Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just came back from the hospital for my last chest skill session. Am very worried about the swine flu virus going around! haha.
I saw a person having a bad flu on the bus when I came home alone and I panicked. I hope this virus stops spreading around! 
I just washed my bedsheets (just a little spot) and Im drying it on the heater now. The picture above shows all my soft toys and blanket. Now i have to wait for it to dry before I get to study. grr. 
So I take weird photos of myself on my bare naked mattress. 

Baby just came home. byebye! 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am a happy girl. I can eat anything I want now! =) No more swallowing rice drenched in soup. 
We celebrated with KFC. and then Indian food. and Coles caramel popcorn!  

I just realise that exams are again on their way. I cant believe I have been back at Uni for nearly 3 months already. It sucks!
I started to panic last night at my friends place. 

Have to jiayou d. Must stay up and study hard! 
I just decided to get a pet at pet society. *so slow right*
I want more coins! There are so many things I want to buy, but Ive got 900+ coins only... 

Study study now! 
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

But Nessy dosent know which one! hee

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Nessy is saying that the one still with us now is feeling very lonely. She doesnt do anything.
Sat still the whole time ! =(
Nesse say she very sam tong.
Baby Boo or Baby Bell. Please come home! Dont let the cats eat you =(

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have my usual ulcer attack again. =(
One of my left gum, one on my right tongue, and one which is the ultimate bitch. sigh. right at the side and it hurts everytime I swallow. even saliva lor!

So i finally googled how ulcers are formed.
The symptoms of a mouth ulcer depend on the cause but may include:
  • A round sore or sores inside the mouth
  • Swollen skin around the sores
  • Tenderness
  • Problems with chewing or toothbrushing because of the tenderness
  • Irritation of the sores by salty, spicy or sour foods
  • Loss of appetite.
A range of causes
Mouth ulcers can be caused by a wide range of factors including:
  • Accidental biting of the cheek.
  • Injury from a toothbrush (such as slipping while brushing).
  • Constant rubbing against misaligned or sharp teeth.
  • Constant rubbing against dentures or braces.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Burns from eating hot food.
  • Irritation from strong antiseptics, such as a mouthwash.
  • Oral thrush infection.
  • Herpes simplex viral infection (cold sore).
  • Reaction to certain drugs, such as chemotherapeutic agents.
  • Autoimmune diseases (for example, lichen planus).
  • Syphilis infection.
  • A range of other infections including hand-foot-mouth syndrome.
  • Certain diseases including tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes mellitus and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Cancer of the lip.
The cause of aphthous ulcers isn’t known
Around one in five adults suffer from recurring bouts of aphthous ulcers, which are mouth ulcers with no known cause. The tongue, gums or mouth lining can be affected. Crops of these tiny off-white ulcers tend to sprout during times of emotional stress or the menstrual period. This has led some researchers to suggest that aphthous ulcers may be caused by an immune system reaction, since the immune system is affected by stress and hormones. The underlying trigger may be a virus or an allergic reaction. Another name for aphthous ulcer is canker sore.

I hope its the last one! lol. I mean, I have been getting ulcers for like my whole life.
Ever since kindergarden. =(
And period is going to come soon. So it may just be aphtous ulcers Ive been getting!

So I had to keep the tomyam soup for another day ( i dont care! going to eat it for lunch with rice) and made myself some chicken porridge.
I think I make really nice porridge! Used chicken stock to boil the rice, add sesame oil, pepper and fried shallots.

Andrew didnt want porridge, but when I gave him a spoonful, he said nice.
Then when i ask for a refill, he came back with a whole bowl filled with porridge and said he fill finish it if i cant. =D

Also, I slept for 12 hours last night.. =) =) I couldnt take the throbbing pain from my mouth, and the headache that came with it. Pop-ped a panadol, and slept through the night like a baby.

oooh yeeaaaa

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dinner. Yumm

This is one of the best things Ive made ever since I started cooking on my own.
Claypot Chicken Rice - using the rice cooker of course!
Got the recipe from a cooking blog.

We had two dinners of this, and I absolutely loved every single grain of rice, chunk of chicken, and slices of lapcheong.
Bi loved it too! =)
Nessy, cook it okay!

I been busy studyingggg

Okay, dear basically uploaded most pics from her camera, put it all up, and left it to me to make a decent post. And after close to 3 weeks, here it is heh

Jason Mraz comes to Sydney

Okay, imma be perfectly honest. I drove down to Sydney, knowing only 2 of his song (until a friend told me he sang Remedy, which sounded familiar to me), I'm Yours (duhhhhhh) and Lucky. I think bi prolly knew half of most his songs, which isnt much better I reckon.

Reached Sydney round 4 plus pm, did bit of grocery shopping at this huge ass Asian shop which carries all the stuff you'd find in Malaysia. Grabbed a bite, and then drove to the venue, which was pretty packed lah. And suprise suprise, we were made to wait outside for close to 2 hours, just like any gig/concert you in Malaysia.. and i thought ang mohs were different. lol

And now, here's an even more honest statement. I left the concert actually digging dude's songs. His live performance is def much better then his CD, which says alot for any artist i think. Howevr, poor dear couldnt see much during the concert tho, cuz of her wise butt. As soon as the doors opened, we all walked in, and here comes her brilliant idea "lets go sit down at the sits facing centre stage'. got there, no seats were available, and by the time we reached the standing floor area, we were already 10 rows back. :P i still love you dear!

Yeap, so heres a few more pics from that day. i need to go study already, exams a month plus away. time for that coffee + tea + red bull + watever energy drink u can think off tonic.

My Easter Holiday

Easter Show 2009
I went with YueenMun, Cheryl n Suzie.
It was pretty fun! =) Lots of photos (mainly of the animals) and lots of money spent.
My favourite photos would be of the pigs that were displayed. I want a piglet!

My favourite picture! So cute ! Pinkish and small, and so huggable!

I even got to hug an Alpaca. I didnt want to touch it at first, because I was lazy to find a place to wash my hands, but the ladies in charge told me too. And I didnt want to offend them. hahaa
And Im glad I did! The alpaca was so soft and not smelly at all! Very tame. and I saw the owner cuddling and huggin it after we left.

My show bag this year was. Elmo Teen.
I found this bag was most practical as the others were too baby-ish and toddler-ish.
At least I got to use most of the stuff that was in the bag. =)
*sorry chelle. me wont copy u as big elmo fan* it was just the best bag out of the rest. =D
So for 22.50AUD. I got a bag, pens, shoe laces, sticky notes, photoframe, magazine holder, and a storage box thingy!

We reached Hamilton at about 1 or 2 in the morning, and baby fetched us back from there. Thanks bi. He has been an awesome driver. =)
The day ended with a 15 minute firework display which was one of the best Ive seen.
So pretty. =)
I bought Vernesse a HSM showbag, Kay a girls only show bag, and Andrew a WWF show bag! lol
he is to shy to use the backpack though. But imma force him. blek

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Guess what I made! haha. Normally Its doughnut shaped, but I didnt know how to make it. So sweet potato balls it is! We might have used too much sugar though. I had to shake off most of it.
Baby gave me the thumbs up! =)

I started alone first, because he had class. So I boiled the potatoes, took off the skin, and mashed it. Then I poured in flour. Mixed and kneaded till it becomes abit harder and less sticky.
Rolled it into balls and fry! My eyes were tearing and stinging for a bit. I was wondering why.

Then bi came home and when he came in, he opened the kitchen door to let some air in. When i turn to look, I found myself in such a hazy smokey kitchen! lol. no wonder my eyes were hurting so much!

I love these pictures of my parents =)
Too bad I lost my other CNY pictures. =( how can.
That was my going to be my last CNY for a long time.

I have this funny feeling in me.
Nothing is wrong, but I feel down, lonely ( bi is in class). hmm.
Im listening to an emo song. And I think I know why Im feeling like this.

I miss home.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

I made wantan! Together with Melanie. =) instead of putting pork, we used chicken.
So Zarina and company made nasi lemak for us, and we did this!
I was chopping, and chopping, and filling and frying from 6 till 8 okay.
And It tasted pretty good!
Everyone was complimenting us . hee

ps: Bi ask me to make some pork ones for him this weekend! hee. Because we only made 50 and there were 16 people tt day, we didnt get to eat much. sigh

Today went over to another house, for another round of nasi lemak!
Very yummy! My tummy is satisfied already.
They fried this sweet potato kuih. Super nice. I have some sweet potato at home, so I wan to try and make it.

We just woke up from an afternoon nap. Too lazy to cook so we're going out to eat.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is going to be a picture post! =)
I hurt my back yesterday, because I stupidly wore heels and carried to heavy bags into the other side of Uni. I had to skip lectures today =(
I have another one hour lecture tommorow before the holidays start! But its at the hospital. grr.
So lazy.
Anyway. Pictures!
This is my attempt at making Mee Hoon Kueh!
Haha. nolah. It was instant. I got it from home. =)
But I added chinese mushrooms, and veg, and ikan bilis to make it taste better!

This is the most sinful, yummiest, sweet, fattening thing ever! Banana caramel tart from Michel's. its sooo gooood... cream, with caramel, with banana.. hmmm..

I snapped this picture today on the way to Jesmond. So nice! I tried again and again, but couldnt get this effect.

I have been watching a few of my all time favourite movies! =)
Enchanted, and Star Dust! hee.

Loved it when they start dancing, and he sang to her. Such a lovely song to dance too. I cried so much when she was about to leave! =(

EARTH HOUR!! okay, i cheated because I had my little table lamp light on. But that was because bi was only around for the last 3o minutes of earth hour. It would have been pretty scary if it was pitch black alone rite. We had cornetto ice cream!

Last Saturday, my friends ask to me join them for a netball game. I said okay, but it the end I was the only non-malay tt day! lol. 20 of them came for the game. impressive! I played center, WD and GK. and surprisingly, i enjoyed being GK the most. not so tiring.
But my team lost twice, won once, drew once. lousy!
My new nikes. and my 99cents socks from giant.

And oh yes. I am loving my MacBook millions. =)
ps:// im wearing shorts in tt picture k!

And this is the skirt I bought for 60Aud. am thinking bout wearing it to the concert! =)