Saturday, June 21, 2008

oh. i forgot to mention tht Im missing the boy boy so much!!!!
Back home since the 17th.
To quote dad, this is the biggest thing I did in my life alone. lol

The journey was really very long, a total of 21 hours!
I took the happy cabby, and they had some passengers who needed to go to another part of Sydney. So in total, it was a four hour drive to the airport. =(
I slept most of the time though.. Reached the airport at 9, and I had to wait another 3 hours for the plane to take off.

8 hours passed really really slowly. It was pretty fun when Andrew and I were trying to save money 2 months back by not including the "food option" but my tummy was making alot of funny noises through out the plane ride! It was also my first time in 19 years that I had to sit with someone I didnt know, and it had to be a huge Pakistani guy.

Was kind of iritated because he was speakin soooooooo loudly to another friend on the other aisle, and I could feel his hand hair brushing and tickling my arm!! =(
Then he started complaining about how expesive food was in the air plane. what to do right.. grr
Also, he's legs kept coming over my side of the chair, so I practically squeezed myself to the other side.

It was only 6 hours later that I warmed up to him, and we started talking about Malaysia's foood and stuff.. Seems like he was working in Msia for quite some time b4 this, and he really loved KL alot.

When I reached Kayelle, I walked all the way out, got my ticket to go back to Jaybee, and off I sat outside the boarding gates eating my Uncle Toby bar, and reading this book which I have yet to finish.

After a 2 hour wait, I took another flight home to Jaybee. Saw daddy first. then the girls, and mummy.

Nessy has grown sooo tall! Kaytrieese shrunk!! =)

AM really glad to be home....
life is always good!

oklah. lazy d.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can I Have Titles please

Silly her, didnt bring her malaysian sim card along. Hopefully she's safe and sound. heh.

So distracted today, no mood to study cuz Ive prolly read everything like, 3 or 4 times dy..shiiiietz.. Sial tho, paper tmr is 3 hours.. I am damn certain some of the med students are gonn finish it within 1 and a half hours, which would prolly tempt me to hurry up.. never did finish any medic exams earlier than the allowed time before tho, shit just takes too much time.

Kk, study study.. 13 more hours before freedom. Say whatssss

Monday, June 16, 2008

Im Cools Likes That

Dear is gonna be flying off soon!! In 12 hours time to be exact, but she has to catch the 5smth am shuttle service to the airport... Wonder if we're gon be sleeping tonite, its already 12.30 am..

Time sure passed hella fast this semester, and Im glad she's already having her hollies.. I'll be coming back soon too, on the 26th June.. Hopefully you know what to do when you're in the airport yeap dear! I've already told you everything you need to know, so dont say I didnt help.. Wonder why she wanna go fly back so early, causing both of us to catch our flights alone! sob sobz.

1 more paper left.. Cant wait for these exams to be over with. Pretty much given it my all lar, so Im satisfied no matter what the results are. Kk, exams arent over yet, so I shud prolly study a lil bit more. Gonna just post a couple of random pics as I doubt I've uploaded anything for awhile now. Ive got no camera, so dont blames me.

This is gonna keep me company after my exams since dear is not here. GTA IV and NBA 2K8. Metal Gear Solid 4 is on its way, once Im done with robbing and shooting dudes on the streets of Liberty City.

My 19" gaming monitor. Maybe I should've gotten a 22" one, but whatevers. Im satisfied.

Warming up before one of the league matches. Finished joint 3rd in this one. Had a strong team which I felt was prolly the top two teams in the league, but we lost to the eventual winners. They took advantage of our height and just kept getting the easy under baskets.

My basketball rotation shoes. Black is the Converse Wades 1.3 and the whites are the Zoom BB Lows. Pretty comfy shoes if u ask me, would def recommend it to any1 who balls.

And lastly, have a safe trip yeaps dear! Dont get lost in the airport ar! Hopefully time's gonna pass fast for you while you're on the plane. Cant wait to see you in JB! Muakz! Btw, I am not sporting the latest 'I'm so emo' hairstyle type of thing. Thats just messy me, who is thinkins bout going balds but prolly shouldnt. lolz.
Jetting off back home tomorrow.

Scared scared scared. =(

Have a safe flight, me!

Bibi, take care of yourself. =)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

75% done

So while dear is enjoying her well deserved break, I have a couple more days to go before my final paper on Wed.. woot woots..

Hows my exams so far? Bloooooddddyyyy hard.. Cant believe it, study so much for the past month oso didnt help much. What helped more was going thru some of the past years the morning before one of the papers, and a couple of questions came out. I'm most pissed at my Medical Science MCQ paper tho. Long story shot, its a 90 question multiple choice paper, 3 hours given. And to my disbelief when I flipped the first 5 pages of the booklet during reading time, its ALL anatomy.. wtf wtf..

I dont fancy anatomy, I find it boring and takes up alot of my memory cap. And this sem, I wasnt too pleased with the lecture notes.. He basically only has 10 slides per lecture, and i think we only got him for 4 times or so this sem. And guess what most of the anatomy was on.. The thorax, which when I last checked, was only 2 slides long on one of his lectures, and they were mostly pictures!! Who knew it was gonna be that important to the point that half of the anatomy questions were simnply based on the ribs and all.. Come onnnnnn, we're learning bout the heart and lungs anyways, that should be more important!

Anyways, that was on Thurs, so I've had plenty of time to rest since then. Was feeling sick towards the nite, and slept for around 12 hours on Thursday, and 10 hours last night. Managed to hit the gym on Friday and play some ball tho, and my body started aching like hell today morning. I guess thats what you get when you stop playin sports for 3 weeks or so..

So jealous of dear right now, she just seems so free!! And she's going back to Malaysia earlier smore.. traitor!

Imma end this off with some shoe I 'designed' while I was bored.. This is what you do when studyin is killin you and you need a break.. props to nikeid

I woke up to my second day of freedom at 10.40am?
Decided to make brunch instead of having brekkie, and then going back to the kitchen today.

Thinking of what to eat everyday is a real pain in the ass! After a mini argument (mostly just in our minds) I decided to make chili tuna puffs.
I didnt realise that I had two sheets of pastry puff left, so after thinking for a rather long time, I took out my frozen vegetables, mixed it with pasta sauce, add 2 chunks of cheddar, and ended up with 4 yummy looking/tasting puffs!

Spend the rest of the day reading my book. I know I was suppose to save it for the trip but I couldnt resist the temptation of just lazing in bed reading.
Its been nearly 5 months since I had the privilege of doing that.
So off I drifted into the world of words.
Im a really slow reader though, and I hate reading for too long. My eyes get hazy and blurry after a while.

Did the laundry with Bi today, we had too! I was running out of underwear. har har

what else what else...


I feel like going shopping again. I wanna buy shorts! Bi, bring me? pretty please?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kay just told me she already has the book that I bought!!!
And she got it for 32.90, and I got it for 17aud.


Im not going to buy any books here d. I dont know why books are so expensive over here.

Me, being long winded. Nebody missed me? =)

I took my paper yesterday.
Yes, the paper that kind of ruin my life.
But to be honest, staying at home for that amount of period of time wasnt really, that bad..
I had really good home cooked food everyday, I didnt have to worry about a thing, I had my loved ones around me 24/7 ..

So anyway..
The paper was alright this time around. I mean, there were definitely still some questions that I couldnt answer, but Im not really worried about it. Ive done my best, and I know that I put in 120% effort this time around. If I dont pass (touch wood), It probably means God is shouting THIS IS NOT THE PATH FOR YOU, SWEETHEART!! at me..

I was pretty happy about the exam till I went home, got bored and started panicking.
What if I shaded E, when I chose D as the answer??
What if I made a mistake in shading and I didnt realise it?
I couldnt even remember checking if all my answers were consistent, but I do believe I am not that irresponsible when it comes to exams. I do remember checking before the lady told us it was time to put our pencils down. But I cant seem to picture or remember doing it.
Andrew said he dosent think I would forget checking, and I believe I was careful..
But still, theres this really nagging feeling at the back of my head..

Oh well, whats done is done.

I went shopping today =)
This is probably the first time I shopped heaps..
I bought presents for my two lovely sisters.
Bought a spag strap, sweater, hairbands, a dress, a blouse and mum's boots

I have this thing for hair bands? But I dont seem to dress myself up properly.
I buy and buy, but it just sits there, slowly dressing itself with dust..

Heading home this tuesday. I am really excited about this, but really worried as well. Why?
Its the first time this bratty princess is taking a flight back home. All by herself.
Its probably the first time I will be spending nearly 10 hours all alone..
Bought a book by Jodi Picoult to keep me company on the flight back.
Cant wait to be back, where my little heart belongs. =))

Even writing this post makes me think about the exam.
I know I did my best, and I know my marks will improve. What more , I have been speaking more during tutorials and doing OK during case presentations at the hospital.
I really need to pass this. Because I really want to be a doctor.

Why oh Why must there be so many obstacles just to reach this dream of mine.
I have this love-hate relationship with Newcastle.
I love it because it chose Andrew and myself, but I hate it because of its really stupid system.
Also, my friends from this year told me that the barrier system involves all the subjects? So if they fail medical science or public health, they get sent home as well?
Poor them..


ooh! I bought a card for Andrew. Better get to writing it before he comes back...

DeeDee Tee

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I honestly feel so stupid and embarssaed. Euro 2008, the 2nd biggest football tournament after the World Cup had started yesterday, and I had no ideaaaaa about it. Damnnnnnn.. I guess I could blame the usuall football sites that I visit for not having much coverage on it, basically because they're Enlgish and England arent in it. lol.. but still, how can I call myself a football fan now.. sadness.. Cant help it, been so busy studying the past few days..

Only 1 more day left.. Almost dieded when I saw the past year questions just now.. Theres this lecturer, who submitts questions which have nothing to do with the syllabus, and he never finishes his lectures in the first place! its like, he has 60 slides, and he only covers 20 of em.. Whats worse than having a lecturer like that, you may ask.. How bout one who doesnt put his lectures up??? Ishhhh.. and then he come out a list of stuff that he wants us to know 1 week b4 exam.. Its basically a pdf file , 8 pages full, with some questions not relating to what Ive been studying..geramzzzzz..

On a lighter note..

Take a look at the casts for Dragonball The Movie.. and first thing you'll notice, is that they're kwai los.. Having always pictured Goku to be an asian looking guy, this sure is a turn off..

Just compare both.. Nuff said

Friday, June 06, 2008

For anyone curious bout the lack of updates, its because Ive got exams on the 10,11,12 & 18th, while dear has hers on the 12th..


Been sleeping at like 3am consecutively for the past week and a half, like diededz alreadies.. Cant wait to finally have a good sleep once these exams are over and get back to my usual routine. Basically spend the whole of study vacation here, in my room, eyes glued to lectures on the laptop and books on the table.. Foooks.. Havent been going to the gym lately, and Im also trying hard to resists the seduction of the PS3 (which I am successfull at doing right now).. Say tidaks.. nah means..

Okay byez, need to study moreeeeeeeee..