Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its 2.43 am.
I just finished season 3 of OC. so slow, i know! Started with Season 4 ade.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Its been 2 years since I celebrated CNY, and things have really changed!

I guess because everyone is growing up, and Im becoming more and more anti-social. yawns.

its been 5 days since I saw u. I miss you alot. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dating for a 5 year old couple.

Guess what we did today! =) Going out for 5 years already, we seldom go on exciting, fun dates. Our days out together consist of makan-ing, window shopping, and if Im lucky, a movie! lol

Dear brought me out to do some shoppin at Kerrys, then I wanted to get some ice kacang because I was so thirsty, but he brought me to play Archery and Bowling! lol
I had so much fun! hehe. I was kicking my baby's ass loh!

Archery was alright, but quite hard to shoot. Hand hurt alot after that. =(

Bowling Balls! =) I was kinda shocked when he agreed to go for bowling, I remember him telling me he hated it.
I actually have a picture of our scores, but he said I cant put it up. Coz I beat him!! heee

I had alot of fun today.
We finished Heroes, managed to get OC season 2 on dvd, bought bedsheets, played bowling, archery.
Im gona miss you when u go back this Monday. Its silly because I will be seeing you in two weeks. But I still miss you every single second when you are not in sight. =)
On a rather random note...
BIG MISSION : I have this baby ulcer growing on the right side of my bottom lip, and I
am not going to allow this to ruin my CHINESE NEW YEAR.
Painful eating? Swollen lip? NOOOO!!!
SALT, COFFEE POWDER? i will do anything to stop this little bugger from growing!!! =(


Ski-ing was super fun!
Tour guide brought Kay and I to another slope which was even more steep!
I must say that it was one of the worst experience ever. Worse than roller coaster lor.
I was going down sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast, and I couldnt slow down, so the only way to stop the descend was to purposely fall down. haha. It was seriously damn scary! But I went on it three times lah. hahhahaa.
Kay on the other hand never made it down the slope. lol. she fell right into the nettings on the left. And I think the second time she tried, she gave up half way and walked down the slope.
I miss the snow!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Korea 2008

Its been a year since I visited Korea. Was browsing through the pictures with my family again yesterday, and I remembered how much fun I had there! I really didnt want to go back at that time. Shopping, food, weather, scenic views, I LIKE!

Some of the pictures I took in Korea. I thought they were pretty nice pictures! =)
Ive finished watching Little Nyonya! Its damn saddening lor. Everytime I watch it, my heart feels so heavy because Juxiang and Yueniang, and Yuzhu, and basically everyone good had a terrible life! grr
Dear is coming tomorow to finish Heroes, then we'll probably go to Kerrys to do some last minute CNY + Newie shopping.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I finally gotten my laptop back from some random shop Andrew found in JJ.
RM1250 GONE!
stupid motherboard thingy.
But my lappie is faster now, so no complainin there.

So I woke up around 6.30 this morning, to bath and get ready coz I was going to accompany my mum and Vernesse to the hospital for her annual check up. We waited 4 hours =(
But it ended well because everything looks fine! So Nessy dosent need to go back to visit the doctors nemore. hee

Came home, and soon after, my dear Boyfriend drove to my house to watch Heroes.
We watched like 4 episodes and he went back around 4.30 to beat the jam. -.-"

Funny story!

Bi called me when he reached home
Apparently, he left the CD's on his carroof, coz he wanted to put the cookies at the back, and then clever Bi drove off! with the CD'S UP THERE! lol

So I had to walk out and help him find lor.
I kept laughing and giggling to myself. hahahahaha. silly boy!
Lucky for him, they fell down while he was at the junction very near to my house. So I picked them up, went back into the house and called him to laugh at him again.

Sigh. Dear. Always there to do something silly to make my day. =)

Mum bought Little Nyonya for me! So Ive been watching and watching these past few days.
Already at episode 18! =D

Less than a week

-Liverpool just drew 1-1.. knnccbpkm.. spoil my day dy-

Will be leaving for Oz coming monday, which means I have less than a week left. All in all, I've been back home for round 2 months, which I feel is too damn short, compared to everyone else in Australia who start late Feb/early March.

Looking back, hollies have been enjoyable, to say the least. Family made a trip to Japan, friends made a trip to penang, and I've been seeing dear like a bunch of times every week. =) We've only stepped into the cinema twice tho, watching Yes Man and Ip Man. sads. Dear doesnt like to watch movies with me anymore i thinks.

Trying to think how to enjoy the next few days to the fullest. Can i not sleeps? go out everyday? atleast watch all the new dvds you have? Atleast get some new year shopping done tho I wont be around for new year? Add the fact that I dont even know if i'm coming back during the June/July break.. We'll see how that goes.

I reckon I should get a little bit of sleep now. Will be going over to dear's place in a few hours time to try and finish our 10 episodes of Heroes -season 3 that we have on dvd.


Friday, January 09, 2009

Singapore Trip

The main reason we went to Singapore was to get baby his Zoom Kobe IV smth smth shoe! We walked SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far to look for this particular shop. 5 nike shops, and only one had his shoes. Grr. Being the good girlfriend, I accompanied him, and up til now, my legs are hurting! hmph.

Well, at least he got his hands/or feet on these precious babies! haahaa. I must admit they look pretty impressive lah! we chose the purple and white ones coz my boy is classy like that. haha (as if)
Finally, after we got the shoes.. we went shopping for my stuff! Budden I couldnt find anything i liked, and so i went home with only 3 nike water bottles. Always wanted a small pink one, and I finally found it! for 6.80 sing smore!

We reached Marsiling at 3.30 to wait for his daddy to bring us home. Its nice travelling in and out of Singapore in a nice comfy car. =) Normally its all crampy in our CRV, or sweating in buses.
I get the whole back seat for myself leh!
us at Orchard Road
Us at the Heeren, or was it Hereen?

Us at some water fountains! lol

Us in the MRT, i wanted to take a picture of our reflection, and he was saying No! other ppl wll think we are taking their picture and they wont like it! blablabla

I enjoyed myself alot! Tho I wished I could do smore shopping. . hmph
chelle is better shopping partner.
cant wait to see u on the 12th and give mel our present! heeeeee

love u bi! heee

My Family

I love my crazy family.
I cannot imagine living this life without anyone of them.
A few pictures I found in my mums laptop!!! hahaha
This is what happens when u have an inbuilt webcam tt allows u to take photos of urself! unlike my stupid HP, which just got admitted to the lappie hospital. hee

I love you all.
Dont Kill Me. hahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHahahahahha blek

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Chinese New Year is a few weeks from now!
I helped mummy with the decorations today, haha. We went out to get some new decorations and now our house is very RED lor!
Mum loves decorating the house, and soon the car would be filled with cny tunes ade. noisy noisy.

So its a new year, 2009.
Scary how time flies..
Looking forward for another fun +stress filled life in Australia. Hopefully this time, we do some travelling! yes baby?

Oh yeah. We have a new pet hamster! Baby Bells. haha
shes very adorable, esp when she sleeps! When she curls up into a ball of fluff and such! haha
But she seems to be drinking very litttle water lor. how!
Baby bells has a very cute home. With a small house and a huge slide plus a wheel.

Ok, i think i shall go play with her. =p

Friday, January 02, 2009

Japan 08

These are the long overdue pics from my Japan trip. There really wasnt alot of pics with me innit tho, since I was too caught up worrying bout exam results. Sorrie that the pics are pretty big in size, but you shud blame it on Streamyx or maxis broadband or whatever you use.

Arriving in Tokyo. At first I thought I would play macho and just put on 1 jacket.

Okay, maybe should put another layer of sweater on.

And then must put hoodie up too. Basically I had a tshirt on, 1 jacket over it, and then another jacket. In order to redeem my machoness, there I was eating an ice cream altho it was so damn cold.

Japanese food. Didnt think i was gonna like it, but oh shiznits, im addicted to sticky rice and tempura!

The signature Universal Studio globe thing.

I thought this ride was quite a waste of time, considering the 30 mins queue. This was Jaws btw. Must respect the Japanese tho, they had this guy to play the captain of the boat for every ride mar, and then he has to keep pretending to be shocked everytime Jaws appear and act all enthusiastic trying to shoot it down.


Me praying to pass everytime I was brought to a temple in Japan.

Yes, more sticky riceeeeee..
Mount. Fuji, covered with snow. This was the scenery from where we had our breakfast. I thought I was gonna be able to go pretty high up, but in the end...

This was the closest I got to seeing snow.. sighz.. Bus driver said its too dangerous to go so high up.
This really felt akward! quite hard to walk in this wei, must like, take small steps in order to not expose myself.

Hiro Nakamura.

The new Nissan Fairlady. Once you convert it, it costs only about Rm150k in Japan. Ok, not only la, 150k is still a huge amount. But over here, its prolly gonna cost more than 400k wei..

A great dane we saw on the street. This guy was sort of 'showing off' his dog la, standing there in the middle of the street liddat, with a HUGE crowd surrounding him. prolly felt like a star or sumin.. lolz
Thats about it, a quick summary of Japan 08. Ohyea, a happy new year to everyone, and hopefully this year is gonna be good for you peoples. 08 sure flew by fast, with alot of memorable moments, including having my tooth chipped off thanks to dear's muscular arms! heh. Cheeers!
Last thing, theres a new pet in dear's house! I'll let her blog about it! heh. Love you lots bi!