Friday, July 25, 2008

I miss home..

I miss home..

I miss home..


Life is ok here.
Being lonely in the house is not good though.
Stupid Andrew go play basketball.
I finally got off my stupid ass and went to the GYM today!
Had Body Jam classes which were nice!

I realise that I have a thing for Latino dances.
She had a routine using Latin moves and it was fun fun fun!
I like leh!
Reminded me of the samba dance we did for I U Day!

mambo, cha cha. hehehe.

Uni is great! Everything Im learning is interesting, tute mates this year are not too bad, miss my old tute mates! =(
GP placements coming up, plus hospital interviews again..
Visits to the anatomy lab again, which are interesting, but I cant stand the smell of my gloves + formalin. ughh

And it dosent come off easily!!

Today was autonomy day.
Its a day to celebrate the fact that our Uni was seperated from UNSW? or smth liddat? I dont know..

Newae, this gives the locals a good reason to drinK! From as early as 2.30 am till now! They are probably still somewhere out there spoiling their liver. lol

and poor little asians like me are too scared to walk out of the house. lol
drunk people everywer acting... scary! hehe

klar, lousiest post ever. toodles..

Monday, July 21, 2008

So my classes are only REALLY starting tommorow, with tutorials and stuff.. Basically ive been on a short break back in Aussie, as ive had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today to basically laze around.

I did bring dear shopping tho!! So im playing my role as a boyfriend right I suppose! heh. Went to catch Dark Knight on Wednesday and headed to Westfield on thursday. This is the only time I feel so free while in Newcastle, and I know that once my course has really started, theres lil time to do much.

I thought Dark Knight was really really good. I mean, its a Batman film, so you shouldnt expect alot of action, unlike movies like Spiderman or X-men. C'mon, Batman doesnt even have real powers to begin with, he's more of a gadgets person. The whole theme of the movie was good, and the dark-eerie feel of Gotham City was represented well. I think I'll actually get this movie on Blu Ray to trully enjoy it, since I missed a word or two during certain scenes. Thats the prob with cinemas here in Aussie, no subtitles wans.. ishhh
Was suppose to head to the gym just now, and I did.. but once I realised the courts were taken, I got lazy to use the treadmill and stuff, so just headed home la.. Mebbe I'll go later once dear is done with lectures..
Aite, nothing else to type dy. Im a lazy dude, I noess.. lol.. okbyeztakecares

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me Jetlagged??

Dont tell me im jet-lagged?

Ive been so tired recently, especially in the afternoons.. Woke up at 9.30 today, took a bath, tried to study some anatomy... and then i slept for four hours straight. Bi called me from Uni, and my head was hurting the whole time he called.

Why ar?

Maybe its because I ate some flu medicine which makes me drowsy wan...

It was around 2.15 when i woke up, and I felt so fresh! and then it hit me. its 12.15pm in Malaysia! and thats the time i normally wake up for like nearly a month. heehe

change brain! change me into a different mode already!

no more slacking for u.

stupid brain.

on the other hand...... im v v hyped up about.. going to the Reject Shop to buy household items! lol. super cheap wan k.

i have like 2 hours plus to shop and eat dinner before watching Dark Knights with bi.

yay. super excited.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ohyea, forgot to add cuz i dont think dear got post this.


That means that dear would be coming to Aussie with me, unlike last year where it was so saddening for the both of us. I cant believe its already been a year since then tho. I remember crying on July 14th when i had to send dear off.. Thats real men right there.

Im leaving already!

Will be leaving JB for Aussie tommorow (sunday) morning already. sob sobs. Time sure pass real fast, especially with me being back for 2 weeks only. Pretty much met up with everyone who was in JB la, except for Eddie. Sorry la wei, u everyday oso working wan! Nxt hollie in November arrrrr.. lol. Flight's tmr at 9 am smore, and we'll only be reaching Sydney at 10+ pm , if thats not late enough, you gotta remember that the ride from Sydney to newcastle's gonna be another 3 hours.. ishhhhhhhh.

Ok, Im just gonna put a few pictures up as Ive got alotta packing to do.. These is pretty much my swift birthday post.

The very yummy birthday cake that dear bought! I had no idea this was coming. Went to her place in the morning, and she said she was gonna go take a shower first as I tried out her PSP, and then she pops out singing happy birthday for me! =) been awhile since I felt like a kid again.

Dear ask me to pose liddat wans. heh

Best best .. Chocolateyyy!

Us, with the cake once again. lol. Dont really have any pics with me and the pressies i got tho, hmmmmm.. would def show u peoples the card dear made for me if i had a digi cam. dayumnnnns. Okays, anyways, thats bout it. dah 8.30 pm. Time to pack bags!!!!!

A day of Pampering.

Chelle finally decided it was time we met up again before I went back! This time, we did something different. we went all out in pampering ourselves!

Shopping! Highlights! Nails! Eyebrows!

Definitely a day filled with fun. I woke up at 11.15 am, chatted with Baby online, then Chelle messaged me to say she was on her way already. So i took a bath and she was here already!

Met up with Melissa and Archana ( girl is finally back from Russia!!!)

Had lunch at Pizza Hut. Ordered a set for us girls to share.. and we gossiped away.. Even about people we dont even talk to! Damn kepoh we all. lol
Then I did my hair! while my friends sat down and waited! hee. their angels..
Decided to highlight RED this time!!

Cant really see, right?

Try again. hehe.

and with FLASH! hehee..

Then, we went next door to do our brows. so pain!!!!! We opted for the "plucking method" so it wil last longer... my forehead was super red and swollen d..

Next up! NAILS!

Cherry's are my new love!!!

Pretty ,right? =D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Im twenty nikka!

yeap yeap, I've just turned 20 yesterday. Celebrations werent over the top or anything, but the day was really made special by dear! We pretty much spent the whole day together, from like, 8am to 10 pm!! She made a lovely and huge card, got 2 shirts as a gift and a birthday cake for the first time in like, 10 years?? or maybe more. Cant remember.

Im happy =) , but then results out this Friday. not that happy. But its gonna be like that every year until Im out of med school. ish ish.

no pictures yet cuz dear has all of em, will post them up once i get em. Once again, thanks dear for everything!! Love having you around!

Thats bout all la. Ohyea, ive jumped on the Heroes bandwagon. It is so dope i dunno how i didnt jump on it earlier! Okbyez

Monday, July 07, 2008

A 3am post

Watching Wimbledon Men's Final at the moment. And guess what, its raining again.. lol.. And now is the exciting part smore. Who would've thought Federer would have made a comeback after playing like crap in the first two sets.. Not really a huge tennis fan, but I do follow the grand slams. And also the women's competition. Maria sharapova, hehhhh hehhh.. Ok dear, was just kiddings, no need to kick me.

3 am now dy. Match started at 9.20 or so. lol. Hopefully this rain delay wont be long.

Anyways, my results are gon be out this friday, on the 11th. damnnnn, honestly.. Ive prolly been riding my luck all this while. Ive come close to failing a couple of times, and its only the second year.. i swear tho, ive been studying like hell for all the exams, somehow, everyone else is smarter. Its shit like this that really puts you down. But heck, I guess everyone has the same complaints.

Leaving for aussie in 6 days.. ishhhhhhh tak bestnye..

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Im back. Yes, super quick, because just as I hit the PUBLISH POST button, I became horribly bored and iritated about not being able to read or do anything interesting! grr

I love my bloggie, but Im thinking about changing the layout, its quite boring already, but I cant seem to find a nice picture of us, and Im too lazy to use Photoshoot, not that Im really good at it anyway.

I think I should the read the papers more often. I think I should be able to tell the story and discuss our countries numerous, hilarious politician's antiques. But everytime dad tries to tell me about it, I get so confused because I cant tell everyone apart from each other!
Najib, anwar, mahathir. he did this. he did that. then he did that. then after that he said this.

Its not daddys fault obviously, But everytime he finishes his story with a grin, I just go. hmm.
Who did what again?
This politicians ar. Confusing poor people like me lor.
I dont know why I have never been interested in politics before, or "general knowledge abt what is happening in the world".
My grandmother (oh,the boyfriend is online, FINALLY, smore scold me coz i call him kanasai) never fails to remind me to READ THE NEWSPAPER!

But truthfully, the only time my family reads the newspaper, is when we are. hm. doing our big business in the toilet. The newspaper remains in the toilet, ONLY in the toilet. The only occasional time it ventures out of the smelly room is when Nessy takes it out to look at movie times. heh heh.

ok. abrupt ending to this random post because I was too bored.

I really wonder wether anyone else actually visits this space lor. even my best fwen dosent. *sticks out tongue if suddenly decide to visit*

oh. random quote from nessy today.
I was laughing at her because all she ever blogs about is david archuletta, her brilliant results and again, how she is falling alove with david a.
then she replied with a "hurt face"

I wan to make my blog private d!!!

My Loved Ones

Baby's birthday is in 3 days! =)

So excited! His present is not done yet, but I really hope he likes it this time!

Dear, that day in TC I was so angry with you because you spilled coke, AGAIN! second time leh.

and it was worse because you spilled it on my jacket. grr.

But when I saw your worried face trying to catch my eye while you were hiding behind my sister, a big grin just forced its way into my big mouth. =p

I guess that is one way I know I love you bah. Because even though u piss me off so easily, just one sentence or expression is enough to make me fall in love with you again.

Why ar. U so cute meh. =p

A picture of baby trying to pose with his microphone. heehee

I think this was...last year when you came home from aussie right? I wanted to post a picture of me with the mic as well, but I cant find it! I like that picture though, because I was shorter than the mic. So I looked pretty stupid. haahaa

Me and him In aussie i think. I like this picture too, though we look so sleepy here. haha. Speaking of him, Im angry with him now too! Because he is making me wait for so long now! Watching tv smore. grrr. Beat you.

I think we look alike in this picture lor! Super big grin. Though I look horrid. Bi was asking me to tell him a joke because he always takes a better picture when he smiles naturally, just like the picture above. So I told him something funny, and in the end I laughed so much as well. A friend in F5 always said I hate big gums lor. But to my defense, it only looks big because I have tiny teeth!!! see. both my upper and lower row of teeth = to bi's one row of teeth. hehe

I got long long tongue. slurps. hehee

I think I was goofing around while studying one day.

End this post with a picture of my kawan baik chelle chelle. Stewpig girl oni met up with me once. HMPH!!! hehehe. But I miss her lor... Its so cute because everytime we meet up after sooo long, we are still able to yak yak yak.

Tell you lor... we are like super duper besties okay. On the way home in the cab, I dug into my bag and showed her the book kay borrowed me. Jodi Picoult's my sisters keeper. Then chelle was like. EHHH!!

Then she dug into her bag, and took out the exact same book!!! lol. And she was like its Janice wan, and I said its Kay's one!

Then she told me that this is the second book she is reading, the first one was The Pact.

Then right. I said. AHH!! I just finished that book too!! hehehe.

And then we were complaining that our sisters were sooo particular about the way we handled their books.

See. we are the super dee duper uncool best fwens that dont meet up with each other. Why uncool you ask? Oh, because both of us are such kiddos and good two shoes that we have never actually been clubbing. (GASP!) , and the furthest we went for a holiday was Singapore, or was it Malacca. which wan nearer? hehe

oklar. chelle is cooler because she told me (very proudly) that she drove the car with her friends k! come back at 12 k! hehehehe

love u chelle. =p

love u bibi.

love u mummy daddy

love u kay nesse

ooh. Dadddy is angry, but all 4 of us cant figure out who he is angry with! not sure which wan of our big mouths triggered his angry button tho. sobs.

Friday, July 04, 2008

This is what happens when dah lama X blog

So I've been back for a week already.. And in another week my results are out. Damnnn.. Need to enjoy the next few days kao kao.. Havent really been blogging cuz Ive been pretty busy enjoying life at the moment. Dont know what I would be doing if I was in newcastle right now.. JB is so much better.. lol..

Anyways, my flight to KL was on the 26th, last Thurs. Was suppose to be sitting alone, wayyyyyyy at the back of the plane ( I was the one who chose the seat), when this girl appraoched me, asking if I mind changing place with her fren who was wayyyyyy at the front (like, seat 24 or smth)... Wasnt too pleased la, but what excuse do I have if I said no. Stood up, and drag my bags to the front while everyone was still moving towards my direction finding for their seats. Bodohs.. So yea, took my place, got myself comfy, and guess who I saw coming my direction....

Ameen! The guy on the left, not the right. The one on the right is a much rounder-faced me. lol.. And if that wasnt coincidental enuff, we were both like WTFs when we found out that his seat is right beside mine.. Crazy right? For those that dont know, Ameen is the first friend I met in Taylors, was one of the Malay dudes that I was pretty closed with, and was also my chemistry lab partner (where we screwed up countless times.. classics ) .. so yea, that made the long ass flight with no entertainment and no food (unless you wanna pay money) much more bearable.

Besides that , I guess changing seats was also a blessing in disguise cuz the flight got delayed by an hour and a half, which meant I had to rush like crazy once I got to KLIA because I had another flight to JB soon after. So yea, being at the front helped lots. Thanks random person!

Been going out everyday since I came back. Wait, did I go out on Wed? Cant really remember. Watched Hancock yesterday and it was pretty good, not great... but worth the watch. Wanna watch Wanted too but no kaki! hmph! Dear doesnt seem interested in Angelina Jolie movies.. booo-hooo!

Ok, its about lunch time now. Will hopefully blog again soon ar.. And oh btw, I have a fucked up PS3 again. Sony decided to put a new update for download 2 days ago, and some of the unfortunate ppl who downloaded it (including me) now have a bricked PS3. That means my 15 hours of Metal Gear Solid gaming has gone to waste. BLAHsrsajdsjnsdanjdsajndsanjdsa so pissed off..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Funny Nesse wants me to blog, but Im living in the same house with you at the moment right! =p
Life has been nothing but awesome here at home.

As happy as I try to be now, I just cant help wondering if the next few days will bring good or bad news.

Exactly one year ago,things went down the drain for me.
I was upset, embarassed, and I felt so stupid.
It was as if the paper took my confidence that I tried so hard to build and threw it out the window. Far far away.

Im praying, and hoping, that this time, It will be different.
Please God..
Let me pass this barrier, and I promise to work even harder for the rest of my life.

I wonder why there are so many people out there, who have the chance to study, but stop because of so called stress. Or even worse, because they dont understand why they have to work so hard for the future.

Its funny because there they are, given the chance to get a degree, given the chance to get experience in a different country. But they throw it away just because of this word. Stress.

Funny how Im wishing I pass so I'll get thrown back into Uni, and study like a nerd for the rest of my life. Funny how I dont mind that studying medicine is a life long journey of learning. Where facts change, where the world and mystery of science just keeps amazing us.
I like learning, and I love the fact that I do.
And Im proud of myself, because after so many barriers consisting of horrible interviews, late night studying, screaming into pillows and even failing my first semester of medicine (sheeeeesshhhh), feeling so damn embarassed when people ask me why Im not back in Australia, looking at my fellow friends in year 2 and knowing that I could be one of them...

Im proud. Because even going through all these,
It still didnt stop me in continuing my studies...

I studied really hard for this exam, and I know that I did even better compared to last year..
Im just praying that I did really check the answers that I shaded on the exam sheet. That it matched the one on my question paper.
Cos I really cant remember doing it! =(
Hopefully everything was consistent la....

I pray for myself that everything will be allright, and that I will be jetting back happily off to Newcastle on the 13th.

*pray* do include me in your daily prayers if you are reading this!!

Love, Dee