Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Im super duper bored. Just spent the last 1.5 hours sitting in the library, trying to decide which bank account i should use. lol.

bi, hurry finish ur tute lar.
internet at home is being a pain. hopefully everything goes better soonies.

will be going to get squash rackets later. bi is gona be my trainer. lol..

met many frens here d. yay. =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Time to Study

Seven months ago, this day was all I could think of. The day I would fly back to Aussie to clear up what I messed up. But today, all I wish for is a few more days in Malaysia.
Sigh. Im a "home-person" I dont really enjoy going out.. Dont really enjoy having gatherings in huge groups. Im most happy when Im here in the house, surrounded by the favourite people in my life. My family. =)

But I know that my lil unexpected honeymoon is over, and its the time again to go back and make sure I pass that paper. Feeling a little down because Im gona miss home so so so much. But july will come soon, and hopefully I get to come home for the winter break.

At least I have him wth me, and its gona be another few months of studying, cooking, and shopping together. Cant be that bad right?

My heart is so heavy! lol.. This has gotta be the longest break I ever had.. and Im kinda grateful for it. =)

This whole holiday, I admit I didnt do much studying.. but I managed to do quite a few things I had in mind. IE.

- Reading the whole Harry Potter series again
- Baked, and cooked alot.
- Spend quality time with family
- Painted the house
- Spring Cleaned my room
- Bought alot of new clothes. =D
- Work at the clinic. Learn that patients can be pretty scary at times.haha
- Gone through 4 months without my baby
- Watched alot alot of TV!
- Made a trip to KL, Malacca, Sg, Korea
- Finally manage to explore Singapore without having to rely on my friends the whole time
- Saw Snow! It was snowing two nights!

Cant think of anymore!

oh man. gotta wake up early for classes again. YAY!!

heres wishing myself luck in studies, and i'll make sure I memorize every stinking slide this time.

had a wonderful valentines. lunch was with baby, dinner was with parents. I got them a couple shirt from singapore! hehe

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Leaving for Aussie tmr night, flights actually on 0030 am on a Saturday, but gotta be in Singapore a couple of hours earlier.. how am I feeling? kinda sad actually, was getting so used to lazing around at home with a car to use everyday.. Hopefully we both are able to get tickets to come back during the Winter break, although its just gonna be 3 weeks or so , but still I'd like to be home than anywhere else.. Hate the fact that there's gonna be so much uncertainty again, like every medical exam in Newcastle.. theres just no way of preparing for certain papers, and then theres all that worrying and 'getting your panties in a bunch' moments when results are nearing... can you say damnmnn?

Anyways, today was Valentines day, and both of us decided to keep it simple and sweet =) I came to dear's house in the early morning and we both exchanged presents! she got me a nice sports watter bottle and also made a lovely photo frame! Thanks dar! Then spent our time watch Juno on dvd, which was a pretty good movie with a lot of random moments I guess..

All in all, these hollidays has really been hella fun... I managed to see dear once again after 4 months or so, had a chance to catch up with friends, tried every malaysian food that was on my "Want to makan list" while I was in Oz ( this list is purely imaginary btw, all in the mind), got a PS3 which I'm bringing over, travelled to Melaka with dear (and my frens and her frens lol),and lastly, I was able to actually take a nice break and smell the roses for once. Less than a month after SPM, I headed to Taylors.. Break after SAM was ok (3 months???), but there was that period where I didnt even know which Uni I was gonna end up in.. So this 3 months break has definitely allowed me to refresh a lil bit, and hopefully clean my engines up for this new sem.. lolll..

JB is getting a little boring anyways, with so many friends getting busier by the day and many starting to FFK already..

(insert random form 5 class photo here)

Too bad I dun have one.. lol

Anyways, time to enjoy my last day here.. Take care everyone.. will blog from Aussie soon..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

After visiting the set, our tour guide brought us somewhere, which wasnt in the itinary! He brought us to the 11th Inje Icefish Festival! Its actually a lake , but its all frozen, so people come here for some really fun activities.

Its like a huge ice skating rink. =) I like!!

We rented these and played for nearly an hour! haha

My sister and I in action.lol. It was kinda tiring though, because we had to keep pushing and pushing. The sticks which we were given had pointy huge needles so we could push ourselves forward.
It felt so surreal that we were actually sitting and playing on what was actually a lake. We 3 were really happy that day. =)
Lots of people also dug up a hole and started fishing! This man gave us his fishing stuff for free because he didnt want to fish anymore. We hanged around for a little while, but didnt manage to catch anything. Which was probably why that man gave us his fishing "rod" in the first place.

The first day ended with a nice hot steamboat.

Korea Trip 2008
Dad finally decided to bring us for a holiday in Korea. It was a 6 nights trip. Left on Friday, came back on Saturday. I had so much fun! Saw many things on my wish list. Most importantly, I really spent quality time with my family. The only thing my parents couldnt stand was the weather. The temperature everyday was nearly always a negative, and as you can see in the pictures, we all looked a little like "bak changs" =( so much for looking pretty during winter like the other korean girls). =p

Me, at the airport, waiting for the tour guide to bring us our minivan

We arrived at 6 am, and ate MCd's.. then we headed of to the drama set of "Jewel in the Palace" Was pretty boring la. because only mum watched that drama. We were just rubbing our eyes, trying to let it sink into our nearly frozen brains that " there was snow all over!!" i noe. jakun right?

My watermelon ice cream that never melts, and some sweet potato balls which were pretty good! Another snack I went crazy about is the "nian gao" in korea. So yummy! Esp in that cold weather.

Then we headed to the drama set of Winter Sonata. Had to take a ferry to Nami Island

See! Its so cold till the fountain there freezed.

*to be continued. I cant seem to upload pictures now. Stewpig blogger*

Sunday, February 10, 2008


finally.. sad news is, we're going to be leaving for aussie this saturday early morning... so any1 that wants to lepak better call me out asap..

dearrr, wheres ur post bout korea anyways???? uve been back for a day dy!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Am blogging at changi airport, waiting to board the plane.
Already missing him alot.. teeeheeheee..


Malacca Trip 2008

Dear was the master plan of this trip. He wanted to make a trip up with me to get nice nice Malacca food! Then we decided to call some friends along, so at the end of the planning, we had 4 girls and 3 guys!

I had a blast.What better than having my best friends, and my boyfriend coming along and finally hanging out together? Though the trip was pretty short, I really enjoyed myself. =)

I woke up at 7, called Jasveen to wake her up, took a bath, and soon enough, baby arrived. Showed me a few magic tricks, and Mel and Chelle came. Mum brought us for breakfast, and off we went to the bus station. Bus left exactly at 9.30 lor, didnt wait a second. har har.

After 2 and a half hours , we reached Malacca. Jas arrived at the same time from KL, met up with Tan the tour guide, and off we went to his place. Left everything at his place, everyone used the toilet, and off we started our little tour at Malacca.

OMG. we had a pervert-ed taxi driver! He kept staring at Jasveens boobs!! Like really obviously lor, till Chelle had to give Jasveen her bag to cover her front. haha.. We went for chicken rice balls at first, and it was alright lar, the chicken was really really good though!

It was THEN, that i realised I left the camera at Tan's place!! ARGH. Then luckily Jasveen said she brought hers. She tried using the camera, and REALISED, that oops, she left the batteries at chia khuans place. har har. =p

So stupid lar the both of us. hehehehe

So we ended up taking photos with our lousy camera phone. hehe. 2 MEGAPIX leh. Lucky for us, the day was pretty bright, so my phone took some OKAY pictures..

Us, at the chicken rice stall. Looks like I just saved their day, and the want a pic with their hero, supergirl. =p

After lunch, we walked around Jonker Street, and decided to go inside this temple thing, to take some pictures with the weapons that were on display there. The uncle inside was pretty sporting, teaching us how to take the pictures and stuff. haha..

Group Pic!

Girls fooling around.

I cant rmb what we did after that, but I think it was cendol-ing. YUMMoS. I had durian cendol! Really good.. Shared with ahbi. But he scold me, coz I order so much. hehee

Until he dont want take a picture with me. =(

Im not sure what happened next again, but It shud be taking a beca and paying 5 each to bring u to a shopping mall. hee. =)Lazy girls. But i thought it was worth it. Was really fun esp when he rode down the hill.

Shopping at Dataran Something was alright lar. Didnt manage to get alot of things. Just shorts, and a pair of cute boxers from Padini. RM 13 only!

I think this is when we went back to Tan's place to bath, and for dinner. Night time was just watching them play futsal (and laughing at em), watchin YouTube, and I fell asleep earlier coz I had a throbbing headache. Not enought sleep I guess..

Nxt morning I rmb just bathing, and going to the bus station for a smooth trip back to JAYBEE.

Had a wonderful early reunion with my family after that at Kong Inn.

We had so much food our tummies were soooo full.

Chicken Feet. - I feel its gross. But everyone in the family loves it.

Our "hot dish" hehe. I loveee the egg cooked like this. Ultimate yum.

GeoDuck. my parents FAV. but its really ex. Told dad to eat more, coz we always eat this once a year only. to which he replied. Hu says? If mum n I are hungry, we can always come here and order one geoduck for supper. ya rite dad, ya rite. =p

My fav duck wrapped in egg erm pancakes?

Rice. Mum loves this. Says its very "siang"

I forgot to take the deserts! haha.. It was.. honey dew sago, my fav, and tang yuen.

Happy Early Chinese New Year. !!!!!!

Will be flying off to Korea tonight for a week.


ps: gona miss u alot alot alot alot dear. =( mwarks. will take lotsa pictures for u to see!