Monday, April 19, 2010

Sports Carnival 2010 . Gooo MYSUN!

We had to wake up at 4 to catch the 5.30a.m to Sydney Aquatic Center.
I was super sleepy and grumpy, and tried to sleep throughout the whole journey.
Stole photos from a girl that came along because I was too lazy to bring my camera

I didnt get to play alot that day, and although I was a bit dissappointed I guess it was for the better! The teams we played against were really good! Esp the girls from Sydney University and UNSW!
They were fast, tall and had excellent team work!
I miss netball practices already. It was good fun =) and the team that represents Newcastle next year better start practicing earlier than we did! Because we have so much to improve on.

Basketball was soooooo nice to watch as well!
The boys were all soooooo talented!!!
This has to be my favourite sport to watch. I wished Andrew played it more often now. =(

Basketball, netball and football team =)

It was a tiring two day event, but something that I missed for a long time.
The whole "togetherness", sportsmanship and all brought me back to secondary school, and all the wonderful memories I had in Convent.

We had to stay at a backpackers! Which was quite EWW, but alright lah.
Had korean food (Again!) but tummy was a little upset due to gastric!

I was very proud of Andrew though. Everytime he played I felt really proud of him and understood why he enjoys his games so much. Good work dear!

It was great fun, and I enjoyed every second of it.
New friendships were made, and I got closer to some girls, which is really good =)

Goooo MYSUN! =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am 3 days away from completing my 8 full day placement at the Kotara Family Practice.
My GP is wonderful, and I am sooo glad I got him as my first doctor.
Imaging starting off your clinical years with a crappy fierce doctor.
He is lovely! And most of the patients love him.

i had to take a bus back because Andrew wasnt free today, and this little boy in front of me was trying to play with me. He decided to start shooting me with his dirty little fingers, and he tried to make the shooting sound as he did it, so I ended up being covered in his saliva, =(

Tolerated it for 5 minutes, and ran to the toilets at Uni to wash my whole arm and face. lol
Kids - i guess!
But he was pretty cute la!

Andrew and I are off to Sydney tomorow. We are taking a 5.30am bus with the whole lot of msian students for the Sports Carnival at the Uni of Sydney.
Should be fun! Our first games starts at 9.50am the same day, and we will be competing with 4 other Universities.

Wish us all the best! =)
Its been such a sleepy day with GP in the morning, and tutorial from 2-4.
So right now, Im relaxing with a cup of steaming hot coffee, and well, washing my laundry for the week! Clothes have been pretty stinky because I have been exercising! lol
Practice this whole week okay!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Room For The Year

I moved out from my previous house because It was getting a little disgusting, and we couldnt stand the landlords! He hasnt given us our bond back, but Andrew has been calling him to complain. (I hope!)
We were lucky enough to get a place in Barahineban this year. I wanted to stay here because most of my friends were on campus, and its such a nice place to live in, but sadly, they changed the policy and places were given to first years instead, so most of them are off campus now. =(

However, Im loving this place! =) I dont have to clean the toilet! And I HATED doing that!
I have my own kitchen, bathroom, tv, and the best thing is everything is in a room!

I guess it can get a bit boring, being cooped up in the room, but I guess im boring like that, so thats not a big problem.
Our room is pretty messy all the time, and although we try to keep the mess to a minimum
I cant help it! We are both messy people. =(

The kitchen. I love how I can just cook and watch TV, or use my computer without walking far. =)

My clean, pretty toilet!
This is the neat-est my desk can get. =) There are always books, papers, highlighters and pens thrown around normally.

So there you go. Hopefully I dont get kicked out next year (although there is a high possibility) so I can enjoy the luxury of fast internet, air conditioning and cleaners!

My cbox expired because it was too quiet i guess? =( SO SAD!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I love my new header! Its so funny! =)

I had GP placements this morning, and decided to stay for a full day since my GP told me a patient with good cardio signs was coming in this afternoon. He left me in the room with her and I manage to find her murmur!
It was quite easy, but this is the first time I have ever heard a heart murmur on my own =)

Anyway. After placements, dear picked me up and all I wanted to do was to lie down in bed when I realized it was 4.40 and I needed to go for netball practice =(
I was soooooo tired and sleepy, and begged dear to drive me to the forum!
Game was good, although I was abit nervous and threw the ball anywhere I could whenever I caught it which was quite dumb!
Am going to play subs this Saturday, no stress! So thats good =)

Came home, had a nice bath, then had dinner. I slept till 8.40 and sat on my table to study.

Its 12.36 now and I just started studying!
Got distracted with Hotel City, Pet Society (its monday!) and photoshop!

Long day ahead tmr...
9-5 classes, then netball after that.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Show 2010

This would be my third time to the Easter Show, so I was just looking forward to spending a day with Andrew, and eating Korean food later that night!
We caught the 8 + train in the morning, and slept the whole 2 hr 40 minute ride to Sydney.
We managed to visit the Farm Nursery this time though! And it was super nice!
Petting baby lambs, cows, sheep. They were so adorable!

This was a baby cow. I had to fight with the little kids for a photo. They were hogging the cow! and force feeding it till it got pretty irritated.

We had the fries that I wanted to try 2 years ago but didnt. Had to queue up for pretty long, but it was worth it! Quite yummy!

I got so excited about this! I cant rmb what it is called, but I think it was a snowie cup or smth.

You can get to choose an mix your flavours. Was very good as it was quite a hot day!
Saw many cute dogs and animals, but I cant be bothered to upload all the pictures.

Manage to catch Suzie and Cheryl before I left! I was suppose to follow them, but they were leaving too early and were going to hang around Central before coming to the show.

I had fun at the show, although we didnt bother playing any games to win soft toys. We have too many I dont know what to do with them when we have to move out at the end of the year.

Thanks for bringing me out that day! <3

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bloggie Revive!

I miss blogging alot, and I regret not documenting anything over the past few months.
Therefore, to motivate me into blogging again, I decided to change my blog skin, with a new header! Its not perfect, not how I had imagine it to be, but it will do for the mean time.

I downloaded a short trial of Photoshop and will only be able to use it for 30 days. Have to get the pirated version when I get back to Malaysia. =)

I have so much to blog about!
About the wonderful place Im living at the moment (think cleaners, and air conditioning!!), playing netball again, GP placements, studies (ugh) and so much more.

In the mean time, I have some red bean soup boiling away in the kitchen. =)

Be back real soon!!