Thursday, May 29, 2008

Britain's Got Talent

Don't usually follow shows like these anymore, but I have to admitt, these performaces did catch my eye for a sec.

Makes me feel like putting on my dancing shoes and let loose to the beat. Im kiddings.. I has two left feets..

Anyways, we lost in the semis yesterday.. The opponents were just much better than us I guess, especially this dude who kept killing us with his drive ins.. In the end we lost by 14 points, which is considered a blowout la.. =( Nvm, we made it to the semis.. Im pretty proud of that..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Success is my only motherfukin option, failure's not" - Eminem

Hopefully, by the time Im in the exam classroom ( we dont do in hall wan, pro rites), I'll be in such a mindset.. Rightnow Im not..pkm.. 2 more weeks exam smore.. Atleast its study break now, so its time to work harder..

I always thought ang mohs were stupid people, but it doesnt look like it.. But then, my fren from Monash KL told me that they all (engineering course) took same test as the ang mohs, and 50% of Malaysians got full marks, while 50 % in Australia fail.. Hmmmmm, maybe all the smart ass study medic.. die la if thats the truth.

Ohyea, tommorow I'll be having my semifinal basketball match. This time Im in an all Malaysian team, and we made it thru the season with only 2 defeats ( 1 and 2 points deficit each).. I would say that making it to the semis is already a good achievement, cuz last year I played in the same league (but in a different team) and we didnt even manage a victory. Hopefully we can make it to the finals, but the opponent tommorow's tough, the last time we met them we won by just a point, after having been down by almost 10 points I think.. will update soon bout it larz..

Ohyea, happy 55 months dear!!! I wish I could take you out shopping and all, b ut we both got exams ! Promise you I will once everythings done yeapz!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


lar my dear sisters... hehehehehe
just watched the videos on youtube.

that lil boy is soooooooooooooo cute and sooooooooo good at singing!


its 2.09 am and Im still up, even tho Ive got lectures at 8.30..

Is this what you call rajins or is its not prepared? idunnoesokbyez

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My younger sister Kay
This little sister of mine is abit "weird" in her own way..
She is tough and mature on the outside, but really sensitive and little in the inside.
This beautiful sister of mine is going through what every teenager goes through at a point in their lives. Peer pressure, addicition to the internet, boy troubles.. u name it!
But I really want her to know that she is a special, lovable and all of us in the family loves her to bits
Yes. She may be rude to us at times
Yes. She may be extremely stubborn at times
Yes. She may be sooo stingy at times
Yes. She may say things to hurt us inside.
But you know what , which sister isnt like that? I yelled at her, I made her upset, I secretly laughed at her when she gets punished, I was so relieved when she got 6A'S (HAHA),

I love her so much, and I wish that she could be as close to me, as I am close with the little smart-ass brat in the family. =)
I miss having good times with Kay, miss being your elder sister..
And I just really want to tell you, that u honestly deserve the best. Im not just saying this coz u are my sister. But u are so compassionate, and when u make friends with anybody, u try your very best to be the best for them.

And im telling you again, that nobody deserves u, unless they appreciate every single thing you do for them. And please! Listen to me for once lah! Let me knock some sence into you as a bigger sister.

You are so beautiful!

You are so much fun and laughter

You are so sweet and caring

You are smart
You are passionate

You are humble
You are so ke ai!!

You are so loving that only a guy with a huge heart (hu cares bt height) is good enough for you.

Last but not least, always keep this in mind. You are Kaytrieese Tee. You deserve better, you deserve only the best. Dont let anyone bring you down, and dont allow anyone to think that they can affect you so badly. Most importantly, dont let anyone think badly of u. Just because, u are Kaytrieese.
my awesome sister....
ps: Nessy, you are awesome too. =)
Love you both so much. Its hard being a jie jie and seeing you mei mei's upset and down.
super duper big hug hug

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why GTA IV roxxors

So far I've been clocking in minimal hours in GTA IV, but its jsut damn hard to resist it at times... Damnnn la, why medicine exams always force us to study so much.. I dont remember trying to hafal every damn thing in my textbooks during secondary school days.. there was usually a way to get around it, where ' I roughly know' is enough..

Ok, back to the topic...

Nike Belic, the good guy (or bad guy, depending on what you perceive randomly shooting down pedestrians and car-jacking to be) of the game, just makes you want to stay on and see what's gon happen next in the game. He's a really likeble dude, has a sense of humour and also a very good russian accent (props to the voice acting). Playing the game is just like watching a movie, you would just want to stay on and see what happens. And it prolly satisfies every macho-ism dream of guys that wanted to be THAT dude from gangster movies.. thats prolly why guys love this game, and girls like dear just dont see the big deal in it.. hehe..

Study term is coming to an end soon, with only 2 weeks left. Somehow, I feel the lecturers are getting lazier as I find myself having lots of free time. Even the lectures from 2 weeks ago arent up yet. Wtf is up with thats..

Ohyea, dear is flying off to malaysia earlier than me! Traitor lar she. Say wan same same fly back on 26th, and then she decided to go on the 17th!!!!! But good also la, she stay here so long oso no point since her exams habis so soons.. Im cool with that.

K, need to study smore. Peace and pieces

Steps to Put on Weight

Open the box and you get these....

So far, we've eaten the brownie..

And the chocolate log..

Both were simply delicious. Am currently eating a "lemon tart" one now.. =) Yumms. I think Im really putting on alot of weight. sigh..

I think it was two nights ago that I learnt to make something which Im really proud of! =) Weiyang thought me how to make this delish dessert.

Presenting.... the


Really easy and simple to make, but good things dont come cheap! Spent like 25AUD on just the ingredients!

I also made some chocolate cheese cupcake, which are Andrews fav's!

sigh, all these deserts are source of unnecessary calories to add to my poor body! Be going home soon, less than a month! gee. means I'll have to sit for tt darn paper soon!

Back to studying about the rules rules rules and legislations of Aussieland. how interesting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Boy!

Desiree says:
Desiree says:
no defrost
onelifeonelove says:
onelifeonelove says:
chicky swimming dy!
sooo good boy!!!!

on rare ocassions, Andrew can be a good housemate =)

Mum recieved her card! Super happy. But i still hate u, Malaysian Postmen. U stole my pen drive! and my white gold earings! ( okla, im also stupid for sending my pen drive in an envelope)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am Legend, and now Hancock.. damn, Will Smith is racking up them $$ signs quick.. this looks good tho, Will Smith funny.. which is good, unlike Chris Tucker funny, which just bores me at times..

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I know for a fact that time seems to pass hella fast when you're having a good time..

So lets see.. Exams are coming soon (less than a month), I've been trying to study, and am not having a good time studying.. So why da hell is time still moving fast? ishhhhh

And GTA IV has just arrived.. how sinful of me

MORE 4 ALL pizzaaaa

We had yummy-licious pizza today! Took a bus to Jesso and decided to get the more 4 all pizza. We chose 4 different toppings. Veggie N Chicken Supreme, Chicken&Bacon, Hawaiian Chicken, and Margheritta smth. So nice!
Look how big the box was! 13.95 AUD for this huge huge pizza

Yum. =) Both of us had one piece each. And we were sooo full already. Pizza for lunch tomoro i guess!

Chelles dp was her wearing this really cute blouse, which she told me was actually a white tank top with a tube dress over it. Then I realised that i had a white cotton dress and a yellow tube top! So i copied her idea (with her consent lor!) Chelle sangat pandai. New combination for me! hehehe

Besties must share share idea mah.

Happy Mother'S Day =)

I watched this movie with bi last night. This has too be one of the MOST romantic movies I ever watched. It was produced in 2004. Bt I dont remember seeing this movie before!
Its super duper romantic. I cried soo much throughout the stupid movie k! =(
So touching, so sad, so so sweet.
Go watch, go watch. tell me if u cried that much.
this movie is better than PS 1 love you lor....
cos this movie screams I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH



Thursday, May 08, 2008

of Pretty Ribbons & Dreamy Chocolates..

I have no idea what had gotten into us as we decided to splurge on chocolates today. =)
Havent tried any because I have a huge ulcer yet again. And since I want to enjoy every single piece of chocolate, Im gona wait! Yes! Patiently... =)
I cant tell you wether its good or not, but Andrew just ate one, and he said it was pretty good. so much for waiting for me, dear.
I think this baby cost us.. AUD 9.96. Not sooo expensive lah, I think there are at least 20 pieces inside.
I had my eyes on this chocolates when I saw them in the Big W catalouge. Its really cute because this chocolates are inspired by real desserts. There's creme brulee,macaroons, Tiramisu, Lemon Tarts, Brownies, Meringue, and chocolate logs.
It costs us.. AUD12.84. But we kena cheated. Coz it was selling for AUD 11+ in woolies. grr
We bought the smaller version because I wanted to buy something irrelevantly nice. =)


my new collection of ribbons! I dont know why.. but I really really wanted this? I have no idea what I could use it with, but I already used on of them as a hairband. lol. 40 rolls of ribbons just for

AUD 29.84! Its a little pricey lah. but i dont care. I dont do ALOOOOT of shopping anyway. Ive got so many favourites already. Cant wait for my hair to grow longer, then I can tie them with prett ribbons. lol. But seriously, I dont know what else I can use them as.

Si-beh bored me, decided to make a banner for myself. So baby-right. Waste money go print, then stick on nice wrapping paper. hehehe. I found my love for oreo's returning after looking at oreo cheesecakes recipe a while ago.. yumms. but now cannot eat because of stupid ulcer.

This is the first time I actually think my phone is still pretty after 2 years.
Decorated it with a few pearly heart stickers i got from Korea.

klar.. wasted 30 minutes writing this post. =)
Baby want to read my post mah. hahaha.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Following the trend. No?

These photos were take during the MYSUN Beach Party.
though the beach was probably about half a km away. lol
You know how its like the trend now, to jump and take pictures of you mid-air.?
I was overly enthusiastic when I found a nice background, and a "pro" photographer with like super hug lens camera lingering around the party. grins.
I manage to pull in a few people to share the embarassement of jumping into air a few times. Including the second guy from the left, who I didnt know existed even now. I didnt even pull him. He joined in.
The pictures turned out really great. We were all in the air. BUT! Im kinda embarassed because he also had frames of us before and after the jump.
and you can see the horrifying, embarassing enthusiasm just spill out from me.
see how my arms are flying behind. omg.. i look sooo..

*cover face*

as if i was superwoman or something.

how i regret asking the "pro" cameraman to take these pictures for us. Now they are going to put these pictures up on a website for everyone to share and see. I hope they dont take notice of the small, superwoman in red.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A great scene from a great movie. And how true is that ? 'forget about it', you can use that term anywhere in any conversation.. And thats Johnny Depp btw, and I thought he played his role as Joe Pistone to perfection.. dope sials

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Everytime I come here to blog. I realise I have nothing to blog about. haha.
I need inspiration! I need to actually do something fun sooon!!

But I doubt it lah. I have again discovered the wonders of the library this year. I shall spend more time there to really study as much as possible for the coming exams. Oops. I meant exam.

I really have to pass this paper. I really want to move on to next semester. I really want to graduate in 5 years time.

Just spent the last 2 hours changing bed sheets. Washing last nights dishes, doing laundry, hanging up clothes. cleaning up some mess. Im still not done tidying up my room. But I have the sudden urge to sit on my desk and be a good student.

I want to rearrange the furniture in my room please! Bi, help me?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

No, I have not converted and never will jump the bandwagon.. Yesterday's game, altho dissapointing, was a good game nonetheless. It had drama, it had goals, and Im sure it almost gave Chelsea fans a heart attack when we scored a goal close to the end..

Ask anyone in the world who watches football, and u will know we Liverpool fans dont go around flaming other teams.. We're only concern about our own team, and dont go around dissing opponents (unlike the rest.. and no, im not bullshitting.. Ive been participating in footbal forums and everyone there agrees to this)...

I've learnt to accept the defeat, altho it is hard to take in. I really thought things would go our way after Torres's goal, but I guess it just wanst meant to be.. Fate must've had something to do with it. Last week, Aurellio got injured and Riise was brought on.. and then he gave away an own goal. This week, Skrtel got injured and Hyypia got brought on, and guess what... he conceded the ever so crucial penalty. But thats football, im not gonna be immature and go on bashing the other team.. We rode our luck at times, and I guess all good things must come to an end.. Im looking forward to next season tho, as I am sure changes will have to be made and big signings are to be brought in.. A new look team for the new season.. its gonna be exciting...

At the end of the day, its all about keeping your head up.. no point being down.. We've made it to the semis 3 times in four seasons, and entered the final twice on thsoe 3 ocasions.. that just sums up the strength of the team..