Saturday, March 25, 2006

8a's , 2b's..k wateva, i expected it..
dah lama nv even sentuh this site already yo, mad sorrie bout it.. ive been hella busy , trust me on this one.. :)
font on this blog suddenly got farked man, no idea wat happened or how to solve it.. any ideas??
im too sleepy to think rite now..woke up at 12.12.. so nice wan rite the time.?? dear went for yellowhouse.. so i got nuttin else to do ,then sleep and dream bout bloody weird goin into 7-11 and seeing them culling wtf rite.. lol..
ok byez

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

finally blogging from the comforts of my room
:) hehee....

wee! about my holidae! =) i wen to genting wid my family and andrew! hehe.. my first holidae with was good.. with my sisters and everything.. imanaged to sit for a number of rides..and the good news is this time we dident waste our time and money at the indoor theme park playing all the dummy games! hehee.. oh yar.. we did! ish..but just ten bucks each.. i plaed some game wer we had to sit on a machine, and the the machines moves.! and its high its quite cute lar.. hehee..

its reali sad now cos alot of the projects deadlines are coming nearer, so all of us has to gambatte and stuff!!


ohyea,, i got 9a's and 1 b for my est, for spm, thinkin of recheckin, but mummy is goin to do allll the procedures! :D hehee..
aniwae, i better get back to myu draft. nxt time, i shall blog more often coz i have internet in my room now!!! weeeheeee!

Monday, March 13, 2006



u shud have known how i did for my spm.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so unfair.

dumb est


who wouldnt scream like that if they gotten my results............


Monday, March 06, 2006

sall good

shit.. its monday already.. why time move so fast wan... dahla nxt week spm results comin out.. aihz..good thing is that its gon be a holliday, so unless there's some weird ass juniors who are so in love with us, i doubt that they'll be any1 goin "eh wat u get ar??" face to face.. it'll be so damn memalufying if i flunk a subject or two....i remember being that kinda junior, always eager as hell to know my seniors god this year gon be different.. yayness.. and my form teacher isnt even teachin in that sch anymore, so takpyah see her liao... woot woot ..
cant wait to see them guys too, tho a few of them might not be here la... shud be fun hanging out with em again, relieving the good ol days where we would be high off cracking jokes 24/7..
doubt i can enjoy much of that 1 week break tho, got assignments for every subject..English, Chem , Physics, Bio. them datelines are so near each other, and even worse,common tests seem to awlays be around the corner.. like wtf rite.. ish..
if im not wrong, ive only got like 7 months left here.. SAM is like, so hella fast pace wei.. time really does fly hella fast.. hard to keep up with the pace smore, and im always dead tired by the end of the day...
i def gotta do a couple of stuff when i get back to jb, i gotta catch up on all them pc and ps2 games, movies, and astro.. and i'll be getting a laptop too!! not new wan la, my bro's wan.. ish...but takpe ar, surely he got pack alotta stuff inside it wan.. blue movie (jpjp :D) , movies, games ... yayness ..
k ar, i wan go do smore research for my physics..haven even touch on today's homework yet, and i got bio quiz on thurs.. like, wth rite.. i think i might just be the dumbest in class.. if in ec nvm la, the competition there not that tuff wan..but in here, no hope of getting high for any subjects wan, cuz everytime got ppl get close to full marks.. i pulak get close to a fool's mark....(yea..very random joke )..

ok byez

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I got this rap game locked, portion by portion
Only reason u're here is cuz ur mama too poor for abortion

so random
hella bored la... tryina think of nice quotables.. lol..

'You so stupid u even failed a blood test'..

not mine ^^ ..fren's wan..haha.

okok, got one...

You so bad at love, they put u on sale at the reject shop..

kkz, i wan go sleep liao.. that was part of my destressing

Can you please light me burnt out