Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back home again

Trip to KL with dear was real fun =) .. Really enjoyed myself over there, and its the first time that I actually slept on the whole journey to and from KL! lol.. Great food, great company, and just alot of walking..hehe.. In the 3 days, we managed to cover Sunway Pyramind , Mid Valley and 1U!! what more can one ask for right?? haha..

Ohyea, we caught Transformers on Thursday !!!!! opening day smore wei, hence that explains why we got the 3rd row of seats from the front even tho it was a midnight movie.. it wasnt that bad sitting in front tho, compared to my past experiences of sitting front rows for King Kong, Hulk and LOTR.. maybe cuz it wasnt such a fast moving show ar, so you dont have to strain your eyes.. Anyways, movie was great!! it was beyond my expectations, and I had really high expectations for it since I grew up watchin the cartoon..I doubt girls will enjoy the movie tho, since most of the girls we went with were half awake when the show ended.. haha.. I still dont thik they shud've made Prime look so cool and gave Megatron a set of Im cool with Bumblebee not being a VW tho, his new look does look pretty impressive.. haha..

See, doesnt Prime have a much wiser+older look when he doesnt have the flames?? lol. He's still cool tho, esp when he says "Autobots.. Roll out" ..orgasmssss.. haha jpjp :D

On another note, I was pretty shocked when I found out that Chris Benoit passed away on Monday.. And then I got more shocked when I found out it was suspected that he killed his wife and kid before comitting suicide..Whats ironic is that I was just you tubing a bunch of his matches last week, because he really was a great wrestler.. I mean, he was one of the few pure wrestlers that was really technical and fun to watch. He just didnt get his push in the WWE cuz he was lacking in mic skills.. They say it might be the steroids or the stress from wrestling.. Whatever it is, I guess doing something like that changes my outlook on him..

Ohyea, my trip to KL was also real productive musically as I managed to get my hands on 2 local albums!

First, it was Point Blanc's solo LP titled Straight To The Point.. it's selling for Rm19.90, so its much cheaper than other local release.. I cant believe Ren Ee has no idea who he is.. Dude hails from Ipoh and even has a song titled Ipoh Mali!!! lol..

And I finally managed to get my hands on Emcee David's album , close to a year after its release.. Whats better is I got it for free!! haha.. Dear and I spotted him kat 1U, and dear wanted to meet him badly or smth, so keep pushing me to talk to So I went up to him, and dear terus hide somewhere, while we chatted awhile and managed to catch up a lil bit.. He then went on to pass me a free copy of his album!! haha.
Ok, I think this post is alreayd preddy long.. Gotta go nows.. Take cares!

Hm. Just realised I didnt blog much about the holiday.
I enjoyed every single day of the holiday. =)
it was all bt eating, having fun, and playing nintendo in the middle of One Utama.
i love u bi.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Holiday with mummy, and bibi

It has been a long week. =)
But I had so much fun. It was like a mini holiday with darling. =)
We went to Pyramid, Mid Valley, and One Utama
And we watched a movie in each shopping centre!
Surfs erm, up? or out? dunoe, then alone, and then transformers last night.
Had soo much fun. But i missed home too! hee
Shopped a little, but wasnt in the shopping mood.. so yea, like mummy said. Bodoh lar u.
anyway, met up with my fellow G1-ians..
at zhivens place. bbq. it was nice. we had chicken, pork, yummy salad, rojak, and my favourite ice kacang!! heee. =)
yueen mun even made jelly!! was so cute, had a cat and two mice.
so we chated chated chated. was nice . =)
Then we watched transformers! at 12.30. lol.
was sooo sleeepy and everything..but i rili enjoyed the movie. it was real cool.
over all, the holiday was a good wan. but Im just wishing my two weeks here will be good and SLOW. =(
why do people still stick to their partners after he or she did something wrong to them?
if it was me, i wouldnt want to have anything to do with him.
But i gues, it would be hard if i were really in that position.
But still..... =(
I feel that girls should have more pride, and love themself more
I feel that we should treat ourselves better, and we're nt toys.
Not toys that boys play with and throw away when their done.
Not toys that boys come back for when their new toys become boring.
I guess some ppl dont learn. But Its not their fault either. I mean. I can understand how they are feeling. But still. Girls, what happen to "im more worth it than that?"
If anything happens in a relationship, tt means that there is something wrong between the two of us. And I believe its Gods doing... to give us a chance to be with a better person?
whatever it is.. its non of my business. Just a thought. =)
yes, no?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hmm, I think its bout time I blog again.. Its weird, before exams, I dont have time to blog.. After exams, same excuse.. Maybe its cuz I got no picres to put up and stuff, so not as semangat.. haha..

Anyways, Malaysia has been great so far!! I dont need to cook, dont need to wash dishes, dont need to vacuum the floor, basically I dont need to do much.. Spend most of my time playing ps2 (God of War II is the best ever game ever ever ever!! It just oozes with machoism! Im gon show dear the game , meeting up with friends and watchin movies.. Too bad the guys are back to their respective college and unis right now tho, cuz they're not on hollies and stuff..They'll prolly oni be around on the weekends ar, if they can find time to come down..

My body right now's still aching from futsal, and that was on Friday!! lol.. I think thats the first time we actually played 2 hours plus of futsal non stop.. i couldnt even feel my legs after the session wei.. Turnout that day was great too, around 15 or more showed up, so it was nice to catch up with every one of them..

Ohyea, so far Ive ate : nasi lemak, roti canai, char kuay teow.. what else should be on my list ar? I thought I had alot in mind when dear and I were discussing what we was gon eat once we reached malaysia.. weirdddd..

Alrights, i think thats all imma blog for now.. I hate to think while blogging , I take that as an indicator to actually stop blogging.. it has to be natural, nah mean? lol..

Monday, June 25, 2007

I had SO much fun today. =)
Started off in the morning when Andrew came over to my house. =)
Then I took a bath, and we headed over to CS! haha
Bi droved. *grins* i love it when he drives me around. I dont feel scared at all. haha!
So we reached, walk walk everywhere... had fun in the arcade! Played basketball, tried to get a soft toy, tried to get sweets. then played the "drum" haha!
Then we headed of for some lunch, had yummy stick chocolate fudge, and half a spring chicken. =)
It felt really good seeing him after such a long while. (5days.=p)
And he sayang-ed me a lil bit more today too! hee
So then he wanted to go to the toilet.
I went too, then while erm, she she -ing, I had this weird thinking that chelle would cal me, and she would actually be in the toilet while i was talking to her. I mean, like we would both be in the toilet when she called me lah.
Sekali when I came out from the toilet! SHE CAME IN!!! what a coincidence rite!!
best friends mah, what to do.. =p
before leaving bi, felt abit "bu se de" but.. im going on a holiday with him in KL ar! along with mummy. =) so yea, silly me
Then waited for chelle to come out from the toilet, then hug hug her. =)
Met up with xin, sarah, and mel, and off we went to stone grill.
They ate alot! While i had chicken soup only.
Then archie and jaz came...
then tasha the great came, because she OVER SLEPT. omg. haha
Then sarah left, coz her mum came.
Off we went to Neway!! =)
I suggested it, coz we nv been singing together before. and OMG, damn it was a good decision.
First song, Drowning by bsb. haha
and i had a sorethroat after tt already
we were so "emo-ed" and dramatic.
and i really had fun... =) we danced in the room, and laughed our heads off.
it was good. =)
pictures in natasha's blog, too lazy to post it. so just click on her link!
off to kayelle tomoro!
hopefully everything wil be fun then.
gotta go start packing! hee

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life now is good. =)

I went to the saloon to do my hair today!

Its shorter and very much curlier. But i like it! I guess..

Did my eyebrows as well, coz i realised that its getting bushier by day, and i am loooking like a guy. lol
so yea. =) spent so much!! grr, but i had treatment for my hair as well, coz it was getting really dry and everything.
already went for jap buffet two days ago, and went for korean today! =)
Might cook lunchie for my family tomoro!
hmm. i dunoe what to say.
fangi! what games do u play on ur nintendo? games are damn ex rite! haih
but im malaysia its al pirated, so one game is like 3 rm oni!

Lol lol lol.. malaysian students stealing a homer simpson statue from a cinema.. lmaao.. This is just too funny wei..

JB isnt safe no more, so I heard... hmmm.. it just seems to get worse and worse I guess.. Thats the good thing bout Australia compared to JB, its so much safer over there.. you hardly see alotta rap cases and snatch thefts, and even if such cases do happen.. The media immediately jumps on it and makes a big hoo haa about it, prompting officials to take care of bidnesssss..Atleast something is being done about it over here tho, and thats a little positive la.. Like, more guard houses are being build up, and a few road blocks have been put up and stuff.. hopefully it works la..

Anyways, whats up with Streamyx???!!!?? My torrents are downloading at turtle-like speed, approximately 8kbps.. ish.. I think i only get speeds upto 30kbps during midnight and stuff..seriously, people get broadband to download movies, music and stuff..and now they're trying to slow down our speed?? ish.. and ohyea, youtube's also very very very slow right now.. Ive no idea if its cuz Streamyx just happens to be down or its also limiting it... and if its the latter, then Malaysia broadband is really getting crappier..

Tommorow ( Friday) should be a busy day for me I guess.. Will be driving out in the afternoon to chill with the guys for the first time since I left.. plan to go play futsal and stuff..haha.. My driving skills really slacked alot after 4 months of not touching the steering wei.. Its like, Im less alert bout my surroundings and stuff ade, to the point where Im scared that Im gonna cause accidents.. ish.. mebe its cuz a bunch of my frens have gotten into minor accidents la.. hmmm..

Ohyea, I watched one of the worse movies ever on the plane... It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awful, that I couldnt wait for it to end.. I almost wanted to press stop, but then was like 'heck..ive gone this far..might as well suffer abit more'...

The reviews for this movie were bad as soon as it was released, but then I chose to not believe it cuz critics are usually harsh.. I was dead wrong.. Having Nicholas Cage star as Ghost Rider is one of the worse decisions ever I think. Dude's old, and just doesnt have that cool thing going for him when potraying the character.. Sad case.. And the bad guys in the movie are just plain wack.. They go 1 on 1 with the ghost rider, and get wiped out in a minute or so.. lol.. I just think its real sad.. hmmm..

A good movie that I watched on the plane was THe Number 23, starring Jim Carrey.. Okay, I maybe bias as dude's one of my favourite comedians of all Nonetheless, I find it real creative tho, and its nice to see him acting in a serious kinda show.. Atleast it proves that he still might have more shows to come once he gets old and loses the funny appeal that he has...

Anyways, im off to sleep now i guess.. Nothing else to do right now.hmmmz..See ya peoples..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Worst Journey, to the best place on earth

Im finally home, =)
After a horrible trip!
Long story, but too lazy
When i came out from the arrival hall, i saw my mummy ran to me and give me a big big hug. =)
Then i saw this girl with her. hmm.
smack her.
then we had breakkie with andrew and his dadda. =)
uncle said i put on weight!! grr
anyway, what made me blog was about stupid people who go around insulting people in their blogs.
I mean, why are people so mean? Keep your comments to urself.
I would be really dishearten if i saw a comment like tt in my blog.
haih. people now adays.
had alot of things to say, but nth is coming out because the rain just started and suddenly all i can think about it my nintendo ds, which is really random. lol
waiting for my lappie charger from bi! =)
stupid me left it with him.
i miss u. =p=p
this is the worse post ever.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Im finally home, lying on my bed, laptop on, and air con switched on.. Nothing better than this... haha.. I can feel my legs aching right now, largely due to the fact that Ive been sitting down for almost a whole day in cramp spaces.. First, it was the train ride to Sydney which was approx 3 hours, and then there's the flight to Brisbane from Sydney, then to Kay Elle, and finally home.. Its like, exactly 24 hours since I left to catch a bus to the train station wei.. gila tul..

Its funny tho, i feel like such a stranger even in my own home.. I just got out of the shower, and totally forgot how to operate the heater and pressure thingy.. lol.. And to think of it, its only been 4 months.. haha.. cant imagine what a year away from home would be like then.. My bro left his car here in Jb too, so I might be able to drive around and stuff.. he took the CRV instead.. haha.. Im not too good with handling big ass cars yet, so I'll stick to the myvi type for the moment..

Alright, I dont wanna waste any of my precious time over here.. haha.. g2g settle some stuff first..see yas

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In the AIRPORT now!!

Desiree is on her way back!!! =)

Anyway, i realised that i like newcastle. like really.. =) People here are so nice

See, today while me, andrew and gunjan were on the way to the train station,  the bus we were in was FULL. like reali reali full. So many people were standing up. And the worse thing was we had soo much luggage.. so u can imagine how cramp it was. But everyone was being nice. =) no shouting and stuff. And there was this old man who offered me his seat, i thought he was going down on the next stop, but he didnt! I felt soooo bad.. =(
The lady beside me, while goin out was nice too. She was like sorry love, will try to squeeze here to go out or smth. Old ppl in newcastle always call uas love. lol. =)
I gues its coz its newcastle. small town bah. Oh yea! Then a nother lady help us take out bags down. Coz there was tooo much. She wasnt really young as well leh. =)

I like it here... =)

Then, I reached Sydney, and i accidentally bang-ed into an old man. And he scolded me.
=( smth like "dont look when u walk or smth"
grr.. =p

But i like sydney as well. For shopping reasons.

OOO! Krispy Kremes are sold here! Bi and I gona eat lotsa lota lotsa them.
I dont think they have it near where i live in Newie.

and! i bought a wallet for my self. ONly 2.99!! so cheap! nice smore leh. =)

okie, i jez realise how dirty this keyboard is actually. eek

Safe trip home to miss tee and mr choo choo!

Monday, June 18, 2007

*Cue drumroll*

Finally free from exams!!!! yayness to the fullest!! merdeka!! freedom!! and whatever else you wanna call it..

Too bad the exams were really a pain in the gluteal maximus tho.. really really really tough.. Its just like Math final exam during SAM, or biology during SPM.. sucks when you come out of every paper cussing and cursing.. gone are the good ol days of English and EST where you didnt even need to study and could still score... pffffttt...

Anyways, we're off to Malaysia tommorow.. Ive not packed my bags yet tho.. haha..doubt ive got much to bring home, which means there's no presents for any of you readers.. =D haha..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Last Paper!! =)

Read this! lol
I just saw these in the slides from my lectures.
Never realised it was there. Really cute. =)

Anyway.. Last PAPER TOMORO!
I cant wait!! Always loved the feeling you get when everything is over. *grinz*
Will be reaching jaybee at 8.10 in the morning. =)
On the 20th! Wheet!
Okay, i better get back to studying.
ps:// ive been playin my Animal Crossing ALOT today. =) So fun!!
Paid off my mortgage d. 150000 Bells i think. =)
Tomoro will be getting a "MANSION" cant wait to see it!
Then i can pretify my roomie the way i want!
I dont know wether my lazzy bummie roommate "andrew", andrew also started, but havent done anything. We have to share the same house now, and he keeps on sleeping. Oh yea, I hope he dosent move in with me tho! lol. =) I wan it all for myself.
Wish me luck for tomorows exam! *crosses fingers*
Malaysia best be ready to welcome me back for 6 months, cuz I fuggin screwed Friday's paper.. fuck fuck fuck.. ish...

Now, what can I do in those 6 months eh? get signed as an artist and release a full album?? lol

Friday, June 15, 2007

Proffesional Practice ... CHECK! + sigh!

OMG - Professional Practise was...
Everyone is saying they are going to fail. And ppl are wondering what they are gona do for the next 6 months already, like me!!!
If i fail, i will be stuck at home for the next 6 months, but i will pretent im in australia, and hide myself in my room, under my blankie.
ive thought about it.
fail, then fail lor.
I am going to cry like a little baby, gonna be in bad mood..
But.. like my mummy said. "then u can eat all the malaysian food u miss!! -.-"
So.. but i still dun wan to FAIL!
Hopefully im like the 9th stupidest, or smth, Dont wanna be the last 5 %, pls pls pls.
Watever it is, if Bi fail, then i fail, pass then we pass together.ok?
But still, we both dont want to FAIL.
Dear God,
I really really really really really need you blessings now. =(
People! Pray for us okay!!!
I dont only pray when i need someting, kay.
I pray every day (try to) to thank God for taking care and blessing all my loved ones.
HAIH. soo.
Suppose to tidy up my room now! Bibi is becoming a great cook! =)
Next time make him do all the cooking. =)
Tuesday's coming! Tuesday's Coming!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Public Health - CHECK! =)

Whee! done with Public Health!
Hopefully i wont have to repeat this course.! =p
Well. it was not that bad.. but i made 2 mistakes d, that i noe of.
One was because i was tooo precise for my answers, that i didnt noe that it can also meant that way.
Another wan was.. haha, i just forgotten how to interpret it. Hopefully I wont lose too many marks there. *prays* =(
So.. yea.
Professional Practise tomorow!
Gotta go remember all the stupid Acts, and learn what a doctor should and should not do.
Grr. Boring, but extremely HARD.
Andrew says hie. He has one comfirmed answer wrong. hmph.
Btw, did u noe autralians DONT last minute study outside the exam hall?
LOL, all the malaysians were reading notes, but they were just selamba-ing outside.
And there were sooo many people who went out before the time ended.
Jeez, smart ppl. hmph
Love Lots,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

feeling down.. *sigh*

So its here...
Exams starting tomorrow?!?
That was quick!
Tomoro, at 9.15am at the architecture building. Hmm.
*Takes deep breath*
I can do it!! =)
Four more hours left to study!
Gonna abstain myself from the internet! =)
Feeling a little down now. *big sigh*
feeling much much better. =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

la la la

I decided to take another picture with the fallen tree, to show u guys how BIG the tree was. =)


Anyway, We made Ikan Bakar yesterday!! lol.

Not using sting ray lah, but the cheapest freshwater fish i can find here.

Grilled it, but unfortunately my sambal got a wee bit burnt!! hmph

Sambal from Maggi was really really good though!
Am planning to make one again, and it will be perfecto i tell u! Maybe during the weekends. =)
Andrew says Hi.
Anyway, nothing much interesting happened over the past few days. So bored being cooped up in the room. But i really enjoy spending the whole day with bi. =)
Oh yea! I realise that i can never tag xinyu and yaofangs blog?
How come?? If u girls are reading this, i tried tagging a few times! But it never appears!
Okie, exactly one more week! and Miss Tee and Mr Choo, will soon be home. =)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hopefully the day remains sunny... =(


I hope you have a great time playing badminton with mum and dad and kay today! =)

I love u so much! =)

Stay ever sooo cute! mwarkx!!!

Cant wait to see you soon! Hee.. One week plus leh! =)

Will give u ur present when I go back!



Back to my poor house.

Told you the tree was huge! They cut it off tho, cause it was blocking the road.

Close up view. I seriously dont know how it got ripped out from the land

Angel replacing Bi.. when he goes for football!

Friday, June 08, 2007

its all because of us!!

Its us we tell u, US.
Last year in KayElle, subang jaya.
I still rmb in My Place Apartments.
The wind suddenly got really really strong, Clothes were flying around, Inti College board fell off, Ridzuan Apartment's car park collapsed a lil, and everything was a huge mess...
Last year in JayBee.
FLOOD!! im sure all of us rmb, the never ending floods..
Kota Tinggi was the worst...
Johor Jaya, Molek, Senai, even Sentosa!!
sigh sigh sigh
Now, in Newcastle.
Heavy rain and wind!! For nearly 24 hours already....
=( cold cold cold...
worse thing is, the wind was sooo strong, the huge tree from our house collapsed. It didnt break, the WHOLE tree came off, roots all intact. Ripped of the electic lines, and spoilt our fence!!! =((
And mine, andrew and emmas lights went off, no more electricity for us for today!!! =(
Even the traffic lights went off! Sigh.
This is the storm since 1998. lol
Pictures of the huge tree disaster tomorow. =)
Now we are all stuck in the living room studying.
its gona be a cold night. *sobz*
6 more days to exams.. Scared shitless wei.. lol.. There's not much you can do to prepare for this exams actually, since they just changed the format last year and we cant get our hands on last year's paper.. hmmm..

Its gon be raining for the next few days smore according to the weather forecast, and it seems like its on point.. Been raining for more than 24 hours already, and the wind speed today is like, 75 km/h ! lol.. no jokes , it is that gila right now! a thingy ( no idea what you call it) from my roof has already almost detaced itsef, and is swingin around.. lol..

Stupid rain takes away my mood to study smor, I wish I can just sleep thru it, but too bad I cant..ish.. hows the weather like in JB btws.. wouldnt want it to be rainin once im takes away alotta my plans and shit..haha.

Alrite, im off nw.. need to read up on cellular respiration! ish.. cya

Shopping! =)

Nah.. not shopping for anything exciting, just grocery, and brought back some food that my sisters would like to try. No souveniers or anything tho!! So sorry.. =p I got no time to shop!
Coz im goin back straight after my exams... soo... maybe end year yer! =)
oh yea!
Yesterday.. dearie and I had lunch at Pizza Hut! We took the "Lunch Works" which means buffet! Buffet od pizzas, pasta, garlic bread, soup, and lotsa lotsa salad.. and ice cream!!
Nice! And it only costed is 10 dolllars each.
I want to go there again!! grrr...
Nth really intersting happen after that.. oh! I bought Animal Crossing, for my nintendo.. and its a damnn bad influence! heee.. i wasted like maybe 3 hours playing it yesterday? hehe, smore webcam with my mum for 1 hour, then grocery shopping an everything took like.. 3 hours maybe? We boght 2 weeks of food.. u see.. but we only spent like 80+ dollars?
Coz we stopped buying junk food incase we over spent! =)
Exams are coming! =( =(
Scared scared scared...boooohoooohooooo.. =(
Thanks to those that wished us luck! U will be blessed. HEEE..
Love lots, dee
ps do u all hate xiaxue or like her?
Some how, even tho she acts like a bitch sometimes, bt i like her all the same! She is just so funny and her post are v v entertaining! lol

Monday, June 04, 2007

I like basketball!!

Seeing bibi play, seeing michael jordons video (haha) made me love basketball!!
I love 3 pointers, tho i think i'll never be able to put one in, coz i dun have enough strength!
Played yesterday, and it was so so so fun. I put the ball thru quite a few times leh! =)
So so happy. *grins*
I love the feeling when u score. Dear thought me the easiest way to score. And im getting a hang out of it. =)
Bad thing is, my whole right arm till my god-noes -what-muscle, im suppose to know tt by now (sigh) hurts like mad. =(
So i guess i'll be excused from doin any sucky exercises. *big big grins*
Ulser is getting bigger. Which means im gona recover soon!
Cycled all the way to uni, coz i wanted to look at the past years. oh oh!
I wore my denin short skirt with tights, so i was happily draggin my bike to the traffic light, and when i wanted to sit on my bike, i realised i couldnt lift up m leg because of the skirt.!!! hahahahah
so embarassing... so i lifted up my skirt, no worries, nothing could be seen. lol, and cycled all the way to uni akwardly. lol. Kept trying to adjust my skirt will riding the bike. lol.. haihz..
OOO! dear figured out a new way to eat our boring sandwhich everyday!
Put some cheese, ham, lettuce, and some yummy tomato and olive bread spread, and put it in the sandwich maker!! OMG. it was heaven. like eating pizza !!!
tataz.. back to the books. =)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Being locked in a room reading med science is definitely not fun, but thats what dear and I have been doing for the past few days.. gila doh! We did take a quick break from studyin today tho, as we agreed to go to the gym todae!! initially planned to run on treadmill and stuff, but since no one was using the courts, we ended up playing basketball instead.. haha.. Was fun playing with dear, even tho she's still learnin =) .. haha..

3 days in, and I've still not finished med sciences.. thats damn discouraging wei.. lol.. I cleary remembered last year, on a good day, I could prolly finish 1 subject of SAM , whole syllabus.. I think so la.but now, just half a year thru, and its taking me ages to finish this 1 subject... whats worse is that I still have another 2 to cover..

thank god student vacation is pretty long, as it allows us to chill abit and study as well.. would prolly die if they gave us the exams straight away.. lol.. its hard to see anyone else failing tho, so Ive gotta study extra hard everytime.. thing is, I just feel like im the dumbest everytime.. lol.. might be a good thing afterall eh?

okays , g2g do a quick read thru anatomy rite now.. chowz

Saturday, June 02, 2007


On a holiday now =)
STUVAC- student vacation
12 more days before i sit for my first med exam. *shivers*
Both of us were confined into my room studying the whole day. Me on the bed, bi using my table.
We shall not post frequently until after exams are over yea! =)
Tataz! =)
Wish us good luck people!!
You dont want me to be stuck in malaysia for the next 6 months rite!
love, dee

Friday, June 01, 2007


Im starting to feel a little stressed now, damnns.. I dont get why they have to fail the bottom 5 percent for each subject.. doesnt make much sense to me.. but then again, they wouldnt wanna produce doctors who dont know everything rite??? lol..

Been trying to study the whole still not too sure wheter ive suceeded or not ar, cuz you just never know how deep you gotta go ( I could make a dirty joke from this statement, but I'd rather not... lolz) .. still, atleast i dont feel guilty today, cuz its just been studyin studyin studyin and a little bit of internet surfing in between..ahha..

Exams begin on the 14th of June btw, and thats really really soon.. It means that Ive gotto cover more than 1 working problem a day (considering the fact that we have 12), and also remember to put in effort in Public Health and Prof Prac as well.. Ive only got one motivation for the exams tho, well..actually two la.. first is, I just dont like the idea of failing, and 2nd is.. I wanna enjoy my hollidays in Malaysia!!! dont think i will tho, cuz a year 3 senior of mine told me that you'll always feel like shit after every paper, and everyone else feels the same way too.. perfect eh?? I've already made plans for my short break in Malaysia nonetheless tho, and it seems like its really gon be a busy 3 weeks.. cant tell my plans yet la, malu if all tak jadi and im forced to stay at home.. haha..

Alrite then, its back to the books and notes now.. do wish me good luck yeaps.. im collecting em once again..

Chocolates! =)

Chocolates were on sale yesterday. =)

So bi and i grabbed 10 bars. Which only cost us 10 dollars!

But because of that, we overspent as well. Yesterday, we bought so much junk food, I dont think we have food to last us for the week. And i mean, real food, like chicken and stuff.
Bought butterscotch ice cream, frozen cheese cake, seaweed!, spicy cashew nuts, and.. i cant rmb. But yea, we overspent! like 10 dollars. hehe.
And oh oh, just as I was so excited to munch on my chocs! I grew an ulser on my lip, and am having a sore sore throat. hmph.
I think im going to die though. Yesterday was lab sessions with brains. And they reminded us last week to rmb to wear 2 layers of gloves. Cos the brain has prions, which are proteins. And bi said this was what caused mad cow disease! And i only remembered after playing with 2 brains.
soo.. mooooooo
Last year, Priya was telling us about how her brother played with brains during lab sessions in India, and i rmb all of us being so disgusted. But hey, it wasnt so bad. Makes us rmb stuff even better thought. So im glad Newcastle has cadavers for us to look at. =)
Makes me even happier coz i always thought i would be freaked out, but im not! So maybe i can even do surgery after all! lol
Studying was allright today.. Started on Anatomy, but the only thing i rmb bt the lower limb is. Gluteal erm......maximus! and that is ur butt muscle.
And the hamstrings! Which are made up of muscles. I cant rmb what they are. *smack head*
So I stopped, and started on Working Problem 1. =)
Am going to finish Working Problem 2 in an hour i guess! Whee!
10 more WP's to go!
Its 5.37 and its dark outside. The sun sets at 5 over here. lol. Weird huh.
19 more days before im home! God! Whee!!!
love lots,