Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Its over... muahahaha..trials dah habis..i wish they give us a break tho. atleast 1 week cuti la, since every1 else is gon start their exams soon anywayz, takkan want us to bising bising in class.. stupid school..
so wat did i do once est paper was over..? i went home and played my ps2 for hours..!!!! wat a life right..!!???!! jb is mad borin nowadays... its like , 'been here done that ' kinda feelin... there's nuttin new here.. cs is aite. kerrys is bad.. leisure mall is badder... dayumnnn..
ohyea, after fizik paper on monday, a few of us decided to cabut thru hutan way and visit johor prison.. it was worth the 1 buck i guess.. the only reason we all go there was to see the rotaning video.. it looks damn blardy painful.. 20 times smore.. ouch man.. another creepy thing was when the 4 of us went to the jail cells alone.. lol.. oni 4 of us.. and a whole bunch of cells.. imagine that.. there's this kinda creepyness that surrounds the jail cells.. it's like, prolly a million people have slept there, all who've commited all sorts of crimes n stuff..just picturin that itself feels weird... imagine wat happened behind those bars.. scary..?? definately..
ohyea,yesterday i had a bunch of fun spendin the whole day with darling.. went there at around 10, and came back 12 hours later.. glad she liked the prezzie i bought for her..hehe.. :) i lurb u dear.. a year older, and another year of us to look ahead.. =)
aihz.. gotta go sch tommorow and start studyin again.hmm.. dah tak biasa already after 3 weeks of exams..haha.. atleast can go talk crap wid the guys again..
ohyea..liverpool vs chelsea tonite.. me no nid slp liao la..hehe...

i set my own goals, which are alwaysbetter than dreams/
and cuz of that, imaa let everyone justshatter tmydreams//
cuz i dun dream, i simply wake up and achieve it//
i do wat i want, , see u best believe it//
ait nobody int the world gonna break my spirit//
its paradis man, one day u know that i'll see t//
gotta learn to fly ,i gotta touch the sky//
cuz its my world ,gravity just dont apply/
keep doin wat i do as long as im alive//
me against the world watch myself survive//
i wanwanna spread my wings nobody keep me down//
Aint nobody in this world can hold ma feet on grounds//
So this song's for every single person chasin a goal//
keep doin watcha do nobody's breakin ya soul//
The world's a passanger, so imma take the road that i plan/
learn to conquer the world and have the globe in my hands//

---> Something new that im workin on.. haha

Monday, September 26, 2005

aherm aherm** dear, wut are u tryin to imply on ar.. =p its not my fault wut. my prezzies are nice.. juz that.. muahhaa. dun wanna sae out. :D

examz over!! yeepee! actuali stil got est lar, spose to be tomoro, but since the ppd loves me and wants me to take a rest on me bdae, they decided to postpone it! yay! love u too, ppd~ =D

newae, glad that examz over, but this laso meanz that we are another step closer to takin SPM. Which reali freakz me out.! hurrah for me! i didnt REALI depended on tips dis time! ugh~ see how my results will turn up then! hehe..

tomoro will be spendin me bdae with family, and andrew, since we din get to celebrate last year. =p then on wed and thurs wid frenz!! nesse is plannin on the games.. muahahha..gon be so farnie..

Sunday, September 25, 2005

mad nice Posted by Picasa

Cinderella Man

Just watched Cinderella Man a few hours ago.. damnnnn.. most def u'll be leavin the cinemas with a huge smile on ya face. this is def a feel good movie.. i seriously enjoyed the whole 2 hours..fightin scenes were mad nice too.. a rag to riches story, and its based on true events .. it cant get better than that .. i seriously recommend this to every1...
ohyea, i've got fz paper 3 tommorow.. no mood to study liao ...hehe.. i just dun feel the exam fever no more..dah sembuh i guess. =)
darling's birthday is comin soon liao..!!!!! 27 September!!! must plan on wat to get her la. havent really decided yet... i did think bout it, but just couldnt make any decisions YET.. hehe. i hate buying presents la, there's always that worry that the receiver wont like the gifts.. i know how it feels to get crap prezzies.. and there's no such thing as "its the thought that counts" that's just an excuse wen one cant find a good gift... believe me.. hehe
aite,imma go now..pc seems to be slowin down..ish
take care every1z...pz

Saturday, September 24, 2005


free liao!!! bebas!! hehe... nah, stil got 2 more days of paper.. but hu cares rite..??
darling's in jail now i think, visitin... cant believe they charge us Rm1 to another 'take our money ' scheme.. might as well go zoo see the animals.. prolly cost the same amount.. and zoo is also a jail wat, jail for animals.. u prolly find that both are preddy similiar.. both jails oso no captives wan... well, jb zoo got la..but they al tak gerak wan, so might as well assume got nuttin there rite..??
right now im kinda bored.. got nuttin to do.. prolly gon watch a dvd soon.. then i'll wait for dear to come back..impatient liao..hehe...
so fast gon be october ade... last year, around this time, i remember studyin like a mad fella tryina cover up all the form 4 syllabus. was hella crazy that time, cuz i was takin a honeymoon for the first half of the year and din really study much.. lolz..
how fast time flies... im aging... ish..

Friday, September 23, 2005


wow..its 2.15 am...
i have yet to sleep.. got exams in 5 hours + time.
its hella quiet rite now, with music playin from my speakers.. this is life eh..? stayin up late , burnin midnite oil ...
cant wait for the papers to finish tommorow, im already gon assume my trials have finished by then.who cares bout nxt week eh..?
kinda feelin tired right now..still got 1 more bab of sejarah to read..tryina cramp everything in.. stupid ppl set jadual, make both papers so far apart.1 week in fact... 7 days of not touchin sej again makes me forget every single
i wonder who's up right now.. no1's online i guess all arent as worried as i am la.. its onl sejarah 1 and moral afterall..silly me..haha
ohyea, my bro's goin back to India tmr.. yayzzzz!!! atleast i get to hog the internet line 24/7. fast time flies eh..? ive never really got the chance to understand the simple facts that im form 5 right aging..90% of the ppl i know right now, imma lose contact wid em in just a few months time... life is goin to be changin, school is gon end in 2 months or so..i doubt any1 of us really took time to sit down, and capture every single moment or events that have happened in our secondary school life.. it wasnt that bad durin UPSR, cuz i knew i was gon be havin the same batch of wackos with me.. its gon be different nxt year tho...damn... back to introducin myself..

"Hiez.. Im Andrew Choo...from JB.. I like to rap...I dont like to study .. Nice to meet yall "

Its gon be weird

Monday, September 19, 2005

post 198~ how come? i dunoe.. haha

read a few of our post last year, wen we started this bloggie in dec.. i rmber pesterin dear to come to my place to choose our skin bt it never happens, and this is the FIRST time after all the times our blog had a new skin , dear finally found wan. ahaa..

the 1st few post in jan were both of us comlainin bt out add mathz hw, bm hw and wakin up early and everything.. how i hope that i cud go back to those times now.. SPM is drawin nearer, and now we in the midst of our trials.. having english tomoro, plan to write a story again, hope we get a gd title!!

I oso read bt me complainin that sch aint good..hmm.. i cant rmber why.recently i realise or feel lke im losing frenz, i dunoe,but i dun wanna eleborate here but, i juz feel lonely, wonder y.. hmmz.. wanna thx lyn tho, esp for invitin me to sit wid her, i found a new good fren tt dae.. =)

sch gonna end tho, so its ok i gez. hm.. i still have dear.. =)

so anywae, hrmz.. nothin ade lar, gotta go back to fz.. tata!


Yall notice the new look..?? of course u do..hehe..
For the first time,i've actually changed the blogskin all by myself!! haha.. decided to give the blog a facelift, since the other one looked abit girlish.. i actually like this blogskin cuz it feels hella simple...there's no nid to be all fancy n stuff IMO.. just keep it to its basics...
bm test today was aite.. dunno how i did la..actually finished both my papers with bout 1 hour left.. crazy huh..?? was rushin myself the whole time cuz i usually dun hv enuff time durin bm...weirdddddd
ohyea, Liverpool drew ystd... one hell of a boring game..i dun really like the formation they're playin,with only 1 striker upfront.. not wat i fancy la...hehe
k..imma go take a nap nw..byez yall

Sunday, September 18, 2005

not so sexy now rite guys..?? but nice kicks tho Posted by Picasa

fergie from black eye peas.. eeewwww  Posted by Picasa


dah merdeka!!!!!!!!! or atleast sumtin similiar to that... ive already knocked down bio, chem , sej paper 2, and add maths.. so im left with a bunch of language subjects and physics.. 7 more days... sabar..sabar...
ah damn, tommorow got bm.. ive seriously never wrote a karangan for like,ages!! hopin that my mind stays active the whole time and doesnt run out of ideas...ish..
ohyea,for all yall who din notice... its 6.30 now.. i woke up at 6.30 a.m.. lol.. crazy life ainit...? duno why oso..cudnt sleep as soon as i heard thunder and i seriously thought my windows were shakin cuz of the strong winds.. cud just be my imagination tho..hehe..
i've got tuiton later at 9, and altho i feel its pointless cuz i hardly learn a thing there ( due to a bunch of factors ),atleast i can spend sum time with ma darling .. =)
aite, imma go play ps now.. lol.. u dun expect me to study rite..?? hehe..
ohyea, BEP got one new song.. 'My Hump' i think..gosh..i dunno it suppose to sound sexy or is she spose to sound iritating like gwen stef in Hollaback girl..?? i prefer them when they werent so commercial la, back when the chick belum join..heh..

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Post number 193 =D

Am studyin fz now.. hrm.. but im studyin reali reali slow, i gez i oni work hard under stress and pressure! imagine, i can finish bio and sej form 4 and 5 in a dae, but if im not stressed or anythin, i get v distracted and lazy so on.. hehe

Newae, daddy bought a vid camera! yay! haha, i wanted one since i was a lil gurl! =p spend soo much time on it, juz video-ing and takin pictures wid the cam haha.. i wanna take wedding pics for ppl next time, its gon be soo swweeet.. haha..
daddy will kill me if thats wt i wanna do in the future..

hrm, examz? well, call me stupid, but i dun wan tips! haha.. i reali wanna do a test, and see how i reali do u noe, so i can work harder ..wait spm no tips, then sure die lar!! been recieving tips, but i SWEAR i din reali study ikut it oni.. haha..hard to blif eh! forcing andrew not to cheat and read tips too.. haha..

todae is the mooncake festival Eve. =) so im goin to my grandmas place later.. then we're gonnna have bbq! haha, bringin over my form 4 physics to study..prolly hide in my grandmas room the whole time lar.. ahh!!! i shud be studyin now!!!!!!

Realise that i blog oni during exam periods. haha.. fangi and celine nv blog at all wan.. haha.. =)

wanna tanx grace too.. my nagger~~ so sweet of her to ask bt my examz! hhaaa..

Love u dear, mwarx, enjoy ur teriyaki chicken~!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


damn, i never thought i say this..but i gotta admitt, this trial exam is def takin a toll on me, even tho its just the third day.. wats worse is my college life is at stake rite here..ish..
nah, dun worry not stressed out... its just that mentally im dead tired..physically,i can go on and on.. how contrasting eh... lookin at the timetable itself is scary..


damn it, sej 2 is already gon take me hella long to read, and kimia is the sains bab which i hate the most.. and it so happens that the subject that i hate the most, has the most eksperimens.. ironic aint it..?lol

after this week than atleast i can take a lil easier.. Half of the burden gone liao by then..hehe..

aites,ive got add math tommorow.. gotta go practice now ..ish...
take carez yall n stay healthy,..

Monday, September 12, 2005

From left : YinYang, Ash n D3V...jbc kickin it Posted by Picasa

Dah lama

omg,its been like so long since ive last blogged..nasib i save my passwords on my pc, cuz ive totally forgot them.. had bio paper 2 todae.. damn it, all the tips not really tepat this time ,unlike setara.. this is def bad news ,cuz im highly likely to use this damn trial results to enter college..ish.. i duno wats the requirements tho.. prayin that the bar isnt set too high la..durin exam periods biasanya hp credit will terjun wan,cuz every1 msgin each other for my credit gon habis liao..ish..still wished they din set the jadual liddat la, they shudve put bm todae,then bi tommorow n atleast its not so packed mar.. this kinda jadual they set, we all students confirm die wan cuz wan study oso no time.. ive got a battle with add maths on thursday smore.. prayin that add maths does not chop off my head..
aites,i guess i'll stop bloggin here la.. gotta read read read!! ish..good luck to every1 ya, and thx to all those who've posted on the tagboard.appreciate it..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

hmm.. takin some time of me studies to blog.. thx to the ppl who 'layaned" me wen i complain bt my soo dead bloggie.. haha..! newae, trials is in a dae.. dun feel like sleepin, got no mood, tomoro is bio bio bio the whole dae.. plan to juz read read read.. =)) go dee!

todae was okae..studied erm..chemistry..and then did one add mathz paper.. the stupid answer sheet din show jalan kerja wan, oni for 1, 2 and 3 test.. the rest they juz put the answer iritating.

newae.. bt tips.. hm. haha.. i have some, but i dunoe hw true are they.. dun reali bother bt em this time, wanna see wer i reali stand then oni got semangat to study even more.. heehee.. *cross fingers*

well, i gez i shud stop here.,bio is waitin for me.. snifffff!

good luck to all spm trial students!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

chillin outside.. Posted by Picasa

spittin flames last thursday..freestyle session.. unfornutately,banlee blockin the camera from takin a shot of me (damnit).. but u know Posted by Picasa


decided to skip school today.. gotta rush on my preparations for trials... time is movin hella fast rite now.. almost every1 is feelin stressed out.. and wat have i been doin..? writin why, but it seems like i can write easily these days..maybe cuz it helps take my mind off things at the moment.who knows eh, the EP might not be that far away from release afterall..hehe..
its hella easy to write n record a song,thats fo sure..but im not tryina make songs,im tryina make hits.thats the prob right there, how do u know wheter its gon be a hit or not..its def hard to tell,as u have to put urself in the shoes of the public, not from a rapper's point of view,but from the public's eye.. People want club hits,ppl want love songs.. And altho thats all that be played on the radio right now, they tak rasa jemu ..
ohyea, watched Shooting Stars ystd.. There's one thng that i def dislike bout the series, which is the fact that character developements are hella slow. Every 2 weeks they focus on 1 character oni... ish. i tak suka Sly
but 1 cool thing is that they play their own songs durin the show.its like ,u can hear Sly's song on the background n stuff.and ive gotta admitt,that song of his really not bad wei, altho im not a fan..i prefer Taufik since his stuff are more towards the R&B genre..
anywayz..imma stop rite here as ive gotta continue wid my chem... pz

Monday, September 05, 2005

we were bored as hell..had to take a pic..  Posted by Picasa

picture aint that clear..but oh wellz me on the left.. fique from tehtarik, banlee and altimet from tehtarik.. Posted by Picasa


skarang gua nak taip dalam bm skejap kerana ujian bm dah nak datang,so gua kena latih sikit.. kat tuiton pun gua tak buat kerja Mr.Er... mati la kali ini..
skolah skarang bosan gila babi, banyak cikgu tak masuk. Pegi pun buang masa,takleh belajar. Kawan-kawan semua buat bising,main telefon, cakap pasal pompuan dan amoi, dan ada yang jalan keluar masuk, mungkin kerana buntut tak suka kena sandwich dengan kerusi.. kkk (ketawa keluar kuat = laugh out loud),bukan ku klux klan ar..
aihz.. gua study pun susah,ilmu tu macam sperma..otak gua macam ovum.. banyak gila babi ilmu nak masuk dalam otak,tapi tiap tiap kali,hanya 1 boleh masuk.. ilmu lain semua tak sempat masuk.memang ibanda sperma ya.. hehe
kla,gua stop kat semua mungkin dah bosan nak baca, dan saya pulak kena belajar.. chowz..

Saturday, September 03, 2005


the poster says its ladies night.. but last thursday felt more like a gay nite,seriously..haha.. there wasnt much heads in attendance, and i knew almost every1 there, which meant that very few ppl turned up for the event.
anywayz, i did enjoy myself there tho Teh Tarik Crew did come managed to snap a few shots with em and talk to them n stuff.. very down to earth fellas,nice bunch of people..haha..ohyea, i got to get on stage n spit some stuff too!!! lol..freestyle smore.. not bad eh..? will post the pics wen i get em, no worries..
right now im feelin kinda tired, still wan get some sleep.. its rainin smore!!! can the weather get anymore better for sleepin??!!?? but ive gots to keep my eyes open man... im just 50 % into my preparations for the trials i guess, and that def isnt good news.. must ponteng sch smore..lolz.
cant even find much time to blog smore, thats how busy ive been..i bet every1's prepreared already,cept i always have that feelin wen exams are approachin..its like im the only1 who doesnt know everything,whilst every1's brains are filled with bullshit knowledge.. yeap, thats wat i call knowledge..its true.. cuz MOST (not every1..i said most) people are regarded as smart just cuz they can remember everything in a book.. its just memory . wat if they're takin pills to enhance their memory. or wat if they buy those memory things that u see on tv,the ones that help u read quickly n stuff( i used to watch this program everytime i came back from primary school) lol..
i heard the gal that got 17 A1's in spm last year had smth like a picture memory too..dunno wheter is it true onot la..
k, i guess imma stop here..its lunchtime...pz..

the poster Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

dear said i shud blog..

hmm.. i miss u ade.. =(