Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We manage to get midnight premiere tickets for new moon! I checked for tickets about a month ago, and they were all full, but on the day itself, it seemed like they open a few more rooms.
I loved the movie! It was so much better than the first one. Although Jacob looks really good =D, but I shall be faithful, and am still in TEAM EDWARD!
It was soo packed that night.
Plus, dont believe Andrew, i think he secretly enjoyed the movie.

I loved this photo! hehe. I had it as my phone's wallpaper, and everyone who saw it had the same reaction.
"aww.. so cute.. what the??"

We are packing packing packing up these few days, and I hate the dust so so much!

Im so sensitive to dust, my eyes, nose and throat start getting so itchy! Its so irritating!

Oh, so I was looking at our fridge, and I realized I have so much chaipoh (preserved radish) and dried he bi (lil shrimps)
And I was thinking of ways to finish it when I had this brilliant idea of cooking " ham cha" which is a Hakka dish i think, according to Andrew.
So we bought three kinds of vege, and made this yummy home cooked meal last night =)
I am so proud of ourselves, because it really tasted like home!
I loved it! Made 4 portions so we had it for lunch today and probably for lunch tommorow as well. =)
Save money okay!

My Hakka Boyfriend says yummy! =)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello. my long lost blog! =)

Ive been neglecting this blog for like what, the whole 4 months I was here its terrible!
not that I got any "pls update!!" except from my sister, and my boyfriends friend.
But oh well. This blog is for me, and for Andrew to look back, laugh, smile, and reminisce about the wonderful years once upon a time.

Ive been pretty busy this semester, starting with dancing practice.
It was so much fun. I really miss performing. The whole process from the never ending practices, the "fights", the laughter, the trying on costumes, the rehearsal, the day it self, and the compliments we get for all our hardwork.

Then, we had to do this ethics video for an assignment, and it was such a huge success!
We had this crazy idea, took nearly a month to finalize everything, and the whole year loved it!
You can watch it on youtube. =)

The rest of my 4 months here were basically filled up with study.
This semester was Neurology, Endocrinology, and Psychiatry.
Loved it! But hated them at the same time.
Endo was the easiest ,but neuro and psych was quite hard. The amount of reading I had to do! tsk tsk.

Anyway, exams are all done and over. And Im still not home =(
Been spending most of my time just cleaning up the house slowly, watching tons of movies, and who can forget post-exam shopping!

Didnt buy clothes this time though, but I spent quite a sum, not much, but 50aud on a nice red laptop sleeve for my darling mac.
And today I bought this portable pink speaker for only 10 aud! 50% discount =)

Super happy because now we dont have to use the headphones when we watch movies. My ipod earphones are super torn n horrible d. Plus, its so restricting when you have to stay so close to the laptop.

okay! better go and pretend Im cleaning up my room before Andrew comes home.

7 more days! =)