Saturday, March 31, 2007

Seriously dont know why the police were I thought there was a gang fite or smth, but nola..wasnt big.. Random

Thats Azri and I.. shit.. I look gay

Ok, I just realise dear didnt send me much pics..ish..must get from her tmr
Liverpool just whoop Arsenal 4-1.. muahahaha..take that! felt good to actually catch a Liverpool match again, felt like its been god I didnt waste my time smore.. sacrificed a lil bit of studyin for the match.. gyeaahhh..

Anywayz, Jazz In The Park was aiteeeee la.. wasnt as big as what everyone was talking about, and I guess the hype was just too much.. I dunno, maybe its cause jazz music turns me off or smth, or maybe its cuz we didnt bring any drinks along while everyone else had jealous... Went to Frostbites after that, was supposedly to be an okay club ar.. I personally felt it it was crap, calah to Ny Club kat JB..thats how crap it is.. whats good was that the spirits were going for 3 dollars for all med students, so I managed to get a couple of drinks.. They had this cool range of drinks, where its like slurpee with vodka and all.. not bad not bad.. However, that was the only bright point i guess, I dont even enjoy the music First it was jazz, and then it was trance..arghh.. where's all that RNB good stuffss..??!!?? australia hates me or smth.. lol..

That rash that I was complaining in the previous post still has yet to go away tho.. I mean, its not spreading that bad anymore, but my arms still look horrible... Blood test carried out already showed that it cant possibly be chicken pox (phewwww), but then again, cuz they have no idea whats causing it, there's no form of medication cept for time itself.. ishhh.. atleast the cream that the doctor prescribed has been quite effective, reducing the itch by alot.. takut wan go in public or smth, wait people think i got some weird ass disease.. and how ironic, im studying medic god there isnt any hospital trips for my group yet this week, onot surely I cant make it wans..

Alright, I think I'll go ahead and work on my assignments abit more right now.. Quite late ade anywayz, its 12.51 am.. i know its not late in Malaysian time, but here everyone sleeps at 10..tak best sial....

Jazz In The Park

This was where the lady was singing ..
Very blur!
This is my study table =)
This is my sweet sweet bed. Realise that i managed to bring most of my babies??
My current wallpaper. I love this picture. 5 people whom I love

The Malaysians.. =) Andrew, Hafiz, Me, and Zarina. Wer is weiyang??
On the way back after having some drinks. =)

In our house. With Ehsan
Veronica and Me

Me and Allison. =)
Updates later i guess.
Need to cook.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I feel better now! =)

The day became a better one =)
I washed half of my clothes... * i have so much unwashed clothes all this while!* ew
and i can wash the rest tomorow or something. =)
I cleaned up my room, made a dining table out of my fedd-ex box, and in understanding my Public Health notes really well.
Except bt some dumb Prognosis thing. Its weird..
2 n a half hours to shopping time =)
I love Andrew! *smiles*
i hope u get well.. and we can have fun at jazz in the park tomorow...


I woke up at 5 in the morning. When to the toilet, climb back onto my oh-so-comfy bed and i realise that the sky outside really looks nice..
Stood up on my bed and stared at they sky for 10 minutes, hoping the sun would come up! But it didnt, do i went back to sleep, and stood up on my bed, hoping to see a sunrise.. something i had always wanted to see, but never had a chance too! =( is another free thursday! =) Woke up at 7.30, and tried to study. Wanted to wash my clothes, but its 11.04 now, and I just managed to start washing them. The washing machine looks dirty. =( I hate it.
I wan mummy and daddy to buy me my own house and furnish the house with everything new. I hope mummy wins toto.
Hmph, i hate dirty dirty things, I may not be neat and tidy, but i hate dirty stuff. =(
Feeling not so "up" today.. Will probably make my bed, and that probably that would make me a little happier..
Grocery shopping again.. pufft
Have to buy a heater, nights have been really chilly, and i sleep with the fetus position, which is kinda uncomfortable. Have to wear a jacket, and extra thick socks, and two blankets. And i dont even have the fan on!
Sigh.. i miss mummy, daddy, sisssys..
Shit started 2 days ago.. Rash started spreading to my other arm, then my neck, and then my legs.. fuck.. I feel like shit at times.. Doctor cant tell wheter could it be due to an allergy, bug bite, or even worse, a 2nd round of chicken pox.. wtfzzz... what are the chances of getting chicken pox 2wice in a lifetime wei? has to be really low..last nite was the worse i think, cuz my arms got really really itchy.. I remember waking up at 2 and 4 am just to scratch my arm like crazy, and then applying itchy medicine which barely reduces the itch.. This sucks donkey balls.. Hopefully its getting better la, but I really cant tell.. and hopefully, it is not chicken pox.. I heard that getting it when you're an adult is the worse shit that could happen, harap harapla bukan.. The itch is really crazy at times tho, feels like mosquitoe bites all over.. Thats how iritating it can feel.. Been tahaning for the past few days already.. Atleast Ive got an excuse to skip classes la, but there's nothing much today also, just a brief introduction to some library function or smth, which I will prolly ponteng.... yayness.. Maybe I'll get dear to post a pic of my arm or smth, but its really geli la..biji biji type of rash..farkkss..

On another note, my basketball team lost for the 2nd time in 2 weeks..lolz.. yesterday was hell tho, having only 5 people to last for the whole game, which meant no subs or anything..Was dead exhausted after the game, which just meant that ive not been playing full court games at such a pace for some time, the score was like 35-30 i think.. my turnover numbers was pretty high tho, so I think I should make an effort to cut down on it next week.. should have won these 2 matches wan, and it sucks when you look back at all the missed chances.. sialllss..

Arghh, fuckin leg so damn itchy now.. Should I scratch or not scratch.. Alrite la, i think i will go bath now, then can apply the itch cream all over again.. see you peoples

Monday, March 26, 2007

This is the weather forecast for tommorow.. expected high of 23, lows of 17 if im not mistaken.. thats really really past 2 days have been just as cold, almost air-con like i should say.. not really complaining la, cuz it does get pretty hot over here at times.. just that dont think can go wash clothes nowadays, takut hujan..lolz..

Life's been pretty good so far, cept that I am getting a little worried by the fact that Ive not been studying..these ang mohs quite smart wan ar, they read a little bit then faham ade.. quite scary lor they all, some even did some science degree or smth b4 pursuing medicine, thus they pretty much know 100% more than me.. dieded... and the fact that we took SAM itself already puts us at a disadvantage, cuz the A levels and MARA students did more detailed biochemistry last year.. fookk!! Nvm, easter hollies be coming soon, harap harap la i catch up by then..

Ohyeaaaaa, wanna inform everybody somethinggg.... important announcement ar.. I DO COOK ALRITE PEOPLES!! Everyone's prolly thinkin that Im bullying dear or smth, nonono.. lolz.. I got cook wan okayss.. quite pro smore, I might add.. and to those yang tak caya me, next time when I balik I will let you peoples try my dishes, but must pay abit la..gyeaa, thats where my cooking stands.. salivating already rite?? i knowsss.. lol..

Jazz In The Park is this friday...niceness, altho I dont really know whats the event about.. i mean, why Jazz music la???? but i guess it should be pretty cool, cuz alotta people are already talking bout it ever since i arrive here..I wonder if they have any hip hop functions wan onot, would be cool rite... like, hold a freestyle battle or smth.. nahhhh, doubt it la..everyone here layan rock oni.. saddenings....

Aite, i guess I'll go do some research now.. satisfied with this entry..seems long enough to me.. And once again, I dont have any pictures cuz the stupid usb thingy that hooks my hp to my laptop is messed up.. Piece of shitto.. Chowz people

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Movie Night.=)

Yesterday, Allison invited me and Gunjan for a movie at Charlestown! =)
Was definitely excited because this was my first in Aussie.

We watched a movie called Hot Fuzz,haha, i thought it was boring, but hell was i wrong!

It was DAMN funny! with alot of random jokes thrown into it.

Allison, for sure enjoyed herself soo much,as she was laughing really really loud

Shes sooo sweet.. for actually inviting us.. =)

The stupidest thing was i forgot to bring my wallet.. how dumb can i get. Luckily gunjan was there, if not it would be damn memalufying. haha...

What i found amusing was i was sitting in between Gunjan and Al, and when Harry Potter's trailer came up, all three of us well.. when" ahhh!!! i wanna watch!!!!" and when Pirates of the Carribean's trailer came up, all three of us when "he is soo cutee! i cant wait for the movie! i must watch this!!" haha..

Three different races, from three different countries.. Girls are girls.. no matter where we come from.=)

Anyway, im watching House now!! everyday day, me and bibi are gonna watch 2 episodes of house. =)

Oh yea, pictures.. before i forget.

Me, Gunjan, Allison, and Michael

This pose has been used by my secondary, college, and now uni frens. Allison suggested it after the Hot Fuzz movie we watched. Police show mah!

I look horrible in this picture. But this shows that me is having fun actually. *big big grin*

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Two mini chocolate bars we won!
Shopping Spree!
Random foto of a croc,just tot it was very artistic of me =)
I LOVE this pair of slippers..=)
Dont i look important? lol, thats the card we have to wear during hosp visits..
The 2nd nicest thing about newcastle.=)
Char keoy teow- we added two small plates of chili so that it tasted hot
Me and my Dress!!
It makes me look younger.=)


Shopping today was great!
I bought two shorts,and a dress for only 10 bucks. 3 for 10aud..?!? haha! Was a great bargain! =) Then i bought two glittery hairbands for 2.95, bought a pair of sunnies, which were 9.95, had rum raisin, and lemon lime ice cream, had one cute choco mud doughnut, shared a plate of char kuey teow, and played a game at the chocolate factory! =)
We won 2 chocolates btw, haha, for 2 bucks!! So not worth it..
Nothin much to blog about. I cant wait for the books to arrive....argh
Then i can study properly, and not look at once sentence and go HAR???
" A striking morphologic feature comtaining the germinal center, where B-cell responses occur within a meshwork of follicular dendritc cells"
And that is just once sentence. Crazy
Oh yea, it was grocery shopping too! =)
Bought 12 dollars from the fruit barn, and 67 dollars at woolies..
Not bad, considering that is lunch and dinner for a week.
Made sourcream and onion mash potato, and sausages and corn for dinner.
I have officially stop taking pictures of food,coz mum was like"see how long u can take photos of your food" hehe
My tag board is so dead. Please tag when u come! =(
If not i'll feel lonely.. har har
Next week we will be interviewing REAL patients at the hosp! I hope i get a nice patient..
And i would probably pair up with Trisha.heh
Allison invited me and andrew to watch a movie with her tomorow! But she hasnt replied me about what movie are we watching.. probably call her tomorow..! =)
Or tonight.
hm.. im being random
Okie, got nothin much to say, will post pictures of today after this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Burnt Myself =(

Was baking some fries when i burnt myself!! ='( Its just a little burnt, but it hurts!! ='(
Coincidentally, Gunjan, my housematey burnt herself too! But from the steam from the ricecooker. hehe
Was suppose to go for something called the Pub- Crawl, where medical students go to every pub in the city! haha.. but Dearie has a basketball match tomorow.. so.. plan cancelled. Sigh.
Nevermind, there wil be another function next week i think! Jazz in The Park!
Just finish my media production assignment! Waste of time. haha. And i havent finish my learning targets! Will and MUST wake up tomorow to get my stuff done!!
Cant wait for Thursday, i might go shopping with bi at Charlestown!
Speaking of that... i bought a Roxy Handbag!!
Arhh! I love it soooo much.. was thinking and thinking wether or not i shud get it, i mean ,it was 25.90 Aud i think... which is kinda worth it...But yea, Whee~!! I got it! hehe..
Its gold, white, pink and light gold. haha.. =D
Thank Daddy for it, go i swipe out my aherm, mastercard, and signed it. muahhaha
I wanna save money ade! And i am succeeding i think! Except for the handbag.. the only other time i took out money was to catch the bus! So yea, im saving because....
of the..............
Wan to shopping shopping abit mah.. ! =))
And will be meeting up with esther, pang ping, desmond, and hopefully wajideedee and big amin!
Kinda glad coz i miss my G1-ians tooo...
yesterday was chattin with ren ee, and i realised how much i miss just being childish and playin with water guns and umbrellas.. lol
cant do that here , eh? s
sigh... b.o.r.i.n.g
called esther just now, and she made honey soup and chicken? hehe.. esther's creation she said. Never knew u can do that, maybe i will try some day!! haha!
I had fried pasta today, which tasted nice, fried it with garlic and tomatoes...
Alrighty, Dee Dee is tired...
Being able to blog at 12 noon is a good thing, especially when its from the comforts of home.. This just shows u how free I am todae.. Only got a 1 and a half hour class later, and its for Public Health.. shieeettzz.. I still hate this subject..

Havent been blogging much the past few days as dear has been doing much of the blogging duties.. Been caught up with media production assignment over the past few days, and nasib baik ive been able to draft it out finish yesterday.. Its due tommorow, and altho I only need to just pass since its an elective, I still take alot of interest in that subject..

Kinda think of it, this week is suprisingly free.. I only got 2 hours of class on wed and friday each, and thursday is off day.... niceness.. gives me the time I need to catch my breath, play a bit of Dawn of War, and go explore Newcastle a lil bit more..

Easter break's approachin pretty soon I think , 6th of April if im not mistaken.. cant wait cant wait.. ive no idea why is it so long tho, like 2 weeks or smth.. is it cuz exams are comin soon and the break is for us to catch up with our studies.. hmmm, whatevers... And yeap, the both of us are plannin to head over to Sydney to catch up with a few friends over there.. plans havent been finalized yet or anytin, and it could get pretty costly if we stay there for some time.. but who doesnt wanna go Sydney.. haha.. dah tak sabar la..

Aite, im off to go get a bite or smth, prolly instant food.. haha.. catch yall peoples later.. takcare

Monday, March 19, 2007

MissTee's Life

Monday is our lecture days..

We normally have lectures from 9 to 5 with a two hour break in between. =)
Today, we started at 12! hehe.. yay! =) So i had time to actually wash some clothes (manually)
Was reading my first few entries coz i wanted to see how old my bloggie was, after Esther'S birthday announcement for her blog.. haha..
And i realise something weird.
My entries were similar to someones...
Kaytrieese. LOL.
Really! You should read my blog, and then go to my sisters blog. Its exactly the same way of writing.! =)
Im suppose to be reading some public health .. hehe, thats wut andrew thinks im doing anyway. =D
I need to blog! Beeen itching to do so.
Anyway, back to my old old post.. it was about SPM, about studying FOR spm. lol
Blogging is definately wonderful. Its not like a normal handwritten diary. Coz those diaries were long missing, and i often tear of the pages where i had a bad day. So this blog has actually been with me through SPM, SAM, and now Medicine.
Can u imagine..? From being worried about SPM, to sitting for SPM, to gettin results i worked hard for, to starting college life.. to doing miserably horirble in my common test.. to failing an interivew.. to being a damn bloody nerd, to getting my results (yay) to getting a place here at Newcastle.
Its been a long journey, eh?
All i can say is that i had many hurdles in life. I had many nights crying. I had many days hating myself.
But God was always there for me.
=) I may not be a holy person, and i might not know everything about my religion. But i know that God has always been there for me, and i pray every single day. ( Well, not every, but i try too!) to thank God ( i shud say GODS... because i have many many Gods. =p) for always protecting and blessing each and every one of my family, frens, and of coz Andrew and I.
I count myself very lucky for being who I am.
I may not be the smartest, prettiest,& perfectest (wt kinda eng is tt)
But I am so very lucky to have a dad and mum who have been nothing but parents and best friends to me, sisters who make my life perfect, friends who have never failed to make my day, godfamily (papa, mama and kor kors) who wake up early to make choco chips cookies for me to send over! haha, and a boyfriend who loves me just as much as i love him.
This post is more like a reflection of my life.
U know, when u sit back, relax, and let phases of your life run through ur mind.
Miss Tee

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Such A Slaker =(

Dont we look young here. =)
For you information, Desiree has managed to do only one page of notes for my Working Problem.



1) Andrew went of to play basketball, locking his room?!?!? And i left my BAG inside..

Meaning, no handphone, no pencil case, no BOOKS, no file, no KEYS?!?

FOR bloody 3 HOURS.


So i was stuck doing Public Health which was sooo boring, and after the GREAT came back, we made chicken curry, vegetables, and papadums!

By the time we cleaned up, and bathed, it was already... 10 plus i think.

So i managed to do some work, and net net called me, and i was distracted. So tts why there was only ONE page done. =)

So i slept at 1.30am, and i put my alarm at 9. But here I am, at 11.30 am, not having any work done, and goin off to shop soon. =( Boo to myself.

And i have to finish my media production assignment !!!!!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday =) My fav day!

Saturday! =)
I like saturdays, because Tomoro is still a weekend, and i dont have to go to uni!
And i get to wake up any time i want! Woke up at 10.30
today! which I consider quite late..since i have a bunch of work to be done by monday. =)
Studying mode : ON!
Having lunch at the moment. Not good. Instant Macaroni again. Puik. I just realised that every saturday lunch, i eat instant. Tonight im making curry chicken! Whee! Hehe... Miss it sooooo much........ I miss my la ee's MUTTON CURRY! =(
Oh yea, this morning, the internet wasnt working, so I, while showing my tantrum, cycled al the way to uni, to get some websites for my Working Problem. I was feeling okay, coz i managed to find some good sites, and even managed to borrow a good book! Kumar and Clark- Clinical Medicine. =)
I shall be able to tell u why a person coughs, at the end of the day. lol
The BAD thing was...SOME BODY STOLE MY HELMET!!!!!!!!!
hello? this is newcasle, nobody steal things!
grr... why am i sure the person that stole my helmet was a malaysian. haha. I think its wei yang, since he dosent have a helmet.. grrr.. =p
No worries, weiyang dosent read my blog. hee
Well.. this means that i have to make another trip to Jesmond, to get a nother helmet that wud cost me about 30 dollars. Crap. =p I am gonna catch u one day, u stupid helmet stealer. I wud most certainly see you one day, u idiot. Steal something that needs to be worn on ur head. Its like wearing a note saying, I stole ur helmet. Stupid. grrr
Lets all pray that he/she falls down from their bike =) *blinkblink*
Lovely lots,
Miss Tee

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Like Grocery Shopping =)

That was my lasagne.. lol. eh, it tasted nice k! =p

Garlic Rice, Baked Chicken, and Salad for dinner today

Baked lamb, fries, and salad!

I had a good time shopping =)

I bought fruits, vegetables, noodles, pork, chicken, flavouring straws, lasagne kit, and many many things =) my throat is getting bad.. itchy hrrmmm... =(
So Andrew is so lucky to have me, lol
I help him save money OKAY
U noe lar, he spoiled out frying pain and spatula
So we went to buy them today...
He picked out one, 21 dollar, picked up another 10 dollar, and i saw one! 3 in 1 frying pan! 9.99 dollar oni!! So ok, we chop that d.. then wan to buy spatula, he said 2 dollar wan is the cheapest...but ta-dah! i found one. 99 cents. =)
Girls.. so clever =)
Tomoro will wake up early to go to the gym. or shud i go later, after the PBL session?
Bi lah.. football football football.. spoil my plans.
Anyway, i cleaned up my room again! I clean in like every week.. but still very messy. and dusty.
I wan to go home!!! =(
Oh yea, today we saw human organs.. =)
Stomach, spleen, liver, and 3 dead bodies. I dont mind the body, but when u are standing right beside a body, and the head is covered with a cloth ( i thank god for that) u still fill a lil freaked out. Esp when u see the skin., and its still reddish in colour. Its funny, coz u get to see their private parts still intact with the body. But like my papa said. We should respect them, for they were willing to give ur their body to learn from. =) So enough said.
Oh yea! There was one liver, that was ooooovvverrrrr sized. 9KG man. Its like a big big block.
But my lecturer couldnt find out what was wrong with this man. So the big big liver shall remain a mystery
Sick fact of the day : I found a dead cockroach outside my toilet.
Why sick? Coz it was headless.
Why Headless?? I dun wanna noe... =((
Miss Tee
p/s: i made myself nice nice hot lime tea. Lime here = big + no seeds!

Grocery Day Again = one week has Passed??

Blogging a little post before i get a bath, and get ready for Uni,
Its 12.09 now! and i got classes at 1! =) I hope i get the same group as bibi next time, then i wont be so lonely at home.. =(
Dont even think im gona have lunch yet. Maybe at 2, when i finish my Anatomy Lab class. Today, we're gona learn about the abdomen. So probably going to see cadavers again.
kewl.... blood.. meat... veins..
Oh yea, something very funny my lecturer said. If u see anything green and brown on the cadavers, dun squeeze it. Unless you want shit and bile on ur face. haha.
Was suppose to study a little today, but there are soo many things to remember! Its true when they said your vocabulary will increase by another 10000 words by the end of the medical course. Ive learnt sooo many new words in just a few weeks.!
Thursday is here again, meaning shopping! We have to get lotsa lotsa meat this time, coz we're onl left with 2 pathetic sausages. Oh yea! Yesterday we made lasagne! =) I thought it was not gonna work out. But suprisingly, it did! and it was delicious!!!
Will post up a picture of it maybe tonight. =)
Im gona try to cook chinese food for the next week, been eating alot of western. I feel like im puttting on weight.! But its a good thing =)
Tasha! Ur TLC didnt work. I guess it got caught somewhere in Melbourne or Perth. =( Im sick!! Im losing my voice, trying to get the phelgm out, but it dosent work... =( And im having a flu now!
I had a funny funny dream yesterday. =) It was so weird. I dreamt i was wearing earings, but they were really just hair clips. So i kept taking it out, coz it hurt realll bad... and the funny thing was, the next thing i knew, there earings were on me again!! Happened a few times until i woke up, and realise that my i slept in a way, that my ears were "kemek-ed" and they really really hurt in a real life. =) Weird huh, how dreams are!
Okay, i have to go bath now, and grab a little something to eat.
Then wash some dishes, and on my way I am to Uni!
p/s, love ya too kay, take care of dadda! and study hard! stop talking on the phone, wait got ear infection.!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday.. This seems like the only day that I can actually sit infront of my laptop for hours without much worries.. No assignments, no working problems, no homeowork.. And classes start at 12 tommorow.. this that shit im talkin about cinaaaaa...

Ohyea, today morning was just plain awful.. and funny to a certain extent..You see, dear had asked me to fry eggs for her breakfast, as she still had a lil work to do.. And this is the first time I totally messed up in cooking.. lol.. okay, the dish turned out pretty good in my opinion... I mean, it wasnt the best la, but she finished it..haha.. only problem was, I left the fuggin frying pan on top of the stove which was still running, and I then went to present dear with her lovely breakfast... And when I opened her room door a few minutes later, the corridors in our place was smoky as hell..its like some1 was rolling up a joint or smth.. and thennnnnnnnnn.. as we had used the plastic type of thing to fry, it totally melted on the frying pan.. omfggggg... stupid me, now I gotta spend a bunch of dollars on buying a replacement frying pan and the thing u use to fry.. sialllz..

Okay, other than that.. my day went pretty well.. Foundation of media production classes seem pretty fun.. We do have assignments already, and its pretty okay la.. not like medicine or smth. haha.. Pretty much spend hours in the computer lab with headphones in our ear, listening to each audio sample and stuff.. haha.. This is what I wanted to do when I was young, no joke... atleast im pursuing a quarter of that dream..haha...

Am I missing Malaysia life right ow? hmm, would yall kill me if I say I wasnt? lolz.. heres okay la, takes awhile to get used to... its not perfect, nor is it the worse place ive ever stayed at.. the malaysian seniors are extremly helpful and friendly too.. its like, they kena infected by the ausie friendliness or sumting.. But yea, they are a bunch of nice dudes.. We try to play football as often as possible around here, and I can tell u right now that the hours ive spent playing football here is more then Ive played in the past 2 or 3 I pretty much stopped playing football for awhile already, but since everyones playing.. why nots...

One thing I definitely miss is rockin a mic and a crowd.. its been awhile since I performed already, and shit...I just wish I could jump on stage and kick it.. if only there was an active rap scene here.. I doubt there is tho.. hmmmm.. and kanye west is coming to Malaysia on April!!! it would have been great to actually watch him live.. hopefully he does come to Bar On The Hill to peform ,which is this bar like setting we have on Uni. lmaooo.. doubt he will tho...

Aite peoples, Im off to do abit of reading now.. Ive pretty much chilled for a good few hours already... Time to get back to a little studyin.. peace and pieces

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I think im getting ill

Yesterday and today have been soo exhausting. I finally decided i should really study Public Health, and is shud really get myself familiarized with the terms..
Cohort Studies, Case Control, Relative Risk, Odds Ratio, Randomised Control Studies, Confounding, Effect Modifier, Counting RR AND OR, and today we had RRR and something else.
Yeap, i studied soo much! =( and i had to read a 9 pages article, and 4 pages of notes for today.
Glad i did, todays tutorial was definitely fruitful for me.
=) First time i didnt go out of the room thinking, wt "H"hehe.. i dun swear. *blink blink*
So yea, Im just so proud of myself coz finally i did some studying.. so YAY for Dee!
Oh yea, i have to hand up an assignment tomorow.. and i havent touched it yet? I mean, it was a public health assignment, so yah, obviously i had to learn the terms before doing it. So im staying up today and finishing it up to hand it tomoro! Worst thing is, its 10% of my semester!
Its getting reallly chilly nowadays... one of my frens said that the when its changing to autumm, it will be a little cold. But i feel like im In Genting k. I mean, not THAT cold, but at times, my hands really freezes... and it kinda hurts?
I was just reading some young girls blog, and she was goin on and on about people hu hate her, and she hates her live, and that no one likes her, and she dosent love herselves...
God.. haha.. do all people who come from that sch think like that?
Okaay.. dun have any photos to show.. nothin really interesting coming up.
So, tata
Miss Tee

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Been in hiatus for awhile now, mainly cause I just cant find the time to blog (damn it..sounds like Im in SAM all over again dont it?).. Time definitely passes very fast, especially when we only get our homework on Fridays, hence we pretty much spend the whole weekend fully focused on it.. lolz..

Currently the time is 12.17 AM.. ive got classes at 8 tommorow, and finish at 5pm... Gosh, I hate Mondays.. Anyways, dear changed the blog skin already, and alot (if not,all) of the thanks goes to her.. I couldnt find time to help her with it this time around, cause I was busy with the PBL and all that.. sorrie yeap dear.. =)

Public Health is being a bitch right now tho... cant seem to get most of the articles yet.. Funny thing is, all the angmohs seem to get it at first glance, while the rest of the asians are abit behind.. I still dont get the point of doing it tho, unless you're gon be some1 who analyses case studies and what nots.. Will try again tommorow tho, am not giving up.. altho it did take me 1 whole hour to read 9 pages of stuffs that I dont really faham.. SIAL BETUL..

Ohyea, did I mention that we've got ourselves brand new bikes?? Getting a little sick of walking back and forth from uni ade, so the bikes would prolly do us good.. I got to admitt tho, and this might sound like Im deprived of a proper childhood or smth, but I've never properly learnt how to ride a bike before...those small small one got la, but not a mountain bike..So first day on the bike was pretty much a living hell for me, and everyone who was tryin to avoid getting killed by me..lolz.. But Im proud to say that Ive pretty much gotten a hang of it tho.. Who here can say that they learn how to ride a bike after 1 day?? Still pretty bad when it comes to narrow places with a bunch of people tho, I tend to seem like a hazard to the public...lolz..We'll see how it goes..

And last but not least, we finally managed to head over to the beach today.. niceness.. Im not really a beach type of person and stuffs, cuz I dont really enjoy having wet sand stuck between my leg hair and toes.. but i gotta admitt, the beaches here are def cool, and it was nice being able to do something new with dear (the beach during the turtle trip last year doesnt really count).. I didnt get sunburnt oso... most ang mohs usually come back from the beach all red and stuff.. funny.. thank god im dark.. hehe.. and yea, Im not racist or anytin ar..

Alrite, its getting pretty late already and I gotta wake up in bout 6 hrs time.. shieeeetzzz.. Take care once again yeaps.. Hopefully I can blog more when I got the time.. see ya

Newcastle Beach =)


We went to the beach today! =)


Was sooo excited =p, but when the alarm rang this morning, i snooozed it till 9 plus.

Was suppose to wake up at 8 u see.. =) So finally at 10.40 am, lol, we headed to the city!

in 20 minutes or so, we reached our destination!

Yay! Haha.. i cant help it, its just sooo pretty =)

So off we went to soak our feet in the water. Water WAS really chilly btw.. There were quite a few of them surfing, body surfing, i wanna get one boogie boards too! or however to spell them. Its like u lie on the boards and just let the waves bring you to shore. Its sooo cool!

And the waves are really really strong, and tall! as tall as me k! even when you are near the shore and stuff.. when the waves come, i'll face in front and whoooosh.. u'll be swept onto shore.. but it SUCKS when there is a rock nearby.. because ur legs get "rubbed" onto the rocks.. and that really hurts.. i kena twice leh! sigh.... over all, after spending like 20 minutes just letting the waves splash on us, I HAD FUN! probably the funnest thing i did in Aussie just yet. *grins*

After al the fun, we both walk from the beach with very very dirty feet. =D

Baby described this photo.. =)

I am goin to make a point to visit the beach every fortnight maybe, there are many beaches around though, this one is the Newcastle Beach, will find out which other beaches i can go to.

After that, we decided to do some shopping and lunching at the city. Even thought its called the city, it is still very quiet.. =( Maybe cause its a Sunday ba..Realised i never shown u guys a picture of the city yet. Y do i keep saying the word city.

Had the most delicious, yummy, oily food in the cutest way ever.

You know how u always watched movies, and how ang mohs always order chinese food in a box.


Noodles In A Box! hehe.. cute, i want to try the tom yum nxt time!!! But its really expensive.. like 7 AUD for a pack? *shakes head*

Okay, enuff for the day, Wanna get some studying done before a day of lectures tomorow.. =)



Saturday, March 10, 2007


Last year, Bibi and I had really good waffles at Sunway Pyramid. Too bad, we didnt get to go there again, because we only decided to try this right before our course ended in Taylors..

We had an urge to eat some good waffless..!

So we made this!! =)) I think it looks nicer.. haha Instead of caramelized banana, we had hazelnut chocolate fudge =) , and our waffles are ready made, just stick them into the toaster! Turkish Delight Cadbury ice cream


I didnt get to go see naked ppl on the bike. Hmph. =(

But its alright, as long as i get to the beach tomorow..! Been doing work the whole day! So proud of myself. Halfway through the working problem. Am now reading about the gastrointestinal tract!

Baby wen to play football again. OO! I got a call from my fren Marni. She asked wether i wanted to join her with Latin Dancing Classes. haha.. I told her not today, because my hands are still sore. So i'll be goin for a class next weekend! Just see see only lar, cause its 5dollars per class. If i like it, then i shall continue. But its pretty weird. haha. What is latin dancing anyway? hee

Am alone at home again. The girls went home. Boo!

Oh yea, did i mention that i bought Papadums? U know.the indian keropok.! I just have to put it into the microwave, and out comes papadums! =) Microwaved 3 for myself just now, and dipped it with Peri Peri Sauce. I think im goin to put on weight!

Im trying sooo hard to make a nice blogskin, but i failed. Managed to put a picture of us up there, but that is just experimental. Well, i guess i should go back to my work! Might be blogging later IF i have something to blog about.

Oh yea, i was surfing around and i saw many more photo editting programs! All nicer than photoshop leh. Feel like downloading the programs... Makes pictures really nice and mystical. =)



Friday, March 09, 2007

This is my house, front view. The bikes are ours!

The view outside my house

Yesterday's sky was beautiful.

A tinge of blue, white, orange, and purple. =)

Was running across the street trying to get to my house, and take a picture. But I felt so akward! There were like cars driving around. Dunoe lah.

I realise this is the first time Im leaving in a house near the main road.

My house in Msia is at a dead end

In KayElle, i lived at My Place Apartments, which was in a corner as well!

But it isnt that noisy lar... Cause its Newcastle.. dang. lol

Today was terrible! Had and appointment with DR Murugasu.

And showed her all my Immunization Records.. Was hoping that i didnt need to get jabs like the others..

Guess what. I had 4 needles "poked" into my body. ='(

One for MMR, Tetanus, Flu and one for my blood test.


It hurts k! And the nurses here are so ganas..

I promised Andrew i would go to the gym with him, and I've been putting it off for quite some time, so even with a sore arm, i managed to get my butt on the bike, and cycle to the FORUM.

I managed to cycle ( the exercise machine thing ) 10 km today!

Felt good after exercising. Like floating like that. hee..

But my hand hurt like mad after tht..

So i came home, took a bath, and slept thru till 8, i think?
Decided that i missed Nando's, so ta-dah!!

We cheated though, bought Nandos Peri Peri Extra Hot sauce from Woolies. =)

Argh, I keep telling myself to study, but i dont. HELP! =(



Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bibi and an EMU
The Mara Scolars

A few of us at the first incision.
Classes today starts at 1pm.
I woke up at 9.45!! =) sweeeet...
Decided to study a little bit.. since i havent been studying alot since the sems started.
Pedigree Chart! We learnt one kind in sec 5, but there are like so many diffrent kinds of it.
Quite interesting. =)
Oh yea! I bought a bike yesterday! Costed me AUD148
But i will use it quite often, so dont worry! hehe.. But i dont think i will cycle on it today.
Going to uni alone u see.. everyone is at Uni already
Today will be just 2 hours and 30 minutes of class
And since its Thursday, its shopping day! =)
Free bus to the nearest shopping centre.
I hope iT dosent rain again..
To weiyi and tashy,
I find it amazing too, that xaviers keep winning. lol
I just said SOME xaviers are like that, not all... =p
Its 12.25. Haih. Just had my first lonely lunch.
Easy macaroni, Wer u just boil it in the microwave, and pour the cheese powder.
And walah! U get a nice bowl of mac.
My hand hurts! Have no idea why though.. =(
I seriouly have no idea what to blog about. But i might head to the beach this weekend if the weather is good! The beach is the best thing in Newcastle.
Serious! Too bad the sun only rises and not sets here at the beach.
I have to wake up like at 5 probably to see the sun rise. And there are no busses available! Bike?? lol... dun thnk i can cycle that far. Dont even know the place.
All right, i guess I should start to get ready.
Going to the lab to play with microscopes!
Introduction to Histology.
Lovey Lots,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Damn it, damn cold now ,and my fan is switched off at the moment.. gila lah... i guess its my walls or smth, cuz it gets to Air-Con like temperature during the nites, and it gets damn stuffy+hot during the afternoon.. its been pretty windy the past few days tho, and Im pretty much hoping it stays the same.. dont really like the sun over here, cuz when its hot and dry over here, it really feels like crap...

Ohyea, did I mention that its 6.30 A.M. right now? australian time, not malaysian.. and its not cuz ive been staying up the whole night preparing my closing tutorial and what nots, altho I should have been doing that..Im up so early cuz Im hoping to be able to watch Liverpool VS Barcelona using that program I was talking bout.. hopefully it works la, cuz it seems like Im on the right channel at the moment... so gyea, lets hope Ive not wasted my time waking up so early..

Classes have started already, and no doubt my mind's still pretty slow right now.. I can sit at the front row of lectures and still manage to dose off.. Thats definitely no good.. Another thing is that I dont understand whats goin on most of the time in certain topics.. Its not cuz of their accent( which Im def cool with) , nor is it cause Im not paying attention.. I just seem to have this habit of wandering off at the wrong time.. lets see how the rest of the week goes ar, mebe I'll pick up a thing or two, hopefully..

Alright, im off to watch the game now i guess.. Laters peoples

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello hello =)
Today we had another tutorial, but before that had practical!
Talked to Allison for like 2 hours... haha, it was fun, getting to know about her.
I realised girls are really happy when they talk about their boyfriends.. lol
They get all smiley and everything..
Love... haha
Im so bored, i dont feel like blogging.
so yea
Heard that Michaels complained when they didnt win.
thats not the way! u dont want to follow xaviers footsteps rite..
*oops, hehe, i meant some xaviers*

Sunday, March 04, 2007

OMFG.. its so hot rite now wei.. i cant believe Aussie could get this hot maynee... its just not right.. . weather forecast says its 35 degrees rite now.. how hot does it get in Malaysia wei.. I doubt it gets this hot.. but iono, I had aircon in MyPlace last year.. so whenever it gets hot, Ive got air-con... sialzzzz..

Been getting pretty lazy the past few days.. it just aint the same once uve got internet wei... Instead of using it to do my research and assignments, Im more caught onto ebay and stuffs like that.. too bad they got a download limit tho... weird ass ruling, or I would be downloading music and movies rite now.. ishhs..

Oh gyeaa, I found a way to watch football matches online for free already!! Searched hella long for it, and I finally found a backdoor way I guess.. Main reason was cuz I really wanted to catch the Liverpool and Man Utd match, and guess what, I managed to catch 2 minutes of it..lolz.. sial ar, I was watching it nicely then I ter-click onto something, and it switched me to some other weird channels and I couldnt get back onto my football channel cuz the server was pretty much full I guess.. oh wells, that means Ive gotta log on early for the liverpool and barcelona match then.. haha.. hopefullly it goes well, and they dont lose..lolz..

Ive started to play padang football again wei, after years of cuz most of the malaysians here play football, so yea, might as well join them..pretty fun la, and I think I'll find form after few more games.. haha.. alrite, im back to watchin a movie now.. laters ppl..

PS: me and dear should start selling our recipes now..hehe

I am going to change my blogskin. Im so sick of it. LOL

I wanna learn html and do one all by myself

And hopefully get some help with the other owner of this blog


Oh yea, the purpose of this post is to show you what Chef Dee and Chef Andrew made

for the last three meals. =)

I am waiting for the photos to be uploaded.. so for the time being, i shall type -.-

I miss home!!! ='(

I really do.. I want to go home! And i hate the time difference..

I know.. its just 3 hours! But i have no idea why i sleep so early .. I havent stayed up till 2 am or even 1 am yet ..

OO! Photos are here..

Thats Ceaser Salad and Baked Chicken

American LUNCH, lol.. Dear fried the egg! clever lehh.. thats pork sausage and ham

Baked fish fillet with cheese and garlic sauce

Sour Cream and Cheese Pasta


It may not look good to u, but it tastes damn gewd. =)

I think i shall quit medical school and learn to become a chef, I have a thing for cooking. =p

Anyway, i would like to blog about my first visit to the Anatomy Lab. Andrew's group was before me, so when he came out, he was like CADAVERS! OK.. thanks alot bi. =p

Anyway, so i went in, and we had to wear rubber gloves and a plastic "apron" Then we went inside, and had to sign some forms, saying we wouldnt take anything out of the lab and blablabla, Over at the other end, i saw something on the table, covered by a towel.. Heart beating fast ade.... hahaa, but i wasnt afraid at all! i mean, i used to think that the bodies where fresh and blood would be everywhere, but it is really not like that, im proud of myself. =) Its nothing, really, and seeing the real thing is better than learning from text books.. =)

We even saw fetus, and can you imagine, the baby is as small as your thumb, but everything is developed? You can even see his fingers, and touch them.. =) its amazing.

Medicine is amazing... =) Loving the course!

Oh yea, about my University, yesh.. i never expected going to a Uni like this. I always wanted to go to Aussie Uni, because I always thought that it would be big, nice, modern, and blablabla. But what i got was a jungle.

But hey, its true when the prospectus said that everyday u see something new. I saw rainbow coloured birds one day, a bunch of them, just flying around, Then i saw Macaw- like birds, just perch on a small tree at the car park.. you can even see this

aha.. and the trees here are HUGE. They are really tall, and really pretty.. Andrew said something which really made me ponder.

"How old do you think the trees here are? Its like touching history

lol... i think that was what he said lar. but seriously. Imagine how it would be in spring. =))

So yea, this place may be a little old, and not as modern as many Uni's around the world. But im gonna spend 5 years here, and Im glad im starting to like it here.



Love lots, DEE