Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back from Japan, back from penang , back from Kl, back from Jelebu

*This post is gonna be pretty text heavy*
Title pretty much sums up the places Ive travelled.

Dec 7 - 13 --> Japan

Japan trip was alrite during certain days, and pretty fun during the others.

What I liked:

Universal Studios, Disney Land, japanese school girls (okay, just kiddins), and suprisingly.. Japanese food! Everyone close to me prolly noes I am hardly a fan of sushi king etc, and I myself was suprised that meals over there taste nothing like here. Ohyeaaa, and KOBE BEEEEEEEFFFFF!! I myself had no idea what it was, so heres what wiki says about it.

"In accordance with popular belief, the cattle are fed sake and beer, and they are massaged and brushed for setting fur, and fed on grain fodder. "

That explains why a small slice cause RM300 !


What I dont really like about Japan:

The price of everything over there. Stuffs just way too expensive. Think about it. I was over at Universal Studios, playing those funfare basketball game thingy, and had to pay Rm40 just for 5 shots. Of course I didnt win, since games like these are pretty much rigged. Another thing I find outrageous is that Sony goods (and we all know Sony is Japan and PS3 is a Japan thing) are friggin exp. Ps3 games go for around Rm350, while over here its just Rm200.. and there I was thinking that I was gonna be getting alot of games for cheap, ended up coming home empty handed. sads.

Dec 19 - 22 --> KL, Penang, and back to KL

Ever heard of a crazy plan? Well this was one. Reached KL on a Friday, did nothing much, cept for playing basketball and then poker at nite. Slept at 4am, woke up at 6.30 am. Bus leaving to Penang was at 7.30 am. Had to rush like hell for that one, dahla we were stayin at subang. Chia Khuan was already in Penang by the time we board the bus, lolz.. He thought we were all taking a night bus, so he oso take nite bus from Melaka and reached Penang at 5am.. Dunno wat he do la while waiting for us.

So our hotel in Penang was somewhere around Gurney rite? And for the 20 hours or so we spent there, we just prolly walked upto 1 or 2 km from our hotel only, no where else. All we did was eat, eat, walk around gurney plaza, eat, go back hotel to play poker, go out for supper, sleep, wake up, then naik bus back to KL. gila rites? And whats most disappointing bout this trip is that Penang Char Kuay Teow was really a let down. Even the one at Taat House in JB is better lars... and then I was told that the hawker stalls at Gurney Drive cheat tourist wan, if u wan the best, must venture outside.. ishhhh.

Came back to KL on a Sunday, didnt do much la.. And then we missed the bus the next day.. Our bus was spose to be at 12, so by the time we mandi and all it was already 10.30. And then we all decided to go makan breakfast. lolll. Went to somewhere near Asia Cafe, finish makan ady 11.30.. how to make it liddats. Original plan was to go Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh for breakfast smore, luckily we didnt go thru with that one.

Dec 24th --> Jelebu

yes, a 1 day trip to Jelebu. lolz. Dad thought it would be apropriate for me to see my grandma since I'll be going back on Jan 27th ( which is the first day of CNY)..Didnt do much there, there werent any celebrations or countdowns or antyhing.. Quite sad la. We basically played poker (me, brother, dad) until 12 , and then go to sleep.

Yeaps, thats basically it. Travelling here and there does get abit tiring, and def messes my sleeping time abit since I'll just sleep throughout all those long journeys. Dear and I plan to go KL soon too!, but she very sked to take bus wan! mebbe we have to take airplane isntead. LOLZ. Love you dears! ohyea, her laptop spoil ady so you wont be seeing much updates from her.. She la, evitime dunno how to jaga wan. now we must find a HP support centre in JB ,dunno wedar got onots.

and I'll try to find all the Japan trip pics, Im not really a camwhore kinda person la, and i didnt have a camera also. Will look tho!

Till next time..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good News : We both passed our exams!
Im finally out of 1st year. woohoo! and.. babys gona be a 3rd year! =)) so very proud of him.

Days have been frutiful lately, due to the many movies we bougth 2 days ago. I watched twilight, a quarter of HSM3, because the quality was really really bad!, and I spent the whole day watching 90210 , or did i get the numbers wrong? hee. dunoe lah.

And dear came to visit today. He bought back some green tea kitkats! and this big box of mochi thingy. hee. And many many stories from Japan. Im really glad he enjoyed himself. =)

Monday, December 08, 2008

My boy is sick! I knew he woud be sick lor!

Get more rest and I hope you get well soon k mah?
love you lots.. Cant wait to see you in 4 days bii.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Stupid dear put my embarassing pictures up! hmph!
Anyways, as dear mentioned, I'll be heading to Japan tonites! alls good, cept for the fact that I come back on the day results are out. Actually, results are usually out the nite before la, which means its gon be hard to enjoy especially since the exams were so susahhh..

Gonna miss you bi, atleast I left you with almost the whole season 1 of Heroes! Slowly watch yeap, and you can take time to practice your driving! Take good care of yourself! I'll see you soon!
And thanks for updating the blog's look! i think it looks great! Love you lots

Friday, December 05, 2008

I love my baby because he is so cute.

so cute that i have to zoom in. hee

I love my baby coz he bought me doughnuts *finallly!! after so much pestering=p*

I love you because you brought me to makan your favourite hokkien mee!

He is going to Japan tomorow, coming back on the 12th.

Take care of yourself, be good (dont keep trying to look out for maria ozawa, or ogawa or whatever), dont catch a cold, though im pretty sure you will since its so cold there and u wana be manly and ditch the long johns, and buy me handphone stickers!

love you banyak banyak. and I will see u in a week. BIG BIG HUG.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Im done reading all 4 books! =)
Its really good, got so absorbed in the books that I felt angry, sad, lovey-dovey and all along with the characters. lol
So drama queen. I noe. *grin*

My new goal over the week : Learn to play a few songs on the piano!

btw, Dad brought us to watch Twilight again last night. And I thought I was going to faint when Edward appeared. lalalala

Newae, *snap back to reality* Andrew brought me and the sisters to Danga Bay's petting zoo. Did anybody realise there was a petting zoo there anyway? lol

It was very pathetic! But fun in a way. There was just another family in the zoo with us.

It was wet, smelly, and pretty saddening because they had the animals, plenty of them! But they didnt seem to make any effort in presentation!

One part looked like a pet shop. no kidding! I have pictures. lol.
Wil upload them when I have nothing else to do =)

THANKS dearie, for the small fun excursion! hee.
I LOVE YOU LOTS LOTS. tmr go find u k!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I was angry a few times this week!

1) Had a bad haircut
2) Hated the fat hairstylist
3) Had facial done =( so painful lah
4) My face was all red and blotchy
5) Hated my hair cut
6) Hate my eyes! i think im going to need contact lens. haha

but Im happy because

1) Im now in my last book of the perfect vampire, Edward *swoons*
2) Edward Cullen
3) Home
4) Andrew staying over
5) Edward Cullen
6) Lala and Petai the "ikan bakar" way
7) Edward Cullen
8) My cute little nephew.
9) Edward Cullen

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Twilight?? Pfffftttttt

I like Johor Bahru so far.. Been gettin a good dose of basketball, seeing dear,playing Ps3, watchin tv, and unhealthy amounts of local food.

One thing I dont like tho, is the fact that parking in CS in Rm2 per hour. ended up paying a whooping Rm10 for parking, which dear thought was outrageous and started throwing a fit.... to me only lar.. hehe

Going to Japan this Saturday with fam, alls good cept that results are out on the 12th, which is when I'll be heading back. will surely be worrying wan the night before, and results are always out the night before its spose to be.

Aites, thats all for now. I still dont understand the craze over Twilight. Vampires and werewolfs, sounds more like Underworld to me. kate beckinsale ftw!