Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have you ever sat down and thought about what kind of person you are..?

Whether you are the girl or boy that everyone loves or hates..

Whether peole actually think you are a nice person..

Or are they cursing and bad mouth-ing you, behind you back?

I was feeling really upset today, and all because of words that I didnt want to hear..

I thought I deserved better.. I thought I needed to be treated like a queen.

I took a long bath and thought about how I was treating people around me.

How the things I said could change a persons life.

There is this special someone in my life who I feel has turned out different because of what I used to say to her.

I feel guilty ..

But things can go better, and I promise her I will try.

I dont think I have been very mean to anyone. But I have not been the best either.

Ive seen so many backstabbing, bad mouthing, and bitching. And Im so scared that I would find out one day about how people bitch about me!!


Just ignore my "blabberings."

Everyone has their bad days...

Im such a bad person. =(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Woke up really late again today..

Nesse wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies today, but it didnt turn out really nice.. hehe Have to ask my godmother for the recipe tomorow!

I made dinner today with the help of nessy and kakak. We made lasagne! Lucky I decided to add some macaroni because the lasagne sheets werent cook when i took it out coz the cheese was already browning..

But other then the hard lasagne sheets, everything was just yummy. =)

I have been trying to exercise regularly now a days..

I have suck weak stomach muscles!! I cant do a sit up, or lift my two legs up at the same time while lying down without shouting. haha.

Need to improve! hehe. Will plan out an exercise schedule..Maybe dear can come to my house to exercise together too!

I changed the blogskin because I wanted something really simple after having really "colourful" blogskins.. Its not the best, but its simple! and I like it! After all, I can just go to deviantart and get a new picture whe im bored of this one..

Baby is studying really hard for exams now..Gambatteh! Less than a week before your first paper.. I have been a really good GIRL too! Dont bug and whine at him so often d.. =)

I think I want to sleep early tonight.. Yawns.. Been a while since I woke up at 8.30am.

13 more days till I see him again..

Monday, October 29, 2007

1 more week to exams. Two more weeks till Im home.. hmmmm, should I smile or feel farked up?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thanks to Michelle, XinYu, Esther and Zhiven for the wishes. =)

This weekend was fun fun fun. =) We went shopping, steamboat-ing, japanese buffet-ing, and nessy went for her first camp at Ulu Tiram! All of us were so scared and worried about her, but she did fine, and she really enjoyed herself. I drove to her sch to pick her up, and I made a big mistake, which resulted in daddy nagging at me for quite a while.
Well, what can I say? Thru all this mistakes I made, I learnt to be more observant and careful on the road. Lucky that God has been taking care of me, and huge thanks to the patient drivers who never start horning and scolding me for making mistakes. =) God bless them =) heee
Influenced by my sisters friends father who keeps saying god bless you to us coz we had Natalie over while her dad was a little busy. hee

Nessys friend said *Hi Auntie!" to me when she came into the car?!?
Guess its because she pressume its my mum coz I was driving. lol. Lucky i diden scare the girls while driving back. It was peaceful. Mum was so fierce when I didnt noe which road to take back from school. Sigh. She called me stupid. =(

I made this really good dessert on Friday! It taste exactly the same like Vivos volcanic chocolate. hehehe. =) Kay kay helped me with this desert. very nice...
Now Im making biscuits.. first time! Nessy wanted to make some because her exams are over and she's free!

Ate so much for dinner today.. at Shogun. I can feel all the food churning inside my tummy now. Poor intestines. Have to work extra hard tonight..

Its gonna be the end of october! Whee!

I hate my blog template now. haha. its so messy and horrible. I want a new one!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy 4 years!

goddamn, short hair.. I doubt my hair will be in such lengths anymore.. I like it long at the moment. Maybe I'll just go bald.. hmmmm

Happy 4 years biiiiiiiii :) Somehow, I feel that each year seems to be getting shorter, and we seem to be gettin older much faster. I thought the past 3 months ++ would be a living hell, but I guess we've both been coping pretty well. Another 2 weeks or so before Im back, and I definitely cant wait. Anyways, in the past year we have had:

i) lotsa quarrels, but none that were too major and nothing that we couldnt get thru
ii) the chance of living together, cookin meals and all
iii) lots more fun times (reptile park, KL trip)
iv) learn to understand each other much better
v) list goes on and on.. lets pretend that I dont know roman numbers. heh heh

No matter how cliche it is, you have been a great friend, and an even better girlfriend. Wait, is it suppose to be the other way? hmmm, doubt it. Hopefully everything continues to be smooth sailing.

Once again, cheers to us and these 4 years.

Friday, October 26, 2007

27th October =)

4 years ago...

My childhood sweetheart asked me *or rather the floor* to be his girlfriend. =)

Belonging to you has been one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

4 years later..

Here we are celebrating our 4th year together on the webcam. lol

*mostly my fault. =p*

Baby.. I thank you for every single thing that you have done for me..

Although we have our quarrels.. and you and I can be a pain in each of our ass's.. hehe

Deep down, I know that this quarrels only happen to strengthen our relationship.

We have been through alot.. and recently the 4 months of seperation...

It wasnt easy, but it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. And I want to thank u, for being so patient and for allowing the webcam to be on every second you are home. Not many guys would do that.. so xie xie. =)

Although you dont shower me with gifts, dont whisper sweet nothings and dont spoil me all the time.. I still love you so much and yalar, we are so "over" that stage lor.. hahahahaha
kidding. =)

onelifeonelove, our pledge to each other. =)

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY DARLING! *God noes what sign we're doin* hehe. we need more photos baby! I like this picture tho.. We're both wearing shirts that we bought each other! hee

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Andrew and I played this game.. where I would draw somethng first, and he had to continue to draw something that would change what the drawing was.

First up, I drew a crown!
Andrew then drew... a ghost!!

So I used my wonderfully creative brain to draw a butterfly. and andrew drew the round thing on the butterfly, and said it was and... EARING. -.-"

Last but not least, I won!! by drawing the butterfly into an afro singer with funky clothes. haha.
I got no mood to blog now a days. sigh. probably due to the "tai tai" life I have been livin for the past few months.

But now i gt things to blog about!! =)

My Hair
I didnt dare to dye my hair, so I highlighted it instead.. copper streaks lor.. It isnt really obvious right now, but according to the hair dresser, it will become lighter after a few washes. But right, he cut of my curls. =( 50% of my curls lor!! Im only left with two bunch of curls. lol.. so sad..
I woke up the next day feeling so upset and depressed, because.. well.. i love my curls..!! =(
But the new hair style, which is alright i gues.. not much difference on the outlook, but it is really much thinner, and the hair on the back of my head is rather short lor. I dont mind this hairstyle lar.. because its much neater too! =)
Mum dyed her hair darker brown and kay straighten her hair.. the three of us spent quite ALOT . hee. but only girls like chelle, with sooo many girls in their family will really understand how "painful" it is for our daddies when we go for hair appointments. hee

I made brownies the other day! Was the first time I made them... and they were a success! Woohoo! Half way through, the lightbulb in my oven went off. So we had to use the huge torchlight to make sure the brownies didnt turn black! lol My godmother taught me how to make Marble Cake, so I might make some tomorow.. But poor nessy is having a little food poisoning, and she has to stay away from the dairy products. Come to think of it, I stll dont know why we have to avoid milk and "santan" when we have diarrhoea! Still not very sure about the spelling too. hee.

Recently, my mummy has lost a LOT of weight.. Its good for her since it is healthier, but omg. she has become one of the vainest person i know! haha. So anyway. Melissa said something about the different conversations we use to have while growing up,and I couldnt agree more.
For example, when we were in..
Form 1 - We constantly spoke of the seniors we admired. haha. omg, it was like suddenly everybody was a little lesbian if you ask me. I guess that was the time where we had a chance to discover ourselves. HAHA. too see wether we prefered the girls... or the guys. lol.. =p
Form 2 - boys boys boys. bitching bitching bitching
Form 3 - boys boys boys, bitching bitching bitching PMR.
Form 4 - BOYS! who is dating who. bitching. addmaths. =(
Form 5 - Bitching, boyfriend troubles, bitching. and a little bit of dirty jokes. SPM

College - when what we see in movies come true... hehe. BITCHING!
University. - Come to think of it, the few times I went out with my girls this year.. we spoke mainly about young marriage, sex, having families, the size of erm -manhood according to race. haha.. and oh ya. bitching! sigh. girls.

Im not sure what we will be talking about in the future.. but this is probably what we are gona talk about when we're 40 plus. *thanks to the conversation my mum had with my auntie.*

mum: i dont want to slim down already, I go to the beauty salon because I want to firm my stomach. I got excess of skin because of giving birth.
auntie : cannot be worse than me la, i got alot stretch marks on my tummy. *gets up , pulls her shirt and shows her tummy*
mum : ehh, i also got ok! When i was pregnant i was sooo fat. you see! *pulls up her shirt too*
auntie : but hoh, my legs no stretch marks wan leh. still very nice * pulls her shorts*
mum : mine still got, thats why have to go for firming.

and then they proceed to insult all the fat people in the world. haha. including my poor soon to be cousin in law who is going to get married in a month!

Girls, Can you imagine us like that! = )

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I wan to die my hair!! =(
I feel like dying my hair dark brown, but Im scared it wont be nice on me..
And I like my black hair.. lol.. sigh.
Guess I will have to stick to high-lighting lar. Mum mentioned wether I want to do my hair with her tomoro or not. But see first lar. Scared! lol.

My oven came a few days ago..and its really nice and erm, new! hee.
I made banana cake, and raisin butter cake d! Today we even went to this shop to get baking stuff! lol.. sisters each bought a mould for cookies. Kay got a guitar and nessy had a shooting star. But the thing is, I dont know how to make cookies yet!

Ive been so bored recently, I think I had enough of this bodoh life Im living.
Enough of this boredom man! I really cannot take it lor. I want to study! booohooohoooo =(

Its so boring I got nothing to blog about, and Im too lazy to take pictures now.
Gee. I think it would be better if I just sit on my bed, play pacman on facebook while rotting away. Btw, my pacman score cant seem to reach 30 000, and Im so pissed off lor! I mean, I play like 10 times a day, but haih. keep losing. stupid ghost lar, keep cornering me.

I wanted to start playing my nintendo, but I cant find the (sis)charger and I dont have an international adapter for my aussie plug.
I wanted to take nice photos with my camera, but I cant find the adapter for my camera charger, so I cant charge it.

haih. moral of the story = keep ur things properly!! =(

23 more days 23 more days 23 more days.

liverpool won!!! hehe. all because of the beautiful liverpool banner I drew for Bibi
I realise that Im blogging random stuff in my entries. Should learn to blog more pro-ly!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Agony of defeat

The English national team are now most likely not gonna appear in Euro 2008, after their failure to win (or even draw) in Moscow. This means not appearing in the 2nd biggest competition, only behind to the World Cup.. Thats quite unthinkable for me ar, especially when you consider the calibre of the team and players they got. Well, atleast Im not a huge fan of England as I am of Liverpool, but then I guess they must've played shittyly. I went to sleep during half time when they were 1-0 up, and I woke up only to find out they lost 2-1. lol. I must've been a good luck charm then. Will take note

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The past few days have been tiring for me. =( Being the very free person I am now, I usually wake up at 10, or 8.30 if I have work. But it has been 7.40am for the past mornings, tts coz one of the nurses balik-ed kampung.! Felt really tired and sleepy.. But lucky for me , this little torture is over! Im free till next week! mwahahaha.

So anyway.. FINALLY... mum and dad brought me "Wong Radio" to buy an oven! whee! Finally!Ive been baking cakes with the pathetic little oven toaster, but now i got an oven! hee.
So excited that I went to look at recipes on cakes, biscuits, bread.. and the recipe book mum got which we can finally use. =)

Its th 17th already! three more days and it'll seem very close to 31st, and that would also mean my baby is coming home!

Life is so mundane. sigh.
me go nothing to blog about. and when u have nth to blog about except food. u noe that "its not good!" nvm nvm, 26 more days before my life wil be exciting again, with the family, friend, and boyfriend plans!! =)

oh yea, due to my cooking frenzy,
My dad told me that mum said "She better get back to school soon before she wants to change her course"

sigh. mums.

ps: I smiled alot too,while reading your post dearie. and I cant wait to drive u around too! kekeke. but the rule when im driving is. " DONT TALK , no music, no distractions!"
my sisters obey these rules k! probably because they are really scared la!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


In less than a month time, I'll be back home, in my room thats air conditioned, a car to use during the afternoon and nights, mamak food, chinese food, Astro, and of course.. the presence of her. yes yes, for those that dont know, I should be touchin down @ Singapore on the 12 next month, and I'll be home for approx 3 months or so. None of that 2 weeks break that I had on June, this is that real summer wan. gyeaaa..

Dear & I have been makin plans on what we gon be doin, and Imma let her be my chauffer this time round, during occasions when I got no car to use lar.. And Im lookin forward to seeing how she drives =D

Exams are just round the corner now, and Im trying to cut down on sleep as much as possible. My sleeping times now are like, 2am , and wake up round 8 during weekdays. Yea, I know this doesnt sound like much if you're in Malaysia ar (when Im in sec school my sleeping pattern oso liddat wan), but then when you get older sleeping becomes more precious. trust me. lol

Ohyea, have i told yall bout spring yet? Hmmmm, to sum it up.. Spring is hot (almost malaysia-like) and has alot of insects, bugs and what nots flying/crawling/biting around. Serious weh, the flies here are so big rite, that i can even hit them consistently when I wave my And they just stick to you when you're walkin wan, as if you're a shit or smth. And no, its not cuz I smell or anything, everyone else has been complaining about it too. Besides that, got alot of moths too, and the ones over here are huge ass!! i think ive killed round 6 over the past 2 weeks or so, cuz they somehow found their way into the kitchen and living room, and started to iritate me. lol.

Okayy, i wanna study smore. pz

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woke up late, just in time for lunch at my grannies. Had prayers for my very late grandfather.
I never met him though.. Grandad passed away when mummy was.. 10 years old? I cant really remember..

Came back home, and was really, really tired, but didnt want to sleep, coz sleeping in the afternoon means realy realy late nights, and I have to be in the clinic at 8.30! So I begged mum to go get coconut milk, and I made Pengat Pisang!
For the first time, I squeezed out the santan by myself.. =) Was very tedious.. but everything was fruitful, because at the end.. my pengat pisang was very "laku"!
Dad ate 3 bowls! hee.. I also saw how sago was cooked today.. i love sago! hehe..
In case you all dont know, Pengat Pisang is a malay desert.
Made by mixing santan,banana, gula melaka and sago!

Then we had dinner smwer near JJ. Steamboat n "hanamasa=ing" hehe
we still call it hanamasa coz Hanamasa was the first place we went to that has this "frying" thingy. I ate soo much! Prawns, pork, fishball, chicken... But funnily, I didnt feel full at all..

Came back, and realised that i have to bake cakes for my godparents tomorow. *yawns* am on my 2nd cake now..

Sleepy. *yawns*

another day passes by..

to him : sorry couldnt tuck you to bed today.. I love you! and yea, ur arms are my home too. =)
maybe second home lah . =p

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today was so tiring. =(
Us sisters decided to make dinner for my parents today. So we went to Tebrau City for lunch, and to get groceries for later.. Bought heaps of stuff and off we went to work.

Todays Menu
Creamy Chicken
Potato Salad
Spanish Egg

omg.. the amount of work to do was HORRIBLE. and the oni adult around was. erm. ME?
my maid went to Holiday Plaza to d some shopping.. and mum was with Aunty Chris signing up for this facial programme. So i was just US 3..
It was really, 2 gruelling hours in the kitchen, that by the time dinner was served, my eyes were already half opened.

But dinner was good! Mum and dad were really proud of us. So yay! =)
These recipes were taken from a book my godma gave me yesterday.. hehe
Oh yea. Celine wanted the recipe for the curry puffs right?
Its just
-tomatoes, onions and garlic (chopped up)
-chicken ( diced)
fry the onions, garlic, then the chicken. Next add the tomatoes.. then just add curry powder, and salt and pepper to taste! =)
You can make ur pastry urself, but I just bought mine from Giant. hee.
Pastry Puff k! I always tot i could use pohpiah skin.nv knew it was different.
then bake it in ur oven! oh yea, before u put it in the oven..
Seperate eggyolks, and beat. And just spread some onto ur pastry just before goin into the oven.
there. easy. =)


Tomorow, we're going to try to make Pengat Pisang. my fav fav fav malay desert!! =)
Bought all the ingredients..first time buying gula melaka and sago....
So kinda excited... hee

God. Im turning into a housewife..

oo. I was being such an idiot. It wasnt fooble that wasnt working for me. I wasnt even using Fooble? lol.. its actually shout smth right... Anyway, its working now, so i'll just take off cbox when im free..

Okie, getting tired. toodles. =)

30 more days!! (squeals!!)
im more excited than he is. bluegh . so shud change it to
30 more days!! till I get my krispy kreme!!!!!

Busted Trying To Look Up Girls Skirt - Watch more free videos

Can you say WTF

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Im super duper happy today. =)
Mum, kay,nessy, and I went shopping!!!
I bought lotsa stuff.. Bought 2 polo shirts,(black and orange)and a knee length shorts from Body Glove. Bought a pair of high heels from Summit. And denim shorts from.. cant rmb.
hee.. We were brought to this "secret room" to get our dvds. Was pretty scary, and I started feeling sick because the room was so damn small and stuffy. Lucky the lady turn on the fan for me. Got loads of movies, but Bi wants me to wait till he comes home.. which will be in 32 days! =D. *Cant wait cant wait cant wait*

Oooh. the best thing? I started driving on the road already. Drove to the clinic.. then to both my granny's house.. Drove from sigs.. hee. But Im not really alert about my surroundings. So Im slowly learning to look at all my mirrors!! Mum says Im improving though. wee!

Im hoping dad will bring us for a short holiday this raya. But Vernesse has her year end exams, and knowing Miss Nessy, she'll probably have her whole holidays book with daddy for revision.
So, sigh.

America's Next Top Model Finales tonight! Kay told me who was going to win, and I m so angry! The winner is always the person Im less fond of. except for Naima! hehe

Played with photoshop last night.. teehee. I know im suppose to be studying and all.. But im getting so lazy... sigh. I NEED THE MOTIVATION! GRR.
I cant see my fooble, thats why I put up a new tagboard. So do tag yea people!

omg. You know how public toilets everywer in Malaysia is like ew right.
Today was major EW, coz I chose a squatting toilet bowl, and while i was doin my business, I saw one thick hair on the floor. At least that was what i thought it was be. Guess what it was??
A freaking worm!! It started moving, and I was really shock coz what is a worm doin in the toilet! It really looked like an earthworm I think.. But it could be a worm which came out from someones shit and managed to climb out of the bowl or smth. Was so gross out. I dont like public toilets.... ='(

Alrighty, pictures later k

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My life is so monotonous that the only things interesting to blog about is my presents! Not that people care lah. =(
This years pressie's are countable, even with the number of fingers i have!
But no complains no complains. Big girl ade =)
But still, having to celebrate my birthday with my family, and friends were really the best present this year. After all, if nth goes wrong with my course again, I wouldnt be able to spend my birthday with them for a long while!

Daddy gave me a camera last year. This year, i got a watch from him!
An O.D.M mysterious v watch!
Every diff colour has a specific sentence, word or picture. Mine says.
"I LOVE LUXURY" lol, which disgusted my godparents alot. lol.
I realise im into "bling bling"'s lol.. You should see my camera. hee

Next pressie, a sexy red bag from Kimberly and Juivy! Thank you girls. =) Very, very suitable for Chinese New Year! or a nice white tube dress hoh!

My "Be Chim" gave me a v nice crop jacket

My favourite part of the jacket! Like from Ms Whatever.. hehe

Chelle Chelle gave me a starbucks mug! I wanted to get it for myself.. but chelle said she 'll pay coz she didnt buy me anything yet. hehe.

Last but not least, the dress baby bought me, which fitted me perfectly. =)

Ive been sleeping so much now a dats. eye bags still so ming xian!!!
oh, i got presents for my sisters too.
kay bought me a headphone.. hehe, and nesse bought me a rm2 neck rest. u see lah. this ppl. hahaha
and i got a very very nice homemade photoframe from sarah!! =)
I know I am suppose to blog more often as its my hollidays, but then again, what do you want to hear from me besides the usual complain of the stresses, monotony, and hot weather of Newcastle? I know everyone uses that as an excuse (the "my life so boring and nothing to blog about " one), but then again, this time its the 100% truth.

Hmmm, on another hand.. some SOB kanena mother fuck till the asshole pain lanciau kena potong ( if its a guy) clit fallin off (if itsa girl) hacked into dear's MSN account not too long ago. I have no idea whats the reason behind it, as it seems like the victims are picked at random. I will definitely fuck the fella up if I know who he is, but then this is the internet, and shit like that happens. I've done some reading on hotmail hackin, and it seems like its something thats very hard to achieve. SUPPOSEDLY, the security system should be pretty good. But then how come so many ppl kena hack liao.. Sighz. A similar incident happened a few years back, but then Im not sure who the fella was back then, and whether its the same one. And g-mail and yahoo seem to experience less of such problems, so maybe I'll shift my primary account over to gmail ar. Considering it.

Anyways, Im off to prepare dinner. See ya then.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I got hacked!! My is officially erm, hacked. lol
And the funny thing was, when I wanted to change the password, my secret question was In a weird language. So I couldnt do nething.
Then later, Kimmy told me the person told her he was from Turkey, and he couldnt speak English.. (?!?)
And when I told andrew about it, he said my secret question is turkish!!
Kheng Wei just chatted with me and she said.

Wish upon a star says:
Wish upon a star says:
desire hello
upon a star says:
how are you desireoh oh. this means that the hacker hacked her account now!! and he recognizes
my name. oh shit. =( its so scary...he is like a ghost =( because thats what he
calls me. Desire. the first time when i got it from a girl, he called me desire,
then he used Desire again with kim. But lucky i blocked khengwei d, and khengwei
keeps signing in and out. So its obvious d. So stupid of me to use Desiree as a nickname!! ahh and my pm. sorry i got
blocked. blah. stupid me. I HATE TURKISH PPL.
Some people get to visit many countries on their numerous holidays. Me? I've only visited Thailand twice, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. =( But I might be going to Korea this Chinese New Year! So Im really looking forward to that. Dad said he is also going to bring us to South Africa! lol! Sounds pretty interesting.. My mums friend visited S.A a few weeks ago, and she said its really nice. She went for this "REAL" safari. Its like, u really go into the desert to look at animals!

I'm 19, and I have never been for a night safari!! grr. Its my all time dream lor. But nobody wants to bring me, and my parents say you cant see anything anyway. hehe. But still! Its like an experience mah. I realise I havent really explored Aussie alot, and I stayed at home instead of being outgoing.

One of my New Year Resolution will definitely be to explore Aussie more, and get involve in as many activities as possible! I want to go sand boarding, I want to ride my bike to the city, I want to swim in the sea. I want to go horse riding! =)

I was in a bad mood yesterday, but feeling much better already. I think my annoying friend is coming to visit, which explains the everychanging moods im having.

oh. the channel I was talking about in my previous post is channel 733. Discovery Home and Health. I watched tt channel till 3am k. Watch a bit of animal documentary too.

Mum will be coming home today!! Miss her.

ToodlesDoodlesNoodles. (?!?) my favourite word today

Saturday, October 06, 2007




Friday, October 05, 2007

Woke up today, and waited for the postman to arrive, but no surprises for me today. =( *pouts* Decided to cook something special for dinner tonight, because I was kinda sick of my maids cooking. haha. Its always the same dishes!!! And i dident enjoy the last few meals..

So I made spaghetti with my own sauce! A mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon and butter. Reaaaally yummy! Then i pan fried chicken breast, one for each of us. Dad gave me 9/10, nesse gave me 10/10!! lol Such a supportive sister. *hugs*

Mum and kay arent around, coz mum is in kl, and kay is currently at her friends place having a mini celebration.

I love cooking, i love cooking, I love cooking. =)

But I sliced my finger today. While i was dicing the tomatoes.. And soo much blood poured out lor! I was doing a fake sob, when I realise im studying medicine (oklar, on a break now =p) and i shouldnt be afraid of blood and pain! So I put up a brave front and asked my Kakak to help me put a bugs bunny plaster. =p

For those who have Astro, Im sure u ppl are so frustrated because now they changed the channels into three digit numbers!!?? I dont know whats their problem! Now its so hard to make sure u press 3 buttons in the "time limit" Mum said they were trying to group the different genres, but STILL? Couldnt they do it with the 2 numbers? The only reason i can think of is because they dont want us to mix the numbers up, because we're so used to the channels d. Haih, stupid astro. But there are so many new channels up! And i think theres one new channel, which shows really cool stuff. Um.. smtime bt health and smth, not sure leh. Discovery health or smth like tt i think. Nice nice. Been watching alot of cooking shows too!!

Im bored. I miss my mummy. =(
I want to eat more good food. I need good food. *tummy rumbling*
I hope pressie comes tomoro. =(

38 more days. =) time really passes really quickly. *jumps up and down*love u!!
My best friend. =) for.. 9 whole years! Love u!
My lovely cards from (UP, from left) Lai Ee, Esther Tan, Fangi, Sarah

(Down from left) Celine, Michelle, and my Auntie! =)

not bad eh, I got cards from Melbourne, Kayelle, and New Zealand!! hehe

Thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday.

*pouts* Dear's other pressie got stuck somewhere. I duno where! =( I hope it comes to me soon.. He got me a pretty dress btw. =) Will put up pictures soon! But i have to look presentable first lah! =) *hugs hugs*

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Today was a hot hot day, but I wanted to make Curry Puff~ =)

Diced everything.. potatoes, onions, and tomatoes.. kakak helped me with the chicky though.

Tadah! My curry chicken filling for the curry puff
Yummy Yummy. Looks horrible coz we didnt noe how to make the sides.. just pinch pinch pinch. Mum was like " eh, ur not making "shui gao" u noe. the wantan thingys.. hee
My cute cute curry puffs. baked.. coz we were using pre made pastry puff..

lalala. i think i dont want be doctor lah, be chef. so fun. =)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


After alot of postpone-ing, I finally decided to get started with my cake.. With very LITTLE help!! Little help provided by mummy of course. Coz Kay is having her PMR, and nessy and dad were doing a little studying too. Its my first attempt to do a double layer chocolate cake, so it isnt really smooth at the edges lah, thus the name of the cake...

TA-daaaaah! =) Im soooo proud of it lor.. Nesse minus the marks she gave me over ten because I was complimenting myself with every bite of the cake. hehe

Horrible looking me after 2 hours in my dry kitchen. *stinks* cutting ceremony!!

My cake. Quarter eaten. =) Its also a good luck cake for my dearest sister for the rest of her papers!!

Been sick the past few days, so its been a looong time since I went to the clinic. But tomorow have to wake up early d.. nvmlar,once in a while! =)