Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Friday, March 25, 2005

tired ..

Not bad huh..? ive actually managed to update this blog more often than usual these past few days..i guess its cuz most of the teachers in sch are currently absent (kursus n stuff ), so the pile of homework actually gets shorter by a few inches.. Right now im feelin kinda tired n abit sleepy..and i guess i wont be stayin up late tonite cuz EC HAS SCH TMR!!!!! can u believe it..?? they're actually usin this saturday to replace our sports day,which was like..a month ago or so..??? aihz.. i definately dislike goin to sch on saturdays..it just ruins the whole weekend 'mood' n stuff..and we're followin tuesday's timetable smore... ish... sch on tuesdays end at around 2 pm.. so imma have to wake up at 6am,spend around 7 hours (yes...7...thats alot..i sleep less than that amount of hours everyday... dayummmn) at school, and then when i come back, im gonna be all tired n ish.. but this is schoolin life, so no point complainin i guess... it wont magically make all the teachers dissapear for tommorow n stuff.. :D
right now i feel like lepakin la.. been awhile since the guys n i have been able to go out n just chill n stuff.. feel like goin into the cinema, and even tho its a sucky movie, i wouldnt mind cuz of the hella confortable seats which goes really reallly well with the aircon..and then my body can just relax for an hour n a half or so..
last year was so much more different when compared to 2005... last year was really like a honeymoon year for me,where there were no major exams on that year n i could go out as often as i wanted to ,without much scoldin or lecturin from both my parents.. honestly,i dun think there was a week durin 2005 where i did not go out lepakin more than twice or thrice.. and thats already considered as the least number of times..
k,i think i wan go watch tv right now.. and then i'll prolly fall asleep downstairs..nitez yall

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

sch's borin

wow..if yall are reading this, you should stop readin,and give yourself a round of applause..*clap clap*seriously, navigating thru the main page of this blog and being able to find the entries page is tuff..i myself couldnt find it.lol..but atleast thats the fun part,i guess..tommorow's gonna be the middle of the week liao.. time's moving pretty fast right now, but i aint sure wheter thats a good thing or is it the other way around..its gettin close to the end of march,and my mid year exam is on may..that means i have 1 month ++ to cover up both form 4 n 5 syllabus.. thats gonna be tuff.. ive got to squeeze 1 year of studies and knowledge into my brain in 1 month.. sounds impossible ?? it acutally is...
ohyea...just 20 mins ago..for some reason..my F n D drive suddenly *poof*...vanished.... and rite now im still like 'WTF!!!'..both drives are pretty important to me..they contain a bunch of albums wic took me quite some time to download n stuff...oh wellz..no point being upset bout it la..actually,ever since i was a kid, ive never had a stabil pc before.. it kept crashin every few months..suay huh..??
u know wat..my school life's really pityful... the moment i step into my sch compound,my brain straight away swtiches off...i feel like a robot...without much thought,both my legs automatically walk to my classroom..then i put my bag down...and when the teacher comes in..i seem to have this ability to block out every word they're sayin,and my eyes will then be glued to the clock.. and at this point of time, time moves VERY slow.. however... when the bell rings,and when i step outta the class,den only will my brain wake up from its short nap.. cool rite..??

anywayz..thats bout it for now..atleast im updatin this kinda often rite..?? chowzz

Monday, March 21, 2005

Darling Donkey.. =) miss you...  Posted by Hello
wellz.. todae wasnt great... got back my add mathz paper.. i got 30 markz =) quite happy coz i din xpect to get well..more than 20.. haha..i promise i shall work much much harder for my next test.. been thinkin of changin tuition.. to mr chua.. but im happy wid my curent teacher.. pn chua.. haha.. so im not sure... mite juz end up being so kiasu and takin two tuitions. oh well..lets juz see how things turn out for me nxt time lor.. dyin to change fz tuition too..got back est and english paper as well..think i did not bad .. happy with my results..tomoro wil be gettin back bm, mod mathz,bio..and physics..kinda worried bout bio tho.. hrm... =(

Newae..changed skin again.. im neva happy wid the skins i choose..get bored of em easily.. use to like em wid snow droppin down.. wid those window alerts thingy..wid nice cursors.. but the current one i have dosent even have a song.. haha..=) just lurve the kids in the pictures! so cute.. wid remind me of children and pregnancy. mummy saes tt pregnancy is one of her fav moments in her life..she sae its just a wondeful thing.. i cant wait to be a mummy..of coz wen im 20 +++ lar...its prolly reali reali fun.. haha!

Was thinkin bt bloggin the same thing like andrew.. bout wut im gonna do after form 5.. like him, i reali have no idea in wut i shud take up in future.. for him, its music..for me..its prolly dance.. not v keen on hip hop tho.. sure its "cool" but i dunoe.. i juz dun get the "hiphop"thingy..haha.. prolly not "cool" enuff myself.. haha.. k..crappin here.. but i reali enjoy dancing.. this year.. cheerin has been great! haha.. i reali enjoyed myself on the field... its even better than runnin honestly.. been performin since form 1..and ppl are prolly gettin bored of seein desiree and her gang..namely chelle, jas, mel, archie..and alot of us on stage.. haha..my fav is still the "samba" durin i u dae last year.. =)

After sch i had a reali bad head+stomach ache.. not the kind wer u go to the toilet d.. haha.. more like.. dunoe ler.. was reali hurtin and i couldnt stand up straight..quickly tok a bath..and i slept till 3 smth..did a lil work.. then i watched bring it on wid nesse.. ate dinner.. and i spent the rest of the time on the pc..coz im having a headahce.. and everytime i stand up i get all giddy..so.. i cant study.. haha...me and my xcuses... k.. im sleeepy..... nitez.. =)


There's always a time when u feel frustrated...thats what im feeling now.. i need some1 to shoot me..please.. come to my hse..take a knife.slit my throat... thats how bad it is.. im frustrated,no1 here listens..i try to explain, but the words just cant show you wat i want to say..

Life's a bitch at times..
But life can also be a beatiful woman...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

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Im bored...

"When there's nothing left, you go right
But when nothing goes right, you go left "
-quoting myself.. =)

-andrew-Life's confusing aint it.. ?? haha.. form 5 life is gonna end in a few months time, and right now.. i have no idea what i wanna become in the future.. i dunno how many of yall even decide on your future that easily.. i definately salute yall.. mebbe its cuz i really dont have a interest in a certain field..actually, i dont have an interest in ANYTHING except music, but well..thats out of the question..haha..all this years of studyin in primary and secondary sch..all just for a few sijils that state wheter you're smart or a dumb dude.. funny aint it..?? its like, ur whole life is gonna depend on that SPM sijil u get.. there's no 2nd chance for any careless mistakes u made whilist taking that paper, unless u resit another yet (not smth i'd wanna do)...

anywayz, i was able to catch Catwoman ystd.. not that i was eagerly anticipating the movie or anytin,but i had nuttin else to do and that was the only movie in my bro's collection which i've yet to watch.. and like many ppl have said, this movie is really,REALLY dull..halle berry's acting isnt actually bad,but the storyline's kinda plain..actually, most action hero/heroin movies have very dull storylines.. just look at Superman.. can u even remember anytin bout the movie...?? and the only Batman movie i liked was when Val Kilmer was batman (if my memory serves me correct) .. IMHO, there's only 1 superhero that really stands out among the rest... and thats Spiderman.. his costume looks dope, there's a cute chick in the movie , and swingin from building to building looks much more cooler than riding in a batmobile or flying around wid a red cape..even Spideman's enemies look much more errrm, bad-ass like .. and if ya disagree,just compare Venom to ummmm.... does superman even have any memorable enemies..?? ohyea,kryptonite...

k,thats bout it right now.. and some of yall may think its childish n ish,but heyz... find me a guy who was never interested in stuff like this...

Friday, March 18, 2005

At last i watched the series of unfortunate events todae.. it was reali nice.. =) violet is like...shoooo pretty!! =) after the movie..had one of my fav fast food.. kfc! ate one whole serving of cheesey wedges...they're just the yummiest things in the world! haha.. then headed for tuition at sky tutuor..seriously.. i do understand physics from tt tuition.. but i reali dun understand is y im paying 60 bucks to a weird lookin guy.. when for te whole lesson.. we juz look at the computer thingy.. aihz.. =( tuition was okay.. exchange a few gossips wid chelle.. my forever best fren .. =) my last year wid her ade ler..since p4.. aih..she's prolly goin to sg..while me.. dunoe wer..

haha.. finally i rember tt dinasour thingy andrew was tokin bout.. see pic then can ade.. alwiz pictured a baby dinasour.. but couldnt rmber much..later..had bbq for dinner..so full now.. sweet potato was great! hehe..sweet sweet wan.. im wonderin y i cant write nice english wen i blog.. hmm.. so weird..im tokin like a super ah lian now...

Newae.. i gez tts all..havent been touchin my hw at all..more like i didnt noe i had hw untill last nite when i asked fangi. have to do... kimia..and sejarah..and sastera.. hmm.. havent even practise lisan wid hema,chalin and esther.. die ade lar... hope mr lim dosent ask us to do lisan on monday.. prolly not aniwae..unless he's too lazy to mark our papers... eeeekk... add mathz!!!! arh!!!!!!

Who actually remembers this character from the cartoon,Dinosaurs or smth..?? if any1 here has the series on vcd,tape or anytin...pm me or smth.. wud love to relieve the good ol memories... Posted by Hello


Its friday already... issshhhhh.. time always has this habbit to pass so damn fast wen i need it to move slow.. but oh well, school startin isnt so bad either.. i mean, sometimes i myself dont know what to do at home during the hollies..

things that i wanted to do but couldnt :
1) finish my holliday homework ( i still have ALOT of physics homework which i have yet to touch...hmmm, who cares la..teacher's gon be away for 2 weeks)
2) work on a song or two
3) go to hp n buy some dvds.. ( constantine,coach carter etc....)

BUT, i was able to catch *watever the author's name is * A Series Of Unfortunate Events.. seriously,its quite an interesting movie .... even tho there's like , a few boring scenes and stuff, those scene's didnt really stretch till like, 5 mins or so, unlike the scene in the Matrix, with the architech blabberin bout some bullish wic i hardly understand...

Here's an example of what i had to go thru during that scene with the architect in it..

Architect : Blablabla this door..blablabla that door... Choose blablabla this door and that will
Me : WTF??!!??

k,and if any of yall think my mind is too shallow for not understandin that part..oh well... movies shoudlnt even be so complex in the 1st place..no1 wants to enter the cinema and start flexing their brains ..right..??

thats my update for now...pretty short,but atleast i did update it...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

andrew's grouchi because u sleep to much mar! =P tokin bout me lar..wakin u up.fine lor.. du ntok then dun tok!!!

Newae.. examz are finally over.. yesterdae.. had kimia and est.. not bad lar.. at least not as bad as add mathz..sigh..wen will i ever get the hang of this subject.. aihz.. SPM comin soon.. sigh sigh sigh.. wonder how ppl can get straigh a1's lar.. hmph... yea.. i failed my add mathz.. did oni 2 quesion outta four...can die.. haha! if spm liddat..then how ar..smore this is oni the 1st two babz.. life is sad wid add mathz!!

Yay! gt holidae for a week ler.. at last can wake up late ade.. but tomoro got chemsitry tuition..at 9 smroe..so sien.. bother lar..can see mr choo can ade.. hehee.. smore he comin me hse later ! hehe.. aiyar..lazy ade.... oh yea.mum and nesse in gentin now..comin back tomoro ade..miss em alot.. esp nesse... =) oh yea.. me and kay made breakfast todae!! it turn out quitre ok.. veri veri nice! hehee... =)


Finally, the day that ive been waitin for every since the end of CNY hollies... MY MID TERM BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! although its only 1 week, i'll definately welcome it wid open arms.. who wouldnt..?? but the one thing i definately hate bout the hollies this time around,is that ive got so many things to do.. first off, the teachers gave us a bunch of homework... almost every subject had its own stack of papers .. that really,really sucked.. and i also got my moral kerja kursus (draft) to finish up.. there's still alot more typing n stuff to be done i guess.. i thought hollies were spose to be like, a time where we relax ,chill n stuff.. guess SPM year's always like that... teachers pay too much attention on the students.. =)

ohyea,over the past week or so, ive just realise ive got a very bad habbit or wateva u call it,since im too lazy to think of a word for it.. hehe... i get extremely grumpy when ppl kal me when im bout to be sleepin , as in,when my eyes are bout,few inches from closin.. i dunno how i developed such a thing oso.. crazy huh...??
anywayz..ive g2g now...nitez every1..

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

me and banlee... nuff said..  Posted by Hello

at NYC last year.. im the one on the right...infront of us is JBC's best popper.. and im serious..haha.. Posted by Hello


Wow, form 5 life is really takin away my time to blog and stuff..dun even have much time to sit back and chill awhile... life's really been hella hectic the past few days,and the fact that my bro's back from india for a one month hollie doesnt help much, cuz gotta share the internet line ...haha.. anywayz, its already march huh..?? thats fast.. exams year are always like that..time moves in an instant,and before u know it, i'll already be in the exam hall.. dayummmnnn...

"Life's a learnin process,and durin the process ive learnt
2 not let ur guard down whenever you got ur back turn "

I wonder wheter any1 here has experiences wid backstabbers before..ive definately had my fair share of it, and sorting out the problems caused and gettin everything 'a certain person' had done back together again took quite sum time.. although all those were in the past,ive still held a certain grudge, even until today.. guess i'll forever have that certain feelin of stabbing that person back wid a real knife ,and not words....


Thursday, March 03, 2005

okay.. i skipped sch todae just to study...but i ended up studyin onili at 5.30pm.. haha.. yea.. mum made me go to vernesse's sports dae.. she insisted i go..coz i shud support nesse and stuff..even tho she oni took part in sukaneka.. but i noe she jus wants company.. haha.. so met chelle there.. then nesse managed to get 2nd! yay! haha.. thier house were good..al neva cheat one.. so cute la... after tt.. andrew came to me place..around 11 .. then ate lunch..then tok tok tok.. tried to study..but tak jadi..then wen for tuition lorx.. end up todae whole dae oni study bio bab 1..wic is short..coz untill sistem limfa oni..sigh.. was tryyin to study smore..but i dunoe wut brought me here..sudenli had the urge to blog.. haha.. dear's eating supper now.. while im here..tryin to study again... aihz.. this few daes have been rather hectic..and tiring..and saddenin..and depressing.. so many thins happen lor... but im glad things are goin its wae now.. i HOPE.. aniwae.tutiion..aihz..bm.. kinda boring lar..coz im like the oni gurl in tt class..so got no one to tok to..sesated at times..but bother lar. got dearie beside me okay liao.. =) wanted to skip tomoro.. but daddy said NO! hmph..