Monday, January 31, 2005


Heyz... kinda tired right now.. dunno why also.. dun think i didnt get enuff sleep or anytin,so i guess its cuz im fallin sick..hmmmmm.... is that good news or bad news..??
So yea, today sch ,we didnt do anytin lor.. Only studied after rehat since we had sukantara before that, and after rehat,we had english and then kimia.. Chemis teacher is on leave, so we all balik early.. nice heh..??? :) but too bad i had add m3 tuiton at chua's... I hate days when i have tuiton.. time just seems to move soooooooooooooooooooooooo slow in fun at all...hehe...
Ohyea, yesterday me went to kerrys....and guess what... me bought Taufik's album!!!! pirated copy,that is..?? fast heh..? I didnt expect them to sell pirated copies of his album.. dunno wheter got alot of malaysians that gonna buy also onot..But yea, to the's my very very short review la.. " Blessings is an rnb album with a very nice laid back feel.. BUT, it could have been much better..feels rushed at certain songs, and the vocals does not seem THAT polished compared to other albums.. And there's a number of cover songs... But still, its an album that one can chill to easily "... so yea, cop it if ure interested la... its abit of a letdown tho..but heyz,its just
Valentine's day is 1 week away... holles are one week away!!!:D that feels soooooooo dayumnnn good... another week then can rest liao..i love hollidays... !!!!! feels sooo nice to recharge my batteries.. lolz...
k,thats all for now.. wan rest now..byebyez..

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Finally, sch for this week is over.. attendin classes on a saturday really felt hella weird, and quite a number of ppl actually ponteng-ed todae..damn,i should have done the same..haha..cuz really din do much fact, i only went today cuz we had add m3.. so yea, whole mornin + a lil bit of afternoon was wasted.. too bad i guess.. right now im kinda sleepy and feelin a lil tired too...but i guess i'll be able to sleep early tonight since there's nutting on tv.. SINCE LIVERPOOL LOST TO BURNLEY !! i mean, how can they lose to a team like burnley..?? it's burnley..!!!! but atleast they're in the league cup final... WOOHOO!! league cup.. thats hella grand huh..? not like it gives u a place in the champions league or sumtin.. actually,ive supported liverpool since i was primary one,when they still had robbie fowler ,stan collymore ,steve mcmanaman, and when Owen was still hella young.. dont get me wrong,i still support them now la..just that, its kinda upsetting when u wake up at 3 am ++ , to see them being elimated out of the champions league by some minnows.. and then u'll start to think, " I should have just watch the news the nxt mornin instead of wakin up at 3", NBA's more fun to watch.. there's something bout american sports that makes it stand out, THEIR MATCHES DONT END IN DRAWS!!.. yeap,there is no draw.. which makes it more satisfying then watchin a football match for 1 and a half hours and seeing no goals and stuff..

So hows form 5 life treatin yall..?? time passes hellla fast right now.. cant believe it actually.. 1 week,* POOF*, gone just like that..but its just SPM...right..? haha..cant get 2 stressed out bout it ..cuz afterall,its just gonna be a one month exam...thats all.. no point gettin all worked out n ish..

okiez,thats all i got to say for now.. this is where your reading stops, and yall can once again continue wid ur daily lifes... =)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Its rainin veri heavily now..shud go offline soon. haha.. hmm..and yay! we're eatin steamboat!
Diden go to sch again..had a veri veri bad nite... my neck suddenly hurt so much..then i couldnt even move 1cm to the rite and stuff... couldnt even get up from bed...ugh..woke up so many times at night.. then at 6.30 i sat at the sofa in the living hall and slept..yeap.. i sat.. my neck was to stiff for me to even lie down..sigh~ poor me decided not to go to sch.. haha..i even woke dear up at 2.30 and.. 3 smth..and 5. the morn..coz tooo pain liao...

At 9..wen to the godpapa..and he said it was because of my posture.. since i alwiz dun sit straight..and tt i awiz study on the bed.. and that.. my mum was insistin on this " coz italked to much on the fone" u noe lar..wen tok on the fone..oso need to do other stuff..then will "kiap" the fone between ur shoulders and stuff...tts how lor.. so must cut down on all this stuff liao..and then my papa was like ' u shud have told me earlier..then give medicine..then can ade.. " but i memang told him! and he was like.mebbe coz of te flu..mebbe a lil muscle ache.. hmph.. so me will b on medicine this 4 DAES lor..

Newae.. i was spose to start wid my pom poms.. budden..realise tt the measurement abit so long wait lor..later wan to ask our dear wan hui how to do paiseh..everydae sms her.. haha. tuition todae was fine..understand..untill the last part. i seriously cant wait till he starts wid form 5 work lor..heryer... keep teachin us bab 5 form 4.. buden rite. selaras oso keluaring tt must listen lorx..

Cheerin...runnin.. ahh!! me v worried bout st michaels now.. buden find it kinda farnie too..coz its like.. oni michaels are WAY behind in cheerin..coz got some probz and stuff... juz hope everyhing gona be al fine from now on... *sit straight sit straight* runners ler... we'll juz... pray and hope for the best.. hehe..

Well..i gez tts it..tomoro we will be havin sch..then cheerin practise..then tuition..untill 4.. so will be wuite bz.. juz hope me neck dosent kil me again tonite!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hmmz.. todae was alrite.. not much homework..finished it by 7.. slept fer least one and a half hours.. nice.. =D tomoro got michaels practise.. yay! last another practise..tomoro is like wut.. our 2nd pracitise oni.. haha.. wonder how cheerin is gona be like.. =) patricks has their secret weapon.THE STICK.. teresas..erm..THE HAT..xaviers.. THE RIBBON? dunoe.. nto sure..and michales..? i dunoe! hhaa..lets find out tomoro then.. =)

Newae..must reali push myself harder frmo now onwards.becomin more and more lazier..i dunoe y..even dear has to nag at me already.. =( gon have and ulser..comfirm.. ish... i hate ulsers!! hmph.. i cant wait for chinese new year actuali.then i can wear all my new clohtes...and not feel like im wearin the same ol clothes everydae..wic i am.. hahaz..oh wellz.. =)

Todae afta sch..mummy stop by the stal near i dunoe reali bad at directions.. haha.. aand we bought keropok.. karipuff..and pisang goreng..luv to eat em wen their hot..then kena scolded..ask to drink more water blablala.. haha.. ts wer i get all me ulser!

Oh wait.. baby call me liao... bye bye!


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

i look stoned..small eyes n yea,this is the pic after my performance at nyc a month or so ago.. the pics of the performance , ive yet to receive..will def post that asap..  Posted by Hello

oh sh*t

oh shoot , its the last day of hollies... how fast time flies wen u're havin fun... aihz..but its ok tho, at least my batteries are all recharged and ready for school tommorow... hmm, if i have counted correctly,i got another 9 days of schooling before the chinese new year break.. :D that has to be good news.. hehe..
now still early,7.41 am... me slept v v v early last nite cuz i was hella tired after playin ball for bout 4 hours + and then goin to tuiton.. addm3 is definately gettin harder and harder.. dunno how im goin to do in SPM la..ive seen the past years questions for addm3, all like v hard liddat...
hmm, wonder what im gonna do today.. feel like goin lepak or maybe catchin a movie or sumtin, but my mum def wud give me one hell of a nag cuz ive been goin out quite often durin the past week or so..
eh, did i finish all my homework...?? later must check.. maybe i terleft something out..
hmm,dont really got much to say liao lor.. and my sleepyness right now isnt helpin me when it comes to thinkin of what to type bout ..guess i'll go kal me darling now.. hehe..bye byez for now.....take care..

Monday, January 24, 2005

Lurvb U.. Posted by Hello
Okay.. 2nd time bloggin toade.. actuali, i was wonderin.. coz my mumz alwiz telin me bout relationships tt start from secondary sch etc etc..wont last long and stuff... coz frenz sista..had a bf since secondary sch..and afta being to gether for so long..they got married.. buden..had a divorce in less then a year.. something lidat happen to my cousin too.. he 2 had a gurl in secondary..but broke up recently..for 5 years lidat ler.. haihz..

So me thinkin.. how long can me and darling last.. not sayin tt i dun trust him or nethin.. but hu noes wut can happen in the future rite? but seriously.. rite now.. i reali dun wanna be wid anybody else cept dear.. =) but hey..anyting can happen lorx... *cross fingers*

Becoz like soo many couples alwiz sae.."love u FOREVER" and stuff...budden in the end.. oso break up..aihz..dunoe larx.. =( ppl alwiz sae.. dun have a commitment now.. dun stick to one guy.. coz once u get out of sch.. u'll meet lotsa lotsa new pl and stuff.. then wait u regret.. bla bla bla...

But rite.. one thing i'll never regret is bein wid of the best thing tt ever happen to me life.. is him! =) *muax* i love u ~ :P



Omg! one more dae of holidae! See how time passes whens its the holidaes.. its not fair..!! =(
So..wut have i been doin for the past holidae.. hm.. *think* nothin much.. im still left wid ALOT of sastera work.. aihz..ALOT~~!! and i got no mood to do it aniwae.. :) so..... bla~

Just woke up..with a bad bad neck.. i duoe wuts wrong wid long ade still not ok.. sigh~ waitin for my maid to finish cleaning the me can go bath in it... feel so icky now.. haa suppose to go sch.and look after the juniors..but not feelin reali well.and mummy its like dun go lar dun go im stuck here lor... sori huah rong! oh wait..she doesnt have the link to my blog..

Bored bored.. dunoe wut me gona do for the day.. oh man!!! i think im gona have an ulse.. rite at the tip of my lip!! gona rub salt on it..wil neva let it grow! shuts.. i hate ulsers.. have been gettin alot of em since i was young..and it can get to a veri HUMONgous size.... =)

So i change the skin... and if ure prolly wonderin y its alwiz black and white..ask andrew! haha.. his "favoourite" colour mar.. hahaa.. i juz like the music..more..soothin.. compared to the last one.... klar. nothin to write liao..wan go bath!! =(


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Not that interested liao

~Andrew~ As yall can prolly tell, i guess ive lost quite abit of interest in bloggin ade.. Dunno y...maybe its cause i can hardly find time to even spend 10 mins or so on updating this... life is THAT hectic.. form 5's so different from form 4..last year was honeymoon year or sumtin similiar to that.haha... lepak so often.. evitime b4 tuiton oso will go cs wan.. hehe.. thurs,fri,sat,sun,mon, tues ----------> hollies..!! great huh..? at first i din expect my school to apply for leave on thursday,but thank god they did.. 6 days of rest is definately enuff to reboot and rest myself..
k,so..wat has changed since the last time i updated this blog..?? nothing much actually.. but wednesday was quite fun la.. every1 hardly paid attention in class n stuff cuz nxt day was mini holliday liao..hehe.. ohyea..perhimpunan was hella fun.. definately a great time to waste time.. you see, wat happened was, the teachers called out a few names to come forward and stand infront of every1 of us la.. i dun really remember how many ppl were up there,but quite a few oni la..and guess what.???? those were the ones that came for sports practice... so the ones that didnt come ( which was like almost everybody) , had to run padang lor.. so u can just imagine,how long that took.cuz its like, form 3 first.. class a and b.. then class c and d..and so on so on.. haha.. so nice hor..?
pj this year sux big time.. we're no longer allowed to even play basketball or football must do all the stupid stuff la.. its too stupid to explain ,but basically it involves u runnin to one end,kick the ball to ur partner,then run another end and kick the ball to another partner.. FUN rite..??
thank god my pj shirt dropped inside longkang todae..i din know how that happened actually.. i left the shirt there..and when and played basketball in my school uniform since the teacher wasnt theer..and suddenly my fren was like "wei..ur shirt inside longkang"... and after that.. u could see a big smile on my face.haha..
k,thats all for now.its 3 am already.. and i gotta wake up at 6 to go to sch..ish.. wished i stayed nearer to school..then dun need to wake up so early..
good nitez...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Haha..diden blog for like..ages?? was too lazy lar.. so its the start of a 5 dae holidae.. well..6 daes for me coz i din go to sch todae..considerin the fact tt i got a very very bad flu till i have neck-ache and stuff..sigh..hacing a slight fever too..thx to my baby niece.. i think i got it from her...
Big thx to lyn too..coz shes gona pass me my hw and stuff.. todae! after sweet hoh! haha...

The whole week of sch.. the last 2 daez i mean.. hmz.. not so much hw.. but yea.. im stil stuck wid my sejarh notes..duno wer to start.. so boring lar.. now in cheerin now..did i mention tt? hahaa.. its quite fun lar..decided not to run individual races..coz to scared liao.. imagine waitin there.. gettin ready..and everyone is lookin at u..and suddenly..BOOOOM~!!! its time to run..walau..damn scary wan u noe.. hahaz.. so im gona take relay.. yippee! 4x100 ! reali hope can at least get a medal from there.. teeheee**

Wel.. got nothin much to write.. waitin for dear to come online.. so bored now.. nesse is sleeepin.. i hope! she got tuition tonite mar.. and im spose to make sure she gets a im gon check on her now!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Todae wasnt much diffrent from my usual dayz..woke up..went to school.. had lotsa add mathz and sastera hw..sigh~ havent touched my sastera.. =) on the wae back, daddy called to sae he wasnt comin home fer lunch, so me and mumy and nez decided to eat "ah hwa kuey tiow" haha.. oklar.. not much diffren from the normal kuey tiao shops..reach home.. then decided to do my add mathz work lor.. so much work ler.. afta tt, i slept from 4 smth to 5.45..wake dear up! then tok lor..after tt watch the last episode of double hapines! yay! jiaqi dident die..the endin was reali very zadao-ing tho.. haha..

Mummy ordered some yam desert thingy from kong inn.. juz eat lor.. not bad.. but looks reali disgusting! Oh yea..xtreme gourmet was v disgusting todae... yuckz.. baby mice!!! and centipedes or wuteva..grosss... i like rui en.. haha..she better then jeannette ..

Well..tomoro is mels bdae..and ask 4 of uz are gona share this pressie..we decided to get another pressie for her she wud be oni gettin it like after school or smth.. hehe

Nothin much lar.. lil woried bout st michaels stuff.. but aiyar..sure can solve d lar!


Blog blog!!

Tuesday... another borin day i guess.... felt extremely sleepy in school today,which made it really hard for me to concentrate in class..thank god we didnt study much today,cuz a few of the teachers were busy since we had some VIP's in our school ( they should come more often dont cha think so...? :D ) .. and schooling on tuesday is like, the worse ever day, cuz its the only day where lessons end at 2 .. i wonder how the akauns class actually manage to stay till 2 pm most of the days, and on tuesdays, they go home at 2.30.. cuz its like, how many hours are u spendin in school..and the weather definately doesnt hot and stuffy .. so when i reached home, after takin my lunch and bath, i did the obvious thing.. GET A GOOD SLEEP!!! That was definately what i was lookin forward to the whole time in school.. lying on my bed,switching on the air-con, and then knock off for atleast 1 or 2 hours...nice hor..?? :) I still have yet to find my 'studyin mood' normally only comes to me when the monthly tests are really really near..right now they're like a month + away or sumtin.. which doesnt seem so near.. even the thought of SPM this year isnt pushin me to study hard enuff.. hmm.. i guess thats sumtin that i gotta change asap huh..?? btw, anyone heard John Mayer's new song,Daughters.. that track's really startin to grow on me... its a soothing song where i could just chill to anytime ,anyday... atleast thats a change from all the rap music im used to hearin.. hehe.. tommorow pengetua leavin liao.. hope the farewell ceremony's gon be long..which would only mean that i'll have less homework tommorow... haha... k..thats all for now i guess.. nitez every1..gotta go pack bag now

Monday, January 10, 2005

tts her doin her hw!  Posted by Hello
OMG.. after writin so much..the pc juz hang.. argh~~!!

Fine... well, todae started of pretty badly..coz it seemed like i slept oni for a few minutes.. had pretty interstin lessons todae..with pnlee teachin mod mathz.. she associated asas nombor, wid aliens as stuff..weird.. haha.. confusin ppl.. then add mathz ler.. gettin confusin...aih..and its juz the beginin of the year! glad the daes are passin slowly.. so SPM wud be a veri veri long mroe time.. = D 9th november...

Ever since kay started afternoon sch..vernesse has nothin to do but iritate me!! she even does her homework wid me in my room..and wen she does her seni work.. she leaves bits of crayon on my table! hmph.. mess maker.. and wen i wan to sleep..she starts playin "wen the saints go marchin in" over and over again on the piano... oh wellz.. she is my lil sister.. =]

Form 4 probation prefects have already started on orientation! so they are tryin to get signatures from us f5.. shuang ler.. but this time, like got no mood to plae, so juz give them my signature for free lor..

This is the 1st week sports practise is takin place.. hope thursdae turns out fine.. hehe... hopin tt frm 1's are veri good runners 2..we desperately need em! hehe.. lalalalaz.. cheerin gurls have also started cheerin..juz realised tt nearly ALL my frenz are cute.. haha cept me..but aiyar..nvmz lar..

Wut else happen to dae ar.. nothin else actuali..hmmz..
oh yea! double happiness gona end ade! sobz..tomoro last episode wor..i dun wan jiaqi to die ler! hmmsz...


So angry

~Andrew~ Damn pissed wor...yesterday ade type so much,den suddenly my pc restart..then i tak sempat blog liao..hmph.. so how was the start of my 2nd week of schooling..?? pretty good actually..cept for the fact that i had to do my sinopsis novel all over again because it was too short..she expects us to do sinopsis bab by bab,in 1 or 2 days, and make each one more or around half a page.. crazy huh..? not like i wanna spend so much time writing when i can just read and hafal .. aint that true..? :D my pengetua's leavin on wednesday..romours has it that the nxt pengetua's gon be Romli.......... OMG!! thats not good... dude's strict as shit... recently,i just got to know that EC's actually like a stepping stone or sumtin..wer the people from the ppd,who wan a higher pay and stuff,have to become a pengetua for a short period of time or sumtin.. Aint that stupid..?? thats y all our headmasters have only lasted for 6 months n stuff... ive still got homework to do,but dunno how to do.. but im not worried at all la..cuz tommorow mornin just go to sch early..take sum1's book..and copy as fast as possible.. thats what a bunch of people do anywayz.. hehe.. but dunno leh..wonder what the teachers wud do to us if we nv do their work hor..?? mebbe kena sound abit oni.. cuz on the outside they all like v strict liddat,but no like they gonna send u to the office or sumtin.. BUT im not one who's gonna test them.. not takin any risks..hehe.. k,i guess thats all for now .. nuttin much happened today anywayz...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well, yesterdae's entry was rather short.. haha.. becoz i got a call from dear...and after tt, diden have mood to write ade.. was kinda down ystd.. but everythings all rite now.. =) so glad.. newae, im spose to sleep now,but dear is doin somethin online so have to in the meantime decided to blog .. tomoro is the second week of sch.. lookin forward for another "wonderful" week full of hw.. juz finish my essay.. on "my idol" haha.. its a lousy essay..done in a hurry..coz wasnt veri into the title..

Todae i woke up at 8.20!! wen the alarm rang. i was like.. " wut am i wakin up for ar. " then afta a fwe seconds then i realise it was for... TUITION! yeap.. sunday mornin.. and poor me has tuiton..but it wasnt tt bad, as dear was there too.. =) tried to stae awake durin the whole lesson..and mr eng's class was reali not bad..! beter than my fz teacher.. he looks like some cartoon proffesor thingy.. thinkin of changin.. dunoe lar..

After tuition, darlin came to m house for a lil while .. then he went of at 3 smth.. for bball practise lor.. aihz..come back so the time he came back, i was already in jusco..! mummy and daddy wanted to try to ramen jap restaurant..nicely furnished.. but lousy food.. haha.. mine wasnt spicy enuff! sigh~ mum juz came in.. ask me go sleep..aijz.. bother lar! haha..
Then we had crispy crepe..for the 1st time.. was pretty nice.. we ordered 3.. one banana and chocolate flava.. one milo..and one peanut butter.. bought mels prezzie..then headed home..

Came back, quickly (as if) finish my essay..! then went online lor.. nothin to do d..xcept chat wid dear..then plae wid some this do tt.. then now here i am bloggin.. ugh..juz rembered have to bring blazer tomoro..smore got late comer duty..smore got class duty! argh.. at least lucky me and celine got no not mafan..wonder y i alwiz end up wid no juniors.. haha..

Newae, i made up my mind.. im goin to buy tt sling bag! Muahaha.. but dunoe wen lar..and i can spend so more money on clothes! new year clothes.. coz my godma gave me 100rm.... but dunoe wen oni got time to go out.. bz bz bz~

Kz.. i gez im done..

Saturday, January 08, 2005


~Andrew~ Its finally the weekends..damn, that took quite a while.. thruout the whole schooling week, i kept my eyes glued to the classroom clock,waitin for school to end and anticipating for the weekend every second since i really needed a goods nite rest..and now that the weekends is here..all i gotta say is "Stupid teachers!!" .. why ..?? cuz they give so much homework till i cant even get sum rest..ive been doin my work for the whole day already.. i guess that once you reach form5 in EC,ur homework dont come in 1's or 2's, they come in stacks..and thats a really bad thing..Its already Saturday nite... cant believe time's passing so fast..then its gonna be sunday..and then.......... i gotta go back to school... weekends should be 3 days..dont yall think so..?? since the school already takes up approx 4 hours of ur weekends through koko activities.. tommorow ive got tuiton at 9 am.. early hor..?? i dont really like taking tuiton in the morning,for obvious reasons..but oh well..not much choice left la.. just hope that the class is worth my sleep... k,i guess thats bout it for now on..will try to update as frequent as possible n stuff...but thats not a guarantee either..
take carez

=)  Posted by Hello


diden blog for a long long time..because i couldnt go online for some time... and gez wuts the dear dad forgotten to pae the bill! so my account got suspended or smth.. hehe.. =)

Newae.. one whole week has passed.. and it seem like a month of school already.. things hasnt been reali reali great for me.. but i hope everythin wud change soon..its like..aiyar.. dunoe.. no mood for everything... lucky i got my darling..and also a few goodie frenz beside me all this while.. Cant wait to get thru this year..take SPM and b on my own already.. tt wud b nice... rite?

Blog later lar....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Ssup every1!!!!
Happy new year..!!!!!!
Long time no blog liao..bout 6 days.. dear's connection has some sort of prob or sumtin, so i guess she wont be able to go on9 for quite some I'll be takin the responsibility for updating this blog n stuff..which means it'll temporarily be a 1 man show.. :D but geeez,who even visits this blog..??? no1 i guess..
So yea,as expected ,the kl trip was borin as hell... didnt do much.. watched The Aviator alone..wasnt really a nice movie la..very borin..but good way to kill time.. Durin the countdown, i was almost half asleep,starin into empty space for like 3 hours STRAIGHT before that didnt really aint I..??
school started recently,3 days ago to be precise.. i hate it.. not used to waking up so early everyday..6 am.. and time seems to pass like hella slow durin classes and the worse thing is kjwhen i am looking forward to goin home and get a nice 3 or 4 hours nap, guess wat happens..?? YOU RECEIVED PILES......... N PILES........ OF HOMEWORK!!! seriously, its like,every subject got homework wan.. wer got time to relax rite..?? its torturous....
my pc's bein affected by sum kinda virus or sumtin..cant seem to get rid of it..after usin AVG, Stinger, Norton Antivirus, Spyware Doctor and many many more progs.. (yes...ive tried almost all the well known antivirus programs..and none dont work)... im still not too sure what the virus does tho..cuz its like,i cant remove it now..but once i restart my appears again..maybe i should just leave my pc on 24/7... not too bad of an idea heh...?? :D
k, i think i'll go take my precious nap now.. got so much homework till i can only afford bout 30 minutes nappin.. aihz.. but this is school..
1 more year than no nid liao.. thats gon be nice..hehe..