Saturday, March 28, 2009

This morning, I decided I was the most boring person in the world, and that I didnt deserve to live.

Why? Because I dont have a passion in life!
When people think of me, what do they think about? The boring girl that stays at home all the time. lol.

I was pretty upset, because Andrew likes playing basketball, soccer, playing with this dumb , expensive PS3 games, rapping..

but me?

Then I thought about what makes me happiest, what calms my heart, what I look forward to at the end of the day.

my passion. my baby boy, =)

Feeling all mushy today because Its just one of those day where you look at him, and all you feel is love, warmth and well, just love.

Lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I dont feel to well this week.
With the wisdom tooth sprouting, and the ulcer it caused.
And I think Im down with a slight fever.
Plus, menstrual aches are on their way.

Finally I can wake up as late as I want to, snuggle up under comforters and maybe even catch a movie!

oookay. back to work.

my life is boring. yawns

Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 weeks placements done

Today was the last day of placements for me this sem. 4 weeks of rural, straight. I dont even remember what its like being a uni student anymore, having not been to lectures or tuts all this while. And yes, it has been a good experience la, no denying that. BUT, im just burnt out by now, sorta like when ure just done with a major exam or smth.

First day of pract, this is what I saw when i first got in to the accomadation in Scone. just dead crickets everywhere, kitchen, bathtub, even in my room. They just keep coming in the whole night, i mustve killed like hundreds during my 2 weeks there.

The room I got really wasnt fancy. Pretty small, has a smell to it. Dusty.. and no, im not whining. Just stating the facts.

But yea, that was Scone. Was there for 2 weeks, and then moved on to Muswellbrook (which is just 30 mins drive from Scone). Everyone was telling me how crap the accomodation was gonna be, but when I got there, I was actually quite satisfied.
Room was pretty big.. bed was comfy and linen was ATLEAST provided (wasnt in Scone), had a huge study table.. no smell smore. only problem was I had to buy a fan. I have no idea why there is no fan here. and best part is........ no crickets!
Over the 4 weeks, I've managed to do stitching, a per rectal exam (vomits), observe a C-section, give alot of injections, and also play with urine alot (dipstick test). It was good, but now Im just glad to be going home soon. Cant wait to see bi! And i dun have to wake up at 8am anymore!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I hate HP

My laptop crashed on me yesterday. I happily started watching the 6th or 5th episode of MDG when my screen just went blank. But I could hear the sound still. Andrew told me to off it. And by the time I tried to on it again. It wouldn't work!!!

*insert all kinds of vulgar words here!*
I'm very angry because I just sent it for a motherboard replacement a few
months ago and it cost my daddy rm1200 leh.

Repairing it will cost money. So I decided that I should get a new one here. Am thinking of a MacBook because he thinks that it would be a very good choice. So I might just get one next week.

So in the mean time, I will be computer-less for the week before andrew completes his GP placments on thursday!

Thank god I bougt an iPhone. Can still go online! :D

I very xin tong okay. I really
Took care of the laptop. Made sure it does not get overheated and stuff.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good night :)

Downloaded this iblogger application into the phone so I can blog through here easily. 99 cents only! So I might have spelling errors because im still not an expert touch screen typist

Am on my bed now trying to sleep. Was still I'm my needing mood but then I got so hungry that I decided to sleep it off!! Brush teeth already mah!

So good nite. :)

Missing family alot! Can't wait to send them the parcel!

Missing baby as well. He surprised me yesterday by sneaking back home after his half day. When ii came from hospital, I saw him grinning in my room. LOL

Can't wait to see you tomorow!

Also. I went out again today!! And I bought this skirt ii was eyeing since last week. It was 120 aud last week. But it was on discount this time! So I bought it! 50% off mah!

Friday, March 06, 2009

He decided to drive home after GP. I was excited =)
Reached home at about 7 plus at night. Had lovely dinner.
He left at 6.30 in the morning.
When i woke up, I felt like it was a dream. Did he come home yesterday? It all came and ended so fast.

He told me he was going to see a surgery at the GP at 5pm.
I waited till 7 and he didnt message me back. I messaged asking him what surgery he was in lah!

10 minutes later, he was at my door.
I love you! =)

Am currenly sooo stressed out. I have so much work to do it isnt funny anymore.
=( plus the weekends are suppose to be spent with him before he goes off for another week of placements.

Cardio block has been really stressing for me. =(

help meeeee!
i dont yike studying!

I had a nice day out with my friends yesterday. We were suppose to go nearby for baskin robbins and grocery shopping. But then we missed the bus, so we headed off to Westfield for a day of shopping!
So we came back at 4 plus. I was too tired to do any work, so i told myself to relax for a few hours before studying. Had my dinner, took a bath and then my smelly doctor came home.
Had to go out for dinner, then slept early because we wanted to polish car in the morning. -.-

no wonder im so behind schedule.