Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I was so excited when I felt a hole on my left upper gum.

Kept telling everyone at home about my growing wisdom tooth. Kept touching the hole with my tongue and happy to be finally "wise".Ok, can go to med sch d. har har

Then last night I was wondering when will the other tooth on the right start growing.. So i touched my gum, and ...eh. my wisdom tooth there was already 1/4 out already.
So stupid right..

do visit. www.just-laine.blogspot.com
My mummy dearest is starting a business like I said. =)

So do check it out and see wether you fancy anything!
Btw, new stocks will be arriving soon, so do visit the blog regularly.
Been ages since any updates occured, and its cuz dear has been busy with the online-shop thingy and I've been busy with.... doing songs and playin games and watchin movies.. nothing much to cheer about, but Im kinda enjoying this kinda life, no worries, sleeping 10 hours most of the time, and just bumming around without needing to do cookin and washing dishes.

That might change over the next few weeks tho.. Cuz rite, my maid who looked pretty blur most of the time, decided to run away from home on a Sunday afternoon, while my parents were out and I was sleeping at home. This wasnt any quick decision or smth smore, as she ran away with my neighbour's (Chew King's) maid!! so ngam until no1 at home at that point of time. But I guess its good cuz she left without taking anything, and she doesnt even have her passport as my mum holds onto that. Stupid illegal immigrant!!

Anyways, my parents are gon be away @ China for the next week or so, so I'll be headin over to dear's place to put up during that period of time. Parents dont want me to stay at home all alone, playing with gas when I cook and stuff.. jeah jeah :D !! I prefer dear's place smore, cuz its just so convenient to travel as everything is located around there, which means Im saving on petrol. HOWEVER, I still have to come back quite frequent to do gay stuff like water the plants... hmphhh, there goes my petrol then. We've got tons of movies to watch smore, so I guess we gonna have Movie Marathon 2!! We did something similar last time, but dear only ended up watchin 2 and a half movies, while I watched 3. lol. Will try to beat our personal record is time round. heh

These are the movies that Ive watched over the weekend and would highly recommend

Casino (1995). Pretty much the same crew as Goodfellas, with Martin Scorsese, Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro. Am right now a big fan of Scorsese's films, as the concept of the movie is really clever. A true story bout Frank Rosenthal, some big time gambler who overlooked Las Vegas's casino under the help of the mobsters. No need to explain further ar, if u wanna know more ,go google it.

City Of God (2003). Brazillian film, which I never bothered watching altho I had the dvd for ages ady. Only decided to dust it off once I read the reviews about it. According to wikipedia, "City of God received positive acclaim from major publications in the United States, gathering 92% of favourable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes [3]. Empire chose it as the best film of 2003 and Time chose it as one of the 100 greatest movies of all time, while E! ranked it the 3rd "movie to see before you die". It currently ranks at 18th in Internet Movie Database's top 250 films list". Yes, thats how good it is. gila lar, and its a true story as well. lol.

Ok, off to webcam with deary now. Cant wait to see u today! and fr the nxt week! hehe... chowz!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mummy has been a housewife since she gave birth to Kaytrieese.
But now.. shes selling CLOTHES!! =)
She has been going to KL alot recently, cause she was scouting for shops to get her stocks from.
And finally.... hehehe. The whole business thing is coming together!

Help her record down her buys... and will be trying to put pictures up on a blog asap!

So do support my dear mummy, who is giving up her wonderful tai tai status to be her own "lao ban" If you people dont buy the clothes, we will end up wearing all of it for new year. haha..

Nice clothes, cheap, and definitely gooood quality!

THIS IS SO FUN. mwahahaha

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Im watching you as u fall asleep now. I hope your headache gets better soon sweetheart. =)
Our day out at tebrau city was fine..could have been better if not for the irritable syndrome we both somehow acquired over the years. I blame it on hormones. what about you? =p

I am really bored and tired of my room and how messy it is. I want to clean the room up, but I am really reluctant to do so, because I just dont know where start!

We wanted to renovate the house, but Dad isnt too excited about it because it will be alot of work! So I managed to persuade him to allow us to re-paint our room, and change the arrangements of the furniture! Really excited about the project!

I have already surfed the net about different ways to paint your room, but I cant even decide wht colour I should use. Hee.. I am thinking about purplish purple!

btw, Im so proud of myself, because I have been studying these few days! *clap clap*

Mums in KL now, cant wait for her to come home tomorow. Missing her already. *hugs*


Just felt like saying that.. =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday was just...niceness.. :) Im still not used to dating, after having been away for so long. hehe. And since practice makes perfect, I guess we've got to go out more times.. Right dear??

So I drove to her place to pick her up, dropped her sis off in Johor Jaya, and off we headed to Tebrau City. First time we're goin there with just the two of us. Got there at round 2.15, and headed to get tickets for Beowulf, which was at 4.30. Wasnt even close to selling out (was worried about it bein finished), but the cinema was pretty filled eventually ar..

Went around getting light food to save our stomachs for dinner.. hehe.. Had steamed milk, green tea ice cream, and that starbucks christmas whatever flavoured drink.. Steamed milk and ice cream was good, starbucks was just, starbucks la.. nothing special anymore after having spent most of college days there studying.. haha..

Chilled around for abits, and then it was time for the movie!

Beowulf! Ok, I admitt of not having done my research regarding the movie and didnt even see any trailers of it beforehand. Yes, I am quite ulu when @ Australia, cuz I dont have TV mar... And I only picked this movie after going to Cinema Online, and seeing that it received more stars than Stardust (no pun intended). So once the movie started, I was like " eh.. look like cartoon ar".. and true enuff, it was! At first I was a little bit disappointed cuz it wasnt real people acting, but then again, it really is good animation.. Story line was nice, and at times Beowulf does seem a lil like Kretos from the God Of War games on PS2. if you have played the game and then watch the movie, you will faham when u see the way he kills the monsters. Another good thing about it being animated, is that all the guys get to see Angelina Jolie close to being nude..lol.. have fun guys..
Dear said she enjoyed the movie too, which was a lil suprising. she usually doesnt like this movies wan, especially when got no love story intertwined in it.
Had dinner after the movie @ Stonegrill. I had chicken chop, she had lamb chop, and we both shared a bee hoon Tom Yam since dear was talkin about how great it tasted. Me? I think its alrite ar,but everyone seems to oreder that at stonegrill.. I guess my taste buds might have been a bit off yesterday..

Dear then bought me my anivesarry gift! See, we didnt post the gifts or what nots cuz the previous time I posted smth, it got lost.. pffft! She received my gift last week dy, and my gift came later cuz I had to choose the color in case we got diff taste. So what did I get? I got an adidas sports bag and a nike basketball! Thanks alot alot alot yeaps dear! ive been needin a sports bag whenever I go to the gym or any other sporting activities, and I also needed a basketball cuz I need to get some sportingactivity done in these 3 months. Ever sicne I came back from Malaysia the only sports Ive did was badminton for an hour, I really need to sweat it out. Anyone up for basketball or futsal??
Got ready to go home after gift shopping. And since I hardly drive to tebrau city, I got lost. lol. Was simply turning here and there in hope of not getting lost, and I think I lost myself 20 mins there. Was lucky enough to end up in JP Perdana, which is where Logan stays so i roughly know the place. And then it started to rain hella heavy, so it was my first time driving in the rain at night. Dropped dear at her place, and I reached home safely :) .
Was definitely a fruitful day compared to the way Ive been spending my hollies. Will be seeing her again tmr! hehe

Monday, November 19, 2007

hey there peoples... decided to do a lil blogging now, cuz dear seems to be doin more... I remember back then I used to outnumber her in blog posts, but i think ever since this year she's been doin more of it. Well, she's the one with all the pictures anyways.. heh

Its already been a week since Im home.. kinda like my life now, we can go out anytime we want(as long as the car's available), and we're gonna start exploring JB a lil more =) .. Now, if only I stay much nearer to Taman Sentosa, then we could go out for supper anytime we want as well.. that would be nice eh?

Gonna catch beowulf(spelling??) tommorow.. Not too sure if its her kinda movie, but then, the review says its "people who enjoy this movie will also like: '300', 'Lord of the Rings'", and we did enjoy both shows, so it should be good I think... the feedback from those who have watched it so far have been pretty good, so only worry is that tickets will be sold out tommorow. hopefully not, but its a holliday, so see how lar

We also plan to make the badminton thing a weekly affair, and we have to improve on our communication on the court. hehe.. one of the shots yesterday just left us standing there, waiting for each other to receive the shuttle.. lolz..

Alrite, I guess thats a short quick post for today.. goin tebrau city tommorow! yays! havent been there yet since Ive been back.. nike culture shop.. here I come!

I fell down yesterday while playing badminton, bruised myself and now it hurts soo badly when I take a bath, crawl on my bed, or kneel down accidentally. =(

I got an ulcer on my lip from biting myself while having dinner two days ago.

And today, I burnt myself while baking cookies! =(
Not fun. hmph. So now, my 3 fingers are currently not available for usage. haha

I studied today!
Finish writing notes and revising one set of slides today. So Im feeling pretty contented with myself..

Tomorow I'll be going on a date with Bi at tebrau city. Cant wait. =)

ooh. mums back!cantonese fried kuay teow here I come!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My chocolate chip butter cake! =)

The wedding was allright yesterday, was kind of romantic, because they had their own video which they took while taking their wedding photos.. But the thing was, they kept repeating it again and again! Was kinda annoyed after it played for the 20++ times..

Came back home and slept through the night..

This morning, Dad, Nessy, Andrew and I went to play badminton at Tiara! I drove them to and fro.. * so proud* haha

This was the first time we didnt stop earlier than an hour. But we lost to my dad and sis. *sigh* But i thought we made a pretty good team.. lol..

Dad said Im played like a bimbo though. heehee

So we went home, and took baths. Guess where we went for lunch. TGIF again!

Ate quite alot, and then mum called.

Yesterday during the wedding, my uncle had two tables which were empty, so he decided to treat us for dinner again tonight. Had the exact same food again. Soo very full now!

Dad nagged me because I havent been studying for a long time. haha..

So heres my promise.

I shall study from tomorow onwards! =) At least.. 2 hours a day!

But I need my bibi to accompany me. can?

Friday, November 16, 2007

American Gangster.In my recent obsession with gangster movies, Im lucky to have this movie released this year.. I call this the 2007 Godfather, and it def lives up to its hype..How can it not? Its starring Denzel Washington! Its a true story of the rise of Frank Lucas, a dope dealer in the 70s.. u will never again see an african american gangster being more powerful than the italian mafia...

On another note...

Jay-Z's album, which is also titled American Gangster, has got to be the best hip hop album of 2007. its been on rotation ever since I downloaded it, and Ive been thinkin bout buyin the original itself.. only thing thats putting me off is the fact that its censored over here. No, this is not the official soundtrack to the movie, its just that Jay-Z suddenly felt like makin an album after the movie premiere, and he completed it within 2 months or so.. gempakkkk ar.. Only thing i dun like about him is that he keeps sayin that its gon be his last album and stuff... he already threw out the 'im gonna retire after this' card for 2 or 3 albums ady.. but atleast he din do the same this time rond.. word has it that his best album to date, Bluperint (2000? i think) was recorded in 2 days.. dudes the truth!

Ohyea, we went to Fridays yesterday.. first time ive been to the Jaybee one.. i think dear might have a pic or two, so i'll let her to the blogging :D yes, ive gotten a hang of the CRV and can drive around dy..

We'll stick with each other alright..? Thru ups and our very very down moments. =)
*But for me, if i were ever in a LDR, i mite just die. lol.
Im such a clingy girlfren..
Im such a naggy girlfren...
I need to see him all the time, even tho he is just next door.
I hate to say bye bye wen he is goin to the gym or playing football.
I would need him to call he everyday..
SMS everyday..
And sooner or later, one of us will nt be able to take it, and just call of the relationship. *
this was what I wrote in May 19th.
I guess i was wrong..
Wedding bells are going to be ringing for both sides of my family tomorow. =)
Excited? ... not really lar..
Thats because Im not really close to both cousins. hehe.
Come to tink of it, Im not really close to ANY cousins.. sigh.

Anyway, here's wishing them a very happy wedding tomorow.. and hopefully their love will last a lifetime.. =)
Its nice to know that my cousins have found their one.

Today is like the most boring-est day ever, no thanks to YOU. =(
I slept most of the time after work, but I didnt really get a good sleep because I had a nagging feeling in me. God knows what it was, but it sure was annoying..

Sho bored... ='(

I wanna go on a holiday with my family now!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back home

Finally, Im back home.. Sure seems like it was just last week when I left for Australia.. crazy, my first year is over dy. Time to sit back and enjoy these 3 months the best I can..

So yeap, yesterday was mostly spent with dear =) dad had to go work, so he dropped me off at 6.20 or so.. lol.. Im still trying to get used to driving the CRV, cuz ive been driving much smaller cars ever since I got my license... so, since ive not mastered it yet, im back to depending on taxis and people fetching me..

This was what dear got for me!! i wonder when can i wear this shirt out.. lol.. I still like it yeaps dear, thanks lots!!

After the apple crumble makin session, we then headed to Taat House for this!

Penang Char Kuay Teow.. yumssss, dah lama tak makan heh heh.. Its pretty hard to find good fried kuay teow over here in JB, and as far as I know.. Taat House is one of the tastiest.. the other dish we ordered over there was fried chicken belacan or smth... that pretty much sucked.. blahhhh..

Then took a cab to City Square.. nothing much has changed there. Walked for abit, had a drink at roibo, and then took a cab back.. Managed to get the Simpsons DVD, and we watched that at dears place!

Lol yea, I know we's abit outdated, but then, its a cartoon anyways. no point watchin in cinema, except mebe to experience the atmostphere of havin people laughin along with u ar.. This movie disappoint, I pretty much had high expectations of it. Its like a longer version of the animated series, and thats a good thing, cuz they werent tryin to overdo things and all... Dear enjoyed the movie too, altho she still prefers Southpark.. Me? I prefer Family Guy.. lol..

Okay, that pretty much sums up our first day back together .. I spent today at home, playin ps2 and watchin movies..nothing much really.. Will be seeing dear again tmr, yays!

PS: i got a haircut ady, for those who havent noticed.. dont really like it tho, I prefered my long hair.. how long did it get? well, u can tell from my sideburns ar.. haha
Yesterday was a very happy happy day for me. =)

He arrived at my house at 6.30 A.M!! hehe.. I woke up to him shining his handphone light at me and he gave me a hug so tight my bones nearly broke. lol

Exchanged presents! Baby bought me another precious item to add into my jewelry collection. =) A pair of very pretty earings.. Round earings make me look so much more mature. lol. He said that was his intention! hehe.

I on the other hand, made him his very own customed made shirt.. by ME =)

Will let him blog about it. I got the pictures, but my phones bluetooth is not working for me. dang. =(

After few hours of just sitting around in my room.. we decided we should get started with our breakfast. " APPLE CRUMBLE. =)

So we started peeling, core-ing , and slicing the apples .. * my sink was *sumbat-ed* after that.* sigh.
Then we started cooking the apples with cinammon powder, brown sugar, water, and raisins.
After 20 minutes... We left the apples to cool, while we started on the crumbles.
omg. its was sooo hard leh! The crumbles were made by mixing flour and butter, and we had to ue weird hand movements to form the crumbles. lol *taught by my godma of coz*

Into the oven! For.. oops. I forgot how long.

Out of the oven. Yummy Apple Crumble, made esp for you baby boy. =) ur fav!

The day ended with him, me, and my darling family at HOHO steamboat in Molek. yummos. =)


Monday, November 12, 2007

12th November is finally here! =)
But too bad I wont be seeing him today..sigh. Its allright, I waited four months, I can wait another day. =p
*squeaks in excitement*
My baby if finally back.My baby is finally back =)

Just woke up from a long nap.. Wasnt long enough though, I wanted to sleep till tomorow morning so that the first person I see would be him. lol.
Making dinner for the family tonight. Baked macaroni, Hopefuly it turns out good.. =)

*Yawns* feeling so tired after waking up early this morning for work. Everyday at the clinic, I will be waiting for the clock to show 12.00pm, coz then I can go home. hehe..
Im such a lazy pig.

Cant wait for tomorow to come. When everything.. everything will go bck to normal. Thanks for being faithful ( i think) bi. I love u. =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last MnM.. U know what they say, the last one always taste the best.. ok, I invent wan.. whatevers.. ohyea, dear didnt eat hers.. she said it rottened a couple weeks back.. hmph..

Anyways, Im really really excited.. dun noe if i'll get much sleep done tonight.. my train to Sydney leaves at 6am aroundish, and my flights at 12.45.. yayness!!
the next time i blog, i'll be in the comforts of my home..booyaka bak bak

Friday, November 09, 2007


Exams are over already.. No, I didnt screw it .. screwing means having studied and sort of knew the answer, but jawab wrongly.. mine was more like, 'no matter how much I studied, still wont score wan'.. get the difference?? serious shit wei, esp for today's paper.. all the answers look the same to me smore.. I guess you have to be more matured to be able to answer ar, and thats why normally those who have taken a prev degree b4 do not find this paper as tough as we freshmen.. sighzz.. Anyways, its 2 days more b4 im home..cant wait cant wait.. :D spent some time cleanin my room today, and will prolly get some packin done in the next few days..

its 2.23 am and the guys are playin halo rught now, while dear is at michelles.. hope ure havin fun bu!

Anyways, I forgot to mention another addition to my famiily..

The amount of shoes I have is startin to get a lil out of hand.. lol.. K, no shoes for the next 3 months.. heh heh..
Ohyea, my webcam doesnt really do the shoes much justice.. they're a pair of Nike Air Max Lights, not too sure if its on sale in JB yet, had to get this from the states.. so yeap, thats all for now i guess.. see ya peoples
Tonight is the first time I get invited for a Deepavali dinner!! lol. Was feeling very sick yesterday .. Felt like vomiting and was coming down with a fever, and I couldnt sleep because my throat was very sore..
But feeling alright today.. so off to Jasveens place tonight! *grins*

Cant wait to see what food they have =) yummies

*ooh! baby is back from exams... yay!! he's free. =)=)* can kacau him already!

miss him sooo much during his exam period.. now he is alll mine! mwahahaahahaha

Thursday, November 08, 2007

FOUR , 4, FOUR, 4, FOUR, 4, DAYS!! =)

I am soo excited to see Andrew again... These four months have passed quickly and smoothly. However, I really forgotten how it feels like to have a "real" boyfriend already.

All I have seen in this few months are


Sleeping time. =)

Telling each other we're away..

or doing weird stuff like his head, my body. hee.

That I get so excited when I see him walking around the room because I get to see my boyfriend with legs! lol...
Missing him sooo much. =( I think I wont let go of his hand when he comes to see me.

Oh yea! I'll be watching Bee Movie in a while.. =) Daddy bought tickets this morning al the way in TC (so sweet), SO YAY! =) Cannot wait for this movie, the previews look so cute..


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

1 more paper and Im done with exams. How has it been so far?? Fuggin knnccb hard until can cry and l*****p .. Seriously wei, sometimes i dunno wat im doing.. study so hard for the past month and a half or so, and then paper come out i think I hentam more than I know. Since when must mcqs have 5 choices..and all so similar smore.. and the stupid ppl who set the papers decided to put some prof prac questions into med science. Prof prac papers were on wed and fri, while med sci was on mon and tues. So of course most of us have not really hafaled much prof prac, and that ended up bein most of the SAQs.. tengok wan me i noe i must do another great escape act to not fail.. lets see how it goes ar..

Ohyea, dear ask me to mentioned her.. so yeap, dear dear dear dear dear.. happy? :D seein u soon! talkin to you and being able to see you will def take my mind off this exam.. :)

Just before my studying period commenced a couple of weeks back, I watched a really really really good movie on youtube (search for it if you have time).. hopefully haven kena taken down yet ar...

GoodFellas.. A 1990 movie, and its on par with The Godfather, no doubt by that.. Right now theres just something about mafia and triad movies that really interest me.. Ive watched Scarface, Godfather 1 2 & 3, Young & Dangerous (1 to 7 i think??), and Goodfellas is up there. Just makes me wanna be a made-men.. would definitely be an easier living than studyin medicine. And on the side note can jadi rapper too.. hmmmmmmm..


on my way??

Monday, November 05, 2007

7 more days before I get to see you!
Not gona see him on the 12th, because I shy to follow his parents to sg to pick him..
So have to add one more day to the countdown! -.-

I made cookies again today.. But I burnt my finger. =(
Cookies were ok, though it kept gettin burned! Lucky each batch had survivors.. lol
If not I'll be so "xing tong"

Blogger's block again + index finger throbbing with pain = good bye

Sunday, November 04, 2007

First blog entry thru iPod

baby is having his exams tomorow. So good luck dear!!! Blogging thru the iPod just for the fun of it. Quite frustrating...LOL But it auto corrects your mistakes, so you sont have to keep backspacing when you make mistakes.. This takes up so much time leh, but fun lah. Hehe.. I am loving this new baby loads.. Now have to dl alot of songs to complete this baby!!! Oh.. Btw , the other baby i adore is coming back home in exactly a week. Whoopeedooooo.... DESIREE IS DEFINITELY A VERY HAPPY GIRL THESE DAYS!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yesterday Dad said he'll buy me an IPOD. I was going through some sites, and I saw the Ipod Touch. Very pretty! But definitely too expensive for me.. So I decided to get the new IpoD Nano. Even decided on the colour already...

So off we went to Landmark the next morning to get my first ever Ipod =D
Was really excited ! =) Then while I was looking at the nano's. Dad was like, You dont want this meh? He pointed at the IPOD Touch!! hehe
So i played around, and ten minutes later, I was the proud owner of an IPOD TOUCH! =)

Vernesse and Kaytrieese each bought a new phone because Kay has been usin the same one for 4 years, and Vernesse always gets our old phones.. haha.

If you are wondering about wether the ipod is treating me well, the answer is. UHHA!
Everything about it is just beautiful.
The only thing is, its quite big so I wonder how Im going to carry it around.. hehe
Other than that, the Ipod = absolutely fabulous!
I can even go online using the ipod! and thats the reason why I changed my bloggie address.
I doont know why.. but I cant view my blog when there were two hyphens at the begining and the ending.

So update our new link yea!=) Thanks..and paiseh..!! hehe

Friday, November 02, 2007

Woke up at 8.47 today. Went to the clinic, and was back home at 12.30. =)
Yay! Another weekend is here! One more weekend till he comes home!

So anyway, went I got home, Mummy was watching this chinese programme where the people tell their ghost stories.. So scary! So I told the story to Vernesse and Kakak, and we ended up freaking out in kakaks room..

And then... we played MahJong ! haha. I thought kakak and nessy how to play, and we played and played for nearly 2 and a half hours!! non stop k!
My maid was like "wah, main lama-lama then lebih seronok ar!!" Even though she didnt win a single game.. haha.

I have blogger's block lor....