Tuesday, May 31, 2005

bi is soo proud of his thumb.. :P

k, so todae, had add math tuition, was reali tired tho.. yawnz.. newae, mum and nesse came back from genting and kl ade..yay! so happie.. haha..reali missed nesse and marmie..and the hse was gettin a lil dirty already..since maid wasnt around.. hehe.. oni me, daddie and kay..! hahaz.. imagine the mess we created.. daddie was quite mad coz he wanted me and kay to do some simple hse chores, well, kay did hers, but not me!! it wasnt my fault tho..woke up late, and i dident even step into the living hall or the kitchen.. was in my cozy messy room all morning.. = D later, sent kay to cs, had lunch there..hotdogs..! wid my dad! ahaha.. the pickled cucumbers and stuff left a farnie taste in my mouth tho...

then we went back to kerrys..wer i sat at aunty annes wid dad for nearli an hour.. coz i was afraid to sit meself.. im scared to be alone.. :D so then .. i walk to tuition.. tt i dare lar.. haha.. then had a *great* time doin mathz.. wid huah rong !! this time, it was her turn to tell me my lips was dry..muahahax..poor gal.. have to go for volleyball after tuui...

Arh!!! Tomoro mornin got chem tuition..at 9-11..then after tt got add mathz again!! at 11.30..and i ave piano at 11.. ahaha.. so can skip a lil of piano! yay! lost a lil interest in piano liao.. :D teacher lar..make me plae kiddie songs.. i ade 17 ler!! hm..cant wait to go out for a nice nice movie......AHERM... im free on thursdae!

aihz..mummy said i have to clean me room tomoro..so i'll prolly be spring cleanin my lil space in the hse after lunch or smth.. filled wid bookz..i wonder y... stupid examz..


its 6.35 am now...... yes... i am crazy.. lol..i myself dunno wat am i doing at this time...i woke up bout 30 mins ago.. guess i dont wanna waste my hollidays ..cuz if i keep sleepin SOOOOO much everyday, then *poof*, sch will reopen quickly..since time passes by so fast when ure sleepin... good theory eh..?? So as expected... holidays....nuttin to do.. but its the same with every other hollie,so im used to it.. prob is, i stay so far from the town area.. so transportation has always been a problem..
ive planned a few things to do during the hollies,none of which ive accomplished yet.. i really, really wanna go to the cinemas one day and just habis all the movies at one shot.. House Of Wax, One Miss Call 2, Star Wars blablabla..but macam got no kaki oni.. aihz..
Ohyea,ive posted some pics of my thumb below.. cool rite..?? my thumb's hella smelly now..wid the blood clot there n stuff.. but i still think its cool .. *another proof that im crazy...*
thats all the updates i can give rite now..there's nuttin much to talk bout since ive done practically nottin for the past few days.. hmmm, i think i'll go get some sleep smore la..cant think of anytin to do...

Monday, May 30, 2005

my thumb now..half the nail is gone.. Posted by Hello

my thumb a month or so ago.. remember..i told yall i slammed the door against my dumb.nice eh..?lol Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

champions cup winner.. Posted by Hello

after milan's missed penalty..celebrations begin... Posted by Hello

the captain,stevie g...his goal in the last 6 minutes of regulation time help get liverpool past the group stages.. Posted by Hello

Its over!!!!

3 weeks of constant studyin... late nites.. sacrificing tv time.. finally..the mid terms are done.. honestly, ive never felt such a feelin before.. after the last paper,add m3 (wic was very very hard ), i just felt SOOOOOOOO dunno wat..... rite now i cant describe the feelin..no words come to my mind at the moment..lol .. but yea.. this mid term really drained out alot in me.. im just glad its over..altho i did pretty badly for most of the papers..i dun mind.. weird eh...??

ohyea... LIVERPOOL WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rite now i still cant believe it.. its something u hardly see happenin in football..esp in the finals.. 3-0 down at half time.. i was gettin ready to go back to sleep,thinkin "if they dont pull one back by the 70th minute, im gon go back to sleep since ive got add m3" .. and then,in a 6 minute span, 3 goals came in.. 3 goals in 6 mins.. thats somethin aint it..? esp against a team known for its defence..seeing the highlites of the match really doesnt do much justice.. u really gotta watch it live..esp if ure a fan of either teams.. was biting my nails thruout the whole extra time n penalties.. finally... being a liverpool fan has paid off ..!!! wat a season it has been...

Friday, May 20, 2005


Body's feelin weak.... feel like throwin up.. body's burnin.. and i got no mood to do anytin.. aihz.. right now im feelin hella sick..ever since ystd.. thank god the next paper is like, 6 days away.. even todae when i was doin my kimia paper 1 n 2, i honestly didnt feel like doin it at all..i mean, if ur head's spinnin, and u keep blowin ur nose every min or so, how da heck can u even concentrate on ur paper..??? thank god the day's finally over tho.. i thought the day would never end as time was movin VERY slow.. guess i shud go get some rest as much as possible .. prayin that this sickness would go off soon...
ohyea..i watched Constantine last week , wen i was spose to be studyin..lol.. movie was really worth my 2 hours or so, tho im not a big keanu reeves fan in the first place..HOWEVER, i thought this movie was really enjoyable, and he's one of the few ppl hu make smokin look cool..seriously, whenever he lights up his cig, im like "wow..he looks good with that"..lol.. but no worries,thats smth that i wont pick up,aite..? :)
k..i'll go get a nap again..been sleepin the whole day and i dont feel like changin that routine... nitez..

Monday, May 16, 2005

Im goin crazy

Life's a stage,
where the casts arent paid ,
Where We play our roles,
without knowing it,
Where We play our part ,
without any scripts..
So here's a question,
who's the audience ?
Who's the one that claps?
Who controls these puppets?
Who's the one that apllause?
Who even wants to know....

I have to stop picturin stuff... lol

Sunday, May 15, 2005

An Urban Distaste For The Concrete by The Rebel Scums.. this album is worth it..Rm10..get it at tower records..  Posted by Hello

lack of updates

Andrew here..sorrie for the lack of updates.. its the exam month, so yea..cant really find time to log in to blogspot.com... if yall visited this page a few days back,some might have noticed that there was some prob with the blog and u cudnt see anytin cept for some error or smth.. that was because of a prob with the server hosting the pics.. but luckily my darling has already betulkan the blog and refurnished it.. muakzzzz..thanks yea..? :)
so far its been hella tiring man...its like,im forced to stay up late most nites to cover up all the syllabus.. ish's definately stressful at times oso.. esp now.. ive got to cover my kimia and sej in 4 days.. that's including the fact that ive hardly studied some of the babs before.. thank god tmr's teachers day.. which means we ungrateful students will be at home studyin .. its their fault la..hu ask em to do teachers day in the middle of the exams..hu in the right mind is gonna come cept for the class monitors..?? lol..pity em..
ohyea,i went to pulai springs for lunch todae.. all the way there to see the chef cook..haha.. his dish isnt really special,but the way he prepared it was..it's just noodles.. but he made the noodles all by himself from dough.. amazin eh..? took him 5 mins to convert a lump of dough (the size of his palm) into 3 plates of noodles.. my jaw was touchin the ground watchin him do tt.. nv thought u cud prepare noodles tt way..haha..
k, time to read my most hated bab in kimia now.bab 7...aihz... byez

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Notebook..... dope....  Posted by Hello


a few days ago, i was able to catch The Notebook , a movie which ive honestly never heard b4 until a few days ago... lol.. this movie definately is one of the most romantic/jiwang kinda flick ive watched ever since 50 first dates... the 'studying' time that i sacrificed(2 hours..i could've covered alot in those 2 hours) in order to watch this movie definately was not wasted.. for those who have never watch this movie b4, i def recommend it.. it is THAT good..haha.. actually, mebbe it isnt that nice la.. mebbe i was just bored at that time and any movie wud've entertained me as much as The Notebook had.... but yea, the guys can check out the actress if they're bored by the storyline... :P

its 30 minutes past midnite rite now.. and no, im not studyin.. im not crazy..k?? im just waitin for the match at 2.30... liverpool against chelsea.. haha.. if ure a chelsea fan,this prolly wudnt mean much to u, but this game def means alot to us liverpoolians cuz errrm...we got nuttin else to win this season... *ouch* .. haha.. rite now im thinkin of wedar i shud slp rite now, get a few hours rest b4 the match or shud i just stay awake... im afraid that if i do get some slp, the alarm mite not be loud enuff ... that has happened quite a few times already and i cant put the blame all on my alarm la.. i also do have a SLIGHT tendancy to continue my sleep even tho some1's kallin me, alarm ringin or wateva noise is around..

k,tts all for now.. nuttin else to blog ade..peaceeee

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday...4 more days away

Man....its already sunday.... time sure moves hella fast when ya dun wan it to.. Altho ive been putting in alot of hours into my studies, im still unable to cover up most of the chapters for most of the subjects..Aihz... i better forget bout scorin for this setara test and focus more on my nxt 2 exams.. my trials and also the real thing..haha.. scoring a's for this tests is already out of reach for me.. ish ish.. thank god there was no tuiton today.. definately enjoy spendin sundays at home, esp durin the mornin.. haha.. Ohyea,its a hollie tommorow oso.. thank god for that... atleast i'll be able to study abit n stuff... but there's always a few distractions when im studyin ...
such as :

i) my bed...yes....i study on my bed.. haha.
ii) music.. i admitt..i cant study without music..... but i cant study with music too...makes sense...??doubt it..
iii) the phone.... im always on the fon with my dear....
iv) and last but not least...my pc.. heck,im spose to be studyin now..but decided to come on9 'for awhile'..haha

i guess i'll stop here.. updates prolly wont be so frequent for the next few weeks cuz of this exams..ish ish..wish me gd luck yall..