Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Recap

Decided to make a quick post, in celebration of 2007 coming to an end and with 2008 approaching.. Yes, its that typical year end post where I do a quick recap of everything that has come & gone..And its so if you happen to have no internet connection over the past year and would like to see what has happened, I am actually saving you the time of having to go thru the archives.. Yes, I know... how thoughtful..


When all hope seems to have been lost, dear got an offer into the Uni of Newcastle!! This was pretty last min, coming at a time when both of us were so unsure of what the future holds.. Getting rejected by IMU, then getting accepted by IMU, then trying to persuade my dad that IMU is better than Newcastle, and then finally tellin em I'll go newcastle lah.. Shit was crazy at that moment, so many quarrels..


Coming to Newcastle.. Didnt really like it at first, actually, i still dont really like it as much as I thought I would.. Its still alright tho, especially with dear by my side.. cooking together, washing clothes, cleaning up the room.. goddamn, feel like a house-maid at times. But its still a new experience, having to be independant and all. Makes you learn to appreaciate home just a lil bit more. heh


March was errrrm.. the time we both had settled in and gotten use to living in Australia I guess..

Reptile park trip was nice. Was able to get up close with kangaroos and koalas .. Afterall, thats wat Australia is all about anyways.. Lookin at this pic, im wondering where those shorts of mine are now.. i dont remember seeing them at all for 2nd sem, and its not at home... hmmmmm

Our first time drinking out in Aussie, during first incision... You can tell dear's not a really good drinker, or mebe she drank too much during that day. lol. well, thats another thing that Australia is about.. yes, if I could sum it up, Australia's all bout kangas, koalas, booze and beaches.

First time we went to Sydney, besides the time when we landed @ the airport la, but that doesnt count. Easter break was fun, 2 weeks, rite in the middle of the sem, so u wudnt feel like u had to study cuz exams were like, sometime more. We walked so much while we were in Sydney until kaki oso pain wei. Spent our first week over there, while 2nd week was spent chilling in Newcastle. dear bought her DS Lite during this period of time too! haha.. realy seems like it was just yesterday.


Liverpool won Chelsea in the semi finals, only to lose to Ac Milan in the finals. THAT sums up May for me.. lol. I watched the finals on tv live smore, only to be heartbroken by a rather sloppy game. Devastatings... May also marked the end of tutorials for first sem, after all the hospital visits, media production classes, basketball matches.. Shit was tiring..
June was alotta things.. First, it was exam period!

Didnt know what to study, how to study.. In fact, I still dunno how to study for subjects like Prof Prac up till today. Alot of it is based on hentam skills I guess...

There was that thunderstorm which felt like it was going to destroy our whole house. And it almost did, if that tree had tumbled the other way, it would prolly have landed rite thru the kitchen.. You could feel the whole house shaking when the wind would blow at night.. And the rain continued non stop for 3 or 4 days.. even uni was closed for awhile..
Also in June.. we touched down in Malaysia =) Even tho the break was short ( 3 weeks???), we managed to head up to KL for a little hollie of our own. hehe. How many movies did we watch while we were at KL ar? there was that surfing penguin, transformers, the thai horror show, and i think theres another comedy wan.. mebe not... hmm cant remember.. but it was def fun!


I came up to Aussie, and next day dear left Aussie for Malaysia. First time we would not be seeing each other for ages. It also marked the start where we would webcam for almost everyday. Being alone in a foreign country isnt easy, and now that I look back. I guess I managed to keep myself occupied thanks to the busy scheduele and by playing basketball and ps2. Dear was great the whole time as well, understanding that I do sleep pretty early no thanks to the time difference. Eg. I would sleep at 11 while its still 8pm in Malaysia. lolz.
August.. hmm, what did I do??? My life was pretty much the same and much more monotonous compared to first sem.. I started my abdominal examination practice at hospital round this time, and what blows was the fact that the hospital is a 1 hour ++ drive from Uni. They seem to just randomly assign which hospital you go to tho, so we was the unlucky ones having to travel so far. I did learn a fair bit tho, most of which Ive forgotten by now..


September was the month where Malaysia Post Office decided to rip my wallet off a few hundred ringgit. I had posted dear's presents 2 weeks b4 her birthday, and till today it has yet to arrive. Apparently Malaysia's post office has a habit of doing this as Ive seen similar reports of items being lost. I am not going to post any exp items anymore, and if I do, its gon be fedex. Pfftttt.. It was also the start of my mid sem break, which was spent nerding out and studying. I still believe that i wasted my time studying as I went thru everything again when exams were approaching and realised that I was reading for fun and not hafaling anything..
October simply marked more studying for me, with exams on the first week of November if I remember correctly. was getting jealous of dear cuz she was enjoying herself over in JB. It was a weird feeling tho, I wanted to quickly go home , but didnt want exam to come so fast. If I wasnt studyin, I was prolly in the gym running or playin ball.. And I tried to save as much time as I could, stockin up on alotta instant food ..

November --> Now

Finally home :) I was only lookin forward to one thing, going home. Even during the day of the last paper, I spent more time thinkin bout wat Im going to do in Malaysia than preparing for the exam. There is no better feeling than cleaning up, packing ur bags, knowing that you'll be home in a few days time. I had no problems waking up at 5 am, ready to catch a train at 6 to Sydney, and rushing to the airport.

Back together again XD ! That was a day after I landed. hehe. I even managed to pass both my exams, and have been enjoying my hollies to the fullest. Its already been a month and a half since Im back, and I definitely would rather stay here than go back to Oz. But its all good tho, the next time im flying off, dear's gon be with me. hehe.
Time sure did pass very fast, and I can only hope that next year goes the same. Not too sure if we're comin back during the July break, but I wish we can la.. 2007 has been a year full of highs and lows for the both of us, but I still enjoyed it. Its always nice to have a change, so going to Aussie wasnt too bad afterall. Happy New Year to everyone, cheers and hope you guys have a good 2008.
PS: did i mention that dear now has a Wii and I have a Ps3? will blog bout it next time... dope sials

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I have always wanted to make a trip to the Night Safari, but mum is always saying that you wont be able to see anything there. But finally, (again) I managed to persuade them to bring me there before i become 20! hee.
After the Science Centre, we made our way there, only to be accompanied with Mr Rain. =(
Bi told me to get some rest, and that when I wake up,it'll be suny again. And it did!
We got our tickets, our dinner, sat down, and then it started to pour very heavily again! grr..
We were so angry, but we all knew the rain wouldnt last.
So dad took 2 umbrellas when the rain stoppped, and off we went.
OMG. I DIN NOE IT WOULD BE THAT SCARY! It seemed like everything was taking the tram, while we decided we would walk!
So it was dark,wet, and very scary!
But after a while, we got used to it, and I really enjoyed myself.
We were soo close to the HYENAS! and they looked pretty scary lor..
The mangrove cave was reallly good too! I went in there with bi for the longest time. Bats flying around us, eating their fruits and minding their own business. ahh.. it was really much better than National Geography. lol
We walked and spotted many many animals, and soon it was time for the show! It wa advised that you line up 30 minutes b4 the show starts! ?!?
The show was allright lar.. the usuals i guess..
Started our journey at 10+ and reached home at 12am.
All in all, it was really a tiring but very fruitful day.
i love them. =)

i love u 2 =p

My lamb burger - remined me fo lamp berger (is tt how u spell it)

My company for the day.
Simply the best..

Monday, December 24, 2007

I woke up today to my favourite boy's "Good Morning" at 8
It was the day we were going to make our Log Cake! We had to make it before Christmas right.
So we finally decided to open our eyes and got to work at 9

Me in my fav shirt and babys shorts ( its mine now!)

Baby sifting the flour

After 2 and a half hours of hard work. IT WAS A SUCCESS!

Mini log cakes. Our families loved it as well..

Merry Christmas, everyone..

Finally, finally, finally. =)
My parents are not big fans of Singapore, so every end of the year, when we manage to persuade them us "over-small-seas" its pretty much like a little holiday for us. Last year, we went to the Singapore Zoo, and Sentosa Island. This year.. its the science centre, and the Night Safari! I agree with Natasha, I USED SO MANY LORS in the last entry, was probably feeling "lor-ly" tt night.. Woke up at 8.30am, bathed, had breakfast, and off we went. Dad, mum, kay, nesse, andrew and I.
I was so excited when I saw the water works area. But we din even go inside. lol.
Oh yea, I didnt know the admission fee was so cheap! 6SG for adutls (over 16) and 3SG for kids.. if im not wrong..
My # 1's in my heart. (plus the photographer =p)

1. That was one of the exhibitions, where you have to close one eye to see the science hidden. hee, I just thought it made everyone look funny (ie, squinting, covering eyes.)
2. Family observing something.
3. Dad in a computer game! Its so cute! U stand in front of the TV, and you actually use ur body to bounce the balls in the game.
4. Small tongue, big tongue
5. This was really pretty.. it actualy dry ice, and they were trying to make a replica of what happens to residues of comets and stuff.
6. lil sis all grown up

1. Kay and Nesse in Egypt
2. Me on a colourful bridge
3. me+dear in the omni theatre ( the documentary on mummies was sooo boring)
4. camwhore
5. Sisterly bonding- camwhore
6. Kay and I at the omni theatre as well.
The science centre wasnt what I imagined it to be. It was really really, a very good experience. We spent 7 straight hours at the centre, and we didnt feel bored at all! My personal favourite would be the DAP ( cant rmb the spelling). It was just awesome LOR. =)
There was this thingy wer u have a wide computer like thing. And when you put items like a cup on it, flowers will start to appear around the cup. Put a string, and a number of trains would appear, and they use the strings as the track! Make a circle using the string, and the area in side would turn into water, and ducks will come running into the pond. I stood there for quite some time. haha..
Then there was thing, which you had to hold. And when someone else touches you, there would be a musical instrument sound! Like drums, clarinets..tamborine.. I kept pinching nessys nose, and everytime we punch each other, its like we were playing a muscial instrument. lol
There were hundreds of different things we saw that amazed all of us. The science centre is really not for well, nerdy people! haha. You guys should really make a visit. =) Its pretty cool as well, when you see chemistry and physics facts applied there, which you learnt in school. Makes you feel smart. =p

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Was suppose to go to sg yesterday, but Dad decided to postpone the trip to tomorow! =)
Going to the science centre ( lil sis lor! ) and the Night Safari. FINALLY!!

Quite excited lor.. Plus, its gonna be the first time I go to sg with Andrew! hee

I just thought of one super duper weird fact about my family.
Do you know that ALL of us only read the newspaper in one particular place?
So its a pretty bad habit lor, coz the only time I read the newspaper thoroughly is when I do my erm, big business. So when ppl ask me why you din read the papers today meh? Then I would answer. Oh , din shit today mah. lol

Im thinking of baking a christmas log cake this year with dearie, but hoh... he is so damn "busy" lor.. postpone, postpone.. wait christmas over d stil dunwan bake! haha..

Been watching alot of food channels.. and they keep cooking christmassy things.. I wanna have a nice christmas dinner lor. I know I dont celebrate christmas, so all I want to get frm this christmas is the good food, just like how we go for a buffet every year when its puasa time! I keep pestering my parents to bring us for a dinner, and lucky for us, my dads sister is treating us to lunch at an Itallian restaurant! WEETS! HEE

Alright, my topics in the paragraphs dosent connect at all..
I guess randomness fills in when I blog so little now a days.

Wish I have blast tomorow! =)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Been away for so long. =)

Been so busy this whole week! All because of my stupid idea of repainting the house! After a lot of deliberation, we finally decided on the colour.
Cleaned the whole house with the girls and kakak, and off we started painting! The colour wasnt really what we expected it to be, so we slept laughing at our new Barbie Doll house. lol
Painted painted and painted for the next few days with the family and baby. So we're finally done and used to the colour already! hehe.. cant wait for the new furniture to arrive! Then everything wud be perfect! hee..

Also, I visited andrews home and parents.
We put up the christmas tree, coz I was asking his mum why she didnt put it up this year, and she suggested we do it! hehe..

Me&The Short Tree

Andrew (with a stupid smile)and the taller tree!

YAY! after 40 minutes or so.. I think it looks really pretty. *smiles*

Had lotsa fun at his place... we went for tea at spring bud, went Pasar Malam-ing! then had a movie with my dad and my sisters.


One of the best&entertaining movies this year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

So boreds

so boreds... just woke up from a 2 hour ++ sleep.. had basketball in the morning, which was pretty good la cuz sweating alot = good. Dear would disagree with that.. lol.
Hmmm, pc fair is on from today. Mebe I'll go take a look during the weekends, tho I dont have anything in particular to buy. Feel like buying ps3 ar, but then got no pirated games yet. And thats the reason my dad use to not contribute. Hmmm, then I'll talk to him bout an Xbox 360 then, since that wan got pirated games dy..

Feel like copping a new pair of shoes.. Saw this model in City Square just yesterday.

New Balance 574.. The colourway looks fresh in my opinion.. New Balance have been releasing alot of nice model recently, and this is def one of them. Pity theres no specific NB store over here like there is in KL, and im not sure if the one in CS is actually selling or just displaying. Ohyea, if the colourway seems familiar, its cuz its inspired by:

Yes, 7-11! how clever is that. theres another 2 model in this series which are inspired by another 2 shops that can be found in Japan (Family Mart & AMPM). Only thing stopping me from getting a new pair is having to bring so much luggage back to Australia. dahla I already brought 3 shoes back, dunno whether can bring 4 over... must buy medic books smore. dayumnnnn.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now I can fully enjoy my remaining 2 months of break without worries after having passed both papers. So far everyone that I know passed too, so thats good news..

Rain has been killin the mood tho.. Its been raining for the past week already, which makes it difficult to drive cuz of the weather, traffic jam, and potholes. JB roads memang like shit wan ar, everytime theres a heavy downpour, then u can expect to find lotsa potholes.. Last year I even went into one too fast till one of the rims kemek abit and had to get the whole tire replaced. It wasnt even the family's car.. lolz..

Today looks abit sunny tho, so Im hoping for good weather. Going out to watch golden compass today with dear, altho some1 has watched it already.. pfffftttt..

Aite, wanna go out soon dy.. chowz

Monday, December 10, 2007

On a quick note

I somehow managed to pass both subjects .. I was just praying to pass 1, no jokes. And its not because of the lack of self believe, both papers were really hard.. Either Im good at hentaming or the rest arent good at tikaming.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

It was Michelle's birthday yesterday, so we stayed over at her place on the 4th. =)
She came to my place, tried on clothes, and bought 3! =) XIE XIE chelle. my very BEST FRIEND. She wants me to mention that she is one of the best customers mummy has.

So we had a pyjama party! Everyone looked so cute ..

After bathing, we baked a cake for Michelle.. All of us put in effort into making this wonderful chocolate cake! It was really really the best chocolate cake Ive eaten lor. Even better then any cake shop lor.

See how happy the birthday girl is? The cake was ready at 12.10 i think. hee

Her cake with a Letter M on it. =)

Then the next day, we went to Singapore . Went to Jurong and we ice skated!

I didnt bring my gloves and socks.. so I had to pay blardy 20 sg dollar for the whole thing.

Guess what. Two years ago. we saw Sylvester Sim while celebrating chelles birthday in sg. And yesterday we saw him AGAIN lor!! Wanted to take a pic of him, but he skated too fast. We were being a bunch of "sakais" , standing in the middle of rink and discussing wether we should ask for a picture. lol. Then he got all big headed and skated really fast to avoid us. So we decided to stop looking at him.. I think he realised because he skated really really close to us after that, and we even sat on the same row of benches to take off the skates. =)

Had so much fun that day ! Shopping was for a short while because I didnt have enough money. grr. Next time only go again!!

Bought 4 lil miss shirts. For nessy, kay, chelle and I.

My shirt very perasan-ted.

Little Miss Splendid. wheeee!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Im boredddddddddddd..

Pffftt, doesnt make sense. Im suppose to be stayin at dear's place this week, and then she goes off with her frens (stay overnite smore) and left me here. How inconsiderate of her..... hmmmm.. And she's going to be away for most of the whole day tmr, leaving me here, makin foncalls to frens to try to plan smth. lolz. Nola, im not mad. :D

Anyways, this past week has been great. I've been over at her place for 1 week ngam ngam dy,and its pretty nice I must say. heh. She's always there wakin me up, we were able to watch a couple of movies ( Jurassic Park II & III, The Gods Must Be Crazy II) and a few more. Cant rily remember. Ohyea, we also had our Pacman marathon. yes, that little yellow thing which can be found on Facebook. Even managed to beat my previous high score ( which is higher than her high score which means Im pro-er, and Im higher than most facebook ppl.. lol jpjp), under my facebook name! heh. parents will be back home on Thursday, which means back to my usual routine life, so far away from dear's place and town. Tak best ah

Cehhhhhh, so low wan the score. Mine higher

Today was pretty cool la, met up with the guys who had finished their STPM ystd and played basketball kat Larkin in the morning. A few seniors and juniors came along as well, and we got a few good full court games under our belt. Think I need to play more often to shake off the rust ar, but evitime no kaki wans. Lepaked at a kopitiam shortly after, and then we all bla. Yes, JB very boring wans until u cant really lepak for long. You'll either get sick of the place, or get sick of the guy company. Thats the truth. And then later at night I met up with a different group of guys to play futsal. Funnily, Ive not kicked a soccer ball the whole 2nd sem. No kidding. During the first sem, I played at least 2 times a week, but I guess 2nd sem was more dedicated towards basketball season ar. lolz.

Okay, right now 10 pm dy. Managed to kill 20 mins of time by blogging. not bad not bad. Thinkin of wat else to do now. Hmmmm. Ohyea, results are out on Monday, fark fark fark. Confirm die wans I tell you. If u dun see me blog about it, that means I failed either 1 or 2 of the subjects. Fail 1 is the same as failing 2 actually. So dont ask me any questions if u dun see me celebrating the passing.

Ok byez