Sunday, March 30, 2008

The term lahwei is getting abit played out already. Especially when used in the context of a blog. Thats just me tho, doesnt feel right when i read it. Prolly has to be something thats spoken to have an effect.. feel me?

1.35 am now.. goddamn.. staying up to watch Liverpool's match. ooosh

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ive got flies in the muthafukin house !!!!!(read up: snakes on a plane if you dont understand this)

I have prolly killed like 20 ++ flies today in the kitchen with the 'rolling up a magazine and smacking' method. goddamn.. And I still dunno if the 20 flies were there or they mustve somehow find a really small gap in the kitchen walls which i cant seem to find to enter. Isshhhhh.. Housemate just got a can of spray tho, so tommorow I should be on killing spree smore.

Btw, if you have not noticed, my tampal teeth looks alright in the last picture right? XD heh heh. But esok got another dental appointment, so hopefully everything goes alright there.

Im outs

Easter Eggs.

Easter eggs here are quite expensive to me. So we dont buy them before Easter comes. We buy them after the celebrations! Because there wud be 50% dicsounts on all eggs! *giggles*
Poor kiamsiap malaysians. Hee. This year. We decided to get only 2 boxes. Last year, I bought so many for my sisters, and the eggs are stil probably there, hibernating in the fridge. Ungrateful little brats, those two are. Presenting... the lovely.
Ferrero Rocher Egg

I didt know it would still cost so much! lol. 11 aud okay. But the egg has hazelnuts in it.. So its not the normal milk choco egg you get. Plus. 5 pieces of the lovely chocolate itself comes with it!
And.. the packaging is so pretty. and sleek. and elegant. hee

Sorry about the stupid bus ticket there. haha. I think this egg only cost us AUD2.50 maybe? One normal milk choc egg + four fun size maltesers. =D

Easter eggs = perfect lor.

I can Camwhore..

I can kiss kiss...
I can smell smell.. and it smells yuuummmyyy

and most importantly....

It makes people very happy lor.

Hope you had a great easter break everyone! Mine was short. But a 20 day holiday is coming my way in two weeks!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sydney Easter Show

Yesterday, I finally managed to find time to go for the Royal Easter Show at Sydney. =) The few days before to show, the weather was scorching hot, till I had a number of headaches. Was already planning to wear my newly bought pink spaghetti strap blouse. But as you can see from the pictures below. It was raining heavily the day before, so the following day was really chilly. BUT! we were blessed, coz the sky decided not to cry yesterday. It just teared. lol. Light drizzles occured occasionally, and all we needed was our hoodies! He decided to wake up at 5 am to catch the 6.15 train from Warabrook. (so semangat) I didnt have any difficulties waking up tho. =D
So we walked all the way from home to the uni, to the deserted train station in the middle of no where (seriously). I saw a couple of bunny rabbits tho! First time I saw wild rabbits leh. =)
So after 3 and a half hours in the train. We reached Sydney. =) The first thing we saw were the dog competitions. It was like a relay race between the doggies!! So cute.

Then, we decided to walk around first, looking at the rides available before buying the coupons. Coz it was really kinda expensive. Like 3-7 dollars per -ride. Then we saw the game where you would have to shoot water into a hole, and the more water u get thru te hole, the higher your "elmo" will rise up. Who reaches the top first will win a prize! AHH! Baby joined. and he got me...

See my happy face. =) =) The thing was, we had to carry this big bear every where we went lor. so mafan. But still. YAY!! =p love you bi.

Then we explored the show abit. Saw alot of poultry which were being judge. Alot of them looked pretty funny, and alot of them looked pretty unique. Saw many goats which were pure white. So different from the goats in SG or Msia zoos. Then i saw pigs! OMG! I have never ever seen such a huge fat pig in my life before!

Mummy pig

Baby pigs!

Another humongous pig. with her little babies. Sooooo cuteeee.

Then we went to this doggie exhibition. Where the dogs were aso being judged and all. And again. I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A HUGE DOG LOR!! this is a mountain dog. Cant rmb the breed.. but its really really huge and fluffly. The picture doesnt do justice to its size.

Another huge fluffy doggie. I think this is the dog in the movie "Shaggy Dog"

Then. We decided to get tickets! 40 tickets for 35AUD.

We decided to sit on this GIANT slide.

SO FUN SO FUN SO FUN! but i went down really really quickly. even faster than Bi. hehe. i hurt my knee tho. =(

While looking for other rides. We heard really loud souds from this stadium. Pestered dear to bring me in. And lo and behold. My first time watching cars and motor bikes doing stunts!! OMG. it was sooo exciting! My heart jumped everything I see the motorist do his stunts. If was really different compared to watching it on TV. =D

I like i like i like..!

You can see the motorist in action here.

I saw back flip, superman stunt, lazy boy..and cant rmb d. But yah. so EXCITING!

Then there were this manual cars that came out, did drifts, and stunts and all. Also realy really exciting. I dunoe why, but i love the loud noises this cars make when they go pass. Drifting looks really coool too.

After the show, we went to look fr more rides to sit on. We sat on this ride which was pretty scary (For me) but it really really makes u giddy. Cz it turns really quickly. But i like! My photo turned out horrible tho. lol. HUGE mouth lor.

Then, we managed to sit on this really cool ride, where they use the centrifugal force to make you stick on the wall behind you. Then u'll be able to go upside down without falling off the wall! Dear and I couldnt move much because there were ppl beside us as well. But it was quite an uncomfortble experience because I felt like my brain was gona pop out. lol. But yah. had fun!! =) there was this part dear put his leg on my leg. and it was sooo heavy.

Then i tried my luck at a few carnival games. But grr. I suck at them lor! Nearly won a huge price TWICE!!!! but missed at the last try.. hur hurr..

WAS yearning for this pony I saw at the other stall so bady. =( Dear decided to try his luck at the basketball game!! 4 shots for 10 AUD. he missed the three shots. Tho shot number 1 and 2 were really really close. and .......


So now i have my little pony and care bear!!! Pony is huge huge huge! hehehe

Thank you bii... see. Next time if you girls wanna find a boyfriend, make sure you find one that is good at carnival games. Then you can walk around the show carrying to huge babies, and look proud when people (mostly 4 year old kids lar) oogle at you with jealousy. MWAHAHAHA

JOKING LAHH. i wer got proud wan. so humble neh.

got the show bags i wanted. 2 for me. I for ness and i forced bi to get one for himself.

Thanks bi. For bringing me to sydney. For bringing me to the Show. For winning these babies for me. =) I was a really really happy girl yesterdae.

This TY bear I got for AUD 1!!!

So at 4,45 pm, we walked to the train station. And off we headed back to Newcastle. Our home sweet home. I slept a little during the ride. But oh something horrible happen in the bus. See. There was this man, who drank on the train. Then there was this baby that cried and cried for nearly and hour. He couldnt stand it. when up to the lady, and scolded the lady for not making her baby stop crying. he kept sayng " what the **** is wrong with your baby???" So scary. The woman cried smore after that. Stupid drunkard.

Oh. Baby won so many prizes for me. So i won some for him too!! Check mine out!

A small frog and a small "hug me". The orange dog is he win wan. And the mr WHOOPS is for him from my show bag because it looks like him when i knock his tooth out. So small rite.. sigh. =(

See! Compared to my pony!!! hehehehehe

My show bags! =)I have original little miss goodies. =p

Baby loves pony too. =p

Pardon the randomness. lol. this was a few days ago, when we wore matching shoe shirts! And it wasnt planned. =p=p

Love my care bear and pony lots. =)

Dear, i hope you love the froggie and hug me doll and mr whoops too!

Had so much fun. But if only my family was here to enjoy the Easter show with me!

Thank you so much dearie. I love you!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Onde Onde

Zarina and I had the sudden urge to make some onde onde! We went and got the ingredients fom Jesmond. and tadah! =)
It wasnt really great.Some were kinda hard, and some of the gula melaka wasnt melted yet. Andrew gave me 50/10. yes. 500% okay. hahahaa
But he is always nice ma. But i had so much fun, and I tot it was pretty good for a first try! yay! =)

Zarina mixing flour with water, plus some colouring.

Nice greeny dough.

First batch. Some ade "bao zha"


we alsoo made....

yellow and pink onde onde tooo!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday is actually the only free day I get during the whole week... so gheys rites.. Opening tutorial's on a Tuesday, and closing is on a Monday, so technically I am free from the afternoon till the morning before opening tut.. Last year was much more relaxing then, cuz we used to open on a Friday and close on a Wednesday. Thats what you get when you wished you had more time to do the Working Problems.

Easter break is approaching fast, and this time its just a 5 days break. Cant wait for it, hopefully we get to travel to Sydney again. Much prefer Sydney's busy lifestyle than newcastle, and its even a more interesting place to window shop than here. I know dear cant wait to go for the easter show, cuz she sooooooooooooooooo wanna sit the roller costers and stuff.

She prolly wants to sit this rie, called the Power Surge. According to the website, " Up to 24 riders at a time will flip, twist and spin through two motor-driven rotations and a third gravity driven rotation. This ride is guaranteed to deliver a different experience each time. ". Yes dear? lol we'll see what happens . XD

anyways, Torres scored again, hence moving up the goal scoring charts and just behind Cristiano the diver Ronaldo. no doubt both players got talent tho, cant deny skills. Next game *drum rolls*......

Manchester United VS Liverpool

Confirm cannot miss this match. Too big of a game dy.
Aite, wanna chow liao... will try to update more often.. peace

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spaghetti Carbonara 101

ChefS of the day

Baby just got up after a short nap b4 dinner. But I think I look sleepier.

#1 : Boil some water, chuck some spaghetti in, add some oil, add some salt!

#2: While waiting, slice the chicken breast into small bite size pieces

#3: Marinade it with all kinds of spices. lol. baby used... oregano, garlic&herbs, pepper....

#4: Slice the bacon as well. Carbonara always go well with some bacon!

#5: Fry the chicken

6#: Add the bacon too. Fry till its golden brown

7# : Add yummy yummy "Dolmio" carbonara chicken sauce


8#: Drain the pasta, put some on a plate, and pour the sauce onto it.

yummmmmieeee! =D

To my LOYAL readers ( aka Kay&Nesse)

it was my 2mp handphone lar. This was the bird we saw. Found the photo on the internet. =p Pretty rite pretty rite! Sigh. I just realise my last post was filled with pretty pictures *perasan*

So yea.. MYSUN had a picnic party yesterday. Met quite a number of new people. Had lotsa fun & laughters. BUT!! ALOT OF MOZZIES BIT ME.. =(
was scratching and scratching. smore had to choose such a nice place to have a picnic. right in the middle of a jungle.

While walking to the wetlands. ( it wasnt water land, lol) hm. I look super short, and my arms look big. =( i need to do some exercise..

ohh. but here it looks like i got muscular arms. eww. take back the exercising. maybe i should just snack less. see. spontaneous photo - sooo ugly

Bi, trying to find the picnic. see my uni. ever filled with nature

haha. another photo coz the other photo was abit blur i think.