Saturday, February 26, 2005

been a long

Wow!!!!! really has been a long time since i last blogged hor..? close to 3 weeks already i guess.. hmm... february's been a really tirin month.. had tests earlier this week,and i definately wasnt prepared for most of the questions,and I didnt know it'll be mostly subjective actually.. so yea..i did pretty badly this time round ...but nvmz la..only month tests..no1 really cares bout that ( thats how people who do badly actually try to console themselves..hehe ) im waitin for my darling to finish can call her..hehe..her monthly tests comin soon,so me dun cling on to her soooo much these days la.. =) ohyea..i REALLY REALLY hate havin schools on saturdays...its just a stupid idea to replace ur hollies by havin sch on saturdays.... students actually need some sleep wan leh... this whole week ive had to wake up early..mon to sat = school.. wake up at 6.. then tomorow got tuiton..must wake up at 7 +... life like that can definately get hella tirin..especially when u got alot of homework to do oso..den u'll have to put aside all ur relaxation time n stuff.. hmph..
k,i guess thats all for now... long time nv blog liao,den now dunno wat to write oso..haha..but me will try to keep this alive ,k?

Friday, February 18, 2005

YAY!!!!! cheerin got 1st! 1st time in like.. 4 years and michaels finaly get to actuali see the trophy for cheering..and also marching! ! haha.. yesterdae was prolly one of my best sports dae ever..altho i did terribly for long jump... but i got a sliver in 4x 100 wic is like..totally unexpected! yay!! so happy.everything paid off..all the stiff necks..and muscle aching..and al the homework to be done..speakin of tt..i skip sch todae.. to finish up my hw..wic is wut im doin now/..loads of add mathz.mod ba blabla to be finished... oh weellz... CWE WONT CHEERING!!!!! woooohoooo.. ahahah!!!!!!!!!! so happpy..!!! keep thinkin bout the whole routine last time..sokewl.. haha..wanna do it again.... =)

Klar... avent been bloggin for a long long time..coz v lazy beetter get back to me work now... bye be!

Monday, February 07, 2005


1.11 am.. cant sleep ... and the prob is, i got school in 6 hours time..dayummmnn.. but nvmz la..tommorow got raptai in the mornin, so i guess most teachers will prolly be busy and stuff.. right now i dun feel sleepy at all cuz i slept in the evening for 2 or 3 hours... haha.. but there's really nuttin much to do on9 that hasnt been done before..thats why i turn to my only friend at this hour blog... hmm, so this weekend passed pretty quick..wanted to go out to buy new year clothes n stuff.. but that didnt work out cuz of certain complications... but this weekend quite relaxin la..not rilly alot of homework unlike previous weeks n stuff... but im pretty sure i'll be gettin loads of homework tommorow .. pretty stupid huh..?? teachers give yall homework when u're gonna be busy with all the travellin back n forth, preparations n stuff..wer can find time to do wan, rite..?? more thing that happened on saturday.. all the pengerusis ,secretaries and also bendaharis were spose to attend a leadership course or sumtin la.. but c'mon la..if u wanna have a course,make it interesting ABIT.. u wouldnt believe how borin the course was..and after recess,almost every1 cabut ade ..thats how borin it was..if u dont believe me..u can ask the others..
k..thats all for now..
take care.

Friday, February 04, 2005


"I've got a heart full of pain head full of stress
Hand full of anger held in my chest"

Haihz....dont we all feel that way at times..?? anywayz..something caught my attention on tv quite awhile ago... it was something bout life after death, reincarnation etc.... And after that i started coming up wid a bunch of theories, of what happens after a person passes away n stuff..

"Life After Death "

so this is where my craptalkin begins.. This is where you can actually get a picture that I do need to go out more often rather than spendin my time infront of the aite,so most people are prolly afraid of talkin bout death itself.... but c'mon.. we all gonna die one day..i doubt u wanna live to a 100 years old +++ ,and then get knock by a flying car and die in the future,right..?? :D jpjp.. dun mind me..i kinda woke up on the wrong side of the bed today might be a lil negative today.. Anywayz, back to the topic... How does being dead feel like..?? I mean, do u just dissapear from the face of this earth completely,and everything is just gone..?? or is there life after death...?? my friend once told me that there always is some1 bside you ,takin down ur every single sin that u commited and stuff ( cant clearly remember,cuz its been quite some time since that conversation took place) ,and once you're dead, those sins will be read out to you or sumtin liddat.. I wonder how true is that huh.. Any dude that is readin out my list, is prolly gonna run out of saliva..but heck,there's not 1 sinless person in this world..nobody's perfect.. and altho practice makes perfect, no1 practices hard enough to be perfect.. :) nice quote huh..??
Kla..dun wanna talk rubbish anymore.. just wanted to get THAT lil sumtin off my chest..
ohyea,monday IS NOT a holliday.. and convent gets to have an extra day of hollies.... another reason why EC sux..haha.. i seriously cant wait for the 1.30pm bell to ring on monday.. But addm3 must wait till 4.30 before my actual hollies begin.. but an even BIGGER ISH, im goin up to kl and negeri sembilan the next day... and those 2 places are hella hella borin..but complain so much wont do much difference either..
Ive gotta wake up early again tommorow mornin...early as in 6 am early since my dad's the one who's sendin me to sch.. there's a stupid kursus or sumtin there.. prolly gon be my chance to practice "sleepin widcha eyes open" techinique.. cool huh..??

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

If u're bored...

i came across this site the other day, and it really is one of the most entertaining sites ive ever been on.. no kidding.. check that out.. definately worth ur time..bunch of interesting articles and its hella funny... For example, there's an article there about "phrases that makes the blood boil" ...and here's one of em..

"The grass is always greener on the other side:
If the grass is greener on the other side, then the guy with the greener grass doesn't think your grass is greener now does he, asshole? The message that this proverb is trying to stumble through is that everything always looks more attractive when you don't have it. I'm sure there are millionaires crying themselves to sleep every night because they don't live in a trailer park. Just face it: sometimes nobody envies you. There has to be a bottom and that bottom is probably you. "

ohyea..u have to read his articles with an open mind to trully appreciate it..haha.but yea,go there if ure bored....good way to take up ur time...

hmmm,so todae was like any other day..except for the fact that i was hella sleepy in class and rarely could i even pay attention to wat the teachers were sayin..

Mod M3 teacher : This is how u draw the graphs..paksi x, 5 cm kepada 1 unit bla bla bla
My Mind : Aircon...bed... sleep...

haha.. nowadays is killin me.. malaysia only has 2 n cold.. no fun la.. wouldnt it be nice if we had 4 seasons..?? life wud be hella more fun i guess..

k,thats all im gon say for some important matters to rush to nw..byebyez yall..