Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blogging from Pyramid Towers

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okay.. i hope that thingy works! aniwae, like the title reads, i am in pyramid towers now.. its 4.01 am and im not asleep, thanks to SAM programme which is definitle depriving me of sleep..actualy, i took a few naps this afternoon, evening and night, which explains the still very awake me! hahaa.. everyone is fast asleep now. daddy and mummy is snoring.. hehee.. am reali glad that they are here with me now. i reali miss them... =)

aniwae, i am awake because i have to finish my dumb project and hand it up on tuesdae! together with the stupid lab report book which i havent touch, i advise u ppl, dun ever take sam! lol.. unless u can reali handle stress, which is wut i am serisouly tryin to regrets though.. not YET! HEHE

im done with my draft cept for conclusion.. i wanna write a big sorry to kimmy for not being able to catch up with her altho she chatted with me a few times on msn.. im reali relai bz now!! im sorrry kimmy.. but i noe u are fine..with ur new found love :P haha!

mid term is in 3 weeks time.. this is crazy.. i cant take it anymore!! lucky i got shopping tomoro! lol.. hmm..wut else..

oh yea, pretty worried bout uni applications now.. its reali hard to get into unis and im reali afraid i dun get acepted aniwer! my dreams of being a doctor, juz recently .. i noe alot of ppl look down on me, and dun believe i can make it.. i noe its hard, i noe its very tough, but i can do it!! with pure hard work and strong determination, plus the continuous and sincere support from my beloved parents and boyfriend! i noe i can make it!!1 :D *prays* HAHA

aniwae, enuff crapping, am googling for pictures now..

oh ya! forgot to mention that i went to sunway lagoon todae! haha, had reali reali fun lar... been a while since i juz let go my hair and had some good fun with my dear family... mwarkz!!

love lots,
dee dee

Friday, April 28, 2006


yeap yeap, finally i get to enjoy some good time here in kl..or selangor..hmmm..k wateva.. tho its a short break (4 days oni ar), but still it presents a great opportunity for me to like, chill and realise wats going on around.. wan catch up on movies and stuff la.. i didnt even know scary movie 4 was not showing in cinemas anymore!!! ish.. smore here the DVD's all 10 bux wan, and if u suay, u see one shadowy head poppin up and down.. sial wan ar..
but like any holliday here in collge, ive still got a couple of work to do ar.. got a physics project so hand up on tues, and i have yet to even start .. stupid common tests.. and then ive got my lab report to hand up smore, and i sooooooooo friggin hate to draw graphs..
talkin bout common tests, i think i screwed up a couple of them papers ar.. and there's quite a good chance that i might fail surely gon kena scolding wan.. nv fail b4 smore..haha.. aiyar, but i never liked that subject la.. why must learn all the formula wanz?? who is actually interested in knowing wat takes place WITHIN a molecule when u add stuff to it? nope, not me.. learn all these subjects again are boring la, i wanna learn smth new!! too bad im already here.. aduhainess..
alritey then, wanna go do smore research on my stupid physics project..i dont even know wats the topic about la.. photonics.. so cool wan rite?? ish..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

*im baaaaaaaaaaaackkkk!!!*

im finally back ler... =(
but next week im having test, so it wont be a long post. ppl have been complaining that i dont blog! and that everytime there is a post, its andrew.. ahaha, so here i am, BLOGGING. LOL..
Aniwae, nearly 3 weeks ago, andrew and i save a little kitten, we named him/her coco crunch. the picture andrew posted is the dae we first had him/her. then we brought him to a grooming place, wer they suposedly cleaned him, but they didnt actually... aniwae, that was when he had his first bath! so he came back and everybody adored him, except priya and adeline. so 5 of uz, including andrew were taking care of this little kitty from the 29th of march. we brought him for vaccination and deworming which cost us about 45 plus his stupid shampoo which is 35. and then we bought kitty litter, and good food for him. recently andrew and i, the mummy and daddy bought him a pink colour!! oh yar, forgot to mention he was comfirmed a boy by the groomers after that...
todae, we brought coco to the vet! mainly because.. his fur is falling!! argh... so worried, and he had dandruff smore ler.. so sad.. hmm..mebbe from now on i shoudlnt feed him chicken rice, i think im MY fault. aniwae, forget about it, we spend rm 50 on him toade.. omg ! and we sae ear mites!!!! eww! our little coco is sooo dirty! but i gez its not his fault ar, or ours even, because he is a well allly cat.. haha...
so we got him some medicine an all..y am i talking about coco oni???

aniwae, i think i better get back to my alot alot of work ler.. hehee...
=( =(
wish me luck for physics, maths..and bio and chem papaer!!!! =(

love love.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

sial ar

First two test completed..
and sadly, i screwed up both.. haihz.. really sux wen u have that feeling in ur chest that u knew u cud've done it better..but oh wellz, there's always a next time right?
The next few days are gon be just as hectic aswell .. Got bio draft to hand up on monday, math test on tues, and physics test on wed.. College life so nice wan rite?? lol lolz.. Shit la, if oni i can still ponteng sch like i did last week.. then atleast can spare a few more hours on all these projects.. 2 bad attendance is taken into consideration here.. sucky rite??
Managing time hasnt always been my thing, and SAM's just suckin everything out of me as the days goe by.. If oni the usual group of guys were all here in kl la, then surely shit be much easier wan.. atleast classes wont be so tense like it always is, with every1 concentratin...
kla, thats all my updates for now... will try to come back here weneva possible ar.. and imma try to get a few pics posted up if possible..
ohyea, koko's doin fine =D
see ya

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thats koko krunch!! or is it coco crunch??? duno ar, dear name wanz..hehe. i adopted him a few weeks ago, and he's like, the first real pet ive ever had bsides me hamster!! so nice to see him evidaez, actively meowing all the time... =)
see, i do try to update as often as possible !!
wed got tests again!! die la die la..

"We all stay so near but hardly see one another"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

long time

ah shit, dah lama nv even log on to liao..i tot this site dieded liao..lmao..anywayz trust me, i am that busy wei... if im not studyin,im doin homework, and if im not doing homework,im busy doing projects,and if im not doin projects, im sleeping.. this is college life ,hella different from 2ndary school wen i could laze around and go online 24/7.. even the movies that i have in my laptop (Descent, Green Mile etc) , i oso have no time to watch ever since i came back from the hollies.. like wat da hell rite..aihz

"SAM programme is just like a roller coaster ride from day one onwards"

Thats roughly wat my mentor, Mrs Quek said on the first day of college..
shit's def true,except for the fact that i wont be asking for more after this year ends..not exciting at all wan, i tot i could make better use of the freedom i got away from home....lolz

Luckily this week nv study much ar, tues was a hollie and todae was the scholarship award ceremony.. hopefully imma have time to post them pics up.. first time i wear so formal ar, till evi1 ketawa smore.. so not hiphop wan ..lolz..

kla,i wan go study chem now..take care..peace and piss and pieces