Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its the end of September. =) My favourite month of the year..
Recently, mum got me interested in this Taiwan movie, Corner With Love!
Its really cute and all, but I feel that they quarrel too much! Its like they keep fighting and fighting non stop! And everytime he wants to tell him he loves her, they end up fighting. lol
But its a nice movie lar.. =) Happy ending. hehe

Life is pretty boring now lor, n0thing to blog about. hee



"Life is like a beach chair.. I dont wanna wake up"

Yeap, its the hollidays right now.. 2 weeks break, no plans in mind, almost everyone's gone back (even the Malaysians, for raya), assignments to do, and studying to catch up on. I guess its not that bad la, hollies are always like that for me. At first I 'll be damn happy, and then I'll get bored. Would love to do abit of travelling, but heh, I like to be in the comforts of my home at the same time.

Anyways, I watched 3 whoop ass movie yesterday.. So much for studyin lolz. Found this kick kar cheng site that allows me to stream the latest movies, and I've been keeping myself occupied ever since, and dear has her own Taiwanese drama on CD to watch... haha..

This movie is the definition of a guy flick.. I doubt any girls would wanna watch No other movie lives up to its title as good as this one, "Shoot Em Up". Thats basically what the whole movie is about, a guy who is awesome with the They dont even throw a love story inside, its just bang bang all the way. Def enjoyed it, the kind of movie you watch without bringing ur common sense along.

Death Proof. No, this is not an 80's movie, dont let the poster fool you. This is a Quentin Tarantino (of Kill Bill and Pulp Culture legacy) film, and it is dope. This movie, was released as a 2 for 1 kinda film along with Terror Planet, and they're both collectively known as Grindhouse. Both these movies are tribute to B films of the 80's, and you actually get a sense of 80'sness throughout the whole movie (I've not watched Planet Terror yet btw). In the cinemas, these 2 movies were shown together with fake trailers before and in between, giving it a whole old skool feel. Tarantino is dope. I'll be watchin Planet Terror soon no doubt, its directed by Robert Rodriquez, same dude that did Sin CIty. you know its gon be good.

Drumline. Hmmm, this is pretty similar to all the dancing movies you watch, except this is bout playing the drums. Only reason I watched this is because I was watchin this on Astro once, and then suddenly it rained, hence I never did finish the movie. So I wanted to see the endin.lo. This show's aite, not worth watchin in cinemas, but worth streaming and wasting bandwith over.

Alright, Im off to hit the books now. If you're readin this dear, helloes!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Birthday Post!!

My birthday celebration started tt day.. We agreed to meet up at 1.30 after the form sixers got off school. Was really excited about meeting the girls coz its been so so long! =)
Mummy drove me, celine and mel to jusco.
After a while, Sarah spotted us.. and after an HOUR chelle and kim came! hee
We ordered 5 dishes at Itallianies, and shared it among ourselves.

These were the only pictures of the food. haha. Was too hungry, so I forgotten to take pictures! Mum came at the right time after grocery shopping, stole some food, then went back home. Celine suggested tt we ordered Sangria (was it?) so we did! Being the lousy alcoholic I am, my face became REALLY red, my back was RED, and soon after, I started having red rashes on my hands!! Lol.. but I was really ok, I could think right, walk straight... just that my body has these really weird reactions to alcohol.

I looked worse in real life.. I even overheard the waitress saying "tengok muka dia" and Celine heard our waiter saying " Yeala, dia minum Sangria" (?!?) so mean!

But it was really a nice change , coz we always head to vivos, or mcd.. hehe

After lunchie.. Birthday Girl was inspired by Sharpay from HSM, and she wanted. FABULOUS!!

And she got her wish!! =)

I really had so so much fun.. but I wish the rest of us were here as well... That would really make things perfect.. =)

omg. we (they) camwhored sooooo much!! i think 50% of the 100 photos taken were with Sarahs sunnies..!!! =D

Kim enjoyed herself the most i guess, she sings Korean Songs sooo well!! lol, even without lyrics k!! pei fu!! =) All in all, all of us TRIED to

- sing like Beyonce - rap like 50 cent - sing Jap songs - sound like Rihanna.

lol.. it was just pure fun. embarassing ourselves. =)

Then it was time to go home, but I didnt want my day to end just yet. And Chelle told me she went and bought baking stuffs.. So, in the end, the rest went home, and I went back to Chelles place! Been two whole years since I went to her place, so was really glad to see her mum, dad and sisters...

The messy ingredients on a small round table. Chelle took pretty long to get all the utensils. hee. another messy house like mine!!

Dont play play- we're working hard k.
From white..
To a yummy brown! Notice the heart shape in the mixture! Bestie Love lor

HUGE THANKS TO SARAH JANE FOR THE WONDERFUL RECIPE!! =) We didnt use brandy though... =p
The rest were used for cupcakes. Which were burnt because Chelle was busy taking off her make up. and i was busy with the icing. hee

Notice that our cake is so short? It didnt rise!! So chelles mum was laughing at our cake. Telling the sisters that our cake is the tallest cake she seen!! haha..

Then Chelle drove me home.. her driving skills not bad lor.. =)

Was on the webbie with dearie till my birthday! He sang for me so many times through out the day. =) Mummy and Kay were the only ones who wished me at home! Dad and nesse were sleeping d. bish.



had to wake up early for work today. *hmph* but time passed really quickly, and I was back home already.. Unwrapped dadddys present, which was a watch I wanted, but I didnt like it, coz it wasnt what i thought it was! So we headed back to Kerrys to change it. and now im having a nice nice nice watch which im sooo in love with!

Nothing much happen today.. was just webcaming with dearie till dinner, and that was when he told me the goooooood news! =D


So off we went to get ready for dinner, when my auntie comes and give me a present!

I love my family too biiiiiittsss! Our Place looks really nice frm here huh, thanks to the neighbours! hee

My Mango Chocolate Cheesecake which was heavenly!

Us in our home clothes. and daddy erm, half nekkie!

I look horrible here. hee, but oh well. Im a contented nineteen year old.. =)

Thank you all for making my birthday special. Thanks god, for arranging my failure so I can spend my 19th with my dearest family....

But dearest Andrew.. although i had sooo much fun..

Love so much,

Thursday, September 27, 2007


My birthday was a nice, sweet, quiet one.
Im not gonna blog about my birthday today, wanna photoshop a lil..
So the full post will be tomoro!

Just wanted to post something on the 27th.

Thank you for remembering my birthday ppl!!

I love my family and friends so much..
Best pressie ever : Dear is coming back on the 12th! Which means.. 3+31+12!! 46 more days!

Happy 19th Birthday!

My birthday post dedication

This is my birthday post dedicated to the one who has stuck with me, throughout my bad days, my hot headed days, and all sorts of stuffs like that. Happy Birthday yeaps darling! Feels different not being able to spend this moment with you, after having been there for your birthdays throughout the years. Heck, I was even celebrating your birthday when we had EST trials the next day. Remember? hehe. Pity that my present didnt arrive today. I calculated properly ady, and it should have reached around this time. Its either stupid Australia postman or malaysia postman. Hopefully you'll like the present once it reaches your doorstep. heh. A month and 2 weeks left, I think? Then I'll be back home already, and back to spending time with you ever so often. :) Love you lots yeap, have a great birthday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We had a western Mooncake Festival! Went to Yew's Cafe for dinner.. I dont really fancy the food here though, its pricey, but doesnt taste as good as say... TGIF! I wanted to go to fridays, but dad wanted Yew's.. so off we went..

I had a Mango Banana Ice Blended.. Was really nice!
Cheesy Herb Garlic Bread. okay oni..
I cant rmb what these are called, but its really just hashbrown.
Salad.. =)
Escargot - i promise myself nv to eat this yummy dish because I was really disgusted when I thought about how these snails look like when they were alive.
Eeee... no matter how delicious these snails are..... *shivers*
No photos on our mains though.. Waiter stopped me from taking photos.. even asked me to delete the pictures i took! lol. He said he saw me taking photos through the CCTV. ugh. Cant blif them. Invading my privacy when Im eating. lol

My food was yucky though. Wasabi crispy chicken with garlic. But all i tasted was the too crunchy crumbs, and a really bitter taste. Mum had lamb chop which was nice, dad had codfish and salmon, kay had butter fish, and nesse had fish with oats.

I think i enjoyed my drink the most.! =)

Tomoro will be having a little gathering with some close frens.. Hope they dont stop me from taking pictures in Itallianies!

2 more days till my 19th! One month 2 more days till our 4th year, and 60 days till Im back in his arms. =)
Its 3 a.m.. and Im still not asleep. YAWNS.

Mooncake festival is here again.. =) mooncakes, lanterns, candles.

Last year My Place Apartment residents (our gang lah) had a "mission" ... we sorta copied someone elses idea.. but our outcome was prettier. =)

We laid candles along the pathway in the park..

And lit them all up together..everyone of us had our little area .. and when it was done..

the pathway looked beautiful...

Memories. =)

Had a little celebration with my family as well!

We made a heart shape using candles..and played sparkles too..

I guess mum willl prepare a little celebration tonight.. but playing lanterns wont be the same without dearie. =(

nvm, i still have my sisters! =)

oh! look at the date! It was our 3rd year together.

I love u.. cant wait for ur pressie to arrive. heeeeeeeeee

Was playing around with our template again.. trying to make it look nicer.. i thought the old one was pretty messy lor.

Neway, v sleepy d..nites!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


At times I just wish the weekends had more hours than the usual.. you know the feeling, whenever you have alot to do, but time just isnt sufficient enuff.. yeap, thats how it is right now ar. Assignment due next week, spendin enuff time with dear, a huge ass Working problem this week (alot of anatomy ishhh) , celebration to attend (mooncake festival), basketball & gymming, and lastly sleeping. gets to the point where I even feel guilty when playin basketball for a mere 2 hours now. Think im goin mad ady.. lol jp. And liverpool drawing against birmingham did add to the frustration. fookz

So yeap, had a mini mooncake celebration yesterday

Nothing as gigantic as the mooncake abov.. Okay, I really like mooncakes.. And to my disbelieve the do sell mooncakes here, but for a hefty price and for an unknown brand ( Sugar Honey.. hmmm) . Despite that tho, I did buy a box at one of the asian shops round here. Being overseas + spendin money on chapalang brand ---> Thats enuff proof right there of how much I like mooncakes! gyea.. Ok, back to topic. So yesterday was spent lighting up lanterns ( i wasnt round for that tho) + eatin mooncakes and then playin poker. Beginning to get a feel of the game, and that was my first time playin real life (been playin alot on facebook tho). So next time during CNY gatherings you can see me with the old apeks, collecting money from em. muahaha.

Today was pretty dull compared to yesterday. The fact that its a Sunday + the hot weather + not having much to do , just made me miss her so much more than usual. Suddenly felt so alone when I reached home after basketball. Its 60+ more days before Im home tho, so nothing to frown about. The malay guys in my year will be goin back nxt week smore for Raya, how nice of em. haha. I cant wait to be home ar, gonna bring dear with me to eat Roti Canai and nasi lemak ayam goreng. gyeaaa!

Alright, back to studying. sighz. Life's so monotonous until Im lookin forward to a Chelsea VS Man U match. damnn

Friday, September 21, 2007

My godmother decided to get us some McD's breakkie this morning! So I had my favourite,
Sausage Mc Muffin.. This reminds me so much of the days in My Place Apartments.. when we wake up in the morning just to get mcd's breakfast.. =) Those were the days..
I love the muffins.. which were coated with yummy butter..
The patty is oh-so-tasty, with a hint of pepper and salt. Last but not least, the yummy yummy piece of melted cheese makes the muffin perfect. Even my papa couldnt resist taking a few more bites of this not so healthy burger! =)

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch today, but it was just Kimchi Instant Noodles with some xiao bai cai! or in aussie. Baby Bak Choy. Vernesse had tuition today, so mum, Vernesse and I decided to head to the bazaar at Extra. To our dissapointment, most of the shops were not open yet.. and for those shops which were open, they were selling drinks. And we all know that its not wise to buy drinks from them! Coz they probably use tap water to make their drinks. lol

So we walked around, and Nesse decided to have some nasi bryani. =) As usual...

She had breast meat..! We sisters very cheap wan, eat the cheapest part of the chicken. =p Curry was okay lar... normal curry..

The rice was really pretty though, but RM6 for a plate of bryani? Not ex meh?

Achar wasnt so nice... my grandmother makes nicer ones.. =) Not sour enough..

Last but not least... the one and only Ayam Percik, what I wait for every year.. *grins*

*Thinks about last year when andrew, me, ren ee, adeline, and zhiven went to the bazaar*

Geee..time passes so fast!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I slept at 3 am last night.. was chatting with yvonne.. =) and i woke up at 12! haha..
Still having an I woke up with a v swollen lip.. sigh.

Mum brought me to Permas Jaya to have some ice kacang today.. Its been so long since we ate ice kacang from there! Very yummy since I was craving for some gula melaka.. hee
Other than that, nothing really happen. Gee. I should do something about my life. lol

I think I got an idea.. I shall start blogging about food!
lol! From now on, i'll take pictures of my lunch and dinner! lol

Been a while since i played with photoshop too.. too busy doing nothing.. =D

Dad told me that the poor girl who was killed is Nurin indeed.. She was abused till her parents couldnt recognize her at all...
DNA results came out today.. so expect the news tomorow..
Sigh.. imagine the torture she had gone thru for this whole month..
Parents should really keep a close eye on their children..
When I have my own, I probably need a leash to keep them from running away from me.

I really hope poor Nurin will come back as a ghost, and haunt the sick bastard that did that to her. Lets all just hope that this kind of tragedy wont happen anymore.. =(

oo! show starting!
Woke up early to go to the clinic today..
Today passed pretty quickly..
I saw Mrs Emilda in my papa's clinic!! what a coincidence!
I walked into his room and there she was, wearing a ST John Ambulance Convent Shirt.. hehe..
I told her why i was in Malaysia and she gave me the same look she gave when i told her my PMR, and SPM results..
Although I was never realy close to her, but she was a really nice teacher to me, esp in Form 3! haha.. when she made me stand up on my chair to imitate the Statue of Liberty for not bringing my "buku nilam".. hehe
Or when I talked about "rape" during our oral test.. hehe..
She told me that Convent is busy now, with the headmistress's farewell party.. blablabl...
Was nice to see teachers.. =) The last time was Pn Khoo in Pulai Springs!
I keep seeing English teachers!

Anyway.. one more week till my 19th birthday! Time passes so fast..the last time I reminded andrew, I rmbered saying 58 more days!!

Gee. I want a party! With nice paper cups and party hats..and balooonsss.. =(
Its to mark my last ---teen birthday!

My godma asked me wether i was excited or not, to go back to Australia and study..
I gave it a quick thought, and realise that i have been having so much fun here at home, that I really am not looking forward to goin back! and then i got a long lecture from my godpa. *frowns*
But come to think of it.. I miss Newcastle.. =) I miss going grocery shopping, cooking..and speaking better English.. hehe
I admit I am getting a little lazy, but you cant blame me, I mean.. theres not much motivation over here..
and the weather is too hot here.. It makes me extra lazy..

Cant wait for tomorow! America's Next Top Model! WHEE!

65 more days. wooHOO!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 700th post! =)
Today was rather mundane, but I enjoyed it!
Watched TV.. Practise driving.. Im improving!
Mummy and daddy even made mee hoon kueh for dinner, which was really yummy..
Watched Final Destination 3, House, and Ghost Whisperer! haha
I am such a lazy slacker.. Decided to bring my books and study at the clinic.. at least I got some things to do when Im too lazy to stand there and look at patients.

Andrew just showed me a magic trick! Police and Thief.. haha.
It was really cool.. wonder who thinks of all these tricks in the first place..
Must have been slackers who had nothing to do and spent their whole day with cards. lol.maybe i should start doing that too.. maybe i'll come up with a trick or 2. =D

Its 11 pm, and im sleep already. haha. yawns..
I'l save this post to be published tomorow so baby can get a share of the 700th post


Hey peoples.. Andrew here.. 8.17a.m... have closing tut at 9 later, but thank god thats it for the day. just a 2 hour thingy. Mad tired rite now, cuz I think I only had 2 hours of sleep or so.. Woke up at 4.30 to watch Porto VS Liverpool. Yeap, its been ages since I last caught a Liverpool match, and a fellow malaysian over here introduce this program to me which streams at a much better rate than the previous program i was using, PPmate. Hopefully I'm going to be watching more football from now on ar. Its def been awhile.

Anyways, Liverpool played their worse game ever. Really wei, in my lifetime of watchin them play, it has never been so frustrating. I think they only had 2 shots the whole game, nasib baik one of the shots was a goal so it finished 1-1. quite tulan wan ar when you sacrifice sleep and they play so horribly, it was like misplaced passes thruout the whole game wei, and they even had a player sent off! nvm , i'll take a draw rather than a defeat ar, and another consolation is the fact that Chelsea drea.. rotflmao =D

oh, its the 700 post eh? Wonder when will we be reaching 1000. Atleast dear has the semangat to blog nowadays ,so she's replacing me. heh . Aites, I need to go mandi and im off to class! See ya peoples, one
Desiree is bored.
Feeling down, tired, bored, upset and just bored.

I really want you back..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Woke up late for lectures today.. blah lah..actually, I didnt intend to go for lectures wan, and I purposely overslept! lolz. See, the lectures were held in some building in the city, and it would take me 40 mins or so by bus to reach there, just for 2 hour lecture.. so, if you do the math:

2 hour lecture + 80 mins of travelling = a waste of time..

Weekends were alright for me , spent most of yesterday workin on my assignments.. This sem we've got a shitload of assignments wei.. But it doesnt really carry much weightage on our results tho, cuz the assignments are more or less pass or fail, with no marks. The one Im workin on is due in 2 weeks time I guess, and Im trying to prevent any last minute rushing by doing it now.. And then Ive got another assignment due 2 weeks after the dateline.. sialzzzzz

Ohyea, I've noticed something else thats very different over here in Aussie. Just last Thurs I headed to Charlestown to lepak and stuff, and was just browsing thru one of the music shops... They have a huge ass collection of urban music over here wei.. like, alotta mixtapes and classic stuff, only problem is that its quite expensive. But thats not the point ar. Anyways, I was chillin there, and this guy approached me... Our conversation went something like that :

Store dude : Hey man.. hows it going?
Andrew : Im good.. just browsing around
Store dude: Alrights... If there's anything you would like to check out, just tell me alright? I'll let you have a listen to it.
Andrew: Sure sure, thanks..

With sincerity like that, it made me feel like buying a few albums wei! yes, just based on the sincerity and friendliness alone! but of course I didnt la, cuz pokai ady mar.. lol.. But yea, compared to Malaysia, shits way different. I remember in CD Rama or whatever in JB, the people who jaga the store will actually follow u wei! like you're a thief or smth man, wtf.. they'll keep tagging alone until u just feel like walking off, which is what I do most of the time ar..

Anyways, I was lookin for this album

Kanye West - Graduation.
yes, if you see this album , get it.. definitely the best music ive heard so far this year. If you're thinkin bout gettin 50 Cent's album, dont.. lol.. its just not worth the money.. get this one instead.. yes, im abit bias since I've grown to dislike the music fiddy puts out nowadays..

hmmmm, dear's workin in clinic now.. Im kinda bored cuz got nothing to do ar.. if only i can makan her cupcakes.. haha.. okie, off to do assignments now.. im off

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Miss Dee proudly presents..Her yummy cupcakes in uneven sizes.. lol still not an expert at estimating a consistent amount of mix. =p

Today I attended two house warmings ; my godmothers, and my eldest auntie

Both houses were really nice and unique, but my godma's wins!


I want to renovate my house too! boohoo

So the weekend came and ran away very fast..

I saw my niece, and I said HELOO! and she said HELLO!

I thought she didnt remember me.. but she came runnin to me and said

YI YI Dee Dee, u come back from Australia already ar?

hehe.. the last time i saw her was last year i think, and she was like,

Yi Yi Dee Dee, so long never see you ade..

She use to be such a notty girl, but she's really cute now.. =)

I love babies.

So anyway, came home, and decided to bake some cupcakes coz I told my 6th yee that I would bring cupcakes to the clinic on monday..

Everyone says its really nice now! hehe

So, YAY for me and nessy. I really want to try and make donuts..

Maybe this coming weekend then..

Been watching Everybody Loves Raymond on tvlinks.

Funny funny funny.. =)

Oh tash, if ure reading this, Im sorry i didnt reply ur emails yet, i didnt get to go online during the weekends.. had some internet problem..

I dont know why my ears becomes sooo red when i wear my niice loopy earings.. =(
No fair!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Camwhore 101 lyrics

Camwhore 101

Yall all know who Im talkin about
Them gals out there who got their cameras out
Snappin away, taking pictures of their faces
Put it on their frendster, myspace pagess
Gals out there tryina look so kawaii
But nah we aint even hook to you mami
Take your fingers up now put it on ur cheeks
At the same time girl be blowin up her lips
Put on something nice like you were going out
But we all know you were just in ur house
Rite now you ready stand at the mirror
Take a bunch pictures tho we dont really give a
damn, maybe some guys do
Cuz i dun see how your account got full
but, see i dun care
cuz you just a, you just a

She thinks she so friggin cute
Tryina impress all the guys with her looks
She thinks she's hot but im like
damn no damn no
She thinks she so friggin cute
But instead she makes me puke
Now tell me what we gonna call her
cam whore cam whore

I know a girl that take pictures everyday
Any kinda angle, every single way
And since all you dudes prolly think that its not wrong
I stopped going to her
I know a girl that puts alotta make up
I know a girl that takes pictures when she wakes up
I know a girl that begs for comments
When her pictures up she be tellin her frens
i know a girl who wears her sunglasses yeap
But i dont see the point cuz the sun isnt up
I know a girl that photoshop her pictures
Prolly did the same to her facial features
i know a girl who thinks shes in magazines
Prolly wanna be an internet beauty queen
And, see im not against it
But sooner or later they gon make me hate it

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How many years ago was this? hehe

Cupcakes were awesome! =)

I threw in some raisins, chocolate bits, and hot chocolates from cadbury! into the mix, and it turned out pretty nice..

Nesse then added colourful stars onto the cupcakes, and they were really pretty..

Didnt take any pictures tho, because my hands were to oily and after a while the cupcakes didnt look too pretty! haha

Just watched Pimp my Ride and Wanna come in? on MTV

Poor chinese guys never get asked in..

Havent been driving this few days because mummy took the car with her..

Which is a relieved for me, and my daddy of coz. =)

76 more means, 11 more weeks without u.

So short, yet soo long.. i hope our plans work out for nxt year bi! heehe

Will be trying to make my cupcakes look chocolate next time..

Wonder if it'll change if i add hot water into the chocolate powder first, before adding it into the mix?


Love, Dee
8 more post to 700! =)

Its when u dont get a good sleep, that you wake up everyday appreciating the fact that you had a nice long rest..
Its been 3 wonderful nights! haha, and I wake up fresh and happy!

Oh yea, my housing area is definitely getting more dangerous by day..
Just a few months back I saw a snatch theft happen right before my eyes, and just a few days ago, my aunts house was broken into.
They knew who did it of course, because they just had their water tank fixed a few days ago.
And the burglar came in through the roof, and the thing was, he cut a hole from the roof, directly on top of the cupboard in their room, so he could come down safely.
Most of the jewelry were gone, diamonds!
My aunt went and visited my grandma, so when she came back , her son saw that everything was messy, so they stayed outside and called the police. The police came, and inspected the house, but the burglar got away too fast.
The next day, my uncle went up the roof, and he found out that the burglar had a few marks up there , maybe on the day he fixed the tank too.
Its so dangerous, so becareful of these workers! =( Try to get someone to keep an eye on them while they are working and stuff..

Mummy is in Kl now, Daddy is at work, Nessy is at sch, Kay is going to sch, Andrew is at the clinic.
Dee Dee... cant wait to bake some cupcakes later! hehe

Monday, September 10, 2007

My godma is renovating her house, and she loves books. So when I went over to see her new house, she gave me my mums old books..
2 romance novels..

The weird thing was. I was reading it on the 9th of Sept, and it WAS the 9th of September when I started the book. Coz a murder happened the day before the book started, which was the 8th!
So I read and read..
and at the end, just for the sake of mentioning the couples surroundings while they *u noe what*
my name was mentioned!
"The saxophone began another soulful song. Someone named Desiree was mentioned for supper. A blue jay flew into the courtyard, perched on the basin of the fountain"


Last night was horrible, I didnt sleep at ALL!!! =( till i got a shower at 7 smth in the morning. then slept for 20 minutes before going to the clinic.

Sigh, am I getting insomnia?
High School Musical songs keep playing in my head though. grr

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who says that my life is more interesting than hers?? Tipu wan ! haha... yea, but in all seriousness, my life is as monotonous as it could get, especially the weekends.. its like, wake up, have breakfast, study, lunch, study, basketball, come back, dinner, study, sleep.. Yes, saturday and sunday goes pretty much liddat.. damn, tommorow's already a monday.. weekends just pass hella fast, leaving me wishing I had more hours to do everything that I wanna do... Cant wait to be back in Malaysia, where I can finallly break the monotony heh..

The problem with this semester is that the only break Im getting is on week 10.. Take note that I only have 12 weeks each sem. pretty stupid right? last sem my break was during week 7, so its like, almost half way there and catching up could be done on the subjects and all.. this time round its feelin much more hectic, with 4 assignments + interviews + GP placements to be carried out.. ishhhh..

Ohyea, we finally found like 12 ppl to play basketball with now, and I think its gon be a weekly thing ar.. Been awhile since I've played 5 on 5 pick up games, and it definitely felt great running up and down the courts again today... All this while over here I usually play half court games oni ar, and I usually fancy full courts more.. haha..

ok, i think im off to study again now ar.. Imma leave yall with Camwhore 101, for anyone who cant install the player on amp.. yes, Im trying to promote it as much as I can.. haha.. peace..

Dear Diary,

Its hard living without him, but Its not that bad either.
But this separation has made me realise alot of things.. flaws..
Flaws that both of us have..
And we're trying to change things for the better, right? =)
This few days have been really bad for me. I fell ill! =(
Had a really bad headache, and on saturday my whole body ache and was really sensitive
Fever, fever, fever. sigh
Felt so weak at night, and I couldnt get up from bed.
Then last night, I had this really really bad headache..
Hope I feel better soon, dont wanna be sick for so long, its not pretty...

Driving improved yesterday, I told myself not to be soo scared of everything, and just relax!
And dad said I was better. He wanted me to wake up early today so that I could try driving on the road when it wasnt busy. But I woke up late because of my headache. *hee*
I dont mind actually, I dont think Im ready for the road yet!

Bi hasnt been blogging although his life is much more interesting than mine now!
I think he dosent like our bloggie anymore..
so sad! booohoohoooo

Love lots,

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finally slept well last night..

We had the webbie on for the night, so everytime I feel restless, I just take a peek at Bi sleeping soundly..
Lucky for us, there wasnt any disconnections, so i woke up to see bibi sitting at his study table.
We made tuna puffs today!
I L.O.V.E pastries..
I made the filling myself.. and then we help mum roll up the pastry

Yum, it was really good after it came out of the microwave oven..

Then daddy took me out to practise driving.. Im really not use to the CRV. =(

Not really goood at estimating how far I am, and I was being paranoid the whole time bout cars being everywhere. ='( I hate driving!!

If I am every getting a car, I think I want a small little car.. So much easier to control and everything. Nvm, dad said we'll learn every day..

Did any of you had problems driving after you got your license??


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I went shopping today at Tebrau City!

Bought 3 tops and a purple skirt =)

I like!

Mum was having her usual shopping spree, so instead of looking at her as if she thinks money grows on trees, I decided to join in the fun! lol

Not a very good thing for daddy though.


Shopping was good, so was the green tea ice cream, my fav!

Tebrau City is easily my favourite place to go now..

Life is pretty normal now because Ive got over and done with my driving classes, Im fine with going to the clinic every mon, tue, and wed.. And im even starting to do some studying =)


Bi is sleeping now.. u better dont be late again tomorow!

He asked me to tell him a story just now,

so i chose Sleeping Beauty..

and then i started talking alot... bi said he thinks thats the wrong story, and i said shhhh

So I went on, and i said.

: so the witch then took the baby and named her Rapunzel


stupid me..

Its September already! I love September!

*big grins*

all righty


My fav buys today! =)

*a good example for camwhore 101* lol

Monday, September 03, 2007


Ssups people... just a quick update since I've not really had my say on this blog for ages.. hehe..
Dear changed the blogskin again, like, 2 times in 3 days or smth? hehe.. bravo to her *hand claps effects*.. this current one is lookin really good, and its almost 100% from her effort... She's really funny tho, cuz she gets bored of the blogskins really fast.. should add that to her 10 little weird facts survey below.. =)

Hmmmm, lets talk bout studies.. I'm already more than halfway into my sem! amazing eh? cant wait to go back to Malaysia, but I really dun wan to take the exams.. I can just picture how hard its gonna be, and all the hair pulling I go thru while doing every paper.. really wei, you can just die *smth* standing (guy phrase) while doing the med exams wan.. and having to sit thru it twice every year is just hell man.. they shud just give a few small quizes and all, where by the time its time for your exams, you've pretty much got 50% locked down already.. thats how it is for a couple of courses over here, and that just kicks medics arse..

On a lighter note,
I attended the Merdeka festival over here.. was pretty good, and got to eat good food again!! i wished i just stayed somewhere round there, then can just pop in to makan good stuffs! They've got ice cream goreng, char siew, apple crumbles, bunch of seafoods(blek, dun like), and alot of other aussie+asian dishes.. I think Ineed to get a car soon, then can travel here and there with ease.. must wait till my P's finish.. ish, like another year more... anyways, I dont have any pics from that day, since I dont usually own a camera and I dont camwhore lots.. Speaking bout camwhore, you can peep my new song titled 'Camwhore 101' at ! Whats the song about, you may ask? well, its your perfect guide to camwhoring! lolz.. nola, its just a for fun track, as you can prolly tell by the outro.. In no way am I trying to take subliminal shots at any one in particular.. gyea..

Okie, I gotta go now .. nak study jap. tommorow's a free day tho! yayness for that.. Btw, look who's on top of the EPL?? liverpool peoples!! 6-0 against Derby.. what more can you say??
this is our year..

PS: Love you dear! hehe

Sunday, September 02, 2007

After alot of attempts, I think Im gona stick to this background, might make another one if Im bored though..
I think i finally get all this HTML codes..
And its really fun to just play around with the codes.. lol
So today, dad brought me to this parking lot behind the hockey stadium..
I didnt like practising opposite SIGS, because there were so many cars.. and i was practising my reversing and stuff..
So we went there..
It was nice, and huge, and secluded.
So I just made a few rounds, and dad asked me to try and do a zig zag between the 3 poles..
Then suddenly.
I saw a car come in, and the man stop in the corner, and then he drove away, but when i turned my car i saw another car! There was a lady..
Then both the cars went away..
My dad was like, I bet that they are having an affair..
True enough, after like 10 minutes, the lady drove back in, and they parked their car in the corner, for a good 30 plus minutes..
The man was OLD!!
eeeeks.. around 50 plus? early 50..
was so disturbed, but Dad then asked me to do some parking. lol
Was funny, because I cannot do any parking without the tiangs!!
I really cant estimate..
the first time, my dad was like
: if there were cars there, you smashed into 2 of them d.
second time :
you missed by one whole parking spot..
grr.. and I have a damn bad habit of pressing the accelerator when I need to break fast.
I nearly ran into a bus stop today.. =(
nvm, practise makes perfect! I dont believe I cant do it when millions can! lol
I love my blogggie skin =) =)