Wednesday, August 30, 2006

During Chem... nobody listens.. :P  Posted by Picasa

my classmates.. =)  Posted by Picasa

esther, mun, me =) Posted by Picasa

I borrowed this lovely baju from her!! =)  Posted by Picasa

dear, me, and ameen..  Posted by Picasa

same day.. just that i got drenched in rain, and had to change.. wajidy and i.. i like his Posted by Picasa

weiyang in his baju melayu.. Posted by Picasa

us again.. when every1 was bout to sing songs in celebration of national day Posted by Picasa

was rainin the other day... thats dear in her disposable raincoat.. i also bought 1 too.. hehe Posted by Picasa

yeap.. yellow was the color.. ma hair's a mess. Posted by Picasa

What a lifee

Monday, teacher informed us that we had our Math D.I. and common test 4, all next week..i thought common test 4 was spose to be in like, 2 weeks after the break, and not immediately after D.I. itself... this is such a crazy life i have right now.. even during SPM life wasnt like that.. yes i know i complain alot..cant help it tho.. i dont like SAM!!
and ohyea, we had colour codes this week in college, which means everyone's spose to wear a specific color or them traditional clothes (baju melayu, samfu etc..) ...and as i dont have any of the traditional clothes, i went along with the colour codes instead.. will post some pics up soon.. =)
trials are approachin soon, and Im getting more and more lazy to study.. i just dont have the mood to read all the earlier stuffs that we learn.. it feels so boring to be re-reading whatever i learnt earlier this year.. sighz... i know how important that exam is la, but i still cant turn study mode on yet... hopefully soon ar..
alritez, guess imma stop here.. off to study now i guess.. that is if i cant concentrate ar..

Monday, August 28, 2006

My godbrothers Poster!!  Posted by Picasa

My Wonderful Parents.. Daddy is smiling weirdly...  Posted by Picasa

My granny's cute doggy! =) Posted by Picasa

My cute sister after Tennis!! Posted by Picasa

Blister! Caused by shopping. =( Posted by Picasa

My Lovely Family  Posted by Picasa

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A stapler!  Posted by Picasa

Do we Look Alike?  Posted by Picasa

Good Day

dear diary.. =)

today i woke up, very disturbingly.. =(
since it wasnt 7, i tried to go back to sleep as i was really very sleepy. Didnt get a good rest either.Mebbe i am not use to the bed here in subang. sigh~
i realised that its been a looong time since we had studyin in class! hehe.. physics was spent doin presentations, english, we watched a movie, and had our text production, bio, presentations! hahaa.. and yay! we got no LAN anymore!! =) *grinz*

after a week, we had another day of bio and physics presentations, another day of writing journals.. another day of free lan *actualy we went to watch a drama lar* but oh well, it was counted as FREE lar. chemistry... haha, we learnt about some silicate thingy.

after sch, i rested till 3.40 before i went to my second home, the Taylors College Library.. read about polymerisation till 5.30, and then andrew and i headed for dinner. Pork and Vege. Yummy! =) went back to the library.. studied a lil physics, and here i am, back home.

Oh yea, i found out bout the study rooms they provided till 11pm. Dear wants to try it out. i dont mind. As long as i have company! its gonna be a LIL scary huh... =(

Money Spent Today
2 currypuffs : rm 2.00
dinner : rm 6
total: RM 8! yay! =)

washing my clothes now, will do maths later..!! ahh!! common test next week! DIE. Seriously...

Love Lots,
Desiree ..

mummy and daddy reads my blog!! haha

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Self Improvement Is Masturbation"
With quotes like this, u proly get the picture just how weird this movie is..Found out I had this movie while searchin thru the collection of DVD's, and was pretty enjoyable, but weird at the same's kinda long too, bout 2 hours+ , so it was a good way to kill time..

sighz, hollies are gon be endin soon, and monday would be the reopening of them hellgates..thank god there's a bunch of ppl who have yet to do their Physics presentation, so atleast Physic classes are gon be like free periods to me.. this hollies have been alrite i guess, it was wat I expected afterall.. hanged out with the guys twice, and yea, we din do much on both ocasions since there are only a handful of us left here.. thats just life i guess.. hopefully every1's back during the end year break, then we can do something real crazy again.. went to dear's place 3 times, which was nice.. did a lil bit of studyin, caught a couple of movies.. and I myself dled a bunch of stuff on this laptop.. had to update my playlist again, since most songs i have on my pc are kinda old..

wait, I think Ive got LAN exams pretty soon rite??lolz.. mebe i shud study abit for it now...aihz.. its my last day here in jb and i dunno wat to do.. parents have gone out, and im stuck here.. i wish i lived in the city, then them shopping malls would be so near, and i can go chill there anytime i want..

Friday, August 25, 2006

Caught this movie yesterday.. Didnt realise I had the DVD.. pretty interesting I should say..

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tell me,
whats the purpose of life
I've lived and breathed,
Seen the best and worse of this life
I need a break, a breath or two
Thank god u're here and Im blessed with you

I need to find something to do...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2nd post of the day...cuz im bored

Yes, im posting for the second time today.. first time ive ever done so.. that just shows how bored i am...and no, i dont feel like studying nor doing my homework..i feel like going for a haircut tho, since this bushy hair of mine is bothering me... my hair sux, especially once it grows long, cuz it'll be so thick u could prolly smuggle drugs inside or smth.. ive always considered cutting bald tho, but then Imma look like an egg i guess.. stupid head shape of mine!! lolz.. maybe i'll just go for a short trim or something..dont really wanan cut too short, just wanna cut abit cuz its getting on my nerves abit..
btw, badminton today was fun i guess.. only had like 6 of us.. which is cool, cuz u dont need alotta ppl to play badminton.. came kinda late tho, cuz of my relatives.. one thing is im hardly punctual, and i seriously feel its never my fault..i can get up 2 or 3 hours earlier, and my mum could all of a sudden decided to eat brekfast.. i hate running late, thats for sure.. i get pissed when im late and its not my fault... thats life i guess..?? lolz..
ohyea,dear's out wid her frens now.. hope she's having fun.. im stuck at home for the rest of the day... how i wish i can go out late at night and chill, but prob is, there's no one around and this is jb for god's sake!! so Im downloading Forest Gump now, and old movie which I've watched countless times... imma just watch it to kill time i guess..

Say What?

got up hella early this morning, round 7 a.m... no, not because I dont like sleeping.. its cuz i missed Liverpool's match last nite !! ish!! so woke today to check the scores.. thank god they managed to draw, which means they're through to the next round, but no by alot.. *sigh of relieve*
managed to do a lil bit of math yesterday at dear's place... math is def one subject that i dont like at all, ever since my early days..i guess its cuz its a subject that my dad excelled in, and everytime i did not do well, he would sit down and really grind me through the topic.. and then secondary school had to introduce 2 subjects with the name 'math' in it.. how nice of em right? lol..thank god i managed to get an A1 in both, which prolly shows how low the standards are.. pity SAM aint like that tho.. my math sux, thats something i admit defeat in that..
on a lighter note, imma be going to play badminton (yes,instead of improving on my math or the other subjects, im going out to have some fun!).. crazyness right? playing 3 diff sports in a week span.. hopefully can play for a couple of hours ar... ive always enjoyed playing games ( even tho i might not be good at em), as it just takes my worries of a bunch of things..

ohyea, and this hollies has also been nice cuz ive managed to watch 3 movies already!! Click (cinema), Just My Luck (DVD) and Stay Alive (downloaded).. so cool right? all from different sources wan..but yea, Click was great cuz ive not laughed that hard for some time.. Adam Sandler, who is someone I consider as a new school comedian, always makes me laugh and stuff.. show gets kinda touching near the end too.. Just My Luck was alrite la, funny here n there.. not the type i wud go to the cinemas and watch i guess.. Stay Alive was just plain horrible!! how many horror movies have ended just like that right? its cliched.. =D mebbe its cuz i watched it at 7a.m., while i was still half asleep, so thats why it did not freak me out as much.. who knows..

"Transformers! Robots in disguise!! " They're making a movie of it!! cool right? and yes, i love this cartoon, every guy would i guess..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i have abandoned this blog for a while.. =p

mainly because i am back in jaybee, and there is no place like home.. so im enjoying every second of it right here.. =) funny, this is the first time i feel so miserable beacuse i dont want to go back to subang jaya.. i really want to stay here at home.. because i reali reali miss home... i do.. i have not spent more than 2 weeks everytime i come home..and that is plain cruel!! lol.. i like being home!!


did some work at home... today... i went to buy pirated dvd's.. lol.. soo many.. =) all the shows that i wanted to catch for a long time alredy... i guess thursdae is the movie marathon, where my sister an i are gona watch alll the dvd's we watched!! haha...

anyway, i had a talk with my godma juz yesterdae and she said its time to grow up..well.. i guess its true.. lol :P i definitely will HAVE to, especially for my next interview.. am having another session with her tonight... sigh.. one hour of embarassing talking.. lol...

dear managed to come to my place todaey to do some maths..we did SOME math.. lol..about 3 questions? hehee... spent the rest of the dae in hp, and watching just my luck. funny movie, really.. =)

oh yea.. I DID NOT GET A C FOR CHEMISTRY!!! lol.. i am soooo happy. =)
instead i got a 76, which is a huge achievement for me, since i gotten like 58 for the last three test... goo dee dee! and i improved for maths and bio too.... thank you dear, for accompnaying me in the library, and thank you whoever who helped me when i asked them questions.... =) thank God for not losing hope in me.. =)

so happy for myself. LOL =p

i guess i will have to go and bath now.. wwill upload sme pictures i took for the last 4 days..

ps;// i have an insect zapper in my house.. lol.. the kind like a tennis racket, well.. i like killing them with that... its fun!!!!!

love so much,
desiree tee may ling

Monday, August 21, 2006


She asked me to study..and this is what I did during the past hour.. =D

what can I say on this track, that hasnt been said before
how do i find that one tune that hasnt been played before
i wanna express it all, i wanna pour it out
becuz even with those quarrels we aint fallin out
i wanna hold you very close, till the end of time
aint gonna lose u baby girl , see me defend wats mine
my inspiratation to my music when I pen this rhyme
I dont really got the money so I'll spend my time
t put ur hands in mine, connect ya plans with mine
constantly blank my mind ,cuz god damn u fine
it aint just about the looks, see it starts with the soul
and u got plenty of that, cuz ur hearts made of gold
see i'm always gonna be there with them hugs when ure cold
and I'll be the perfect lover, play the part and role
ure always showin me love , i know the debts i owe
i aint gonna let u go, and thats fo sho

the random talkin is just what music is spose to be.. fun!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

its the hollidays

i cant believe im back in jb just seems so much different once im here, and its also much more slow moving then life in subang...there's no need to wake up at 6.55 a.m. every morning for the next 7 days, which is one thing that i really like bout hollies.. ive never been a person who likes sleeping, but i also dont like waking up so early..

had a crazy class outing last Thursday tho.. almost the entire class showed up to play futsal.. crazyness right?? but of course, it was gals VS gals and guys VS guys.. really had fun that evening, and I def missed playing football.. for those that dont know, football's actually my 'main' sport sorta thing, it was one of the first sports that I ever played.. i consider myself to be a pretty good striker during primary school too, with a few awards to show for it.. but then wen I moved to sec. school, it was a sport that very few chinese kids would play, so I just stopped.. i feel like picking up the sport again tho, it just feels fun....

and yesterday, I went to Larkin to play ball with my sec. school mates.. im seriously rusty tho, especially when playing a full court game now... mebbe its cuz ive not played one since last year, with my college only having a half court..lolz.. but yea, it was fun to catch up with the guys once again.. nothing much has changed since last year, which is nice to know...

and whats my plans for today?? i seriously have no idea.. Esther, one of my classmates, happens to be in jb this weekend.. so I guess I'll join dear to bring her around jb.. there's nothing much to see here tho... maybe go zoo or smth...lmaoz..

k,im off to shower now..cyalls..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whats next...


I constantly succeed in failing, and I'll always be the one that fails to succeed... catch my drift??
life's thrown everything at me.. seriously, everything that I ever thought could happen, has happened..ive had my fair share of highs, and also equal amount of lows.. trust me, I've been through ALOT, and good thing is that I've been able to pick myself up everytime.. one thing that I never was able to get over tho was the lost in MSSD last year, which I still take the blame for.. how i wish I could stay on for another year..

nevertheless, lets move on..i feel like reflecting today.. just wanna write non stop as it takes my mind off things..
music has always been a big part of my life, to the point where I need music to focus when studying (altho dear doesnt like me putting headphones on.. hmph!! jpjp)...the radio in my room was on throughout the whole night during my primary school days, till my parents thought it was the main cause for the landslide of my results.. and when they took the radio away, a big part of me felt missing, but thank god i found out I could stream them radio broadcasts online..I never had no music background tho.. my dad tried to get me into playing the electronic keyboard when I was in primary 2 i think, but I never did touch that, basically because I wasnt interested in it..

everything changed tho, when rap music came bout and Eminem's vid was constantly on rotation..pop culture changed, boy bands /girl bands werent the in thing anymore,and teenage pop stars lost appeal...all because of a white dude that does black music... how ironic right..and it so happened that I came across a forum with wannabe rappers on it, where everyone wrote their own stuff and presented it on the net for others to give thoughts on..thats how I found rap music, and thats how I got into it..Im proud of what Ive achieved over these 6 years tho, and its not about the albums Im featured on or the EP that I independantly released and pushed.. its because of the fact that I learnt how to use all them programs for recording, how to even setup the mic to the pc, how to construct them lyrics.. trust me when I say that Ive written bout 100's of pieces already and presented it to the net, and criticisms were always there.. but it comes to a point tho, now..where I ask myself.. "How much further can I go ??" i wanna end it here, but i feel that the EP wasnt a right way to close this chapter of my life.. I know that I can present something much better, and I know that its possible.. but why??
they say its not who you are, but its who you know..
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yummy.. cant wait to touch down at jaybee on fridae... i miss everything bout jaybee! esp in my house!! =) am goin to have nice korean food on fridae.. *grins* life is gonna be good....

oh yea, before i wanna go on.. i wanna thank God for being there for me.. for that one month of hard work and everything..thanks for not letting me break down and give up on everything.. =) thank you!!!
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a big thank u to mummy too..our conversation todae brought tears to my eyes...
mummy:i told daddy im afraid that u work hard and get what u deserve, but u still dont get to achieve ur dreams..
dee: *sniff*
mummy: i see u work so hard, i feel so stress for u..sometimes even as a mummy, i knoe i have to be mature, but i just feel so bad that u are so stress at sch...

i noe that my dreams are hard to achieve mum, but since i have put my mind on doin it.. i promise i wont stop half way..
and even though my mum dosent read my blog.. i love u mum!! and dont worry, i dun feel stress at all...except taking my results lar... :P

oh yea.. i dun understand y some people cant be happy for others... no names mentioned, but if u terasa, just wan to let u noe that it hurts at times.. just live ur life, and i'll live mine..

i miss coco... myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

love lots...
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i didnt get called out for physics again.. lol.. nvm.. not that worried, im just worried bt the q&a session.. hopefully people will ask me v simple questions.. =)
*hint hint* ask me bt the disadvantages of ct scanning!! haha..

aniway.. todae was another boring dae, except we were watching a movie called bend it like beckham for english.. pretty nice movie.. not AS boring as i thought it would be... CUTE GUY ALERT!!! lol...

omg..there are alot of ants on the table... i cant find any food around tho..weird...this house is INFECTED WITH ANTS I TELL U...

cant wait for a few more days left.. whee! im goin home!!! hehe ouch.. juz got bitten by an ant....

havent been gettin any restults back yet.. which is good and bad at the same time. good, because i dun wan to get dissapointed..and bad coz it IS FRUSTRATING TO WAIT SO LONG FOR UR results... sigh...

TOPIC OF THE DAY: Misconception of The Eating Life In College

People, esp my uncles often think that students in college eat CHAP FAN all the time.. which i think it very nt true.. i get to eat everything i wan up here!!! hehee.. had nasi goreng belacan which was GOOD, had 2 sausages and one piece of fried egg..mum said eh.. y cannot 2 eggs and one sausage... *dirty*

and i had 8 ringgit spaghetti for dinner ok~!!!!
so i reali wonder y my papa always ask me wether im eating chap fan or not....

ok..topic of the day... boring.. lol..
oh yea, a msg to a FREN i have. Stop critising people man!!!!! lol.. i mean.. we dont mind a lil comments here and there, but i realise that u have been saying reali ALOT of things bt just chill..and keep comments to wont hurt ya... because its not reali nice of u 2 do dosent make us happy, and im sure it dosent make u happy too... thanks..!
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dee dee tee

days are getting boring-er

each day passes by slowly, when everyone is just dying for the break..3 more days and Im back to jb..def cant wait..but one problem arises tho.. who am I gonna meet??and no, its not cuz Ive got too many friends till my scheduele's pack...its just cuz, there's only a handful of my 05 classmates that are left there.. i think only gary, desmond ,and hanwei and kishern are the only few remaining guys there.. sighz..thats just the way it is eh? i still remember that during EST paper, which was the last for SPM, I was so hella eager to finish it, and ended up being the first to finish the paper in a whooping 15 minutes..lolz.. and then a couple of my friends followed, so we all left hella early.. and only then did I realise I was never gonna see a couple of these faces anymore.. even during the day I collected my SPM results, a bunch of us went our separate ways,each with their own plans (as many at that time were stil addicted to DOTA and opted to spend their time there).. thats just the way it is...

back to 2006
ive got pop quiz tommorow for bio.. dont got the mood to study for it..lolz..its just that common tests 3 are barely a week over, and Ive already got to prepare for a quiz?? tak nak mind's still hella lazy and lagging..lolz..k, im off now..and thanks for everyone who has been tagging..appreaciate it.. =)
and dont worry dear, im sure we'll be together forever.. ;) love ya alwayz

Monday, August 14, 2006

todae was BORING. =)

woke up todae, took a bath, and i didnt take my 20 minute nap.. because i had physics presentation todae..( lucky i didnt get picked) =D so ya.. day was PRETTY BORING.... so i dun have much to mention... help lyn with the dinner todae which did not turn that well..because the fishball tasted funny.. lol.. so i bought a cup of mee goreng from magee mee.. NOT NICE I TELL U. yucky, def not worth my rm2.50.

tomoro is tuesdae, meaning there will be.. b19!! yay! i get to wear my new jacket! lol.... im crazy, people HATE, B19.

Dedicated to my dearest.

well, lets just sae that u are with a boy, and the next year, both of u are off to university..and u get diffrent universities.. wut would u do? i know that most logical thing to do is go to the best uni u get, which is spose to be ur 1st priority.. but for me.... i dun care what shitty place we get dear.. i 'll stay here with u.. i'll even go to india with u.. =p..

sheesh.. that sounded as if im forcing him to stay since he already has a place.. =p
but seriously..i just wan to be with u.. and i dun care which uni we get..because i love u, and i have already made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with u..

u are the last piece that completes the puzzle of my life...


oh yea..chelsea lost ! muahahaa....dadda was so upset.. cute lar the old man of mine.......

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*my little pony* my fav cartoon when i was little....

love lots...
dee dee..
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Taken today.. notice that our shirts are stripes??haha Posted by Picasa