Friday, August 31, 2007

I got tagged by Celine a little while ago ..
Something bout 10 weird or little known facts about me.
I cant copy paste the instructions... gr, but i know i have to tag six people!

1. I hate nearly everyone I first meet, especially if they are girls. =) Called it a defence mechanism I have, meaning I dont trust many people.

2. I cant stay under water for too long. I have this strange phobia about bursting my ear drums.

3. Im actually very anti social. I would rather be indoors with sm1 I love, rather than going out and hanging out with large crowds.

4. I love banana milk shakes!!! Bananas + milk + ice

5. My number one dream is to be a dancer and a singer! lol

6. I love studying about our body, everything that goes on inside us is just, AMAZING!!

7. I have the weirdest dreams ever. U cant ask Bi.. i dreamt about a black cat tt turned around and shouted F - you to me.

8. I cant stand having 2nd hand things.. like phones, books, clothes.. i noe im pampered. =( and its no good either.

9. I always picture ghost sneaking up on me at night. Like I would imagine a hand coming under my bed, or a head peeking at me at the door. *shivers*

10. I am very dependant on my boyfriend. and would miss him ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT if I couldnt contact him if only for a day. But i guess everyone noes that. haha.

Well, lotsa people got tagged already
So i tag..

Baby is at a merdeka dinner now. =) i ate mee suah!
Mee suah is always eaten on someones birthday, so happy birthday. the land of pirated goods, and lovely food.
Happy National Day!
Since its a holiday, Vernesse wanted dad to bring her to Tebrau City. So Kay and I tagged along.
Went into jusco, and I the people there giving out Milo! I love the Milo sample they give in jusco, so I walk towards the stand and waited.
The bloody woman didnt want to give me a sample even though I waited for so long, and she gave other people even though they were after me!!!
I waited for like one minute, and even when I held my hand up she didnt even look at me.
Im never gona take samples from stupid jusco anymore. hmph.
I'll make nicer milo at home. even nicer than yours! u stupid old woman.
I hope everyone who drank you milo lau sais.
and then u get sued for using expired milo and tap water.
On a lighter note, I finally ate my Green Tea Ice Cream!
Miss it soo much.
Dad agreed the let me drive into the house today, and surprisingly, he was quite surprised bt how bad i was.
I mean, its my first time what!
The moment he got out the car, he sat on the floor, then he pretended to shiver so much. lol
I thought I did not bad. =D
Oh yea, my blog is much prettier if you view it through IE.
Mozzilla makes it looks really stupid. hee
Yay! =)
After a long day of playing with html's, i finally am satisfied with the result =)
Decided to go with a black bg this time, pity bi, always have to put up with my pink and purple fetish. =)

So yea.. was reading some of my archives. The begining of Jan. And I was blogging about being accepted to Newcastle.
Im not really sore about being here anymore, Im just sad coz I cant see bi for long more.. I really miss spending time with him..

Its the end of October already. Happy Merdeka Malaysia!
Honestly tho, the only thing I like bt malaysia is the food, and pirated vcd's and games. =)

Cant wait for my license to be ready! Then I can start learning auto! hee. not bad.. 4 post in a day.

Oh yea, dont get offended by bi's latest song, Camwhore. lol.
He is just talking about girls in general, and also coz he caught me taking photos of myself in my sunnies in my room. =)
Just have a good laugh, and I really feel tt the song is really fresh.
Not like the usual love, break up, "im so coool" type of songs..
So good job bi! =) I just changed the bg, I hope u like it!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nu ish

Image Hosted by
By yinjbc

Click on the picture to be directed to the song =D new ish new ish. hehe

And ohyea, dear changed the blog skin! took her quite awhile to do it tho, and im very proud of her for not giving up..!! great job bi! and ohyea, she designed the picture above as well! thankyouz!
Since the other owner of this blog has been to busy, I shall blog on his behalf

Its been damn long since I blogged, been to busy with work and the amount of assignments are piling up.. dayumm I envy dear, so free, so happy

Last saturday , the guys and I decided to have a little pot luck for fun.
Wei yang and I made Chi Kut Teh, and everyone loved it. not bad ehh.. credit goes to dear of course, for teaching me how to cook this. The indians made curry, and the malays made sambal ikan bilis. Chinese made vege, and prawns.

Ive been going to the gym more often these days because i found some basketball kakis.
I love going to the gym to work out. Esp when dear isnt there begging me to go home. =p

Tomorow will be the opening of Working Problem 6. 6 more to go, and i'll be on my way back!
Aite, i gtg
till then.

Yesterday was a fruitful day. =)

I passed my road test! 18/20!

The examiner was realllly nice.. he kept talking to me, which was kinda annoying.

But at least I didnt feel intimidated by him.

He was like

he : Awak ada ambil kelas lagi tak, selepas fail.

me : tak

he : wahh, sudah fail then tak payah ambil kelas lagi lah... saya main handphone ni pun boleh fail awak tau

me: hah.. kenapa? *scared face*

he: aiyoh, main sahaja lah, u sangat takut lah

very zadao right. lol

And the whole journey was kinda short.

He ask me to go back after the first traffic light! hee

so it was all good.. =) wheee!!

and..... after one week plus. or two, i finaly finished my puzzle!

so happy! i was doin last night, and when i finished it was already 4am.

And that explains why i woke up at 12.30 this afternoon. =D

Its been raining a whole lot these days.. So I was kinda worried about it raining during my test, but God loves me! Before my turn, it was still raining, and when it was mine, it just stopped!! and then after the test, it started raining again.

See? God loves me in funny ways. =) Just watched a movie called Coach Carter. Really good basketball show.. I miss watching bi play! I love basketball games.. they are sooo exciting..

I like how bi plays tho, no pushing and cheating, just skills! Im serious! and he is small (short) so its funny how he selit selit through the tall ang mohs.. hee

Cant wait for nxt year! Then i can see u play! =)

I better do some studying, its been sooooooooo long since I did any studying. lol. Blame it on the puzzle and driving! Told u my life isnt boring!

I watched so many documentaries and shows last night.

I watched a show on MTV - Nerds asking girls out (cant rmb the title)

Watched a doc about the most venomous animals on the planet. and i guessed the most deadliest one correctly!

Watched about people in prison, and they say 40% of men get raped in prison. (gross)

and then i got PS2 to play with! plus my nintendo, which i have been ignoring lately. and now, i have to start learning how to drive an auto car! Not to mention my 3 days a week in clinic with my godpa.

Life is STILL busy for a very free girl like me.

im loving it! but a huge part of my life is still stuck in Aussie doing grocery shopping. dar dar. come back soon. =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Im angry at myself for not giving my best this year.
And for that, things wont go as we planned.
No more doing for attachments together, no more graduating together.
Not being with you now is hard enough, and I cringe at the thought of being apart from you again.
Went to the clinic today and learnt how to read normal chest X-rays from my godpa. Was pretty interesting.. =)
Nothing much happened today..
Came back and watched 2 episodes of Ghost Whisperer.
Its really good u noe, the show?
I cry like for nearly every episode?
Its really touching..and Jennifer Love Hewit is really pretty.. hehe
Bi's awake d!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Surprise! =)

Woke up today just like any other day.

I started to work on my 500 piece jigsaw.

so hard! =(

ive only manage to do the frame.

Probably take a LONG time because the pieces really look all the same to me.

Then i heard the postman.

Dears letter shud be here!

Ran out, and my kakak said.

Ada wor, sangat tebal!

I took it and i knew it was mine because of the handwriting. =)

Open it up! and ....

A HARRY POTTER note book!! haha.

Dear noes how much i like harry potter *grins*

And inside was a picture of us, and a note from him

It definitely made my day. =)

i love u!

sorry im taking so long to post my letter.


hugs hugs

Monday, August 20, 2007

No happy news.
I passed parking, slope, and 3 point turn.
But i failed my road test!!
But! I must blame the bus driver in front of me lor.
7 times i practised, and no stupid bus was in front of me. How was I to know he was going to stop!!! ugh
So the examiner was like, tadi boleh potong, kenapa tak potong
So i stop behind the bus.
then the bus started moving, so i follow..
then he stopped a few seconds later because someone wanted to come out! I mean, where can liddat??
So when he stopped, I tot i shud potong him, sekali he started moving while i wanted to go back to the lane.
So kena failed because I drove dangerously.
hmph. stupid bus. i hate buses.
Buses are stupid.
gona retake on the 29th!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I want a dog

This is Christian the lion... Raised as a cub due to some accident (I think so lar), and then got brought back to the wild once it got big, and now this is what happens when the previous carers come back to pay a visit.. =) touching eh? I know .. hehe.
I've never had any pets before ar, sadness.. My mum just doesnt like the idea of it running around and shitting Well, except for coco ar.. but I wasnt the sole owner tho, and I was more of the shit-man.. hehe..

Hence, I've made up my mind already (actually, I already made up my mind damn long ago).. The first thing I'll do once I get my own place to stay, is buy a golden retriever puppy!!! Dear's buying her own puppy too, so we'll have two dogs.. hehe :D and she'll clean up her own dog's shit.. Im not gonna be the shit man for her.. yeaps??

Anyways, I've been pretty busy right now.. Actually, Im always busy when I'm over here.. Last week, my timetable was crazy man..

Mon 9 to 5pm ( 2hours break in between)
Tues 9 to 5 ( 2 and a half hours break)
Wed 9 to 7pm

Wednesday was just crazy, tho I only had two things on.. a closing tutorial and a hospital trip.. but what blows is that I was placed in a hospital thats like, an hour and a half drive away.. the journey there itself is tiring wei..Thank god this week is the last one, or not I'll prolly be dead tired once Im home every wed.. phews..

Alright guys, Im out now.. need to stuyd!!

Yawns. I miss u

Its going to be the end of August!!
I just went for my last driving lesson today. Didnt do too bad, and I think I finally understood what my dad was talking about when he said FEEL and LISTEN to the engine. =)
I seriously think Im not a BAD driver okay!
I mean, at least I dont go banging cars and causing major jams because my engine stalled.
*cross fingers*
I guess its all up to Lady Luck, and my level of calmness on monday.
Thank you for the good luck wishes!
I really hope I do well....
Anway, its 1.15 am now, and I just played Transformers on PS2.
The horror of being girls is that you will never understand how boys actually FINISH a game.
For my ENTIRE life, I dont remember finishing a game! Which is really really sad.
Kaytrieese and I played for ONE HOUR, to get through a single chapter.
Driving and Destroying.
Its really hard though... I need help bi..
Come back and play with us okay!
Im scared Im scared Im scared
Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday
shall reply my taggies here or else I wont be able to see some.
xinyu: THANKS!! I wanna passsss!! =D
yueen mun : Thanks girl.. =) go NEWCASTLE. lol.. eeks wait till u come and see the uni. hee
celine : haha, they are old and dont wanna admit it. =p I noe, and they always tell me I dont grow up, im trying!! and they are holding me back! *pout*
Archie : LONGEST TAGGIE i recieved. =) hugs hugs.. We chatted about this the last time d. =) but still. I LOVE U!!
zhiven : thank u thank u.. =) i hope it will....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Life. sigh.

Today would mark the day Bi arrived in Newcastle a whole month ago..
I cant believe, but surely, one month has just flew by.
I must admit that I am enjoying myself you know, coz since last year, when was the last time I could wake up late, watch tv anytime I want, Laze around all day, playing my nintendo Ds?
I work hard, so my parents wont have to tell me off about studying. One think I cannot stand is them telling me off when I dont do well, or dont study hard enough. And I managed to make them proud, for SPM, for SAM. and I managed to achieved that all by myself.
Of course I had the help from my tuition teachers and friends and of course support from parents. But how else could I have done in without self determination?
I just want to shout out that although I did fail a single paper, this doesnt mean that I dont have a brain to think alright?
Why do you think I will fall behind when next year starts?
I know my priorities, and I know why I failed too.
I have a very low esteem, and I know Im not a confident person.
But that really doesnt mean that you can make decisions for me.
Im a big girl, and really, Im upset because for the very first time in my life, I realised that Im not a small girl anymore and I know I have the right to do whatever I want in life.
I realise that no one understands me at home anymore.
I feel alone sometimes.
Which is crazy, because we used to be so close.
I dont wanna drift apart, but u have to understand that Im not a small girl anymore.
And I dont want to be treated like one, not at all.
On a happier note..
I played Pictionary with bi today, which really cheered me up!
It was funny how we came up with so many weird drawings thanks to MSN.
We played BINGO which was really funny and we could cheat very easily , come to think bt
Played Scissors Paper Stone
Bi kept cheating with the excuse of the webcam being SLOW.
So he only showed which wan he chosed after i showed. hehe
and pictionary! hehe
me love u, so very much. thanks for cheering me up bi
Did I mention Im having my driving test on the 20th! Wish me luck!

The picture post

Today's post shall just be a bunch of pictures.. :)

This is dear's version of me as a South Park character. Once again, the only thing that is right is is the janggut.. lol..

This was done by dear!!! Her photoshop skills are def improving eh?? :)

Take a look at the necklace she is wearing.. no, not the one on the right, nor the centre, left one ar.. its the same as the picture above!! :)

This is my fictional album cover.. hehe.. The real one's coming soon tho, or maybe not so soon.. But gyea, do keep a look out for that..

A banner dear made!! Love it lots!!

The setup Im rolling with at the moment. A sound card, a pair of headphones and a mic..

Friday, August 10, 2007


" Whats love?"
" Look love under the dictionary, you'll see a picture of both of us"

"Remember to ask your maid to follow you when you pick nesse up!"
"Why?" - feeling quite touched
"Wait you lost your way"
"..." skst and my house is like a 2 minute walk. lol


Had my last driving lesson today! =)
Everything was well till he told me i was going to do my pretest today.
But it wasnt so bad lah, except that i failed the slope part. teehee
The newer kancil was a lil different! So i wasnt used to it ..
So my car went backwards.. hmph.
Nevermind, i hope everything wil be fine on the real day.
Nobody told me the date yet tho..
Im going to read every harry potter book now! haha
Read it all over again to refresh my memories..
Going to start my working problem 2 tomoro because Its been a while since I studied.
I realised that I cant stand it when my parents nag.. Maybe its because its been soo long since I stayed at home for a long period of time, that im used to not being nagged at!
hmm. guess i just have "treasure" the naggings while is till can. lol
Mum went for a holiday to Redang with her friends since Sunday, and she'll be coming home on Saturday. Hmm.. she seems to be having fun, snorkeling and all..
Oh yea! I had so much fun two days ago! With the girls!
Met up with some girls which i havent seen since like, the last day of SPM. so it was nice..catching up, gossiping, camwhoring. u noe, girl stuff. =)
We were saying the next time all of us get together, some would be married, and before we know it, having LITTLe ones! hehehe
Tashas leaving tommorow..
I dont think I will be able to see you off tomorow.. You know, what you really need tomorow is to spend more time with ur mum and dad... =)
I had so much fun with you that day! And dont worry, we'll see each other still , allright?
What they say is true, secondary friends last forever. =)
So no matter where u girls head to, Im very sure we'll meet again, somehow..
Like my mum! Forgot to mention that she went for a holiday with her sec sch mates! And just that day she was showing me the lady she was going with in her class photo! hee
When I found out we were going to have an LDR for 4 months, someone told me not to expect too much.
He gave me his all..
even sometimes without expecting it from him.
Im watching him fast asleep on his bed..
Sometimes, I dont even feel we are in an LDR..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What a wonderful day

Today's like the only day I have nothing on wei, cunted ar.. Took the given opportunity to wake up at 10.40 am, which is like the first time since I've arrived here.. Doubt Im going to be doing much studying today, altho there's alot to catch up on ar.. bleh..

Thursday also represents shopping day for me since there's a free bus from uni.. However, its not along the lines of City Square, or Kerrys, heck its even worse than Leisure Mall... its just a very small place to do grocery shopping and such.. It doesnt take me long tho, as I cook very simple dishes nowadays, due to the lack of time and company. =) Some worthwhile mentions of dishes that Ive cooked over the past 4 weeks are chi kut teh, curry, ayam masak merah, super overly cooked steak (left inside for too long), and quarter cooked steak ( left inside for too short, but it did get cooked once I left it on the grill a lil longer) Not bad eh? haha.. western food is so much more easier to cook over here due to the convenience of an oven and grill..

Okay, random picture of the day...

A simpsons version of me done by so wrong right?? I think the janggut is the only correct part.. haha.. I havent watch simpsons yet btw, altho I was lookin forward to it.. hehe. will watch with dear once im back home .. its a cartoon anyways, so watchin it on DVD is pretty much the same..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tot this picture was rather funny. =)

Just got back form driving. Scared! Next lesson is the last one! =(
Gonna miss my uncle. lol
He dident really scold me today.. Maybe once lah, but other than that, he was nice! Even when i mati enjin-ed on the slope.
So yea.. going out with friends today. =) Wee! Happy
Its Tasha's farewell!
She is finally leaving on the 10th!
All the best girl! happy for u...
What else..
Im really hungry now..
So I cant think properly..
bye bye


Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm starting to get into puroresu right now.. lol.. I noe, thats quite random right.. haha.. well, you can wikipedia it if you wanna but in short, its japanese wrestling. Yes, i can picture alot of you peoples reminding me that its fake and all, and I def noe that.. One thing I like about it tho, is that it is WWE without the gimmicks and all.. the Japanese, even till today, treat wrestling like any other normal sport, where their stars are as beloved as their baseball players and such.. If you're a guy and used to have an interest in wrestling until WWE killed it , just go youtube some puroresu and it might just reignite your burning desire.. lol..

Another reason why I prefer puroresu is their wrestlers.. here, take a look...

I present to you Bobby Lashley. One of WWE"s top wrestlers.. lol.. dude doesnt even have a neck. And in a current timeframe where Chris Benoit, a WWE wrestler, commited suicide after having killed his wife and daughter due to roid rage caused by steroids, THIS is the guy WWE are tell me those arent due to steroids man..

And this is who Japan's top wrestler for the past 15 years has been..
Kenta Kobashi. He looks like your average joe, who just spent more time in the gym.. lol.. you get my point right??
Ok, besides wrestling, Im quite a huge fan of other contact sports such as MMA and boxing ar. So this leads me to a video of Prince Naseem.. never heard of him? shame on you. Dude's a legend in my books, and this just illustrates why..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Everytime I blog, I remind myself to do this more often.. lol.. Its not cuz there's a lack of inspiration, its just a lack of time. Really wei.. but dear has urged me to give an update, so gyea.. I'll drop a short post.. :)

By tommorow, I'll already be in the fourth week of this sem. Doesnt sound like much eh, until I realised that I only have 12 weeks each sem.. lol.. which means im 1/3 in already, and still am the same old lazy me.. This sem promises to be hella busy tho, I think ive already got 3 assignments to man.. And its not like some " I can use english to bullshit my way thru" assignment, its actually medicine based.. argghh.. Its funny tho, last sem we didnt have any report assignments and all, and now they suddenly throw a number at us.. ish.. but if it has a heavy weightage on my final marks, then I woudlnt mind putting effort into it ar..haha..

Weekends are pretty monotonous for me, as quite alot of time is spent on the books. Im real sorry for not being able to spend more time with you, ok dear? I'm still trying to get a hang of dividing my time and all, so dont scolds me k.. =) hehe.. Good news is that classes start at noon or smth tommorow (it usualy starts at 9 and ends at 5), so I MIGHT just be able to sacrifice a good few hours of sleep.. maybe I'll go make some coffee after this.. hehe..

Dear & I have also been spending lotsa time watchin South Park.. haha.. we found this site where we could stream unlimited stuffs, from movies to cartoons to animes.. gempak ah.. I somehow prefer South Park over Simpsons, as their jokes are American Pie-like.. haha.. its just stupid funny most of the times, something along the lines of Family Guy.. gyea, Im a sucker for such cartoons, but Im not really a follower oso ar, especially since South Park and Family Guy prolly will never make it into the comforts of our Malaysia home. so its hard to keep track with all the episodes and stuff..

Ok, I think this is a good enuff post.. Last but not least, thanks dear for all those pictures.. :) definitely made me smile when I woke up .. haha..

see ya peoples.

Bad + Good

Life has been ever so mundane again. =)
But Im enjoying it! lol
Wish I get to fly to Aussie for a few weeks for a holiday or something. That would be fun!
But stupid VISA.. i hate visa. hmph
I realised that there are so many cases of people mis-using tagboards lately.
But these people probably dont know that thru IP addresses, they can be traced?
Its very mean you know..
Imagine someone swearing at you on your own blog?
Sad.. haih.
What has Malaysia become? Why are malaysians like that?
I read the newspapers everyday, and there are horrible news everyday.
About the guy who got chopped up into 11 pieces
Girl in UTAR got raped and strangled, just 2 months after going to kl to study.
Guy used his car to run over another guy in a fight.
Police getting death threats for trying to be responsible in their job.
haih. so many more.
Oh! Two of my cousins are getting married in November, one from each side of the family.
And surprise, surprise. both on the same day!
?!? but one for lunch one for dinner. =(
and i tot i could run away from one wedding. lol
yawn, few more hours before i can see my baby! =)

I noe the name of the caterpillar is disgusting.
But its so cute!!
Btw, tts a japanese desert they serve in Shogun. =)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pictures for U =)

M&M'S making our countdown extra sweet and chocolate-ty

Doo Doo misses his daddy! =p

Right, all u need is love for smiles like tt.=)

Darling, Good morning. =) Have a good day at lectures! *hugs*

Had my 3rd driving lesson today. =)
What can I say... I have been VERY patient with my uncle k!
Everyday scold me. lol
Untill he had to tell me to stop and park my car at the office because he was too angry looking at me do my parking..
People get confused and panic mah!
But he still is NICE lah.. lol
At least I improved after that! Road went well.. not that bad lah.
omg, this makes me realise how bad i was today. lol
Anyway, other than driving.. life is goin on as usual..
Bi reminded me that at least i will have a long break to relax, smth we wont be able to get in future already.. =)
So what If Bi gets to continue! I get 7 months of rest! hmph
So what if Bi gets to be a doctor first! At least I wont get to be a doctor later by a year!
My gor gor said he wud rather be a medical student than an intern like he is now. blek. =p
*self pity!, i know! But so what, im happy.*
coz wen bi is stressing himself out already on the webcam,
I get to lie down and stare at him on my laptop, hug Doo Doo, and do nothin at all!
yay! Go Dee! =)
Im starting to love emo songs..
Pictures in the next post. =)
Fangi! I read the book in a DAY. =)
It really is the best book i read in a while. =)
But i realised tt ive been reading too many books wer the spouse dies..
its saddening! =(
Mums reading the book now! haha!