Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No one told me that blogger's main page has chaged abit in its outlook.. That just shows how long its been since I logged on.lolz.

Been REALLY REALLY busy the past few weeks, since we all just started our neuro block. Dont really enjoy learning all this neuro stuff, especially when it comes to the anatomy bit. Who la go discover all this info about our bodies.. buat kacau je..

The good news is that the olympics are finally over and done with! It just gets so distracting at times, until dear and I would just watch random events like rowing, the cycling thing (where we had 3 malaysians innit, but all got eliminated so fast), and gymnasts! ok, juz kiddins, dear likes to watch gymnast ALOT.. we were over at some friends place the other day, and they were all going gaga over those male gymnasts.. YES, THE ONES IN TIGHTS. and the girls all feel bad for the guys when they end up crying after screwing up. LOLZifoundthatsofunnies

The olympics were def fun to watch..

Seeing someone like Phelps get gold after gold was just crazy. It got pretty close in a few races tho, but you just knew it was prolly all fated.. You cant get more bling bling than that..

USAIN BOLT.. the funny Jamaican dude, who happens to run very, VERY fast. 3 World Records, all with ease. Someone interviewed him after the race and was tryina find out how to pronounce his first name, and dude replied.... "call me Lightnig Bold".. ROTFL! you cant get any more cocky than him, and thats why people pack the stadiums..

And then there was that random Cuban taekwondo dude.. who kicked the ref! He was unhappy at being DQ'ed for taking too much injury time, and so he used his injured leg (which supposedly has a broke toe)to show the ref what he thought. gila la

Oh and did anyone see the Rusisan weightlifter who dislocated his arm?? cant find any pics of it right now, but you could prolly youtube it if u wanted to. that was plain disgusting.. Nasib he's fine tho after surgery and all..

Okz, i think its time to study now. Oh yars, I also did pick Spain to win the men's basketball comp in Olympics, and they came up one short against team USA. Not bad rite my prediction.. Finals was a close game too, UNTIL FCKEN CHANNEL 10 decided to show news instead of the last 10 minutes.. how gay is that

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick post...

Anyone caught the olympics opening? I was pretty impressed, and I guess its gonna be hard to upstage this.. So London peoples, do take note! heh.. It did get pretty borign towards the end tho, when all the countries were walking out. I pretty much fell asleep after China came out. What a big ass team they're sending! I didnt know that they get automatic qualification for all em events..

I dont follow much of the olympics this time round tho, only interested in basketball I guess.. Putting my money on Spain to upset them Americans.. and if that happens, you know where you heard it from first.. lolz..

And Michael Phelps is a monster! dude jsut won his 3rd gold medal today, with easeeeeee.. He held a big lead thruout, and that korean dude who finished 2nd was pretty far off.. Crazyla, im sure theres gon be people accusing him of drugs and stuff after all this.. jpjp.

Okays, need to study now.. Been feeling sick the past day, atleast my sore neck is getting better...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bloggie hasnt been active lately due to the lack of photos Ive been taking. Why? Because my camera refuses to read my memory card! =(
Why, oh why??

I want a new camera lah. Hate nikon. Its been only 2 years? Maybe less, and I cant use it anymore. Might be caused by Nessy dropping it onto the floor, and the countless times I dropped it. hee. But oh well.
Nessy dropped it first!

Life here in Newcastle is as mundane as it can get..
Opening Tutorial, and studying till the Closing Tutorial, with countless lectures and lab visits.

Oh! I will be going to Wyong, about a 50 minute drive away from here for Abdominal Skills Tutorial in the hospital there! Quite annoying that it has to be so far away, but at least I'll be exploring another suburb! =)

This month, there will be a Med Revue thing, where medic students get to show off their talents! Not participating or anything, but Im definitely excited about going! Also, its gona be our Merdeka Night celebration on the 29th this month, and guess what!

Im dancing in a Malay dance routine!

Which reminds me of all the malay dances Ive seen in Convent, I always thought they were kind of boring, probably because of the songs which sound all the same, but gosh. Its hard lor.

I wanted to join because, why not right? Since I havent been participating in anything since I came here, but I didnt think that I signed up for practices that start as early as 7am!!

Yes. I was out in the cold practicing today! =(

But it was all good and fun, because we manage to reach the 2nd minute of the song in 4 practices! haha. Which is a huge achievement because dancing malay is hard lor! All the hand movements which I have never been a fan of! lol

Oh well, got to go back to studying.
Learning about osmosis, and facilitated transport and all tht crap this week. So weird, reminds me of biology in school.

Toodles! =)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Texas Hold Em

Been awhile since I blogged, but I guess Imma drop a quick post cuz Ive got free time now. Just finished tut, and will be free till 3.30 pm tmr.. its 11.30 Am now.. so thats ALOT of time to kill.

Okayz, so lets talk bout Texas Hold Em Poker. Such an addictive game right, dont understand why anyone would wanna play blackjack or tai di after having played poker, because this one just involves so much more strategy, and is not only based on luck. You get ur 2 cards by chance, but the rest of it takes alot of skill.

So last Thursday I joined my Uni's Medicine Poker Tournament or smth ar, and it was for charity, with like, a 200 dollar medical book as the main prize. I basically signed up for fun la, and prolly din expect much cuz theres alot of serious poker players over here, and this was pretty much my first tournament. I do however, have alot of experience on Facebook to bank on. Im ranked 'Big Dog' over there, with 4 stars baybeh!

Prolly around 60 to 70 ppl turned up I guess, and it was a pretty good experience. Dear didnt turn up however, cuz she's still learning the game (at that time, but now quite pro So we started off with 7 tables I think, and guess who made it to the final table XD XD.. I almost went bust after like, 20 mins in the first round, but I guess I got lucky towards the end la. And this is the only time being a Malaysian in an ang moh country would benefit you, cuz everyones scared of you if you go all in. LOL.

So it was final table time, and there was like 8 of us left. And then it got down to 6. I knew I had to act sooner or later as the blinds were raising too quick, and I decided to push the current leader whose stack of chips was prolly twice or three times more than mine.

This was the hand I had. Pocket aces. everybody called first, before I decided on going all in. Only one guy matched me tho, and when we both opened our cards. He had a pair of Queens, and I was feeling lucky. Guess what card came out on the flop tho, another Queen. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tulannnnn.. So that was it, no top 4 placing to get any prize, with a hand that I honestly thought I had played smart enough.

Thats poker for you I guess, and number 6 isnt that bad. Dear is learning fast, and I guess we can be the dynamic duo!!! heh heh.

Ok, time to get ready to go out for lunch. Chowzzzzz