourite desert?
Cendol, bubur chacha, ice kachang.. Thats all I can think of right now.
14. How many glasses of water do you drink on average?
If I played sports or went to the gym, then mebbe 5?? If not, then much less..
15. What do you drink in the morning?
I eat cereal with milk round here, so I guess that counts..
16. Have u kissed sm1 before?
Yummy.. =)
17. Do you know how to play poker?
Hmmm, a little ar.. Im pretty good at 7 hand poker tho!!
18. What is your fav thing to spend money on?
Shoes, anything that I consider cheap on Ebay..
19. Do you wear any jewelery?
That piercing I have on my belly button counts rite?? Nahhh, just playins
20. Who is the funniest person you know?
She makes me lauf alot..We used to play this game to see who can make who Im still a better comedian tho.. :D
21. Which type of girl/boy do u like the most?
22. Are you missing someone now?
Alot alot alot alots. and its another 3 months and 3 weeks to go..
23. Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfren?
Yeap yeap.. im getting tired thats why all the answers getting shorter
24. Do you hate someone?
More than one person in fact..
25. Are you loving someone now?
Fo sure!

Ok, now that THATS done, lets move on to the super long ass overdue birthday post of mine.. I turned 19 not too long ago, and altho there wasnt much celebration, I did still receive a couple of gifts and all.. I didnt really do much on my birthday tho, but its allrite I guess.. didnt have the mood and what nots.

Anyways, dear got me this kickass Sony Ericsson handphone for my birthday! So that means Ive got two handphones now.. haha. Quite cools ar, its a walkman phone smore, and my nokia 6280 phone is gon die soon I think. It sometimes hangs and stuff, then I gotta restart the phone like 5 times... Im not too sure what model it is tho, will check up on it soon enuff.. Thanks alot yeap bi. Muax muax muax!!!

Besides that, I also got a new pair of kicks!

I didnt know Tebrau City had a casual Nike shop, selling a bunch of Air Forces and all the street wear shoes type of thing. Niceness, that can be my next hang out spot everytime i receive ang paos and stuff.. I like these kicks cuz they're easy to rock with jeans and all ar, tho its nothing fancy and all. And it stands out cuz of its color!! haha.

Alright , gua dah nak gi blajar ni. Cya peoples, im outs

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ways to make sure this four months will pass fast, and sweetly.
1. We have a secret diaries
- going to write down our daily activities.
Feel as though im telling him everything like i always do after dinner. =)
2. Bought M&M'S
yesterday we counted exactly 130 pieces, and put it in a container.
Going to eat one each day so that when we see the Last One Standing, lol
YAY!! =)
3. Have big big stuff toys you can REALLY hug
My shirt is on angel - the pink Watson doggy baby bought for me in 03
His shirt is on Doo Doo - The new caramel coloured bear dearie bought for me the day i left.
4. Webcam
Try to webbie every day at least an hour!
Dearie also wants me to read news to him everyday
Realised tt there are soooo many horrible news to read every day
Yours truly wil be starting Driving lessons next week! lol
Weather right now is really really cold.. I guess its something like what you see in the movies, where some one has to go thru the cold lonely nights alone.. Yes, its played out, but thats exactly how I feel right now.. Ive not had classes for the past 2 days, and I've been just bumming at home I guess... Didnt get to webcam with dear alot yesterday, cuz she went out with her friends.. and today's been pretty much the same ar, cuz she's been playing her ds whereas Ive been playing my ps2....on my whooping new 51cm tv!!!!

Its kinda ironic really, like how when all of us were young.. we all dreamt of studying overseas and stuffs.. But now that I've been here for awhile already, I can just make a long ass list on what I dont like about it, so here goes...

Why Australia does not kick ass

The weather... In summer, it gets so hot, until you just have to pop into a shopping mall to feel the cool breeze.. Summer was in february or so, and the ice cream we bought since then is still in the fridge.. lolz.. And thennnnnnnn, when its winter.. its just too damn cold.. Right now the skin on my face is peeling off, the room gets really really cold even with the heater on, and you dont even sweat when you're playing sports.. seriously, Ive been to the gym twice and played soccer for like 1 and a half hours, and nope.. no sweat at all.. tak shiok ar liddat..

The method of studying.. Sure, everyone says this will make you mature more and stuffs.. But its just quite hard to adapt to it.. Back home in Malaysia, everything was by the textbooks and stuf, and over here is really different. I wouldnt really complain that much if they dont fail people so easily..

Working hours.. Because of the fact that the government takes good care of the workers around here, they're only allowed to work from 9 to 5.. hence, shops dont open any later than that, except for em giant-like kinda shops and stuff.. Tak best tak best

County-like setting.. Ok, this only applies for the place where Im living in, and does not represent the country. Newcastle is just really really quiet, with alot of trees and beaches and stuff like that. Its quite cool ar, if you're those sort of emo person who likes to sit down on the beach and just emo away and stuff.. Not so cool if you're looking for things to do... They dont even have an outdoor basketball court over here, well atleast not that I know of ar.. The only one that is available is the one in the gym.. And that means you gotta pay to play, and since alot of people dont really like to pay to play, most of my frens wont join..

Last but not leastttttttt....

I hate being alone here... :(

Ok, so for every bad thing there has to be a good thing right.. So, here it is..

Why Australia kicks ass

Youtube here is just so much more faster than in Malaysia.

Thats it. Alright ,I know bi has tagged me (first time ever in my life I kena tag!!), and I will do the survey tmr or smth yeaps.. see yas
Got tagged by Tasha, and since im very bored at the moment, I shall OBEY =P
1. How old will you be in 10 months?
em, 19?? Hee. =)
2. Do you think you will get married?
If he wants to of course! =)
3. What do you look forward the most in 3 months time?
Knowing that it will only be a month before he comes back..
4. Who was the last person to call you?
Driving sch lady, to confirm that my holidays will be long enough to finish the whole course.
5. Play or Eat?
Both? I miss playing n eating with dearie.
6. What were you doing at 12. am last night?
Web-caming with him.. *grins*
7. Are your parents married/separated/divorced?
Happily married, what kinda question is this!
8. When was the last time u saw your mum
Just before she decided to take her afternoon nap
9. What happened at 11 a.m?
I took a bath, and went to my grannys place.
10. Are you a social person?
Well, i am around close friends... but am kinda quiet with strangers, and people i dont like.
11. What was the last thing you ate
Yummy chicken soup made by mum. No salt, not ajinomoto. Very YUM
12. Whats your favourite ice cream?
Any ice cream i share with bi! Soo many... esp when we were in Sydney.
13. What is your favourite desert?
Hm. I like honeymelon with sago. I like cendol.
14. How many glasses of water do you drink on average?
Oops, not much, i really shud drink more. =(
15. What do you drink in the morning?
I use to drink a cup of milk in aussie, now i dont like the milk here, taste artificial.
16. Have u kissed sm1 before?
17. Do you know how to play poker?
I know how to play 7 hand poker in MSN~
18. What is your fav thing to spend money on?
Weell, shopping? n food
19. Do you wear any jewelery?
Just the necklace bi gave me for my birthday last year
20. Who is the funniest person you know?
ERM, darling is pretty funny!
21. Which type of girl/boy do u like the most?
I like a girl like me, and a boy like my boifren
22. Are you missing someone now?
Duh, Abuden
23. Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfren?
I have a boyfriend, and have many girlfriends.
24. Do you hate someone?
Oh yea.. hatred is always with me. *grins*
25. Are you loving someone now?
I tag...
1) Andrew!! lol

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

After so long

I've been away from blogging for some time already. The reason : I dont need to point it out right? It's just that when such things happen, you would tend to have lost the mood to do such things..

Anyways, I've gotten better since a few days back.. Staying alone at Newcastle really isnt the easiest thing to do.. This place is boring ,lacks entertainment and everything closes at 5pm.. I managed to get through the first few months cuz dear has always been with me.. but now, alternatives are needed I guess..

Hence, I decided to bring my ps2 up along with me.. Only problem is, I've got no games to play.. I thought I would have games to keep me company, but then righ before I left Malaysia, i managed to beat that game thats just oozing with machoism, the one titled God Of War II. Took me bout 24 hours to finish that game on Normal level, and I prolly died close to a 50 times.. Yes, gaming does get frustrating at times.. Sooooo, anyone who has ps2 games that they are willing to send over to my place, do contact me alright. Im a big fan of sports game and action , im ok-ok with RPG's la, and I really really dont like games such as guitar hero, the dancing one's and so on.. You get the idea eh??

Ohyea, we've been webcamming quite alot since I got here.. Thats cuz im pretty free this week, with alot of time to kill and stuff.. allow me to introduce a new member in darling's ever growing collection of soft toys!!

Thats Doo Doo or is it Dudu?? dont ask me why she picked that name.. beats me.. haha.. And he's wearing my shirt!!!!

=) love u lots dear! hopefully this 4 months pass soon enough for me !
Hm. Its been 3 days since we parted.
But we have been web cam - ing, sms-ing. And dreaming =)
I do miss him alot, but I know we are strong enough to stay true to each other, and that our love and bond with each other will not vanish because of this small separation..
Anyway, i watched Harry Potter yesterday!
It is alright, as long as you dont compare it with the book. I mean, if u expect them to include everything, then the movie would be like 5 hours long, but seriously, i dont mind sitting there for that long lor. =)
Ginny's voice is soooo low?!?
ChoChang has this weird accent!
But everyone else was just sweeeeeeet!
omg, my leg is killing me, i got this weird rash, an my papa thinks its because of allergy, but i think otherwise!!!
oh well, cant argue, he is a practising doctor, and i failed my first year. lol
let me correct that, ONE PAPER. grrrrrr..
still angry at the thought of it tho. Shudnt they like, bar ppl whu fail Medical Science, and not Professional Practise?
Its like, so unfair lor.
Take me away from my baby oni.
I miss my baby alot.
BI, im gona be a fat pig when u come home!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I felt emotions that I never felt for years
I wanted to stay strong, but saw myself melt in tears
My other half, my only one, see that bit is gone
And now I gotta wait four months, but weeks feel long

I wish things werent like this.. I'll be strong tho.. Dont you worry bout me k

I love my life. =)

Back Home In Malaysia.. =)
This few days got me thinking alot..
When i got into Newcastle, i was saying i was the luckiest girl in the world... That God loves me so much and I loved my life.
When i failed, I complained that God was making fun of me, that i hated my life.. and that life really sucks...
But the biggest failure this week was me not realising that no matter what, God does love me..
I failed to think about how God blessed me with a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful and perfect boyfriend.
And compared to so many unfortunate people in the world..
I am, really, a lucky girl.
I am not filthy rich, but I have a comfortable life.. I got nearly everything i want.. except a puppy which dad promised me, but nessy has asthma.
I was chosen as a prefect, although i can be lazy at times.
I am not freaking smart, but I am not really dumb either. I may be unlucky coz i missed out one A in both SPM and PMR, but i did exceed my expectations.
I got to study what i really want to study, how many people out there dont get to study what they really want?
I got into medic school, the same university as my boyfriend..
I have so many relatives who loves me so much.
I have such wonderful parents that support me in everything I do.
I got together with my childhood sweetheart. Remembering memories of us being in primary school, and our little emails to each other is just a wonderful feeling..
My boyfriend loves me, he really does....
I have never been so sure in my life, im a million gazzilion billion sure that he is the ONE.
See.. sometimes because of small setbacks.. we blame every single thing except for ourselves.
We tend to look at the bad things in life, rather than all the wonderful things that God has prepared for us.
Im very sure this long break will do good for me.
And im certain that there is a reason for my failure.
Living in aussie alone without bi, made me realise that i depend on him too much.
Maybe God wants me to be more independant.
Maybe God wants me to make more friends, and not stick to my bi
Maybe Gods wants to let me get ahead of my year mates because he knows im a slow learner.
Maybe God wants me to be more mature, before i start Year One.
Like andrew's mum said.
Im young, i dont have to worry. =)
Thanks to everyone for their concern. =) Im doin fine.. except Im missing my darling alot..
But we'll be fine, we know rite dear?
I love u. Mwarks.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Darling passed all 3,
I passed the other two! =)
My baby is sho clever. v v proud of him.
Managed to sleep for 4 hours last nite. hee.
was spose to stay awake, but couldnt...
I love u dear.. i had lotsa fun yesterday..
gona miss u so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so muchie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

oh yea.

i forgot to point out that from saturday nite,

bi and i will officially be in a LDR.

sheesh. just when i "complained" and "mentioned" that we were nv separated.

but jia you bi!

its just four months..

u noe our love is more than tt.. =)

Im brave enough to type out what happened over the past week.
On Friday last week, i got an email..
I failed one of the papers.
Professional Practise. And because of that, i cant continue my 2nd semester this year.
Prof Prac - was a hard paper... all the "what shud u do?" questions.
couldnt study much... =(
Anyway, i flew up to Aussie immediately on Monday, reached on Tuesday..
Tried to appeal, but i diden have any solid reason.. because i wasnt sick, and nothin bad happened to me...
Then i tot i could at least stay here, and do some other course in the mean time..
But no can do. Coz of some VISA requirements....
I have to go home..
Go back to Malaysia as if im not smart enough to continue..
And come back nxt year to do prof prac again...
Just one of the paper.. lol
Bad thing is..
Im leaving my precious boy here in Newcastle... =(
That is what hurts me the most..
Im so afraid he wont be able to take care of himself..
So afraid he will feel lonely..
Dearest Boy.. im so sorry i got unlucky this time...
Its my fault..
I promise u i will stay strong..
And i will always..always be thinking about u. =)
Through out this huge HUGE hurdle..
My parents, godparents, sisters, friends and darling have beeen really supportive of me..
They diden even scold me at ALL.
and i feel so bad.. =-(
Im loved... so very much by them...
So i should be strong ..
I should...
This would give me a chance to study for 7 MONTHS!?! before i take the paper.. actually, 11 months of preparations. LOL
anyhow.. THANK U, mum, dad, mama , papa...
I chose this path, although i knew it was gona be long and hard.
This is just a little hurdle i will have to face..
But i never regreted chosing it..
Im really sure I want to do this in the future.. and i know i will succeed.
c'mon, its saving lives we're talking bt! =)
after all, i can still study along with bi. and get a head start from the rest nxt year. =)
I miss my boy. even now
friday will be the last day we can spend together.
i love u dar..
i love u, so much.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How on earth did i forget to blog bout bi bring saman-ed. lol
all my fault pulak! =p i told him it shud be in the compartment, but he said.. NOLAH.
so, its his fault. blek
i think dear forgot to blog about our badminton trip with nessy.
i played very well k! i mean, i played longer than i expected myself to tahan.
so im happy. =) and i think i sweat-ed sooo much yesterday.
i feel dirty and stick all the time here! lol.
why am i even blogging. haha.
I think dear forgot to mention that I got saman-ed yesterday , for not putting up my parkin coupon.. fooks! Worse thing is that I did have parking coupons in my glove compartment, I just totally forgot to put em up.. Thank god the officer or whatever was still there, so we managed to work things out.. nah means?? =D

Weather today was really a piece of crap.. I felt so hot and stuffy the whole time.. Tak tahans wei... Thank god Im in my room right now, with the air con switched on.. Can die wan leh the weather liddat.. But then when Im in Aussie, I'll complain that its too cold.. haha.. Isnt there a day where the weather is just right??

These past few days have been spent on home, with a little bit of going out as well ar. I do sometimes go out in the afternoon, cuz thats when my mum's back hence I can use the car.. But then it sucks to be in jb la, cuz its hard to actually stay out till late at night with all the crime on the rise and stuff, and then I hardly have any kaki lepaks around already.. Dont expect the form sixers to actually stay out till late right, they got sch smore.. sadness.. So most of time is then spent on the laptop, doin basically nothing but blog hopping, frendster hopping, a little bit of recording (yes, Im still doing that rap thingy , nah means? ) , and alot of playstation 2 hogging.. God of war 2 is the ish wei.. im like , 13 hours into the game ade and I dont think I'll be completing it anytime If I do pass right, then Im thinkin bout bringing my Ps2 over to Aussie, play whatever games that Im playing now finish, trade in my Ps2 (if they got accept modded wan la), and then maybe get a next-gen console for a lower price??? would be cool eh? maybe a Ps3 or a Wii or smth.. but then again, its a big IF.. once again, IF i do pass my exams..

alrights, Im off to watch a little TV right now.. see ya peoples

Malaysia. BOLEH?

Being home is great..
Love being at home, love being in the presence of my family..
Love NOT studying.. Love just being lazy.
Malaysia. *sigh*
I went to the Post Office with bi yesterday, to send some stuff for a friend in Aussie.
*cheaper postage u see* lol
So as we were queing up, I saw a piece of paper stuck onto the glass which seperated us, from the people working there.
The paper said.
I will serve u with a smile.
I shall be patient with you
I shall be courteous while attending to you.
then when it was my turn.
she looked at me with an iritated glance and said.
eh, nxt time tak bleh use this kind of wrapping tau. mesti balut ngan brown paper.
sarcasticly at me.
k, it wasnt much, but i was treated with utmost respect and politeness in aussie k.. grr
then today, my mum and I went to giant to get some groceries. As we were crossing the little "river" near my house, i saw this sign
"Kebersihan sungai menjamin kesihatan kita" or smth like that,
and rite below the sign was the "river: black, full of rubbish and plastic bags scattered everywhere!
And then!! there was once.
i went to this computer shop in landmark, and there was this fat chinese man sitting at the counter. so i asked him.
do u have the dv2000 laptop?
fat man: which wan u wan.
dee: dv2000
fat man: "looks at me like im a bimbo and like he noes everything"
and said. which SERIOUS?
which serious. RRIIGGGHHTTT..
series lah. stupid fat man.
not to mention all the ah bengs and ah lians..
and all the ah bengs - malay version.
and vcd sellers!!!! omg.
lucky i have my nice home, nice family, nice friends, and nice boifren here
oo! and nice food.
if not.. boo. malaysia.
u got sooo much more to work out if u ever want to reach, well, near the top.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Brand New Laappiiee! =)

I got a new laptop!! lol!
a HP wan, 2000 series, model = 2914. i think.
happy happy happy. =)
but its empty currently, no pictures, no songs, no nothing. but i dunoe how to transfer all of it fast! i only have a poor 512 mb pendrive! grr..
days have been lazy.. nt doing much. have to go visit my aunties and uncles and mama and papa soon! mum said they have been complaining. ooppsss..
sheesh, baby's birthday coming!! and i dont now what to do! =(

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finally got some pictures from adeline! My camera didnt have battery, and i was lazy to charge it. So have to wait for the pictures to come. =)
omg, i tired uploading the pics twice, but to no avail! haha
might try later then