Sunday, December 31, 2006

today was nothin, except for tears, shouting, and sleeping time..

my future = goin no where..

everytime i try to type something, i press backspace, again and again...

i guess everyting now is to personal to type out..

how i wish todae was just a nightmare, and evry thing would just go back to normal..

dear God, i know u still care and love me, so help me would u!! =)

love lots,
Life throws you a fastball when you're prepared for an underhand pitch

New year is like what, 14 hours away ?? Im not feelin the excitement tho, I wish I can forever stay this way.. Without any books to hit, without any assignments, just me..dear.. and our lifes ahead of us.. I just wish things could sort everything by itself, but i guess thats not how the way it works right.. If only it was possible to push everything away.. sighz..

I guess Imma try to stay positive.. thats how Ive always been.. wheter its for the good or bad.. I had a bunch of time on my hand just a few moments ago, and as I looked through the archives for this year, I realised just how fast this whole year has passed .. Lotsa memorable moments most definitely.. Imma just post a few pics up right now yeaps.. Sort of a recap of me, us, friends..

The shithole that I was put in... my study table, where very little studying happens.. and I would usually have a laptop there smore..

My classmates of G1-2006.. I got into this class by appeal, I guess not many knew bout was cuz i wanted to be in the same class with dear... It ended up being a preddy wise decision i guess, as everyone of these people had shown the semangatness in studying that ive not seen before,further pushing me to my limits..

Coco.. my first ever 'walking and running around' pet... He was really adorable, and was good company fo sure. He might have been a stray, but he was like the most notty (in a good way) thing ive ever seen.. I definitely still miss him tho.. and I regret taking things for granted.. When I got my new hp, I had wanted to take a vid of him, and then I was like 'nevermind ar, I'll take the vid tommorow'.. who knew that he would go missing the next day.. sighz..

My EP that I work my ass off putting it out.. Was this the stepping stone in music that Ive always wanted? Only time will tell, but what I do know is that I am proud of the finished product.. Even if i go back in time and try to put something right in each track, I know I cant.. music is music.. its an expression of how you feel at that point of time, when you're in a vocal booth..

Dear as my date for Prom Night 2006.. the greatest feeling in the world is knowing that she's always there.. It was a great night no doubt.. If only time could just pause during all those moments.. She's feeling so down right now, that I just wish i can be there 24/7, 7 days a week... Imma always be there for you too , alright? and Imma hold on to everything we have.. =)

The signal of the end of our college lifes.. Been a long and winding road, where stress was always knockin on the door.. thank god I can cope under it...

Ohyea, i just stumbled upon a video is Saddamn being hanged.. Wondering wheter wan post onot.. gotta check wheter its authentic first i guess..

Last but not least, Happy New Year to all of yalls.. Cheers...
dear bloggie..

been really down these days.. not al the time, but at certain times. basically because of my future.. i admit, im lost.. i realy dont know wut to do , and where to go..

this whole year, i have been working hard to get into medical sch, to be a doctor.. and thank God, i managed to do well.. however, after i got rejected from IMU, i just lost interest in medicine.. i dont know why.. i always said i wouldnt give up, but i just felt like i couldnt take it anymore..

sometimes, i even realise wether im suitable to be a doctor or not.. ?
will ppl even trust me with their lives? do i really want a life as a doctor?

my parents promised to let me decide wut i want to study.. but it dosent seem like it now...

im depressed, lost, i duno wut to do..

sigh.. life sucks at this point of time

i hate myself...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Internet connection is sooooooooo slowwwwww right now wei.. cant do much online smore, as people Im chattin with cant seem to receive my messages.. Heard that its gon take some time before everything is restored ( like 3 weeks or smth??? ) ,so I guess im going to devote my time to my PS2 instead.. Playing this game :

Bully!!! Doubt that Ive played a game for near 10 hours straight for some time already.. so its quite clear how addictive this is la.. In this game, u assume the role of a rebel in school, where u can go wack ppl up, make friends, and just wack ppl up real bad... all while attending classes.. cool rite? Got few subjects to attend wan ar, up to ur liking wheter wan go onot (macam MSAB liddattt)... And its pretty fun, cuz they're all made into fun mini games and such..

Ohyea, my brother got my laptop fixed when he was back for the weekends.. dude's got real interest with all these IT stuffs and gadgets, but usually causes them to breakdown first la i guess.. So my conclusion is, he learns so much cause he keeps rosaking them, hence, he has to fix it.. Anywayz, changing the whole hard disk meant that Ive got ample memory right now.. niceness...Altho i was pretty sad at losing all my previous stuffs (MP3's, movies etc) , it just feels good having a clean PC again..

On another note, Im not really feelin the weather nowadays.. showers, showers, sun for a minute, showers.. wtffffz.. Ive not played basketball for agesssss already, and by the time the rain stops, no kaki ade.. nvm la, this kinda sport can play alone wans.. just that look abit senile ar..

Right now Im not too sure where I would be heading to next year.. The Australian Uni has yet to contact me in regards to the required TER since their on Christmas/New Year's break... Do I feel like travelling all the way to Aussie to further my studies? sighz, not really.. if dear goes somehwere around that area, I'll be glad.. even if its 2 hours away... its not the best , but I'll still settle for that.. but no point talkin now la, who knows.. the Uni might just pull up the requirements this year..Im just pretty reluctant to study right now.. Ive achieved the grades I wanted in SAM this year, and if only I could call it quits right now ,at the highest point of my student life.. too bad Im going to have to further study, and since Uni is always harder, im prolly farkeds..

Monday, December 25, 2006

Its christmas.... I feel the same tho... Ive always felt the same.. Christmas eve this time was more dull for me then compared to last year.. Thing is, the guys now are more busy then ever, some arent even back for the weekends.. Thats the way it is as we get older i guess.. Everyone heads towards their own destination.. sighz.. Nevermind la, not going out during christmas eve would mean that I get a free pass to go out during New Year's eve!! =D atleast they wont be complainin that i go out too much.. There's always a bright side eh?? I wonder how January's gon be like for me now... friends are startin form 6 again, and im gon be left with very few kaki lepaks ade... Mebe head to dear's house everday ar, then it wouldnt be so bad afterall eh....

Friday, December 22, 2006

Dear dah lari to Penang ade... another holliday for her... hehe.. so nice right ? travelling here and there.. that means im spendin christmas without her.. sighs.. gotta find plans now ar..
anywayz, results have been out for some time already, and im pretty pleased with mine =) ... not cause imma get to study whatever i want, @ wherever i want, but because it justified the amount of time i put into studying this time round.. seriously, this has been a crazy year for me, and putting that much effort into them books themselves is already an acomplishment for me.. its all thanks to dearie tho, she's the one thats always there to poke me whenever im asleep in the library, the one that force me to go to the study room at night, and the one that patiently explains all those facts to me.. thanks dear.. muakkss.. =)
ohyea, yesterday we went to play futsal.. a few of us.. when i say few, i mean just 6 of so that means its 3 on 3 futsal.. crazyness wei, runnin here and there.. but it was good la, football was always my favourite sport, just that there's always v few kaki to play with.. alrite, imma stop here ar, wanna watch a movie now.. duwan waste time blogging.. ive already wasted today from travelling to kl and back, all on the same day!!

Padang futsal!!

Yesterday nigth.. blackout!! didnt save my ps2 game smore, played for 3 hours.. ishhhhhh

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cricket being infected by a parasite.. and cricket goes crazy and commits suicide.. no joke

New year count down.. joms

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nuttin better than an NBA fight.. and ohyea, Carmelo is a biyatttchhh!! nuttin worse than throwin a punch and runnin back to ur own bench.. wtf man
I actually wanted to blog for the past few days.. but now im like screw it ar, i hate blogging bout multiple days event.. anywayz,

The internet is wonderful!! never thought I would have this, and i found this torrent file by luck.. I love watching live performances, and for it to be unplugged makes it extra nice.. Doubt it has ever been done before - rap + unplugged.. This is like, a 43 minute video clip of Jay-Z performing various hits, being backed by a live band.. Ive always wanted to be part of a rap band kinda thing , and this just fueled that even more.. too bad cant find anyone la.. argghhh.. anywayz, I feel that Jay-Z is one of the greatest of all time due to numerous reasons.. Firstly, the way he records in the studio, where he does not use a pen and pad.. he just goes in there, and raps whatever he is thinkin at that point of time.. secondly, he is inspiration to every aspiring artists dream i guess.. A dude that no record label wanted to sign, so he did the next best thing..start his own company... and thirdly, Beyonce Knowles...

Friday, December 15, 2006

PBK!! Reject!!!

Nice riteee?? two monitos, nice speakers, and a keyboard..this is the studio that I chill at in kay elle.. how i wish i can go there now, since there's alotta shit i have in my chest..

b4 finals.. about to laugh..

gelak gila gila ar..


currently listening to this for fun.. lolz.. not bad la i guess..
I suprisingly had a pleasant sleep last night.. Yes, i was troubled by the fact that I had gotten a rejection letter, and there's alot of uncertainty regarding my future 'endeavours'.. lols.. thats the word IMU use.. so bombastic wans rite.. congrats to whoever that gots in tho, props on that.. ohyea, back to what i was saying.. Im def feeling much better right now, and I guess there's no lookin back on past mistakes or setbacks.. Im stil undecided bout my future, but after chatting here and there with some folks last night, and after banging some rock rap music throughout the nite, Ive gotten better.. Atleast ive got time on my hands to decide on my paths, so Im taking some positives from that..

alrite, off to kick some more ps2 butt now.. peaze and pieces..

'Every one step forward we take, we take another 2 steps back'

Thursday, December 14, 2006

ive just got a letter informing me that Ive not been accepted into IMU.. sighz.. i feel fucked like hell right now, cuz i definitely thought I did ok in the interview.. im in no mood right now.. goddamn..
Since Ive got nuttin to do, I woke up pretty early today and decided to play ball.. Ive not played basketball in the mornings for ages, and it definitely felt different to be exposed to the morning sun.. damn hot smore...nvm ar, I like being black .. haha.. back when I was form 3 my skin was super burnt out, till people thought I had damaged some cells in my skin.. haha.. came home after that, kicked some ps2 butt ( as dear would put it.. hehe) , and now here I am..

My stupid Snakes On A Plane movie is downloading at an extremly slow pace!! ish..no1's seeding right now..was hoping it would download finish by today morning since Ive left it on for some time already.. nvm, I think I might just have a few good movies on my PC to watch... gotta check later..

Ohyea, the previous week also marks the fact that Nike Air Force One's are turning 25 years old.. what is that , yall may ask.. well, its Nike's most popular shoe for the past couple of years, and has not only made a statement in basketball, but is also an essential item in casual/formal wear.. yeap, this shoes started the sneakers + formal wear fashion that we so often see today.. Altho not often seen here around Malaysia, i am sure true sneakerheads would prolly have a pair or two in their collection.. the amazing thing is that when these shoes were released back then, Nike had not done much promotion about it.. no tv ads, no internet (duh!!), and no billboards.. and it manages to be the most sort after Nike product till today.. dope rite..?? and in conjuction with its 25 years, a few new models have been released, tho it should be pretty limited ar..

The Air Force 25..

The Tony Parker's.. nice rite zhi ven.. haha..

The Sheeds..

and lastly, The Anaconda.. its anaconda skin or smth... dunno ar.. but this is pretty rare, since thats real cold ure seeing there.. bout 2000 pounds..

so yea, harap harap ar Santa tengah baca.. Ive been a great boy.. haha

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

After a bloody 1 year long process, with plenty of intervals in between, partially due to my lazyness and SAM itself.. I have now been officially declared 'a non hazard to myself and other drivers' by the bebudak JPJ.. dope sialllll!! i still tak beberapa puas with the instructor tho, i say good morning oso he sennyap.. i say thank u oso he senyap..then he dunno listening to what radio station.. had a thought bout changing it to hitz fm or perfect 10..lolz.. then i oni got 3 wrongs but he gave me 16.. ngam ngam pass oni..
bukit was scary as shit tho..had to sit there, while watching more than half failing.. nasib baik i got it done on first try.. saw alotta ppl stop nicely, and the woman purposely macam made them wait so long.. and when they were bout to go, then engine mati... suay like hell..
ohyea, dear will be heading to bangkok tommorow..women go there to shop since its a heaven for all them shoppers fanatic i guess...whilst guys oni go there see those half woman half man type.. no pun intended tho.. so I am stuck here in a place called Johor Baru.. or is it Bahru?? have no idea what to do... there's no car at home, which means I am unable to travel from place to place with ease.. furthermore, everyone seems to be busy nowadays with relationship.. so much for 'bro's over hoes..' JPJP =D..

so i guess for the next few days imma be busy with this..

Mixing some new materials from the studio.. hehe.. Been awhile since I actually mixed a song.. The type of stuff I gotta do is like , make sure the volume of each compenent (beat, vocals ,background vocals) are perfect, which is quite tough when I dont got those big-ass studio like headphones.. hehe.. My EP was pretty simple ,since I got a pro to mix and master..but Im tryina cut cost abit here.. hehe..
Alrite, off to surf around now.. Take care peoplez

Monday, December 11, 2006

Most of today was spent at dear's house.. =) hehe.. that has become so much of a habit for me during these hollies.. reached there pretty late tho, because dad took a half day off from work , hence waking up pretty late... dear and I didnt complaim much tho, cause she was able to continue her precious sleep .. hehe..i think she's becoming the type that needs at least 8 hours of sleep wan...onot become grumpy.. lolz.. so yea, first thing we did was head to Tiara club to play A LITTLE BIT of badminton.. had to go off early due to certain circumstances, hence i sweated more from the abscence of fans in the courts then due to running around.. hehe.. was still fun tho, but next time must get more people to play.. then only more fun..
After lunch, we then decided to watch Barnyard on DVD.... is it out yet on cinemas? not too sure... its an ok-lah kinda movie for me, but i didnt watch it finish tho... it started to rain cats and dogs, so kena tutup semua electrical appliances.. from the 60 minutes or so that I watched, the movie is funny ar, but i get more laughs from watchin real comedians than animations..

dear then got this real crazy idea after that - baking cupcakes!! no, not crazy as in idiotic crazy la, but crazy as in crazy fun.. =D hehe... the term crazy is brought up because anyone who knows me well enough would know that I was never born to do any sort of kitchen work.. thank god i got a pretty easy job tho, sifting (spelling??) the flour.. hehe.. and also ensuring that it weighed accurately..or is it precisely?? dah lupa my physics and chem terms.. and guess what peoples.. the cupcakes turned out perfect.. according to dear, this is the first time any of her baking jadi, so i guess im some sort of lucky charm, or maybe a must need in the kichen or smth.. hehe.. so yea, today could be summed up as a pretty fruitful day ... glad that the cupcakes turned out great..

These are the cupcakes..and that is melted chocolate on top.. wasnt spread evenly cause it wasnt melted me, the picture doesnt do it much justice.. hehe

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jay-Z -- Lost Ones

this song has been on heavy rotation on my speakers right now, and altho the video looks normal and all that, its still gon get attention due to alotta speculation.. take the second verse for instance..

I don't think it's meant to be, be
But she loves her work more than she does me
And honestly, at twenty-three
I would probably love my work more than I did she
So, we, ain't we
It's me, and her
'Cause what she prefers over me, is work
And that's, where we, differ
So I have to give her
Free, time, even if it hurts
So breathe, mami, it's deserved
You've been put on this earth to be
All you can be, like the reserves
And me? My time in the army, it's served
So I have to allow she, her, time to serve
The time's now for her
In time she'll mature
And maybe we, can be, we, again like we were
Finally, my time's too short to share
And to ask her now, it ain't fair
So yeah, she lost one

could this be referring to beyonce? most prolly ... and the girl in the video also resembles what beyonce would usually wear.. so yea..

ohyea, on another note.. this is old news..but thought i'd post it too..

JITRA: Seorang anggota kumpulan `hip-hop' popular ditahan Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK) selepas ujian air kencingnya didapati positif dadah jenis ganja, kelmarin.

Artis lelaki berusia 26 tahun itu ditahan bersama seorang lagi rakan artis berusia 24 tahun antara jam 11.50 hingga 12.50 pagi di Kompleks Kastam, Imigresen dan Kuarantin (KIK), Bukit Kayu Hitam, dekat sini.

Difahamkan, ketika ditahan, kedua-dua artis terbabit dikatakan dalam perjalanan pulang ke negara ini selepas berhibur di pekan Danok yang bersempadan dengan Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Sehari sebelum itu, artis terbabit yang berasal dari Kuala Lumpur dan rakannya dari Georgetown, Pulau Pinang dikatakan mengadakan persembahan di pekan Changlun.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kubang Pasu, Superintendan Mohd Karim Abu, ketika ditemui mengesahkan penahanan kedua-dua artis terbabit.

Menurutnya, mereka akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 3(1), Akta Penagih Dadah 1983 (Rawatan dan Pemulihan) yang jika sabit kesalahan mereka boleh dihantar ke pusat pemulihan atau diletak di bawah pengawasan polis.

"Kedua-dua artis terbabit kini dibebaskan dengan jaminan mahkamah sebanyak RM2,000 sementara menunggu tarikh perbicaraan pada 17 Disember ini," katanya.

Difahamkan, ketika ditahan, artis terbabit berkali-kali merayu supaya dia dibebaskan dan tidak dikenakan tindakan lanjut bagi mengelak kerjayanya terjeja

There's alotta speculation on who these 2 people are.. and word is that 1 of them is from a famous RNB group, which the newspaper reported as "hip hop artist".. lolz.. so yea, some salah faham there ar..


Past few days have been dead tiring for me.. Have not been getting enough rest, and there's like so many things to do right now.. Shits making my legs feel hella wobbly right now.. Dunno wheter is it due to me not getting enough rest, or was it due to the few hours of futsal and basketball a few days back..
Ohyea, the reason why im like that right now is because ive been having driving lessons the past few days (yeap, im still noob @ driving!!) and also because Ive had to attend 2 wedding dinners sorta thing.. Them dinners bored me to near death i guess.. Knew practically nobody there, and i had to stay there for soooooo hella long.. makan all my sleeping time !! ishness..
Ohyea, PC Fair has arrived to JB... managed to head over to CS and bought a couple of stuffs.. namely,I got a pair of Creative headphones for dirt cheap, and also a 1 gig pendrive..badly needed a pendrive after that kanasai thief stole mine..curse you!! lolz.. wasnt that cheap tho, was expecting it to be a lil cheaper.. alrite, i think thats all imma blog for now ar.. back to doing nothing again i guess..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is what I call cool.. this dude actually worked for a few years, saved up, and travelled round the world
i blogged without being asked too.. =)

this few days, my sister has been folding stars for her godsister.. an no matter how cliche it is.. i still think that everyone who folded stars for their loved ones, be it granny, grandpa, mummy, daddy, or their other halves should give themselves a big big clap, and a big big salute!! lol.. i tried making some today, and it was really "painful"!! lol.. making stars is really tiring.. and ppl hu get them shud realy appreciate them! haha! i think stars are pretty .. *hint hint darling* hehee..

my mum suggested that me and kay go out today since we were so bored at home. Been a while since the two of us went out! hahaa.. was qute scary initially coz it was somethng diffrent!! haha! anyway, we managed to get some christmas presents, and we sat down at coffee bean before stuffing ourselves with stone grill's tomyam and fish. YUmmy!! oh coffee bean, my name was written as DAZERINE. nice name actually! =)

Had ham cha for dinner todae, with my grannys famous pig trotter vinegar stuff.. hahaa.. was goooood!! =)

MY BOOK IS QUITE INTERESTING!! WHEE! First time i enjoyed a book since last year.. hahaa..

alritey, i got nothin else to blog about..tata!

love lots,
Blasting Off

Every year, I take a look at the lineup of Blast Off, that music contest held by Astro, and see a bunch of familiar faces.. Yeap, that competition that gave K Town Clan their break and so on.. And every year i give myself a slap in the face for not trying out for the auditions.. This year in fact would have been the best time, with my hollidays being extra long.. Definitely, if i can find people with the same mindset about music as myself, then I would pass thru the auditions.. But its a popularity contest afterall, and the groups from Kajang always seem to win..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Heyalls.. back with a few albums that I recommend.. I know my taste in music is usually off with most of yalls ar, but I think yall might enjoy this one, cuz the radio doesnt do much help in promoting such music ..

Album of the year.. no doubt..and its not even a rap album.. This is definitely the type of album you could just pop in, take a puff, and sit down without doing anything.. Seriously, its jazz, soul and rnb at its finest.. Real soothing music.. I like...

This album is old as hell.. But I just listened to it the other day, and its actually a solid album.. U know the song Culo.. the one that K Town Clan everytime perform wan.. this dude's the original artist.. and yea, plenty of club bangers on this album.. good for all the party heads i guess..

Okiez, im outzz
im back! =)

todae i went to tebrau city today to meet up with my friends!! =) miss them sooooooooooooooooooooooo muchie!!!i realy enjoy goin out with them..tho time spent everytime i go back has always been only a few hours, but the laughter and joy i have with them is something i really miss every since the starting of my college life.
dear also wanted me to blog about the movie marathon he plan! heee..
we were spose to watch six movies..but we only managed five coz andrew had to go back before his mummy and daddy scolded him.. haha..

we watched material girls at first.. was a hilarry duff and her sisters movie..quite nice!! heeheee.. then we watched accepted.. was a cute movie as well..then D.O.A!! AH! was v v kewl..with all the fighting and stuff..after that.. we watched death note
not we actually... me and nessy fell asleep..was already 2 am when the stupid movie finished lar!! next morning, andrew woke me up to watch 1 missed call again... heryer.. ppl sleeping so nicely, with a headache smore.. so i nicely woke up, and watched it with him...
was really nice though..doin something he actuaolly planned.. lol.. alas..smth fun :P muahahhaaa..

so yea, one more week before i go to bangkok!! wheee! shopping spree here i come! but one more week before IMU results are out.. =( i reli reli wihsh i get in..ppl..pray for me!!!!! i dun wan to expereience another rejection! jiayou deee!!!!!! if not have to open another uni, like "Accepted" heee..

klar, im bored! i wanna read my book!!!!
love lots..


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Im sooooo dying of boredom right now.. Restless as hell, and definitely have no idea on what to do right now..I need to go somewhere, but problem is.. I dont know where to.. I need to do something.. Blame it on the DVD seller ar, the Death Note DVD i bought from him contained 'absolutely piece of shit' type of subtitles... cant even faham anyting.. damn.. I got to go out and get some fresh air, seriously.. No one on MSN is even online right now. hmmmm.. its already 4pm.. my Sunday is going to waste just like that.. I dont even have the urge to play PS2 right now...its prolly the cough drops makin me all drowsy and shit..
if only i stayed near town.. then everything would just be 10 or 5 minutes away.. Taman Molek is too quiet for my liking la.. im not the type to sit back and enjoy whatever nature throws at me.. i prefer to be near lepak places...lolz..
i think im off to play some online games right now.. im suffering from writer's block at the moment.. im outzzz
Every once in a while, a rap song comes out that really has a message. A song that does not have the club vibe, but still catches one's ear at first listen.. This might just be THAT song this year...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Its December

Its December already!! time passes so fast when all I wanna do is just take everything slowly.. Ive not been posting for awhile now as I followed dear's family to genting during the week.. the plan was to put up there for 2 nights, but in the end we ended up staying there for 4 nights due to certain problems..crazyness!! 4 nights in Genting!! it was still fun tho.. considered it as a well earn rest after all the studying Ive done.. =D self bagi wan.. hehe.. and I finally managed to sit the corkscrew.. no, its not that Im scared of the ride or anytin.. its just that on the past 2 ocasions that Ive been to Genting ,the ride was either on maintenance or the que was hella long... im a sucker for roller coasters if yall dont know, so was pretty glad to sat the ride that has eluded me for awhile.. lolz.. the ride itself wasnt much tho, but can tahan la.
one thing I dont like bout Genting tho, is the fact that Im always falling sick whenever I go there.. dunno wheter its coincidence or what la.. so now Im down with the flu and sore throat.. tried to get some sleep, and when I realised I wasnt getting much better, I decided to wake up.. that explains why Im awake at 7am..
alright, off to surf around smore.. peace out peoplez

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Feeling hella bored and restless right now.. So I ended up finding for a bunch of movie trailers.. Actually manage to find a couple of interesting movies coming out next year or so..

First of, the Spiderman 3 trailer looks awesome.. I think I see Venom in there...or atleast thats Peter Parker in a black suit..oh wait, there's both i think..dunno la.. looks sick tho..Sandman's also inside.. so yea, theres gon be tons of CG effects..

Ohyea, I didnt even know they were making another Rocky movie!! shit ,Stallone's gotta be mad old already.. from the trailer, the movie's gon be pretty much the same la.. I mean, wat difference could u have made to the storyline after filming like, 5 Rocky Balboa movies.. I like the feel of the movie tho, it looks very modern, with all the ESPN coverage and stuff..

The Simpsons are also having a movie!! Finally..its bout time the yellow people get their shine on the big screen.. Cant wait.. should provide a bunch of laughter with them intelligent jokes..

Thats my homeboy Naqib right there.. and there's also another familiar face.. the dude from Urban Groove

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i apologize for my dissapearance for a long long time... due to my laziness, and of course, my exams..=) which were over quite a long time ago!!!
in between, my parents came up to get some of my stuff down.. most of my classmates decided to go to times square and i managed to brave myself to try all the rides there!! was quite scary.. but i managed to come out alive!!! will post the pictures when im using my lappy..

oh yea.. did i mention i got myself a new phone?!? weee! its a Z610i, i got the blue wan... i guess thats the prettiest colour! loving it alot.. heehee

well.. a year has passed.. so very quick huh?
this year, has been totally diffrent. as i managed to stay alone in kayelle without my parents.. ate unhealthy food for many days.. and i even made the library my new home! i met nice people, iritating people, and insensitive people.. but SAM is just a year.. sad that i will not be able to see some, but a big hurrah, as i wont be able to meet some anymore.. (haha, im evil, but hey, im sure everyone is evli too, they juz dun say it =) )

Newae, prom... i night that everyone ws waiting for.. turn out to be quite boring actually.. hahaa.. minus the taking picture part, and the dancing!! whee!! was the 1st time i dance.. not including performances lar.. lol and the first time i danced with dearie!! heehe.. he was sooo cute. :P sad thing was, there were no SLOW songs! i mean.. its PROM! i alwiz see couples dancing during prom on TV~! SO unfair!! was waiting and waiting. hmph!
will post the pictures later tooo..

*oh man, medicine making me drowsy ade*

todae was fun.. woke up at 10.45, dad made breakfast for us! hehe
then we had high tea at hyatt! i ordered peach+apple and apple+banana nice! =) food there was OKAY lar... then we went to tebrau to watch death note.. after that, we went for korean food.. =) niceness!!!

and now, im gonna disturb bibi.. jiayou liverpoooool!!! i'll make sure u'll never walk alone! haha *omg, that was so lame* weeee!

Justin Timberlake- Futuresex/Lovesounds.. I never did like N'Sync, and I never bothered to listen to his solo tracks..however, I downloaded this album due to one of my frens recommendation and guess wat.. I actually find it pretty decent.. It has this nice retro feel to it, and the mixing of the songs are good... Some of the songs are unique due to its production, hence making it stand out from an average pop or RNB album.. See, Im not only a rap fanatic right.. =D

Actually was thinkin bout getting some shit off my chest.. but i thought twice..and then realise that you would be actually reading this blog.. so I decided not to..hmmmmmm

last minute..

See, we were only suppose to come back to jb on the 1st of Dec.. but since my house got robbed , meaning that I can no longer stay there, and the amount of luggages Ive got is ALOT, we both decided to get a bus ticket back home to jb for these few days.. hehe..was pretty much a last minute decision, but Im def glad to be back in JB again..spent the whole of yesterday on my PS2, so damn addictive wei... BUT, 2 of the 3 games I bought from Sunway cant work.. 1 of it hang halfway, the other wan cant load at all.. sial! so im stuck with playin NBA Live 2007 till I stack up on games..

ohyea, decided to just put some pics up ar.. malas nak type.. ppl prefer to look at pics right.. so here's some stuff that really gets on my nerves..

My London London London.. lolz. shit just gets on my nerves.. hate the song, hate the video..hate Fergie...

would some1 please give the Black Eye Peas a black eye please..see i know alotta ppl who prolly bump and dance to this song.. but seriously, wats this song all about? u know they're prolly just exploiting the mainstream audience, the ones who go for a catch chorus and tune, without bothering bout the content..

This is way too funny.. K-Fed.. Popozao.. his attempt at a brazilian ass shaker track..

Song that im reffering to : Teriyaki Boyz- Tokyo Drift..the beat is simple but catchy no doubt.. what i cant stand is the gal's voice on the chorus.. Fast and furiousssssss...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dear!! Posted by Picasa

Thats Luke.. a guy i got to knew from playin ball kat taylors.. Posted by Picasa

Sneaker Pimps yaw.. dudes that arrived in sneakers for prom..lolz Posted by Picasa

With jefferey.. Posted by Picasa

Owhhhh.. Posted by Picasa

Zhi Ven.. Andrew.. Wei Yang.. ohyea, wei yang left thout saying goodbye wan.. Posted by Picasa

Ameen..Andrew..  Posted by Picasa

Thats Esther and Adeline widdus Posted by Picasa