Sunday, July 31, 2005

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just last week my iu ended and i was headin home at around this time..... shit..time is sprintin right now..
anywayz.. my life's been normal ..nuttin exciting has happened these past few days, and its stil the same old routine for me.. i miss lepakin la.. i wan stay in town...then evidae i can just drop by at kerrys and breathe the shopping complex air... wouldnt that be nice..?
something is wrong with my aircon..or mebbe its with me... i feel that its just too bloody daamn cold ... and it causes my hands to be close to gettin frost bite ( not really..but cant think of any other words) .. so im tryina live without my air conditioner on at this moment.. its hard the type that just leaves it one whenever im in my room, which is almost the whole dae,cept for lunch n dinner..
ohyea..The Losing Aces have their own frienster account already.. WHO DA HECK ARE THEY..?? yeap.thats what u are askin right now..
k,The Losing Aces ...we're a band consistin of 3 vocalists ( yinyang aka me. , yabe aka fadzir , banlee) , 2 guitarists (alvin n ty) ,1 bassist ( jeremy ) and mac, our drummer..
u can add us at .. i dun really know how active its gon be, but just add ya..?
what else shud i be bloggin about..? ohyea.. SCHOOL!!! i hate the feelin of knowin ive gotta wake up early again tommorow mornin.. i really really hate it..macam tannak bangun tommorow subjects arent that heavy tho..cept for bm... seems like the teacher's a lil racist ...or mebbe thats just my opinion.. nvm..tahan a lil bit more can liao.. and then its byebye to ec...muahahahaz..
k...i spend too much time here ade..chowzz

Friday, July 29, 2005

week ends

finally, ive relinquished my post as president..haha.. its been a tough time la,no kiddin..but also kinda sad cuz had alot of fun durin my term and we did organise a succesfull IU day..but oh wellz,everythings gotta come to an end eh... quite pleased with the new president tho,he was my choice from the beggining ... good luck to the new b.o.d. i guess...
went to school todae.. was REALLY a waste of time..had some ceramah till recess,and teacher didnt enter after that.. seriously a waste of time rite..?lol..but i already ponteng yesterday, so cant do it again todae la..
so now, gotta be fully focused on my studies..dont that suck. ? cant blif it ...SPM's so soon..there's word that the trials have been postponed tho.. finally thats a good news eh..?
my windows media player's gettin bored n complainin everyday... i dun got any new songs to play la..wats a good album/song to download..? no new albums have come out recently, and ive been playin the same ol songs everyday... dayummmmn...
i haven watch fantastic 4..ish ish.. ppl been sayin it sux tho... in fact, i hven watch Alot Like Love n War of The Worlds too..wat da heck outdated like *tooooot*... who got dvd then pinjam leh... malas wan go holliday plaza .. nv go there for so long liao..heard its been gettin raided quite often.. lol..
k, i go read bio abit now... byebyez

Thursday, July 28, 2005


ponteng!!!! kira macam holliday la..right..?haha
gon study soon,nuttin else to do actually... its always boring when you're the only one at home with no1 to talk to on the fon, or on9... but i guess its much better than being in school right.?
any1 heard of sleep paralysis b4..?
Its when your brain wakes up, but your body is still pretty much asleep. You lose the ability to move your extremities and are filled with fear.
i remember i used to experience alot of this when i was a kid.. like primary 1 or 2..
damn!!!!..shit was scary back was like, i was still asleep.but i want to wake up..kept tellin myself to open my eyes ,but just couldnt do that..thought i was gon die or smth cuz i cudnt wake up... taking a deep breath normally helps tho...
ohyea, research says that u'll atleast experience this kinda thing once in your life... mebbe yall dont remember or smth la...
k,im gon hit the books awhile now.. byebyez...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


halfway thru the week... for some reasons,im still tired as hell..i have no idea why..mebbe its cuz of the lack of sleep ive had durin the IU period or mebbe its the weather..watever it is, i cant even concentrate in class .. eyes feel heavy all the time man.. atleast i took a nap durin the afternoon, so now im not as sleepy..plannin to not go to sch tmr also, because school is crap....good nuff reason..?
finally done wid my moral project man...the folio that took 1 year to hella slow now speed's only 96kbps ..damn..tts less than 2wice the speed of a normal dialup.. stupid broadband service!! always down wan..
ohyea, i doubt i'll be bloggin as often from now on,since the exams are approachin.. but i doubt few ppl even check this blog out,rite.??
k,i've gots to make a move now..wan study.pzzz

another shot.. iu seem like ages ago man.. Posted by Picasa

do i look scary..? haha..after iu.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005


finally..EC's IU day has gone and past..... phew... didnt blog for the past few days cuz i was at a hotel wid the guys on saturday and slept hella early ystd.
so where shud i start huh..?
saturday was one hell of a tirin day.. had ALOT of stuff to do in so little time.. had to do the booklets,practice my performnace etc.. it was like travellin from place to place in such few hours.. atleast when we all crashed in a hotel(bout 7pm), things settled down abit... stress got less.. and then the fun began.. 3-4 + wackin wid pillow for every1!! gambled abit,chilled at cs etc...

so yea..sunday came... woke up 6.40 i think... found out that desmond didnt sleep at all..and he was still lookin more fresh than ..??!!?? lol.. all of us headed to get a bite and went to hall early..had MORE work to do there.. damnnn..the sound engineer who was suppose to come at 9 ended up comin very VERY late..around 12 smth...and the equip he brought along suck big time... so that really brought down my mood alot as no1 had a chance to practice...
time moved so fast the whole day..230 ppl turned up for the function, which was more than wat we all had expected...
i felt my performance was less than average for the fist 2 songs.. which was a rap song and also take a look around with the band (alvin n ty on the guitars, mac on the drums ,and me ,bl and shawn on the vocals)..however, fly away n wake me up when september ends sounded nice to me la,esp fly away..lovin that song cuz its our own work...haha...
k, ive gotta go do more moral project stuff now... thanks to every1 who turned up..if i do get any pics,i'll def post em up..pzzz

Saturday, July 23, 2005

i juz read kim's blog, and i got a funny urge to blog too.. like wut she was tokin about, friendship.. yeap, i made plenty of frenz here in convent .. and some are reali a pain at times.. i dun understand y its wrong to get close to another fren. for instance, i got into sc1 this year, and i got close to a fren.. its obvious that we become closer as i sit beside her in class and everything rite.. then ppl start sayin things like , oh ure her twin.. of course lar, u are her twin rite.and not in a funny way or jokin way, but sarcasticly.. does it mean that im not allowed to make new frenz? and im not even v close with her at all.. i dunoe y this alwiz happen to me.. other ppl can make new frenz, but not me..

all this years in convent, i made and met so many diffrent ppl and friends...been backstab, bin gossiped, im not tryin to sae im perfect but at least i dun go makin rumours bout my frenz not being a virgin..!! every gurl bitches, but there must be a limit rite.. and like kim said, hanwei has been alwiz there for her no doubt.. and the same goes to v tankful for having andrew in my life. he is one of the few ppl hu i trust alot..a day without him is hell! =D
and altho we do quarell..alot too.. heehee..then end of the dae we realise hw much we need not syain tt all my frenz are evil.. hehe.. but there are a few wic can reali argh me. tt fella is in a hotel now! no fair..wid his frenz.. tomoro is ec i u dae! ppl hu can make it.. GO!!!!! =)

darling, all the best tomoro.. =))

Thursday, July 21, 2005

yes , i know got spellin Posted by Picasa


cant blif it, im addicted to blog for one day then feelin macam tak biasa almost every has a blog already, even on friendster there's a feature that allows u to blog n stuff.guess im not the only one catchin onto the craze eh...?
how long has this blog been up..?? more than half a year already i guess.. ??? time flies so fast rite now, with SPM n trials nearin... gosh.... bout to be the end of july already... wonderin wedar they'll come out everythin in the syllabus for trials onot... if yes, then im screwed man...seriously screwed!!!!!!!
my school's IU this sunday.... fast eh..?? was suppose to be held on may, and after so much delay , finally its approachin... dont really have much confidence on my performance right now , cuz of the lack of practice...but like i said, less confident is much more betta than bein ova-confident..right ..?
after IU....then no more activities liao... <------- tts wat my dad keeps tellin me.. both parents keep sayin that im goin out too often... wic is definately true.. dunno how la, not goin out seems unnatural for me..even if its just goin out for a drink n stuff.. but sacrifices are a must right..?? nah..dun think so... but tts wat my dad thinks la...ish ish
ohyea,test over liao!!! wooooot woooooooooot!! shit test..haha.. 2 days only.. not expectin good results la.. didnt really study much also.. who cares anywayz...
kla.. gotta go now..wan watch tv..byeezzzz

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


ponteng sch todae!!!!!!! woot woot!! haha.nuttin feels better than skiping school man... and school finished at 2pm every tuesday, so that was another good reason on why i shouldnt go... still kinda sick tho, been caughin alot and my nose is filled wid mucus.... yuckzzz...
test so far so so good la... like i said b4,its just a im not takin it too seriously.. but i felt that its easier to take a test being in this condition rather than bein all tensed up n stuff.. its like, doin a test whilist treatin it like any other normal homework, and not worryin bout failin n stuff... mebbe i should treat SPM this way too.. :D
ive got addm3,sej,bi,est, bio tommorow.. how packed can ur day be eh..? right now im still readin vektor.. i cant seem to understand this bab la... but whats there to understand in add m3 anywayz eh.??
ive almost finished a box of tissue used most of it these past few days .. blowin nose n stuff... blow till my eye hurts at
ohyea, Common's new album has been out for quite sometime already.. didnt expect his song, Go to even be played on 98.7 .. its not cuz the song sux, but just that...i thought radios only played those club stuff ...but yea,his new album is good stuff... as good as his older materials man.... he's the man keepin rap alive doubt..
dont believe me..? peep this 2 songs.. The Light and I Used To Love Her...

Sunday, July 17, 2005


sick rite now....oops..correction... im very sick right no idea why... must've spread from one of the players i played basketball with
wat a bad time to fall sick...test is tommorow... and my body is still feelin just as weak.. havin a sore throat.keep coughin..and my nose has already put on his nike shoes and started to run... gonna pity my classmates tommorow.. why???

classmate A is doin his paper quietly..


how do i cure sorethroats quickly..? any1 got any quick sollutions..?
aihz..i seriously hate fallin sick.. i mean, it just ruins wat would've been a perfect day, or a perfect weekend.. and its kinda hard to sleep, and ur nose just keeps runnin n runnin n runnin... mr.nosey got alot of stamina............

ohyea,as u can see..this blog has already become a one man show.. dunno why dear doesnt wanna anymore... now its all up to me..the responsibilites of runnin the blog..keepin it alive..and keepin yall readers amused by my storytellin.... :D hehe..talkin crap..
kla. i go read up abit now la...
ohyea..Half Blood Prince is already out..good for all yall harry potter fans.. sometimes its just crazy to see how crazy some Harry Potter fanatics really are..some waited at bookstores at 4 am... 4 am.....??!!???? damnnnnn... salute yall man..

Saturday, July 16, 2005


ouch ouch ouch....
body's aching... got bruises.. back pain abit... leg dah nak cramp..and im tired as hell..lolz
my sch had this 3 on 3 basketball competition today.. last year i lost at the quarters,and this year we went as far as the semis.ended up gettin 3rd... not bad eh..? seriously didnt expect to go that far.... and we nearly got to the finals..lost by 1 point...damnnnn. tuff luck eh...?
so now here i am , bruised and tryina study for my tests.... honestly, i dont really feel pressured or scared or anytin... afterall,its just a test eh...? and u know ec test........aihz... u study so hard for a 30 min paper.... wats the point..? might as well prepare for the trials eh..? really does work wonders when u're sleepy.. i just took a cup just now and now i dont feel as tired ... gotta make a jug of coffee tonite then....good idea eh.?
ohyea, Fantastic 4 is alreay out...yayz!!! i watched abit of that cartoon series when i was young, so im hopin the movie's gon be great.dun know wen im gon be free to watch it tho... test this mon n wed (yeap..tues no paper...weird.???!!??) , and sun is my sch's iu!!!!!!!!!! haha


Friday, July 15, 2005

Low cuts airfoce ones........... HOT!!!  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

wat to put as title..?

Just finished watchin Joey..every ep never fails to crack me up.. kinda miss Friends tho... wished they show reruns of the first season, cuz thats like the only season where i missed a few eps... comedy series are always nice and more addictive in my opinion. shows like Lost , Desp. Housewifes, 1 tree hill etc just cant seem to get me hooked...
ohyea,was bout to blog this last week, but totally forgot bout it...

any1 remembers that movie?? starrin Stalone n Wesley Snipes...Astro showed this movie last week on HBO, and damnn...i still love this movie... haha.. i remember watchin this movie on tape when i was in primary 1 or maybe even younger...and i kept watchin till the tape rosak.haha... that was like the definition of an 'action movie' back then.... those were the good ol days eh...? i remember that when i was a kid , i kept watchin this and also the whole Robocop movie, from 1 till dunno wat eps... back then when studyin wasnt so important... aihz. now its so diff.times have changed, hasnt it...??

wat to put as title..?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

halfway thru

halfway past this week, and im still surviving...amazin eh..? school for the past few days has not really been bad, mainly because of the fact that most teachers are abscent and its some kempen anti merokok thing or sum stuff... but i still come back home everyday feelin dead tired... i mean, really DEAD tired.. aihz... tests comin soon smore, and im sleepin more than i should,and studyin less than i must... nvm, i keep tellin myself its just a test,nuttin not preparin for it wont do no harm anywayz.. =)
went to banlee's place today to practice our performance, 1st time actually.. just planned out everything n stuff, have yet to REALLY practice.. iu's apporachin so soon smore... ohyea, for those interested to come are the details :

EC IU DAY 2005
Venue - Jubilee Intan Hall
Time - 1pm to 6 pm
Date - 24th July
Performances by - Razzle Craze, I-Blaze , Vetalation (sp???) and many more

im hoppin yall would be able to make urself available and mark down that date on ur callendar!!! we promise a blast !! haha.
k,ive gotta go now..need to take a rest..byezzzz

Sunday, July 10, 2005


dont really got alot of time to i'll make this quick.
weekends dah nak habis...hmmm,atleast i felt that i spent my time this weekends puas puas... so wat did i do todae?? me n dear went to catch a movie after tuiton..wat movie..? Amityville Horror... i cant believe its a true story tho.. movie was pretty scary at parts.... seriously,some parts will jut seem hella freaky.. but yea, movie was worth the money .. enjoyable 2 hours or so.. that kinda movie that u definately would want to watch with a chick ( note : this only applies to guys )..
still doin moral project... shit's really takin alot of my time .. nasib the dateline is till the end of the month, so ive got a few weeks to finish it up.but then again, ive got test and also my school IU to prepare for..
k,shameless promotion here..but who cares...
EC International Understanding Day will be held on the 24th of July,at Jubilee Inta Hall.. After readin this post, you are forced to attend the function..!!! hehe jpjp.. but yea,do try to make urself available on that date.. it'll be fun,trust me... no refundo or any money back guarantee policy tho..sorri .. =D
k, ive gotta go now.... gotta hit the books awhile..

" Some people cant accept me for cussin.. I cant accept them for not acceptin me "

Saturday, July 09, 2005

long day

got back bout 30 mins ago, and boy im glad to be back home..
spent almost the whole day outside, which is something i dont reall enjoy...
woke up at 6...only had a few hours of sleep..and then i went to sch.. interact club n the moral students had to do some kerja amal, so we all headed to cheshire (correct spellin?) home..helped to clean up the place n stuff.. imagine how sweaty i was by then.. and after that had to go to Tebrau's IU Day..
IU Day wasnt too bad,quite a number of performances and me n the guys kept makin jokes thruout the whole time..didnt manage to stay till the end tho, dad had to pick me up onot i'll be takin a cab home ( which is a nono)...
now here I am at home, 12 hours after i last woke up.. body's tired as hell.. the bed's invitin me to lie down...BUT ive got tests in 9 days time..aihzzzz... wat a life eh..?
no mood to study tho..actually, i dont even know what to study..most of the teachers have yet to tell us anywayz....
so yea..thats basically how my day went by.. half of the weekends is almost over.. damn..

Friday, July 08, 2005

dah tua

gosh.. im old already
for those who dont know , its my birthday if yall are readin this a day later or so, i'll still be acceptin belated birthday wishes... no worries... =)
so wat present did i receive from the guys..? a nice whacking.... till pants n shirt got a bunch of school shoes mark n stuff... lol... gonna get my revenge soon.....august got a few birthdays popping up...yayness...
my monthly tests gon be held on the 18 this month!!!...shit man..thats only 10 days from now... aiks.. not prepared oso...nvm la..its just a test.. nuttin to worry bout..
17 years old...cant blif it.. time pass so fast eh..??

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


wassupp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss yall fellow bloggers, fellow nerds who spend their whole life on the pc and fellow ppl who are addcited to this blog!!!
finally got me keyboard back...
the ordeal is finally over... without keyboard really v susah ... wan blog oso cant.wan chat oso cannot.. nasib got keyboard liao.
the new keyboards kinda hard tho... i mean,the buttons are still all keras n stuff.gotta get them soften up...not used to this..
rite now i got a fetish for shoes... check out the pic i posted a few days back .... niceness eh..?
yall cud get me that for my birthday.. *hint hint* hehe..jpjp
but yea, rite now findin for a nice pair of low cuts for a cheap price .... hard to get tho... thinkin bout gettin some Air Force Ones.... old skool stuff. haha.. or mebbe a pair of addidas..dunno la..must go petaling street
ohyea, did any1 manage to catch the live8 concert..??? damn...really nice stuff rite there tho i cudnt catch was 11 hours possible way i was gon stay up till that late..manage to catch kanye west,linkin part,snoop dogg,shakira and a few other performers that my memory doesnt seem to remember... but yea, kanye west set was really nice... energetic stuff...
k,i m gon do my hwk now..nitez yall....

my future

lets see..
on mondae i wanted to study physchiology.or howeva u spell it.. haha
on tuesdae, i was damn sure i wanted to study law,
todae, i wan to study bio-technology/ bio science

bio sc is a v v interesting course.. but of coz tt meanz i have to be experimentin in the lab..and spendin most of my time in it..but i hate the lab..i hate experiments . haha.. and i wil haev to wear ulgy clothes too.. for protection la. hahaa... but yea, its a reali interestin job, were u do research, either on the human cells, food, willin to sacrifice my fear for "kebuk wasaps" and go ahead wid this..after all.. law is kinda boring.. if i dun go for court cases and stuff..imagine sittin in my office, doin paperwork all the time..ewww.. am tryin to persuade my darling to do the same thing.. hehe..

these 2 daes, colleges have been comin 2 our sch for pameran and todae, we had a personality test! i was in categorized into group one, popular saigon or smth.. i dun think its saigon.... haha.. i cant rmber .. din bother writing it down..ppl under those category are more likely to excel in mass com.. and tt was wut i reali wanted to do... its reali cool, dj-ing and stuff... aihz. but dad dosent wan me to do tt at all... y? coz of the lil money u can make from tt.. he told me everybody wants to be a dj, or wuteva wen they are teeenagers..but when they reali become a dj, they will wonder how longmore can they last as a dj.. i mean, hu wud wana listen to some 40+ old woman tokin on the radio rite.. ? haha..

wanna study in taylors.. alwiz wanted to..not becoz dear is goin der too.. juz that it sounds v.. well.. nice.. hahaa.. sunway has reali good facilities too..but i dunoe..wil tink bt it..they sae tt tomoro taylors will come over to our sch.. for another ceramah i guess..then on fridae,inti college wil come! haha... this whole week have been all about our future.. and its reali scary lar... todae for the 1st time all hte form fives were quietly listenin to the teacher speakin, from sunway wan.. and wen i look around, it hit me tt i wud no longer see all this gurls tt i used to see everydae for 5 years... omg.. life sure IS gonna be diffrent.. *crosses fingers*

oh yea, my dear wants me to announce, in case anybody worries y he hasnt been bloggin.. ( HAHA ) since he was the frequent blogger among both of uz.. the reason y he isnt bloging is becoz he's keyboard spoil ade.. haha..

but he still manage to post a picture of the shoes he has been buggin me to buy, and the words BDAE SOON (izzit?) wid the help of character map..since he put in so much effort. ppl, wish him yar..! haha..

Monday, July 04, 2005

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


woke up around 9.54 by my lil sis askin us to wake up to watch a movie. initial D, a ill slow lar..but im alwizslow wen it comes to watcing movie..if not v pack.... so we reach there around 10.45 and it was sooooooo packed!!!!!!! reali wor..alot alot of ppl.. mum asked me to ask sm1 o buy tix for us.budden te gurls ther lok so sampat, i sae they sure wont buy for us wan.. but mum keep pesterin i went and ask..and oh well..they said no.sheesh..malu betul.. =)

mum decided to try her luck again wid some malay gurls..and they agreed! woohooo.. a few minutes later, we had our tix ade... wen to our places.. a bunch of gurls were behin me gushing bt how cute jay chou was..and it was kinda iritating... yuckz..and there was this guy wid em who keep shakin his legs.. u noe..the usual bad habit... and my dad was like. can u plz stop shakin??? wen the movie was over....haha..those gurls at the back..were actuali the gurls hu din wanna buy tix for us!!! hahaa... so ngam!

continue later.. wan atch tv

alarm clock woke me up too early..??

lol..its 5.27 am i doin..
woke up bout 20 mins ago,been tryina get sum sleep, but the pc was temptin me to use it..aihz.. no1's on9 on msn takde budak yg gila cam gua.. saturdays spose to be my hollie day, but heck..i cant rmbr the last time ive stayed at home durin a saturday..seriously, im not lyin.. there's always interact stuff , occasionally basketball, and tmr i gotta do my Moral project.. some kitar semula stuff... aihz.. if only a week lasted 8 days and u had 3 days of weekends.. better huh.. ?
i just realised not too long ago that i got a very bad temper.. macam a temper prob or smth.. but somehow, i seem to keep all this temper under control even tho ppl around me are pissin me off... aihz, one day i guess i'll just BOOOOOOOM n explode..wait n see..wait n see....
ohyea,new friendster layout sux in my opinion.... aint really feelin it.. seems harder to navigate for me..same goes wid the new morpheus layout.. mebbe im just fussy bout stuff..
findin stuff to do now.. ish.. bored as heck la.mebbe me shud go wake me dear up..budden surely kena marah one for disturbin her sleep... aihzz...i think i'll just go plug in my ps2 n play way to kill time :playin games..