Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Didly Toodles Noodles

Taylorians In Newcastle. =)

I hated the way pirates ended ren ee!! =(

Hmph. So not nice.

I actually cried! lol, is there no one else who was bothered by the ending?

hmph hmph hmph

This shows u cant watch 3 pirates in a row, coz u get attached to the characters. lol

The results are out. Andrew - 15.6, Desiree 15.

HMPH! i tot i did heaps better than him!! lol

I guess my tutor is bias , haha..

But oh well, i improved! The last time, i go 13 for my audio.

Eating easy macaroni now.Really unhealthy, but all so yummy. Dears leaving me for like.. so many hours. Can only see him at 5. and i miss him. *pouts*

So yea! Had my last tutorial for the semester.! Tomoro will be the ickiest lab, because we're gona see head, eyes, neck. *prays i dont geck icked out* hee

My life is so boring i got nothing to talk about.




Had a chat with mummy and the girls, and my dadddy yesterday thru webcam! Feels like nice and homey everytime we webbie. =)

Mum cut her fringe. She looks like kay!haha, even younger than kay actually! haha..

It my turn to do smth to me hair when i go back! Its all dried up, and knotty, and mamak -ky.

RM500 hair cut, curl, treatment, and maybe colour! here i come!! lol

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The day we watched POC3!

We watched pirates today!!!!! yaynesss!! gila wei, 3 pirates movie in the space of 1 and a half weeks? haha..fanatics arent we? hmm, so what can I say without trying to spoil anything for those who haven watched it.. i though it was a pretty good movie, although just like what Spidermna 3 suffered from, they really rushed the job on developing the characters.. everything seems to be happening so fast.. besides that, I guess it was a good way to end the series (wait, they are ending it afer this right??) .. i loved the music during the fighting scene at the end, shit just sounds so epic.. haha.. I guess its after Foundation of Media Production course that you start picking up a bunch of small details and taking notice of stuff.. haha..


Dear and I are both addicted to South Park right now!! haha.. its just crude humor and stupid jokes animation is so damn bad that is good. makes sense?? lol.. I recommend it to anyone who has time to waste.. just google South Park movie on youtube or smth.. haha..

Ok, Im off to study now.. I am so not prepared for tommorow's closing tutorial.. ish

Sunday, May 27, 2007

KNOCK the laziness out of me.

Had lychee in syrup =)
Love it love it love it!
Weekends are over. sheesh. Time passes extra fast here. And sooner or later, I'll be packing my stuff to go back to malaysia! =)
4more days before semester 1 ends. Gee. Tts REALLY fast.
Oh yea, an accident happened outside my house just an hour ago.
Nothing really serious, no one gt hurt, thankfully.
But both the front part of the cars were smashed really terribly!
Watched pirates one and 2 in a week! clever me, and exams are coming!!
Dear cant wait till we go bk to malaysia to watch it, so we probably are going to watch it here lor..
Whens harry potter coming out? When!?!
Oh wells, my life is kinda boring now. Taylors people shud noe, esp when exams are nearing.
So..tataz. =)

Video project assignment!

This be our video assignments for our Foundation Of Media Production course. Finally took time to shrink the file size.. hehe. Havent got our makrs back for it tho, lol.. doesnt matter la.. Ohyea, we just watched Pirates 2 today!! dear wanted to recap back the past episode before we watched the third installment.. hehe..

Aite, here are the vids..


Dear's wan.. =)

Happy viewing.. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hmmm, I think ive gotten over today's defeat ade.. so near, yet so far I suppose... sobz..
Yeap, like dear said, its been getting real chilly here nowadays.. and im down with a running nose, and i think i might just get a sore throat tommorow. I hate getting sick, especially a runny nose cuz all the blowing and all will eventually cause my eyes to feel tired and good especially when exams are so near... or maybe im feeling tired cuz i hardly slept last night due to the football game.. god

Tommorow's friday..only got 1 tut, yayness.. hehe.. and its our last working problem too.. how fast time flies eh.. ohyea, i think dear forgot to mention that she got 12/15 for her media production quiz...!!! and I only got an 8.5.. lmao.. so low rights?? nvm, atleast I pass the subject ade, and dear hasnt (she's at 49% now i think)...hehe.. still got the marks for our video (which is 20%) and nxt weeks final test or smth.. i think i can start pontening ade.. lol.. electives are mad relaxing tho, thank goodness we chose media production.. I think thruout this whole sem, we only attended 3 lectures so far... atleast we did go for all the lab sessions la.. its cuz the lectures are every tuesday at 8am, and there's no way that i'll sacrifice my good nights sleep for that.. especially when tuesdays are pretty long as well..

Okie, I think thats all I gotta sya for now.. ohyea Zhiven , I got no money to buy shoes la.. damn pokai now.. i buy u those koala bear toys la.. alright? haha..

Its getting cold.

I dont like it when its cold. =(
Hands are suppose to be warm. I dun even dare to touch my face when im outside now.
Its really getting chilly. Its not suppose to be THAT cold!! =(
I dont know how I wud be able to live without my heater on!!
cold cold cold. I wanna go back!!
Allison asked wether I would like to go for a walk on the beach with her sunday morning. I would, but its gonna be sooo cold. Probably going to wear my coat there. LOL. I dont care if i looked like an idiot. haha
Newae, todays hospital was good! Met 2 couples.. both the husbands where the patients, but they were so cute and loving.! One was 28, one was 79!
I mean, the husbands.
Wifes? I dunoe. hehe.
Anyway.. its getting too cold. Dont wanna use the computer d. brr..
One more week and im done with Semester One. No more classes till exams!
Time keeper way "up there" , stop making the time run so fast!!


sighz.. Liverpool lost this time around.. Ive not gotten used to Liverpool losing in finals for awhile already, so this one's really hard to swallow.. and whats worse, the first goal was a damn lanciau punya goal.. was a tight game nonetheless, and I'll look forward to next season ar.. the team's getting stronger anyways, so there's only good things to come I guess..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Presenting Mr Machine. have yet to name him/her
Apple coming through!
Mwahahaha, Die core, Die!
one of the pretty sights here at uni

Basketball, and Pressie

With darling!
Coz only 2 of them turned up today.. so I had no choice.
But it was fun!! =)
There was once the ball was going out, but I ran and ran and i pushed it inside to bi.
Then bi took the ball and scored a 3 pointer goal!! =)
But i fouled a girl. LOL. so embarassing. And i lost the ball once.And my knee went sliding on the court when i was trying to run for the ball. Haih. So its red, and it hurts now. =(
And surprise surprise, we lost again! Haha.
Anyway... Bi gave me a surprise today!!
There was a box in his room, and he said it was our "couple cap" he bought from Ebay. Then i opened it...
he bought me an apple corer and slicer!!
Its what I always wanted, coz i have difficulty biting apples, and i hate the core? hehe..
So he bought this special machine for me. =)
*hugz* i lurbe u
I am glad to present you a "Do U Know Fact?"
Did you know, if u go round and round the apple by scraping it, without letting it break, the apple skin is as tall as yours truly??
Im embaressed. lol
I think im becoming more independant lately.
I walked all the way to my media production building alone, then did all my editing along with bis intruction written on the paper. All by myself. =)
Tomoro having hospital visit again!! I hope i do Okay.. =(
Gonna practise with bi later. hee.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Camwhore Tutorials. Please?

Take 1

Take 2
Take 3
Creme Brule for Mummy.

Tasha, i need camwhore lessons as well! lol

I bought my dress! My tights! And my Jacket!


But that costed me like.. 75 aud, whoooopsie!

Jacket was an essential thingy tho!! Its getting really chilly here, tho Trish said she didnt think that jacket would help much. Lol. it was just too pretty. Its beidge, and it has sliver glittery stripes. hee

Today had our Public Health Tutorial at Wicked Chocolate. Wer we get nearly the best chocolate drink, and chocolate in Newcastle! Lol..


Monday, May 21, 2007


Currently listening to Purest Of Pain, Zhiven sent me this song some time ago. Everytime i here this song, i feel funny all inside. I dont know why! lol
Today was alright, I skipped another lecture. But it was going to be really boring!! And i feel its a waste of time, coz i wud have to wake up at 7.45, bath, eat brekkie, walk to uni, and sit in the hall for one hour, and walk back to my house and wait for the next class at 12.30. So I thought it would be better if i woke up and did something better. *smacks head* I woke up at 10. haha.
I just realise that I cant really put my deepest thoughts in my blog, even though it is spose to be where i pour my feelings out , when im happy, sad, or angry.
Because then, i would be insensitive and I might hurt somebody who took their time to read my blog.
So.. I'll probably keep this really upsetting thought in my head for the time being.
From now on, I shall try to blog with proper english. Everytime I re-read my post, I find many, many grammar mistakes! Mistakes that I would make even during exams if I don't double check. But heck, I don't have to sit for any more English Papers!
Tommorow is the day!
The day where I decide wether I should buy that dress or not..
Its so nerve-wrecking. Because Im darn sure I wont look good in it, and then all my dreams of wearing that dress will just go POOF.
Being a girl is sure hard. Sigh.
*what the hell am I talking about?*
Its just that feeling.. About how excited you are when you see that dress, and when you try it on in the changing room. It looks not as good as how you pictured it to be. Oh well,s Im getting that pair of thights for sure. Its really getting cold, and I still want to wear my skirts.
Anatomy's Beginners is on at 11 tonight! I reckon its going to be real funny. I think all my tute mates watches it. And I really want to see how it goes.
Its about this proffesor who disects bodies in front of a live audience, not sure wether they are real audience or fake ones though.
Hmm, better get going on with my studies.
Todays lecture was like " Hur" for me.
Love Lots,
How do you know which ones are your true friends?
backstabbers are everywhere.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hmm, Ive hardly been blogging again.. Altho I keep reminding to do so, it just seems to slip my mind every now and then..

Anywaysssss... This is the 600th post of our blog!!!! yayness.. I thought we would be in the thousand plus post or smth tho, cuz this blog has been up for some time already.. still, 600 is a great achievement by itself.. :) its all good..haha..

Ohyea, dear forgot to mention that the landlord (altho he's such an arse at times la) got us Digital TV!!! yay!! its like astro la, but with much less channels cuz its u just have to pay for that box thingy which comes with antenna and stuff. That was how we managed to watch Pirates yesterday, and we also watched the FA Cup final!! The match really sucked tho, and worse thing was that it lasted till 2am aussie time.. ishhhh.. Dunno why I watch the match smore as Liverpool werent playing.. mebbe its cuz dah lama nv watch football on tv ade, and its the final nonetheless.. The best news tho, is that it means I'll be able to watch the Champions League final this Wednesday!!!! woots woots.. Liverpool VS Ac Milan.. its gon be a cracker no doubt.. But then my housemate now sleeping in the living room everyday, cuz his gf came to aussie all the way from America! and then they dont sleep together wan ar.. ish. mebe I should start encouraging them to do so, then I can watch my football in peace without worrying bout waking him up.

This week's working problem has been a pain in the ass btw.. Last week's one too.. It just reaches a point where you dont know what you need to study, how deep do u need to go into and stuff.. I guess once everything starts to get a little confusing then u know you're reaching too deep into the ocean.. how poetic of me eh??

Alrite, now time to pass the post to dear ade..she was like, 'kanasai' when I told her that this is the 600th okie dear, your turn now..

600!!! =)
So happy.
I blogged for the 3rd time today!
so im really blank on what to say. lol.
Oh yea. About my media production thingy!
See, last week on friday, i spent like 2 hours making my own "soundtrack" to be used on my video to promote the island. I was soo proud of it. Untill i heard it along with the video. Gosh, bi said he could see the orang asli dancing around a fire with my soundtrack!! Grr.. it sounded okay when i was doin it, but it didnt match my video at all! HAHA, and bi did such a GOOOD job in his video. grr. so jealous. At first i diden really bother, then when i heard it today again, I was certain i didnt want to allow my tutor to lauf his head off when he saw my video.
So we thought, and thought, and thought.
And he suggested Accidentally In Love. And then... thing ting ting!
I rmb the I U theme song during form 3!from lilo and stich!
And i bet its gonna fit so well. =)
Wil post up the video when its done! hee..
Another thing, yesterday i made juice for me and bi. Chopped the apples and carrots, and then i blended it. So stupid. =( the carrots just looked like they were sliced. So i decided to add some milk! Not bad.. but then! when it was done, everything was mushy.. =(
Stupid me. I should have used the juice extracter. haha.
So i might be making the juice again tonight! Whee!

Current Fetish = Clothes

Im soooo in love with this set of clothes i saw in the city last week..
its a plain white blouse, with a spaghetti strap grey dress with little lady bugs over it, knee length. And black tights to go with it! ahh!!
So not me, coz i was never up to date with fashion. But i just cudnt help falling in love with it! haha
Mum said, "One word, BUY!" when i described it to other. Wud be rather comfy tho. Since its getting cold here.
I blogged, again? lol
cant wait to reach 600.

Fresh Air

I am begining to like it here.
The system of learning is not bad.
We get problems every week, and we learn through the problems.
We learn how to diagnose someone, Learn what to ask patients, and so many more.
Exams questions are like that as well!
They give u a scenario, and u diagnose the patient and so on.
Its quite fun, but can be quite a headache as well.
Days here are relaxing..
Except for Mondays and Tuesdays.
Sometimes i get the day off, sometimes i get 2 hours a day.
Hospital visits are good.
We get to interview patients very early in our course.
and that is perfect for me, coz I really sucked at it, and am improving slowly.
The AIR here is FRESH. lol
very little traffic.. and LOTS OF TREES. lol
I never realised that at first. Untill i was walking back home one day, and the air smelt good.
I think im going to see a diffrence when i touch down in KayElle and JayBee.
*cough cough*
and i have my boyfren here! *hugz*
Had banana and cheese toasted sandwich today!
It was darn yummy, and reminded me of home.
And i watched Pirates of the Carribean last night!
I didnt noe that it was such a along movie! Tot i could study after the movie, mana tau when i came out from the toilet, it was 12 am. haha.
Cant wait for them to show Pirates 2!
Housemate asked me wether i wanted to watch Pirates 3 when it comes out. But i dont htink i wanna go. Coz its exam period! and the journey there and back plus the movie will probably take 5 hours away from me.
I'll go back to malaysia and watch it, in the morning in CS for Rm 5 + rm1 for couple seats with my dearie. Hopefully we get the new cinema too! haha. then we can order food, like chips and wedges, and they can send it to us like VIPS! whee! and the whole movie wud cost us maybe rm15, but its just AUD 5 2 us. HAR HAR
Smart Choice For Kiam Siap Ppl like us.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!! =)

Today is Mum **'s birthday! =)
Andrew and I made Creme Brule for her! to SEE only lah. hehe...
Yesterday, i called her at 12 my time, and wished her happy birthday, told her i was going to sleep! hehe, but i didnt. Was still studying lehh.. hehe..
Then at 2, my sisters, and my dad had the webcam on, and they shouted Cockroach Cockroach!! My mum was being a tai tai playing mahjong last night. On her birthday, ya. She claimed she had nothing to do. Sooo.. after like 5 minutes of shouting cockroach, she came! And we sang happy birthday to her. =)
Glad she was happy. =)
Miss home. =(
My smileys are contradicting, i know.
Had this thought last night. Remember how in form... 5 or 4 ar? hehe, we did a magazine? Oh! Its form 3. =) And my idea for an article was. What is Love??
Had so many cute answers from girls, and many "roll eyes" answers from boys.
From that u can see that girls were more enthusiastic about love.
People fall out of love. Why? How can you adore someone so much, and suddenly , completely just lose the feelings? Mite be distance, mite be age-gap, mite be a 3rd party.
But for one thing.. fairy tales actually do exist. =)
Pn Mahani, my chemistry saviour last year.
She had been with her husband since she was in high school. They went to college together, and they went to University of Melbourne. One majoring in Chem, they other engineering.
Just because one relationship fails, dosent mean the whole world will crumble, dosent mean that true love dosent exist. It just means that both of u werent meant to be together. Think about it, would you really wanted to spend ur whole life together? Do both your characteristics match? Did he or she did something wrong?
Love dosent just dissapear just like that.
My relationship with andrew is quite stable, because we were never seperated. Im not boasting or anything, but I really dont know wether I can take Long Distance Relationships.. I envy those who are still holding on, Like WeiYang, and Yvonne Tee.
Its really nice to see both of them, still being able to love each other despite being so far away from one another.
I wish you 2 all the best. =)
But for me, if i were ever in a LDR, i mite just die. lol.
Im such a clingy girlfren..
Im such a naggy girlfren...
I need to see him all the time, even tho he is just next door.
I hate to say bye bye wen he is goin to the gym or playing football.
I would need him to call he everyday..
SMS everyday..
And sooner or later, one of us will nt be able to take it, and just call of the relationship.
Last year was horrible, when i realised that we could be seperated already. Even in mid june, i was secretly tearing when we were watching movies together in the cinema. Nights were horrible. And I really understand how bad it would be. How bad it is, to be apart from your other half.
Even though we will be here in Small Town Newcastle for many more years.
Anything can happen.
But I really believe that if that happens..
I guess... it was meant to be. And that God had planned it. For me to meet a better guy than him, Or me to realise that i cant be so unreasonable anymore.
Like i said, u mite never know what may happen in the future.
The future, is scary, eh?
There are many happy couples out there, even in my blogger list.
And im really glad you found the special one that completes your life.
And i do believe that everyone of u, will find someone who is reallly really the one.
Just take your time, to know someone before rushing in a relationship. Those are the relationships that do last.
"Wise man says, only fools rush in"
The bedsheets my mummy bought for me says
"I found the missing pieces in my life!"
And i hope u do 2! =)

Friday, May 18, 2007


In the AIC now.
Suppose to print out last weeks lecture, but my FAV lecturer didnt put it up! Grr..
lazy pig.

10 more minutes before my tutorial starts.. I always end up coming early, because Andrew's class is at 10.30, and i figured out it would be better if I came with him, coz its really lonely walking to uni urself. Hehe.
So here i am, stuck in the AIC, with nth to print.

Mums birthday is tomorow! Feel bad that i didnt get anything for her, but i promise i will get something really nice for her when i go back! =)

One more month before i go back! Whee! Cant wait. =)

another working problem coming up!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Breakdancer Kicks 3 Year Old - Watch more free videos

ouchnessss.. word is she's alright tho.. stupid parents.. haha..

Love you too dear.. :) going grocery shopping later, yayness.. just wanna get out of this house once awhile ar, cuz studying does get a little boring after awhile.. lol..
I love Andrew Choo. =)
I really do.
he makes me lauf. lol
this is random.

He started it!

To Xin and Ven, haha, dont worry, it wasnt a serious quarrel. =p
and stupid for me = silly, its not a bad word. =)
Anyway.. i got 8.6/10 for my video planning! lol, quite happy coz i improved! the last time was 8.
Bi got 9 tho.. gr.. cheater.
There are so many times where i think of "valuable" stuff to blog about, but everytime i sit down to blog, i just cant?
Well, i think this is the 100th time this week I had a sore eye. I keeep scratching it last night, and it feels soooo goood. lol. But I had a horrible sleep. Nose was blocked AGAIN. Vicks didnt help this time. So my throat was bad again. =(
Planned to wake up at 7 to study, but i didnt. Coz i felt like i only started sleeping at 7! My nose was free from mucus in the morning only. Which totally sucks.
Cleaned my room though! Its sooo neat now. =) so proud of myself.. Vacummed the floor.. wipe the tables (nt really lah, just swept the dust off) and changed my bedsheets, all by MYSELF. =)
So the room feels heaps cleaner!
Going to buy a shelf for my books later, the cardboard wan that i bought for 8 bucks failed me. Sigh. It just looks really.. silly, and stuff now. hee
Exams are nearing!!!! *beep bop beep bop*
i think this is the first postcard i got in my life. =)
I was so excited when bi told me, "u got a card from sarah"
but i find postcards kinda amuzing, coz everyone can read what they sent to u. haha
Well, i better get back to studying. Its already thursday. My favourite day of the week.!
And oh, oh!
Today is a day off for me. =) No classes at all!
I got a gmail account.
its sounds nice hoh. Dazzling Me ( in a ang moh slang) =)
might consider changing my hotmail to this! lol

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stupid Boyfren

Eh, i seriously dont know how come our username for this thing changed when I made a gmail account!
Note to self. Read the conditions before u press " OK"
And he was accusing me!!!!
Anyway, i cant wait tomorow, seriously have to clean up my room. its a MESS, i tell u

Stupid dear

Stupid dear!! she went and change the user email for blogger..!! second time ade she do thank god i was smart and figured it out.. hehe..

Been feeling hella tired these past 2 days.. Classes ended at round 5 yesterday, while today we only reached home around 6.. of a medic student eh?? IMU feels so relaxed..jelez seh..haha.. Tommorow got hospital visit smore!! arghhhh.. its gonna be like, 10.30 ->12.30 (closing tutrial), then 3->4.30 (hospital visit), 5 ->7 ( media production) , and 8 -> 8.40 ( basketball match). i think thats worse than todae!! arghhh.. wednesday kinda rushing abit la, cuz hospital visits usually last 2 hours, hence i'll normally be late for media production.. dahla it takes like 15 minutes to travel from uni and not lookin forward to tommorow..sighz..

Besides that, everything else has been going fine I guess.. Im feeling the pressure of exams already.. that means there's gon be a bunch of late nights for me, hopefully la..ang mohs hardly stay up wan, unless when they're in a pub i think.. So I came up with this conclusion that everytime I put effort in staying up and studying, Im gaining more knowledge than the other ang moh medic students who are sleeping.. thusssssss......hopefully, if I stay up for these 3 weeks, I can become smarter than them.. not bad thinking rite? :D

Alrite, dah 10 pm already.. time to do my study group with dear!! lol.. See ya peoples

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Double Post =)

My Choco Chip Cookies. Dosent look that nice huh. lol. But it was better than the last batch! and they were crunchy!
Andrew and Carter trying to catch the mouse in Gunjans room by "vacum-ing" it.

My lunch. Very yummy!! Purple thing beetroot. My fav!
Today is washing day. My clothes and bi's. lol

I miss my mummy!! -(

Mum was so evil, she pushed the phone to my grandma, and auntie. And i had soo much trouble trying to speak chinese to them!!!

When my grandma asked me, when are u coming back in chinese.

I said..

i couldnt rmb how to say next month. haha

And then i rmb! Chi Yue! 7th month rite? lol... butthen i rmb i was goin home on LIU YUE!

aih. confusing. lol

I need chinese tuition!!!

Happy Mummy Day!

To My Dearest Mummy.
Happy Mothers Day. =)
I love You so so much.
Thanks for always being there, and loving me.
I miss you alot. And i cant wait to see u in a months time! =)
May you have a great day with the girls.! And i will always be thinking of u!!!
A fren, a guardian, an idol
You are truly the best =)
Love Lots,

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yeap, its time for this bloggie to mention that im stressed again.
Stressed!! grrr.. there is soo much to study. =(
We are doin heart this week. The anatomy is hard enough. The learning targets are so confusing. I just dont get the mood to start reading.=(
Help!!!!!!! *pulls hair*
the heart amazes me.
Such a small organ, but such a smart one.
rmb we used to learn bt the vena cava? well, they didnt tell us there were 2 of them, the inferior and the superior. rmb when the mentioned pulmonary arteries? they didnt tell us there were four of them! lol, 2 on each side. and the valves.! haha, tricuspid and bicuspid! rmb? well, they dont look how they drew it for us in form 5. lol
enuf said. grr
Long time ago, bi was just studying, and we started talking. and he said smth funny.
u noe how ppl add "licious" into their names. Like fergilicious, and stuff.
Well.. mines better.
Im DEE-licious. lol, and it has a real meaning. lol hahahahahahahhaha
Made choco chip cookies!! and it was DEE-licious!
Cookies 2 Cookies 2 Cookies 2
this time it worked out. but my housemate emma, said.
Dee, i think u better stick to being a doctor.
It wasnt THAT bad mah, just a lil burnt. lol
I must sleep late today. Took a really nice nap this afternoon.
Dear Angel, please abstain me from sleeping early. *blink blink*
Angel 2

Dah lama

So much has happened since the last time I blogged.. have no idea where I should start wei.. hmm, the last time I blogged, I was just bout to go watch Spiderman 3....its exactly been a week since then.. haha. movie was really good, I should say...Altho I felt that they were doing too much for a 2 hour 15 minutes movie or so, I guess they did everything the fans wanted la.. at times I felt it was quantity over quality tho, but the CG effects were still dope nonetheless.. overall, its worth the 15 dollars I paid for my ticket..feel like watchin it again tho, might just get the DVD and watch all 3 at once.gyeaa, im a fan since I was a I should add that this is the first Spiderman movie that I watched together with dear!! lol..pretty crazy fact is that for all 3 spiderman movies, different people watched it with me..gempak ahhhh..

Study wise, Ive been doing alot of that.. What sucks is that altho I feel that Ive been putting alot of effort in studying, the past year questions(which I only saw like, few days back) are really hardddddddd..felt like a bomb just landed on me cuz I realise that Ive gotta study much more..sighz.. and I thought SAM was hard.. this friggin sucks.. mebbe more late nights and coffee I guess.. at this rate of studyin, we prolly might not catch Pirates when its out here.. saddeningz.. cuz the journey to the cinema is like, 1 hour back and forth.. so agak buang masa ar.. seee hows la..

Ohyea, the basketball match I had few days ago was crazy.. haha.. I hardly blog about my matches tho cuz we just keep losing, but the last one we had was nice cuz we were leading till like, the last 2 minutes..arghh.. we even had a lead that was like , 13 points or smth.. haha.. thank god there's no overtime or anything, cuz we wud've lost if we played any longer due to not having any subs.. lol..


did anyone know that Linkin Park had an album coming out? I the retail version is up on the net already tho, and honestly.. I think its just an average album la.. but Im just saying that cuz Mike Shinoda appears so little in it..the tracks with him on are fire no doubt, but its just a whole different feel from their previous album I guess.. crazy thing is, all their 3 albums sound very different, so maybe it'll grow onto me or smth..

aites people,im off to mandi now.. catch ya laters yeaps..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dont know what title to give

Few more posts before we reach 600! =)
Yesterday Bi had basketball. I always enjoyed watching him play basketball. But his team really sucks. lol.Coz he dosent know anybody who plays ball here, so the forum just groups individual people into a group. And they need like 2 girls every game! Haha.. so he lost the few games. But yesterday, they were leading!! By so much..! and then everyone got tired, coz they didnt have any other players, so 5 of them played the whole 40 minutes, while the other team cud sub off any time they wanted. so the other team caught up...
And then they tied at the last minute.
25 more seconds to go, and the other team scored! argh... then 4 seconds to go. My baby got whole of the ball. PEEEEET, HE SHOOTS, AND HE SCORES!! HAHAHAA.. im their oni supporter btw. lol. and i film everything!!! we watched the vid like so many times.... =)
Basketball 2
so proud of him =) Love You
so we celebrated today by getting a whole roasted chicken! for 6.50aud oni! =)
Miss the roasted skin sooo much... =)
I skipped anatomy class today. =( i wasnt feeling very well. Last night, i slept and my nose was block, so i had to use my mouth to breathe. Then my mouth became so dry that it hurt so badly. So this morning i woke up with a flu, headache, and sore throat. I hate autumn. hmph.
I cant stand the weather here. Everytime it rains, i get a flu. lol
Two more hours of tutorial before im free for the weekend! =)
Started a new way of studying with bi yesterday, our OWN problem based learning group. lol.
its kewl.
Mum recieved my card today!! =) She liked it! Said she got teary. And she said.
"thank u for loving me so much, it really means alot to me"
aww... mummy, u love us soooo much, how can we not love u as much as u do?"
Big Hug, Mom
Love lots..
Desiree. =)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Today is not a good day

My ulcers hurt, and its goin to be the time of the month.
So im easily upset, agitated, in pain, to sum in off, im just in a bad mood.
Geez, i wonder how hormones can make my temper so bad.
I just feel like crying for no reason, and tearing every piece of paper in front of me.
I just wanna fall asleep

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spidey Man , Spidey Man

Happy 19th Birthday,

Natasha Lim! =)

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday

My birthday present to u. =p teehee

Kidding, will see if i can find anything here which is affordable by mua. =)

or belanja u when i see u!! =)

Am still wondering what to buy for my dearie Mum.

Anyway.. today we watched Spider Man! It was nice! Although it was pretty long, i dident feel bored at all. Enjoyed the whole movie. =) Will let bi elaborate since movies are his thing.

Walked around, but cudnt find anything to buy. Im on a tight budget this week as well. Dont wanna spend so much money, coz i spent 25 AUD on the cruise dinner.

And we bought a blender for 39 dollars. But i guess we cud make fruit juice, smoothies, and i asked my mum to teach me how to make chili sauce!


Just heard from Jayne that she got an offer for a uni in London. =) So glad for her. She definitely deserves a place there coz she IS very hardworking. After all, the most important trait for a doctor to be is hardworking-ness. which i am very lacking off these days because of my sudden outburst of ulser. like bi wud say *excuses* hmph

Had sausages, hash brown and mushroom soup and salad for dinner. =) Had popcorn for lunch k. And one cute lil doughnut which bi bot for me

isnt she adorable. =)

I ate her head first, so she wouldnt feel any pain, no worries! =)

donuts here cant beat dunkin donuts. miss my chocolate fudge

Dah lama tak blog

Its been ages since i last touch this page.. lol.. It's pretty much been a hectic week for me I guess.. Had my first hospital visit last Wednesday, and errrm.. I guess it would've been better if I had a better patient me and another dude got a patient that was pretty much we both got nothing on the patient's history and all.. -_-

Fast forward to yesterday, and the cruise was really good.. Even though its suppose to be a buffet or something, all of us practically filled our plates up on the first serving.. haha. I guess its cuz they kept us waiting for an hour or so before the food was actually served, hence everyone was already starving..Pity tho that I dont eat oysters nor prawns, cuz dear till today is telling me how good the prawns are..hehe.. Nonetheless, I had loads of fun yesterday.. All of us were able to just talk shit for so long, laughing at jokes and stuffs.. And my tutorial mate, who just turned 18 last week got friggin he couldnt even walk in a straight line and ended up puking while walking most ang mohs like to drink and stuff, but funny thing is they get drunk pretty easily too.. weird..

Didnt like the pics dear put up last nite, so here's a nice one of us.. haha.. =)
Off to watch Spiderman 3 now! Im excited as shit.. hehe.. see yas!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

At the bus stop, waiting for the bus which was 10 minutes late!!
Arrived at the.. erm.. place before u get into the ferrry. omg, my vocab is bad.
Look at all those tiger prawns!! slurps, i nv liked prawns, but fat juicy ones like this dipped in thousand island sauce is just one word. HEAVEN
My first plate.
First time in my life, i took so much to eat. And i finised EVERYTHING. dont talk bout the mushrooms, they were yucky.

My second round. The purple stuff is beetroot, its YUMMY!

Me and the guys on the top of the ferry.

Me, Shryia ( i cant spell!) and veronice

After the cruise. I wished I had wings! lol

I love u.

Cruise, I love!

Cruise was AWESOME. =)
For the first time in say, 2 months, I ate soo much good food.
Two full plates, could have eaten more if the guys didnt want to leave so early and hang out "upstairs" where you can see the view
Had BIG fat juicy Tiger Prawns, Fish Fish Fish!!, Calamari!!! Chicken! Salad! Baked Potatoes! Vegetables! I have a new fetish for olives. They are yummy. =)
Went up where we had a lil chat and it was really chilly and nice. Lucky i brought my coat along. =)
Theme was fairy tale. I swear, every girl had wings and a crown. ?!?
lol, Alex, from my tute group dressed up as Peter Pan. lol
There were pirates, a maid, a guy in a tutu, and many many faries. lol
Headed back down for some desert. Had this really really yummy cake. I dunoe what it was, but i think it was chesse and something. But it was sooooo yummy. OMG, I really stuffed myself tonight huh. Shared a beer and white wine with bibi. Coz that was the only thing we could have gotten for free. Couldnt cam whore much, because i dont have cam whore partners like I have in malaysia. But it was all fun listening to the guys cracking up jokes.
We even danced for a little while! lalalalaa.. But there were alot of drunk it was a lil bit scary. haha
When up the again, and just sat around and gossip bt this couple.
At ten, we chowed. =) had a lift from a very weird guy. I cant stand the way he talks... *eeek*
Alrighty, its 11.35 now, i bathed and am all fresh.
Shud i study, or shud i sleep?
Pictures up on the next post!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am soo excited!!!
coz a) Im goin for a cruise tomorow, with buffet dinner...!! =) for 25 aud only!
Another reason to dress up! Sad thing is, i will be goin with the malaysian boys only. Told u i got no frens. lol
b) I just got the flight details for this holiday!! so my hart is goin bee bop bee bop bee bop
c) well, im goin grocery shopping! lol, i love grocery shopping, beats me. lol

Whee!! =) And i just learnt how to edit videos using this really cool programme. Gonna make a 90 seconds movie!!! =)
I think im gonna name give my movie the title.
A Wonderful Honeymoon or smth. haha, coz the clips are like holidays and the beach and stuff like that.
Bubye!! =)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The suayest thing happened to me last night.. I woke up at 4.15 a.m, just waiting to catch the match, when I realised my internet was screwed.. piece of shits.. Thank god Zhi Ven msg me when Liverpool scored tho, cuz it calmed my nerves...haha..

Relive it.. haha

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tonight's game is going to be one of importance..

Liverpool VS Chelsea .. Champions League, Leg 2..

Im gonna have a long day tommorow, but I am not gonna miss this game.. Thats a promise Ive made to myself! I dont know why, but thinking about the match itself is giving me chills.. Its the semifinal for god's sake!! and that means its just 1 more match before the final.. yes, I know, I know, Liverpool lost last week's game 1-0, but that was an away game anyways.. This is Anfield, hopefully its going to be different.. Anyone watching should just listen to the atmosphere during a big european night at Anfield, its different I tell you..

Lets see what happens tonight.. Its definitely going to be down to the wire..

Rum Raisin

Its funny how when someone does something, and another person goes.
"How can she do that?" "He is a bastard" "Why is she treating him like that?"
And then, that someone does the same thing
Its funny how some people "worship" some people. And everything she or he does is perfect.
But if someone elses does what the "great" person does, then people will look at that someone funny. For that perfect person, they even forget friends that were there for them since donkey years ago.
That was all based on a third persons view.
Today was good. I had to wake up for ONE lecture, and i was free for the day.
When to the gym, and ran 2 km!! thats the most i can do. I didnt sweat at ALL. grr..
Fat Woman 2
Im putting on weight. hmph. =( MUST DO MORE EXERCISE.
Skipping a tutorial class tomoro morning coz im too lazy to wake up
Gunjan said that i just needed the paper anyway, so I'll just get it from bi, who had the tutorial today. So tomorow is just 2 hours of tutorial, and 2 hours of Media Production.
Studied a little today! =) And, am goin to continue after blogging.
Realise that i have been so anti-social recently. I just love locking myself in my room and hoping nobody knocks on it.
Its in the genes i tell u. Dadda's fault!!!
I was gona end this post by saying Fertilization, here I come!
But i guess, that wud be unappropriate.
*Shoudnt have stopped ballet when i was young, lol*