Thursday, November 27, 2008

stupid games, stupid games

I am very angry.
I tried to play a game on PSP, and my game couldnt save even though I played quite far!
Then Andrew helped me, and we tried again and again, but stupid things happened, like my stupid PSP suddenly decide to restart lah, or cannot on lah..
grr. So i probably played the same stage like 5 times.

Then I found Spore very interesting, played at wy's place, then came home, bought the game, and failed to install it.
haha. but Bi managed to help me, and we played today. But but but my laptop so slow!!! So we played the cell stage, and decided that we shud install in on my mums laptop.
Yay! could play, was fast and all... and then I played the cell stage, and nessy came half way so I let her play. Then I created a new world to play after she was done. Duno why I took soooo long to clear the cell stage this time.

Then the game suddenly stopped working, =(
and i didnt save the game...
*double booooooooooooooooooooooooo*

I HATE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i go read twilight
Its been let me see.. 4 days since Ive been home, and its been awesomely awesome. =)

I like being at home, free, surrounded with loved ones..

only problem is, its getting a bit boring!! I need to get a hobby or something. haha
nobody wants to entertain me 24/7
booo =(

i think i shud start studying *slaps forehead*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

u know its been ages since you've blogged when u costantly key in hotmail instead of gmail in the username

Only 1 more day + and we'll be heading back home =D !

Cant wait, although it feels like it was just yesterday when 2nd sem of 2nd year started. Been awhile since I've blogged, and its basically cuz i've been busy as hell during the past 2 months. Studyings, studyings, and more studying.. Been staying up till like 3 am during that period, and guess whuuuuuutsss... Exams were still a bitch! How cruel is that rite, you study so hard, and exams turns out to be even harder then u expected. Med school, what can I say.

So yea, exams were done and over with for about a week or so already, and we both have been shopping around Newy. Shud see the amount of stuff dear has bought for herself and family, and you would think she's been away from home for over a year.. :P just kiddins darrr. Shoppings been pretty good tho, I managed to get myself a couple of shirts for pretty cheap, since i dont have much clothes here anyways.

Theres still heaps of packing to be done..Dont really like cleaning up the place, cuz my nose and eyes gets pretty sensitive to dust. Ohyea, we've already done our laundry 3 times in 1 week, and will prolly do it another time tommorow. thats how much unwashed clothes we've got since the exam period. I know its disgusting lar, but student life you knows... Whats more disgusting was that some of my clothes were gym clothessss, so just picture all the sweat.

Okays, its 5 am now, think i shud sleep early cuz we've got another long day ahead. Since ive got no pictures, i'll leave you guys with our ethics video assignment starring wei yang, me and azri, along with a cameo appearance by Desiree!!!! you wont see much of me innit la, i was more of the camera man. stil, it was good fun doing this and was even funner to see everyone elses video. Props to wei yang who did most of the editing btw.

And I also found something interesting while browsing wei yang's youtube account. And since I know he reads this blog, hope he dont mind if i put it up lar. This shits too funny wei.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look at the sign board! On the way to Nobby's head.
But we made it there safe and sound! =D
the waves were really really strong though..

I had a great time at the beach, and at the forshore. =)

Im going to miss the girls so much! , so hopefully all of us passed our exams! Then we will be able to see each other in Feb!

Going to miss newcastle alot as well.. as much as I hate it here sometimes.. I realise that I have this "unspoken" love for this town. Oh wells.


IM GOING BACK HOME! so who cares about newie! hahaha

back to my lovey home, family, friends, food!

i cannot wait!! =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No more intense, crazy nights and days of studying for 3 months =)
I hope I did okay, tho, MCQ's were abit tricky..

The last paper was 3 hours, and I didnt know that lor, till I went to the exam hall. HAHA
Spent the whole 3 hours scribbling and scribbling whatever I could remember.
Xin said she stayed up the whole night studying, and I really wanted to do that too! but I konked out at 3.30am, felt like my whole head was going to fall off.
Then I woke up at 6.40am, tryin to understand a lecture that didnt exist in my head. Took me a few minutes to realise that I was dreaming!

I hope the examiners can read what I wrote!

Andrew had a study group dinner at weiyang's place, and i tagged along. haha
Was abit quiet the whole night because my brain was really really tired and I just wanted to lie in bed.
Dinner was really awesome tho! azri and wy are good cooks! =p


Friday, November 14, 2008

Both our last papers are at the same hall same time today! =)

1.45 pm. and we'll be freeeeeeee

i cant wait

*prays for me and bi*

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Andrew here, not Dee ar.. heehee





Monday, November 03, 2008


Exam season! Andrew is taking his first exam today, and his second one tommorow.
Wish us luck!

*i hope you find the paper good dearie*

even if you dont, rmb that medicine is hard, not going to have easy easy papers wan..
just hope that the other 90 ppl found it extremely hard too then can d! =)
love u