Saturday, December 31, 2005

yay! its the 31st.. my last day here in jaybee before chinese new year..
i went over the fangi's place because it was her birthdae lor.. i did feel like there was something heavy in side lar.. like.. was reali not ready to let em go..tho we arent very very close, but they alwiz make me feel welcome and stuff, and life in 5 science 1 this year was a smooth wan because i had them.. =)

Anyway, i had a bbq later at nite, with michelle and jasveen and kim, and mel.. juz wanted a few of em to come over lar.. eaiser to handle.. lol.. we took alot of funny pictures.. was spose to brun all the pictures for em, but i dunoe wut happen to my burner, everything came out empty...

Suprisingly, nobody cried... i dunoe, i juz have a feelin that we WILL meet again, and that we WIll be friends for a long long time..somehow, its like theres a bond between us.. ok.. that didnt sound quite rite.. but i juz KNOW.. hahahaa.. that we will still keep in touch, i mean,, an 8 year frenship wont juz fade away... =))

Dear, on the other hand.. had his lil bbq on his own, had the nerves to come over my place to take the "kiap kiap" thing.. was acting like a bitchy lil gurl too.. lol.. angry with him.. and realise that his little post about his life dosent have me in it????????? annooyin seh.. lol

Oh yea, during the bbq , we started talkin like guys with al the "Wei" "dei" and evrythin..was reali funny lar... all in all.. i reali had a good time we my frenz.. and we sad goodbye without a single tear.. = ) because.. i KNOW.. lol......

anywae.. i cant believe the dae has come u noe.. was alwiz countdown-ing about how many more days left to spm, and then one month juz flew juz liddat.. seriously, i dun rmber anything i have done over the past few weeks, oh yea, wen to sg and kl.. hrmm.. but one month break isnt relai enuff!! we need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just realise that a pretty big number of us convent gurls are goin to taylors nxt year.. nearly ten of us.. hahaa.. but dear is gonna tag along i gez.. he dosent reali have his jokers with him.. teehee...

life is gonna be different after this.. so different.. i can imgine my self cryin thinking how pathetic lif eis gonna be.. seriously, i juz hope that i have a smooth year ahead, and nothing bad is gonna happen.. i hope that i do well tho.. am hopin on uni of melbourne.. but its REALI hard to go into... lazy to write...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dah thursday

*warning* post might be abit emo !!

As time moves faster, Im beggining to realise that I might not see some of they're faces anymore.. Some might be studyin overseas in a few years time , and I myself might not be staying put in Malaysia.. Tho Im sure some of us will have a chance to meet up during our hollies, there's no assurance that our hollies would prolly be during the same period of time..

Disgusted ar..?? might get a lil more

My dad once told me that I should always keep contact with my primary school mates, cuz secondary school mates will come and go, and thats wen backstabbing and all those problems occur...I wud def be the first to disagree .. Coming to EC, I was able to mature much more as a person.. I still remember back then in primary school I wasnt as crazy, and was a lil much more innocent .. However, over the past 5 years, I guess Ive become much more sociable and frendly ( I think la...)..

The group of people that Ive known for these few years are all definately one of a kind.. Every1's funny in their own way, and thats wat I enjoy most about hanging out with em.. Dudes are all jokers , and can also lend a helping hand whenever needed...Its crazy when u think bout how we all were during form 1... I remember back then I used to think Kee Siong was iritating as hell ,cuz he was always pinching dudes cheeks wenever he saw Wanted to wack him liao.. haha.. And then 2 years later all of us had become a huge ass group of friends, where lepaking was easy, cuz u can always count on them to be free ( all dont study wan la that time..haha)..

Definately remember all those crazy shit we did last time... The memories of getting caught for gambling in class during form 3 is still fresh in my, gary, desmond, ching,theenesh.. haha.. A bunch of others managed to escape la, but we were the unlucky

*if my memory serves me correct la *

Cikgu Sufian : Kau main apa dengan daun kerup ni?? Kamu semua berjudi kan..?
Andrew : Takda la. saya sumpah cikgu!! ( was already used to lying at that time.. haha)
Cikgu Sufian : Jadi kau semua main apa??
Andrew : (without thinkin for even 1 second) Kita semua main game 'Siapa paling besar ' la..tak judi..sumpah..
Cikgu Sufian : Kau datang sini tunjuk saya camna nak main..

And then i took the deck of cards, gave him a card, and gave myself another card..both were faced up..

Andrew : Jadi siapa card nombor paling besar, dia menang la..

Lmao, doubt he believed that story.. haha.. But that time damn aching sial, had to cangkung for dunno how many hours.. Leg oso dah nak cramp liao.. haha

I also still remember when we all ponteng perhimpunan and lepak at one of new blocks.. During that point of time ,the craze was playing those small football in the classrooms la.. 3 on 3.. Sometimes we wud just take a bunch of papers and tape them together into becoming a small bola..Trust me ,it was hella fun..haha.. And everytime the prefects came and check the block, all of us wud split up and run everywhere.. Some would stack up a bunch of them tables and hide under them.. Got some oso hide bhind the cupboard I was one of those that wud open some of the tingkaps, and climb out from there.. Wic meant that all of us would be walkin on a hella small platform , a few stories high la ( not that high tho.. ).. Shit was crazy sial.. haha..

And then this year, wen trials was approachin soon... A group of us decided to cabut school , and guess where we headed to??? Johor Zoo!!! lol.. That was the wackest place on earth sial, most of them animals hardly even seem alive.. Kesian all them animals.. Weather was so hot smore at that time.. haha...

There's still a bunch of memories that have yet to be penned down, but I guess thats all the time I have for... Writin all of em down would take me byebyez for now yall

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

yay! im back! haha
from no wer laa.. juz wanted to sae that. :D
i cant even remember wut i wrote in the last post.. sigh..
ok..let me check 1st...

whoa. hahaa.. last post wsa about my weird king cobra 2 weeks ago!

ok.. so lets tok bout my kl trip! haha.. my cousin soon liang went up with us to kl.. we talked the whole way.. haha we din even sleep i think.. talk bout college, themeparks..and lots lots more..din expect him to be so talkative.. haha..

wen we reached subang, he brought us to look at my college..and my HOME.eeeeeeeeeee...shud have took some pictures to let u guys see wut kinda house i'l be living godma calls it the blangadeshi dump.. haha.. dunoe y..
but seriously... its nothin like home now.. seriously the whole opposite!!

we went shopping, bought a black pants.. and skirts.. and a few shirts.. next dae, we decided to go to sunway lagoon! weeeeee.. hahaa.. was the 1st time i had soo much fun in sunwae! the rides werent reali scary.. just.. FUN! HAHA..tho i dident dare to sit on the ride that turn 360 degress.. dun like to be upside down..anything except that.. and beacuse it was a week day, the place wasnt full wid ppl lar.. so we dident have to queue up.. so we had lotsa fun sittin on the same ride again again..dun got alot of pictures because we kept everythin in the lockers..

heres a picture of uz.. hahaa

sadly.the next dae we had muscle aches! me and kay.. so had a tough time shoppin for stuff.. sad rite.. but we had a wonderful diiner! had italian food... the onion soup was sooooooooo gewd ler... v yummy!
i think i got a picture of some foundue stuff
i duno how to spell lar.. but we can dip our food in melted cheese..super yummy! haha

ah!! ok.. my post ran away.. hahaa
nvm... aniwae.. juz wanted to sae i wen to lyns place ystd.. hahaa v nice!

new layout!!

unless ure blind , u've prolly noticed a change in the layout..all this thanks to darling.. hehe.. muax muax.. its already wednesday!! arghhhhh!! so fast liao.. i'll leavin for kay elle on saturday, and college life starts in a week.. THAT feeling is coming back again, the feeling of knowing that I'll be studyin bio ,chem, physics, bi and math all over again... aihz.. i wanna take march intake !!! =(
Im thinkin of how im gon spend the next few days.. JB is really one hell of a boring place, with not many places to go ...Feel like takin a bus to town area, but then I dun wanna leave dear alone at home.. hehe..
ohyea, the tagboard's already workin ,so please tag and keep it alive if yall got the time..def would appreciate it.. hehe....
have yet to pack my bag smore... will only do so once ive bought all my needs... still think I need more clothes, tho my mum keeps sayin I have more than enuff.. But all the clothes i want damn expensive wan, Rm80 for a t-shirt and Rm100+ for jeans.. so thats def a nono.. must go petaling street find ar..surely can get i need a pair of nike dunks too, but then dad will surely nag told them i got a fetish for shoes and plan to collect em..hehe.

k, i guess imma stop here.. cant blog too long ,wastin my precious last few hours in jb.. hehe.. unsure if i'll be bloggin as often when Im in kay elle, cuz i prolly wun have a laptop.. aihz, how saddenin rite..
ohyea, peep ive got a new track there, it'll auto play once u go there.. just some quick ish i threw together.. byez

Monday, December 26, 2005

boxing day

Happy boxing day yall!!!
So christmas has came and went.. How fast eh? Christmas mood in jb really isnt much, u dont really feel the spirit and stuff like that.. me and the guys went to danga bay to check out if theres anything there, and oh mi gawd!! shit sucked there!! lol..
countdown there macam babi je, no1 there really cares bout it i guess.. All waitin for new years eve celebrations perhaps..
Aihz, i stil have alot of shopping to do.. Need to buy more clothes b4 the start of college life, cuz i dunno how often am i gon be sendin my clothes to the laundry.. Takkan wan me to cuci rite...?? takda masa la, sibuk nak blajar..
Leaving for Kay Elle on saturday.sobz sobz. once again im gon be counting down with my relatives, wic is gon be hella boring... atleast a few of my cuzins from New Zealand will be coming down.. can chill with them i hope...
life is moving at a very fast pace right now. days are starting to seem like minutes.. thank god dear will be in kl too. :) dun eva wanna part with darling.. =)
parents coming back todae.. thats a good thing, so atleast i can save some cash on transportation.. hhe..
aite, im off now.. got stuff to do..byebyez

Saturday, December 24, 2005


its chrismas eve!!! nice nice, always love the festive season mood, especially when it comes to x-mas..back when i was a kid, I really loved x-mas, and my whole family celebrated it on a major scale.. still remember them moments when i would wait for the clock so strike 12 and quickly go under the christmas tree to open up the presents.. aihz, so much has changed since then..
ohyea,peep the time..its 7.17 am now.. crazy eh?? its spose to be my holliday smore.. weird, but i cant seem to sleep alot these days.. most of the time i hardly sleep past 7 am.. i guess its cuz my college is gon be startin soon, and wasting any more precious time of my break by sleeping is considered a sin... quite true eh?
ohyea, im officially finished with all the recording for me album.. =D k, yall dont look too excited..hehe.. but ya, cant wait for it to be finished..waitin for a few recordings from them ppl that collaborating with.. cant wait for the final product.. atleast Ive something to show ,after rappin for so long... lmao...
damn it, wake up so early oso dunno wat to do sial... no1's online right now and dear's in kay elle with her fam.. I dun even have any nice dvds to watch right now, and ive finished them PS2 games that i was playing... guess I'll just do some channel surfing.. im out now..chowz

Thursday, December 22, 2005

been awhile

woah, seriously been quite some time since Ive last blogged... really hard to find any free time these past few days, and its also cuz there's really nuttin much to write bout.. nuttin interesting has happenened actually.. hehe..
Its 5 am right now.. I woke up at 3,not cuz i wanted to.. Its cuz i slept while watchin Ocean Twelve, and then the menu didnt stop playing, so it was kinda noisy la... So i woke up, finished the movie and here I am now!! crazy shit right? lol
2 days ago, me touch manual car for the first time.. Sial ar, it feels damn different ,especially with the clutch there, so I gotta use my left leg.. Engine mati the first few times, but eventually got a hang of it... Any1 here wanna pinjam me their manual car first, so i can practice ????? :D
Btw, Ive been left home alone by my parents!!!!! ish ish.. haha nola, but they actually went to Turkey for a week or so last sunday... So Im left to take care of the house...At first i thought it was gon be fun and all that, but then realised travelling around jb is gon be a problem, since they're not here to send me here and there... sobz sobz...So Ive been downloading a bunch of movies to watch these past few days.. Heres a few of the movies that Ive cought recently :

Oceans Twelve
Two For The Money
Tom Yam Goong
Bring It On Again
Aeon Flux
American Pie 4 : Band Camp

That much in 2 days... crazy eh? haha.. College life's startin soon tho, cant wait, but in the same time, also can wait la..dun feel like molesting them books so early..aihz... Christmas coming soon smore, cant wait.. Tho I dun celebrate it on a major scale, but I just love em festive seasons...

Bored now, so Ive decided to do this since its been long due I guess..Got it from chewking wan...


1. Post 5 weird / random stuffs about yourself.
2. At the end of the quiz, list the names of 5 people of whom you want next to do this and leave a comment "you are tagged" in their blog and tell them to read your blog for rules do it they must if they read my blog; be it accidentally, or voluntarily.

5 Weird / Random Stuff About Me:

1. I write with my right, I kick with my left.. Maybe its normal la, but I dunno...
2. Once I sleep, I cant be woken up by handphones and stuff.. Which means even if u keep tryina kal me, I'll be asleep... had 17 miscalls before, all from dear.. hehe..
3. I spoke hokkien and mandarin wen I was a kid, while communicating with my grandparents.. Once I moved here,I dah lupa everything...
4. Gua dengar BackstreetBoys masa saya primary 2... yucks... vomit vomit..
5. Ive got a weird laughter... macam very fake liddat..

so, here's the next 5..

Errm, malas wan name 5 ppl la..cant think of anybody.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ada snow !!!  Posted by Picasa

Believe it or not, thats actually sperm in the bath tub.. freaky eh..?? hell nah, its maggie mee Posted by Picasa

hotel room boredom cure Posted by Picasa

Time Square's coaster looks dope as hell.. but we didnt sit it tho, cuz damn mahal Posted by Picasa

Posing at nike shop... blockin the Posted by Picasa

yea...fark u man  Posted by Picasa

Them EC dudes that went to Kay Elle Posted by Picasa

Waitin for the monorail I think.. of course I had to sit, been walking the whole dae..  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 15, 2005


This is what was suppose to happen today:

6.30 am -> Wake up
9.00 am -> Go take undang test
11.00 am-> Reach home, get some rest

And this is what actually happened today :

6.30 am -> Wake up
8.30 am -> reach the place to take the undang test
9.00 am -> Realised its bloody packed..And guess wat number I got..??!!!
9.10 am -> Realised that this place sucks.. Takda tempat makan, and most of them shops are closed..
2.30 pm -> Then only i dapat masuk and take the damn test...
2.45 pm -> Im done... haha..
4.00 pm -> Reached home

WOW!! How different my whole day turned out.. ish.. but nvmz la, atleast ive got this over and done with... Tryina speed up the whole process b4 i go to taylors... Ohyea, as yal might have known, I went to watch King Kong yesterday.. was waiting for this movie ever since I saw them trailers earlier this year..Its a dope movie, and altho I sat at the first row, my eyes werent really hurtin that much... Weird... FYI, I've sat in them front rows b4, and it has never been a pleasent experience... But king kong was doubt about it.. Hella lengthy tho, around 3 hours ++ .... So yall are advice to bring cushions for ur butt and neck... :D
Aite, I guess imma stop the post here.... Eyes abit heavy liao, wan surf net awhile... peace yall
yay! got me new =)
am not very used to the keyboard tho..currently bloggin in my room , with vernesse lyin beside me.. she loves to sleep wid me on our small super single bed..wonder y..she v clever lar, use emily rose as an excuse..coz we watches that todae mar.. nvm leaving soon liao, let her shuang shuang lor! =p

aniwae, todae i watched king kong wid my dearie and my sisters..we sat on the FIRST row..can u imagine that..argh..quite unncomfy lar..but wut to do.. movie was LONG.. quite cute lar..but v long!! argh.. dun like long long movies.. then we had dinner! dominoes!! hehe yummy..!

after that wen to landmark to colect the laptop lor..made mummy an email, so she can email me weneva shes free.. im not sure bt internet conection nxt year tho, have to go and check it out later ba.. i hope the library has wireless connection tho.. shud be have lar..

yawnz..its nearly one am now, but im not sleepy..dearie is asleep ade, tomoro got undang test.. he good lar..get to learn all this ler..aihz.. i feel like the oni sesat wan, dun get to take undang and stuff.. mummy and daddy lar, keep delayin..mebbe after sam oni i get to take ar.. hrmm... be so sesat later, like everyone i now is goin or has done or even have their license ade..

goin to sentosa on mondae ..! wee!! very very long since ive been there v excited.. hehe.. wish dear can come wid us tho.. dunoe lar, see how 1st.. if he come then we have to take mrt ade lor.. but oso fun mar! hehe..

klar.. i gez that all...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

had a weird dream last nite.bout a king cobra, dreamt that i saw some weird slippery slimy black thingy slitherin out of the window in the living hall. then i wen in my daddys room to wish him goodnite, then i saw the snake! then my dad took it and it bit it ownself, dunoe y lar .. haha..then daddy sprayed water on it till it died.weird.. lol~

aniwae,life has been great! weeee! for the pc fair alone, dad bought me a mp4, laptop, and a camera. was a cheap wan tho, but i tot it was quite a good buy lar, ecept for the faact that it uses up batteries reali reali fast.. and i still have to use those kinda AA type battery. argh. not bad lar, can be used as web cam smore..laptop ler, i havent reali seen it lar, coz i can oni get it tomoro..sobz.. patient patient.. bought samsung wan.

haha, my family and i are gona take those kinda studio pictures, wer we can look pretty pretty in evenin gowns and everythin! hahaha..its gon be fun i gez.. this fridae! and mums gon bring me for facial todae.. coz she sae i got alot of blackheads.. lol.. =p kay went once and said it was terible, aih.. i dun wan go, but mum wil be angry!

oh yea, my korea trip has been canceled.. =( coz the other family pulled out last minute, and its too late to put us in another grooup, sooo.. liddat lor..
so dad decided to bring us to sg AGAIN.. on mondae.. to sentosa island.. =D we mite be stayin over nite there.. MITE.. then on wednesdae, we wil go to kl!! weee! shopping spree! lol.. oh ye, mum and i have been shoppin for stuff to go up to kl.. quite exicitng lar.. its like im goin camping or smth..but for a long long camp.. sobz..

klar. i gez tts about it.. yawnz..

Monday, December 12, 2005


Totally forgot to blog bout this..
2 days back ( saturday ) , me n dear's fam went n watched The Chronicles Of Narnia...And wat do i think about that movie ( for those that actually give 2 cents la)?? Its friggin awesome!!!! Its that kinda movie that will force you to relieve ur childhood days, and thats wat I lurv about it.. First 20 mins were abit dull tho, but luckily the rest of the film was good...
War scenes were aight, tho I thought it was gon be on a much more major scale.. One thing that I dont like bout the movie is the fact that there's no blood at all ( if my memory serves me correct)..I guess its cuz its a movie directed at kids, and not ppl like me..
Its weird that they're making a bunch of adaptations from novels to movies at this point of time.. Must really suck for those who've read the novels b4, cuz your expectations will be way too high, and u'll already know the ending...Just like in LOTR, when dudes knew Gandalf didnt die....where's the fun in that ??!!?? and dudes like that will only ruin the movie for others ... sialllll
ohyea, me went to listen to the 'want to get lesen then sit ur ass down for 8 hours ' ceramah today.. going for these kinda stuff alone really is a damn bad idea, as I found out todae... The stupid talk was damn boring, and my butt hurts after sitting down for so long.. ish.. And Im already dead tired right now...!!! This is not how Im suppose to spend my 'after spm' life!!! ish!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

im starting to listen to alot of john lennon.. he's a genious,musically.. All his melodies are mad nice Posted by Picasa

The pair of kicks i bought... these are ori pairs...the ones i bought are fake... but its hard to tell the diff tho..haha Posted by Picasa

kay elle

woah, felt like its been ages since my hands had molested the keyboard..I seriously cant live without the internet.. wonder how Im gon survive college life next year..
for those that dont know, I reached jb at around 10 pm last nite... spent 3 nights and 4 days in kay elle... it was def one hell of a trip, as my legs prolly have not walked as much for quite some time already.. Im not gon go too much into details bout the days and stuff,so here's a quick run down :

1) Went to Kay Elle with Rm300.. came back without the first 2 do the math..
2)Petaling Street was heaven for us guys..haha.. 3 of us got ourselves a new pair of kicks, and a few of them bought some t-shirts.. I must say, those kicks really look damn original, tho they only cost around Rm50... they even give u em shoes in those real dope is that..
3)Genting is hella expensive, and not for school u even have to pay extra Rm10 for a new ride..bloody rip off.. but yea, the rides are nice and mad fun....especially the flying coaster and space shot.. tho both rides lasted shorter than the amount of time we wasted queing up..
4) Time Square's indoor roller coaster looks better than the ones in genting,but I didnt manage to sit that.. knew i was gon be broke if i spend another Rm20++ on that..

Atleast I enjoyed those 4 days.. got a taste of kl lifestyle abit,and how expensive is it compared to life in jb.. I definately miss everything in jb tho, especially darling.. =)
Thank god I made it back in time for PC Fair.. will be goin to cs tmr to take a look at the goodies, and hopefully buy a new mp3 player or sumtin... My gadgets are definately too old fashion for this new age.... hehe..
K, thats all the updates I have for now.. I gotta go catch up on alotta things now..chowz


Im back biatch!!!! =D
will update later on todae..hehe..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

long long long long

its been like a few months since i last blogged.. lol..~
many things took place since i blogged
*my birthdae, spm , and the most recent.. our singapore trip wid chelle and gang!!

it was awesome, except for the fact that i had food poisonin..must have been the raw chicken wing wic i ate.. haha.. =p so aniwae,on mondae, i wen to chelle hse wid archie and jas by cabbie.. we tok tok tok till 7 then we watched tv till like 11.. ?? then we had cake and very embarassing moments caught on the vid cam coz we had to describe chelle and im not a v v good i must have sounded like the most bimbotic among them. =) oh wells.. hehe i have to learn how to speak in public!! argh..

i bathed at 12 smth.. and we slept at 4 smth! was soooo fun straightenin archie and sarahs hair..haha! tho sarahs hair wasnt a success, haha.. she's soo cute!! woke up at 5.30, was the 1st to wake up..then i bathed.. then woke archie, then slept all over again.. had breakfast, drop by me house to take ic, and we were off to singapore!! yay!

the trip wasnt a reali smooth sailing one..
-- 1stly, we bought the wrong bus ticket. but the uncle was nice, so he returned our moeny
-- smooth smooth.. but we had to sit in the mrt for such a LOOOOOOOOONG time.. 28 stops i think..
-- reached pasir ris.. yay! but.. we diden now how to go to escape theme park, was walkin blindy wen we saw...........

SYLVESTER SIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

budden hoh, he was reali hoh, v de AHBENG ler.. and he smokes.. =(
we diden get to take a picture coz we were tooo shy.. yea.. shy.. hahaha..
so after TRYIN to find him again and archie goin. " we have to get our priorities rite ' lecture..haha, we finally decided to wander around till we reached escape.

Lucky for us, we met few boys, so decided to asked them for directions, turns out that they themselves are gfoin to escape! yay!

reached the PLACE, but we still diden now were escape was, so asked around.. and finally we got there.. nxt bad thg..

-- the promotion for the free wild wild wet tix was over!! argh.. =( aso we had to decide wer we wanted to go.. decided on escape..shees.. hahaa..

i braved myself to sit nearly all the rides there, except for one, wic goes upside down for quite some time.i still had fun lar.. =) 1st time so daring. coz i diden wan to feel left out wid me frenz.. screamed the most. =)

after quite some time there we decided to go the wild wild wet coz it was sooo freakin hot. good thing.. hehe.. i got a free ticket! lol
one man came up to me and ask me wether i needed a ticket. then he sae got extra so he gave me one. so nice rite!! bud i paid for the lockers lar.. haha..

i chickend out in another ride..was too steep lar, so i waited down there wid em. haha. wild wild wet was fun!!! weee!!!! wave pool was coool too, betta then after spending some time there, we went to bath.
prove that we still needed our mummys.
= diden bring any plastic bags for our wet clothes
= diden bring any towel to dry ourselves..

so we shared towels.. haha..and i ran out to get some plastic bags from pizza hut and KFC. the KFC man was like, i can oni giv u 2. damn him. haha

the worst thing was i had a bad stomach ache the whole time lar.
kept comin and goin. sorry gurls.. =(

had burger king, bud i cudnt finish it. so appetite.wasted lar, the food was soooo nice, compared to bk here. oh yea.. i ran out of the mrt altho it wasnt my stop. i nearly vomitted in the mrt lar. imagine how embarasin tt wud be. so i was alone tt time.ran down and nearly vomited, but nothin came out. bot some sweets. michelle they all came afta a while . felt so much better after that.

goin home was a problem too, coz it was late already, and not safe mar. so decided to follow chelles daddy
stomach was so much better ade, so we went for a lil shoppin , and took foto.but we diden now how to design! so our foto was like sooo dull.. hrrrm.. no fair.

went home, was sooo relieved. i missed my mummy and daddy and sisters! had a good nite sleep.but woke up earli to go the hosp.. went to cs, got a new bag and flip flops! haha. so nice.. =D

klar, i blogged nuff liao.tired...

I MISS MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ='(

(i love u dear.. take care yea!)

luv lots,

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yes yes yall.. Im back to give a quick update... no point writing a long one, since oni a few will read thru everything.. :D
darling went to chelle's house earlier todae, and she's gon be staying overnight... Im goin up to kl tmr, and she's goin to much of a difference.. I'm gon miss ya dear... muax muax..
So yea, me and the guys are gon be invading kuala lumpur todae..Its 1 am now,dun really feel like sleeping.. I'd rather sleep during the journey there cuz there's nuthing to do in the bus... Kinda xcited, since kl is a whole different place from jb.. Something new for a chage, since Ive gotten hella bored of jb already,although its only been a few days since SPM finished.. City Square's no longer as exciting as I thought it was when I was in form 1..back then, City Square was like the heaven of most shopping complexes..cinema, food court,arcade.. that was all a kid needed.. everything has changed tho, and City Square no longer has such an appeal towards me..
Okiez,i guess imma stop my post for todae.. I'll be coming back on friday night, so I'll be absent from blogging for these nxt few days.. Hopefully,i'll have some pictures to show yall..Pity that my digi cam's a piece of shit..hoping my fren would bring their cams along...So till then, take cares yall.. peaze =)

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Holy crap!!! Holy ish!!! WOAH!!!!!!!!
Its done with, school uniform has become useless , and I can throw away the EC tie liao... not proud of the school a single bit.. yeap yeap..
But then comes another problem, wat am I gon do these nxt few days..?? I went to CS yesterday and already found myself bored as hell..window shopping @ every floor ..sighz, sucks when u've got no money wen u go out to lepak..
slept pretty early last nite, I seemed to be getting headaches much more frequent nowadays... prolly cuz Im dead tired from these 3 weeks..atleast i can finally say its over..been waitin for this date for some time liao...
most of my frenz are busy goin to king surf banyak duit ooo... Pity Im a sucky ass gamer, so I never took interest in such games... *sobz sobz*
Thinkin bout it now... I never did say goodbye to most of my frens, cuz it never really got to me that I might not be seeing some of them anymore... shitty feeling... shouldnt have came out of the hall after est so early Nvm, thank god for friendster..every1's connected..!!! :D
k,im off to makan breakfast now... take carez ppl!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

You've gotta be a football fan to understand Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

wah...Saturday liao

Its already 3 papers left.. 2 important ones.. It hasnt really hit me yet that SPM is gonna be over, and Im gon have 1 month of partying to do... wajib!!!! lol.. Maybe its cuz I still got bio and chem paper left, and chemistry is like , my weakest subject.. Actually, its cuz bab 7 and bab 8 always come out in struktur and I nv did understand those 2 babs...Thank god theres sort of a long break b4 those 2 heavy subjects,atleast I could prepare for it abit.....
So far SPM has been ok la.. Add Math paper 2 was really BS, quite hard to do...But atleast it was easier than trials paper ... Or was I stupider and less prepared wen I took trials, thats why it felt so hard...hmmmmmmm...

After SPM I'm gonna :
i) Spend time with darling!!!
ii)Buy a new PS2 controller and buy a bunch of games that came out during my exam period!!!
iii)Finish finalising my EP (I've actually recorded all them songs already.. Now Im waiting for verses from the ppl I've collaborated with, and Ive gotta think of a catchy chorus for one track )
iv) Play basketball again!!!!
v) Invade KL...
vi) Watch a bunch of movies with dear.. Gotta go buy Saw II , The Exorcism of Emily Rose and all them movies that were shown during trials..

that's bout it i guess...cant make a long list, since I've only got a month to do all this stuff..ishhhh...
Aite, Imma stop my post here...Wan study kimia liao..byebyez

Saturday, November 19, 2005

pervert Posted by Picasa

these shoes arent bad lookin...Hurricane Kicks.. niceness Posted by Picasa


Quick update for yall....
I've uploaded a track of mine there.. Navigate around the site to find it, shouldnt be too hard.. hehe..
Was goona finish the song, but then I realised it wasnt up too standards.. Not bouncy But atleast that's smth to bump to b4 my EP's due...

Friday, November 18, 2005


its 5 am.. morning yall..
no, I did not study till 5 am.. Im not crazy.. I actually slept from around 6 plus and just woke up few minutes ago.. damn, 11 hours of sleep.. was dead tired as soon as I came back home yesterday... wondered why my parents didnt wake me up for dinner.. or mebbe they did, but I was in dreamland...cant remember when was the last time I actually had such a nice rest..
so far SPM's okla.. I try not to think back on the papers once Ive finished it.. gotta take things easily or I'll be dead stressed out by now..left with 4 papers.... damn damn damn.. SPM's gon be over liao.. kinda fast eh.. every1's already making preparations on what to do on the 2nd (cept for yall taking akauns Im findin for a spot to burn my can suggest a place..? i cud burn ur house down if u want me too oso.. =D jpjp.
aitez,i guess imma stop here.. duno wat to do now oso.. def cant go back to sleep..Im wide awake now.. ish... add maths anyone...?? lol...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

any kid that dont remember Biker Mice from Mars aint cool...seriously aint cool.. lol Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005


1.44 a.m... burnin midnite oil like a crazy fella.. haha...
stress is finally catchin up..

survival tip #1

If ure hungry, and u cant cook, and u've ran out of instant noodles.. Milo powder actually isnt bad.. seriously..taste better than the drink

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

woah.... Posted by Picasa

im lookin for a new pair of shoes... hu wants to get me these..??  Posted by Picasa

this toilet is damn friggin cool....  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005


ssup yall... no worries , tho I got a new site (, this blog still wud not be diabaikan.. =) cuz im the only one runnin Gonna make this update quick, since I need to go back to hittin them books..
Something damn suay happened to me 2 days back, my D drive got completely wiped out.. Its corrupted, for whateva reasons that I have yet to find out.. Damn unlucky wei, Ive got a bunch of stuff stored inside the drive, especially alot of new albums..So right now my pc is lookin hella unstable day by day, which means it could crash any moment.. lol.. If i bring this pc up to kl, mebbe oni can last a week or 2 den rosak liao... And im bad at repairin or fixin probs that hv anytin to do with computers.. yeap, i wasnt born a geek...
My ankle's healin pretty quick, so that's like one of the rare good news ar... bsides the fact that liverpool finally won an away game.. *woot woot*... Thats another rarity... haha..
Managed to watch Four Brothers yesterday... It's an excellent movie, tho the quality was pretty bad ( what to's downloaded..) The dudes in the movie look damn cool, macam damn badass lidat ...And one of the four brothers,the younger one, he makes smokin look damn cool sial.. haha.. With the lighter and everything.. One of the few ppl bsides keanu reeves in constantine to be able to pull it off .. But dont get the wrong idea, Im not encouraging smokin ya. lol..
Right now damn rare to see form 5's coming on9 liao.. guess every1 is mad stressed out bout it.. One of my seniors tol me that 1 week b4 exam confirm damn stressed out wan.. Imma just wait n see.... exam fever still hasnt caught on me yet.. Im stil lazy as hell... ish ish..

ohyea, right now Im totally hooked on to this song.. Its titled 'Where Are You' by Natalie .. Got introed to this song a week back or so, and I be singin along to it everytime Im playin it ( yea.. thats why rain so much ---> thats wat u all thinkin rite ? ) btw, listen to love song doesnt mean I sissy ar.. lol..

Where Are You (Featuring Justin Roman)

(I know you are out there baby...somewhere)
There is someone out there for me (I know there is somebody out there)
I know she is waiting so patiently (yeah) can you tell me her name? (Somebody tell me her name)
This life-long search is gonna drive me insane
How does she laugh? How does she cry? What's the color of her eyes?
Does she even realize I'm here?
Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?
Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?
dadadadadada dadadada dadadadadada (where are you?)

I'm staring out at the sky (I see you baby)
Praying that he will walk in my life
Where is the man of my dreams (right here) yea-yeah
I'll wait forever, how silly it seems
How does he laugh? How does he cry? What's the color of his eyes?
Does he even realize I'm here?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?
dadadadadada dadadada dadadadadada (where are you?)

There is someone out there for me (there is someone out there for me)
I know she is waiting so patiently (so patient)
Can you tell me her name (can you tell me his name)
This life-long search is gonna drive me insane (that's right)

How does he laugh? How does he cry? What is the color of his eyes?
Does he even realize I'm here?

Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where is this beautiful girl?
Who is she? Who is she? Who is gonna complete my world?

Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who is gonna take me so high?

dadadadadada dadadada (yeah) dadadadadada (I know you out there)
dadadadadada dadadada (yeah) dadadadadada

[Justin Talking]
Where are you?? I'm going to look all over the world baby
'Cuz I know you are out there
I know this might sound crazy, but I think I love you
dadadadadada (that's right) dadadada dadadadadada
dadadadadada dadadada (yeah) dadadadadada

Where are you??

Friday, November 04, 2005


Wahseh, 1st week of the hollies gon be over soon.. time's been passin really fast right now... must be the wonders of the SPM gods... ish ish..
ohyea, I twisted my ankle just yesterday, and at first i thought it wasnt gon be serious... but right now i can hardly even walk up n down the stairs.. it definately hurts, but i guess it might just be a blessin in disguise, cuz im gon be forced to stay on my bed 24/7 to study.. yea rite....
another suay thing is that Im havin a flu right now, and I can sense that Im gon be fallin sick anytime soon, with the weather being hella cold right now... Hoping that it doesnt get any worse, or Im gon be forced to spread to other ppl so the germs leave my body... lol.
Hmmm, there's really nuttin much I can add to this post right now.. Life's still being hella dull, and Ive yet to make up my mind on wheter to take A Levels or SAM... But i doubt I'll need to make a decision any time soon, tho it wud be better if I need not worry bout this all the time.. aihz...
Life in taylors is gon be so new n refreshin... First impression is always the most important, and the prob is, I normally am very quiet when I meet new ppl... And this might lead to others thinkin Im very sombong n if I start talkin like a mad fella on the first dae, they all might think Im too Aiyar,hu needs friends heh.... Im just gon be there for a year , thats if Im takin SAM la.. a year and a half if Im takin A levels...
Ohyea, do peep my multiply site once in awhile, cuz I might be making full use of the audio host there to post samples of my new tracks.. wont be too soon tho...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

quick update

aite,quick update for yall.just to let cha noe, Ive got a blog and its at Why did I decided to register for a new one ??? Well, the features on multiply are pretty decent, and I dun need a program like Hello to upload pictures n stuff.. So, it saves the trouble la.. But no worries, this blog will be my first priority..hehe.. Or I might just post the same entries for both sites.. hu knows...
K,Im off to study now..chowz

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

another shot of daniel n i.. This one was taken with his hp..  Posted by Picasa


aihz, right now im hella confused... A levels or SAM..??? shits been botherin me for some time, since the weekends i guess.. Im afraid of making this decision, since I aint sure which would lead me to failing and which would lead me to atleast getting good grades.. Balancing the pros and cons also aint workin for me right now.. Shit shit shit!!!! Think so much till wan study oso no mood liao.. hmmm... I need to consult ppl, but no1 i know has took A levels or SAM, cept for my bro.. any1 can help me out right now...?
ohyea,ive uploaded a few of them Installation Day pics.... there's a few white patches n shit, i guess its cuz the pics had to be compressed and the quality was
its already Tuesday...damnit... so free ar me..still can online.. Mind's filled with a bunch of thoughts.. I seriously hate this feeling... How would I know Im making the right choice.. But the thing is, if I study like hell for either course, I'm sure to get good results right..?? The ball's in my court then..
K, i guess imma stop here.. gonna read up a lil on add math right now... Chowz yall

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hella dark.. this is the losing aces on stage..b4 i got on Posted by Picasa

3 amigos.. Kee Siong , who looks alot like an ahbeng , me n kishern..  Posted by Picasa

Another junior of mine, Daniel..  Posted by Picasa

From left : Desmond , YouJin, JieRu, Me, and Gary.. Posted by Picasa

Foolin around with Abel.. Guess wat we're doin..?? lol  Posted by Picasa

With Youjin , who looks like he's high off narcotics..  Posted by Picasa