Saturday, September 30, 2006

That good ol black music

A lil something that im listening to right now.. you know, that good old black music type of stuff.. thats what i need right now..

okay, so maybe this isnt my usual cup of tea.. but i really like the production on this one..

Tupac's live concert.. 700mb large man.. took me awhile..

Lupe Fiasco.. this is the truth rite ere.. this is hip hop without the bling bling, without the girls, without all that..

ohyea, all this were malu betul.. :D
and there was also another thing i forgot to blog bout..i happened to lose my wallet on tuesday.. shit did affect me abit, cuz i wasted 2 hours plus searcin my room for it..ic semua kat dalam..and the next day paper was chemistry..
so yea, after losing all hope.. decided to go to the balai to make a report after chem paper, which meant i had less time to prepare for maths.. so yea, once i got back, i decided to like, ask the guards at My Place about it again.. and guess what?? someone returned it.. but not before taking Rm1 from it la.. but oh wells, thanks anyways altho i will never know who u is.. atleast my ic is inside, so its all good..

Friday, September 29, 2006

They're over

it just feels real, real good right what if i screwed up a few questions.. definitely not gonna let it affect me to a huge extent.. theres always gonna be a time no sulk once u receive them papers back..for now, im going to enjoy the fact that trials are over.. 6 days of waking up at weird times, where one day my paper is at 7am (yesss...7 typo erorr), and the next day its at 11.30.. crazy right?? its time to replenish on sleep, and to enjoy the simple things in life once again.. and time to do a litle blogging too!! been a while right?
know what, at times right.. i do ask myself wheter am i studyin the subjects that i really want to.. science have never been my favourite, and chem has always been my worse subject throughout my secondary school days... would I have done anything differently if I could?? i really dont know.. how many of us actually want to do whatever we plan to do because of passion? im sure a bunch of us just wanna be doctors just because of society, where they place them on the highest level in the 'social pyramids'.. do i think a doctor should be so highly respected?? not really ..why do we look upto doctors, when they're doing whatever their job requires them to do.. shouldnt we look at those rubbish cleaners the same way too.. but hey, these are my thoughts and mine only..

btw, a few from our class had an outing yesterday.. at sunway pyramid as usual.. went ice skating for the first time.. and my skin on my toe come out a lil here n there.. ouchs.. ice skating is ok i guess, i think u gotta get a hang of it to actually like it.. dont like falling down tho, sakit abit ar..lolz.. also watched You, Me and Dupree.. which i felt was a very random movie.. parts that were suppose to funny didnt really hit my humour senses, and i guess most of us felt the same way too.. movie was abit of a letdown ar, maybe its cuz i find african amercian comedians much funnier.. they just seem to have more intelectual jokes.. lolz..

ohyea, dear's birthday passed just a few days ago.. hopefully she'll do her part and blog bout it.. :D.. hehe..
k,im off to get some much needed rest.. i need it..
ok, wait ..wanna say something..

"Who da f**k died and made you the fashion police.."

Friday, September 22, 2006


there has been a lack of activity in this blog over the past few weeks because my trials have started..time really flies hella fast dont it? cant say that im hella prepared for it, but i guess ive put in quite alot of effort for this exams, and ive also made the library and the study rooms in school my second home..
dont really know wat to blog right now, my life's been kinda monotanous the past few weeks, so i guess imam just post again when something interesthing pops up..

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

and this flower was made by the yellow house man.. mr jing kai ( i dunno how to spell his name) Posted by Picasa

dear made this herself!! her very own sausage dog Posted by Picasa

this sums it all up..tiredness Posted by Picasa

errm, playing adeline's superman, spiderman, ultraman Posted by Picasa

flip ur head.. lol.. errm, random pics of wat ppl were doin while makaning.. at the back u can see 2 girls taking pics with their hp...lolz.. Posted by Picasa

looks nice right?? i think it looks much blacker in real life.. but i think ours looks better than the chicken on the far left.. hehe.. yummy yummy, our guy's specialty Posted by Picasa

the bbq

been a long while since i last blogged.. its been kinda hard to find time tho, seriously, no jokes.. with trials about a week and a half away, u know im gettin my panties up in a bunch right now.. life's hell.. and it seems like everytime ive got exams, another event will be popping up.. like this saturday is gonna be my friend, David, album launch party at Maison Club.. isssshhhh.. do peep his site tho, niceness..
ohyea, my class organized a bbq party just the other saturday, which was a suprise as i thought everyone would be studying.. pretty much had a blast, with a bunch of jokes being cracked and good food being served... much props to bio teacher for pinjaming us her hse.. felt good to like, 'bond'( yes, this might not be the correct term to use, but waddaheck) with the people from G1...niceness..
k,im in a bit of a rush to study now, so i might as well leave yall with the pics from the other night